12 kitchen extension ideas under £100k

A kitchen extension is one of the most popular additions to a home. Take inspiration for your project from this selection of beautiful spaces, all under £100k

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Planning a kitchen extension? It is one of the most popular home improvement projects and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Not only can it improve the way that you live, it can modernise your home and is one of the most effective ways to add value to your home.

If you’re looking for more space, whether you live in a characterful farmhouse, a 1970s semi or a Victorian terrace, adding a kitchen extension might be the project for you.

Be inspired by our selection of incredible kitchen extensions, from the contemporary to the traditional and the inventive to the simple. You’re bound to find something to you like – all for under £100k.

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1. Bright and spacious kitchen for £84,000

Emma and Julien Barber spent more than a year looking for a new home after living in a 1920s semi in Swindon for 10 years. They’d viewed several houses that weren’t right for them before realising that they could create the space they needed and the house they wanted where they already were.

bright and spacious kitchen extension

Their new kitchen is minimalistic, clean and uncluttered, with bi-fold doors that open from the corner onto their lovely garden. The whole renovation cost £84,000 with the bulk being spent on the kitchen extension – much cheaper than trying to find a new house.


2. Contemporary kitchen extension for £60,000

Originally, this kitchen was impractically small for the four-bedroom detached house that it serviced. It was also far too small for the growing Lewis-Pierpoint family. They made good use of the third of an acre that their house is set in, taking out a chunk of the vast garden in order to extend their tiny kitchen.

High-gloss blue units and contemporary, white surfaces bounce light around the room from the huge bi-fold doors opposite the kitchen island, making it the perfect place for family dinners. And £60,000 doesn’t seem so bad for creating the perfect kitchen for your family.

contemporary kitchen extension for entertaining

3. £66,000 Kitchen extension filled with antiques

When Angela Hart and Richard Rush first laid eyes on this regency cottage, they knew the small galley kitchen wasn’t going to be big enough for them. As part of a two-storey project, the couple knocked through the downstairs bathroom and extended into the garden.

eclectic kitchen extension with antique pieces

They didn’t want to spend a fortune on a kitchen that would, inevitably, be tired and out of date in 15 years, so they opted for antique furniture that was cost effective and would last a lifetime. For about £66,000 they created a quirky kitchen that would stand the test of time.


4. Extending a galley kitchen for £78,000

Like many 1940s homes, this one had a tiny kitchen that was far too small for a property of its size. The solution was to extend and open out the back of the house with vast bi-fold doors. Minimalistic white units, along with white walls and ceiling, make the room feel even bigger than it already is. A use of dark wooden flooring and a charcoal feature wall creates contrast and enhances the space. Despite its size, this extension was achieved for just £78,000.

galley kitchen extension

5. £98,000 for an industrial kitchen in London

This five-bedroom Victorian terraced house in south London had masses of potential for a kitchen extension. There was a lot of dead space in the side return, and an old conservatory at the rear of the house that could be put to better use. An L-shaped extension was proposed to the local planning department, and a month later, the owners were ready to go.

Industrial style kitchen extension in london

A row of rooflights flood the room with natural light, and big French doors at the rear open the new space out onto the garden. As the house had no remaining original features, the industrial styling fits right into the blank canvas. A spend of £98,000 transformed the original, ugly kitchen into this beautiful, industrial space.


6. An £85,000 Industrial kitchen extension

Owner Pippa Mundy’s approach to renovating her Cardiff home included stripping it back to uncover interesting features, along with being flexible about her plans when she hit a speed bump. It has resulted in a truly interesting kitchen, with a reclaimed wood island at its heart.

industrial style kitchen extension

Extending into the side return allowed for the inclusion of glazing across the roof, helped greatly by the triple-pane glass doors at the rear of the kitchen. The quirky extension was created for £85,000.

7. Maximising light for £78,880

Getting a home with the kitchen of your dreams doesn’t necessarily mean trawling the estate agents. For Frazer and Frieda Furlong, it meant patiently saving up for a decade so that they could craft a light-filled, modern kitchen in the home they already had.

maximising light in a kitchen extension

Creative use of colour and pattern contrasts against contemporary units and warm woods, while the whole room is brightened by rooflights and solid wooden sliding doors. The exterior contrasts with the rest of the building, as it is rendered in a modern blue, with silver decking leading down to the garden. Spending £78,880 has given the Furlong family exactly what they wanted.


8. A £72,000 kitchen-diner extension

Ian and Gillian Roberts bought this home with the intention of carrying out a complete renovation in 2008. Then the family was shipped off to Hong Kong for Ian’s job before the project could get underway. On returning, the family were faced with either a massive renovation project, or another move.

Modern family kitchen extension

Instead of taking the easy option, they jumped into the renovation. Their kitchen, now situated in an extension that used to be dead garden space, is a modern, bright space. It is filled with light by a glazed wall at the end, and large rooflights above. The kitchen extension cost about £72,000.


9. Family kitchen extension costing £58,000

When Paul Reid took his partner, Elaine, to view this 1960s detached house, the galley kitchen was a far cry from what she had pictured. The units were falling apart, it was brown and mustard and was only serviced by electricity. It was a nightmare from the 1970s, unaltered and out of date.

new family kitchen extension in a 1960s house

The couple went for a streamlined look with their final design, opting for contemporary, eye-level ovens and curved units. They may have spent a little extra on essentials like worktops and units, but saved overall by adapting their design and cutting out appliances that they didn’t need. From an unattractive galley kitchen they have created this luxurious space for just £58,000.

10. Scandinavian style costing £74,424

After an ambitious two-storey extension to Nicola Wilkes and Stuart Davies’ 1960s home left them squeezed for funds, the couple had to get creative when it came to installing a new kitchen at the end of their renovation project. Rather than going all out, the couple spent the money where it mattered. The basics were kept plain and simple with reasonable kitchen units and worktops. The money went on the finishing touches to add a sense of luxury with the light fittings, tiles and furniture making the biggest impact on the space. The whole project cost £74,424.

scandinavian style kitchen extension

11. London kitchen extension costing £68,000

Having viewed a lot of beautiful houses in the Finsbury Park area, Emily and Angus Grierson decided this was the place for them. The problem was, they didn’t want to move into a perfect house that had been pre-renovated by someone else. They wanted to do it themselves.

Scandinavian style london kitchen extension

When this house, ripe for extension, came up for sale, they snapped it up and picked up their tools, ready to turn it into their home. The building grew out into the garden and the extension housed the new, open-plan kitchen-diner-living room – a bright and colourful space, perfect for the couple’s needs. The project cost them £68,000.


12. £95,000 side-return kitchen extension

Mel and Alex Walker purchased this three-bedroom house in south-east London, recognising that it had a lot of potential. The side-return wasn’t utilised and presented the perfect opportunity for an extension. Fortunately, an architect worked out of the same office block as Alex, so they enlisted him to help with their project.

side return kitchen extension

The plan included a dining area next to the kitchen and a pitched roof; that way they could incorporate Velux windows, which, together with the bi-fold doors, would bring in copious amounts of light. To create their perfect extension, the couple spent £95,720. Not an unreasonable sum for such and incredible house.

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