Laundry room ideas: 17 clever design hacks for small and large spaces

Are you looking for laundry room ideas? These amazing, practical utility room ideas will have you looking forward to laundry day

laundry room ideas - a traditional style laundry room - garden trading
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We've got a guide jam-packed with laundry room ideas to inspire your space, whether it's teeny-tiny or magnificent.

Love it or loathe it, we all have to do laundry... So why not make it a nice experience with a dedicated area replete with laundry room storage ideas and clever decor tricks? Keeping the workspace looking good and in ship-shape will make doing laundry much more enjoyable, and who doesn't want that?

Experts at Persil concur, 'Regular laundry is essential for your household, and a clean, well-organised laundry room will make the task a whole lot easier.'

So, without further ado, let's take a look at our laundry room ideas that'll transform your space from messy to immaculate.

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1. Hanging space for air drying and newly ironed clothes

One of the most practical laundry room ideas is creating hanging space to keep newly pressed threads crease-free as you iron or to air-dry freshly laundered pieces.

All you need are simple tension rods et voila!

Ikea Algot storage system

(Image credit: Ikea)

2. DIY counter space

Fancy dabbling in a spot of DIY? Add extra workspace by creating a table top for your washer and dryer using simple plywood sheets

Or if you don't fancy all the work involved, you could buy a deep shelf to make extra workspace.

laundry room ideas - Garden Trading extendable clothes dryer/airer in Chalk

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

3. Hang a clothes airer on the wall or ceiling

Limited space to hang up your washing? A wall-mounted drying rack or a hanging version will make the most of that precious space. 

Check out this clothes airer from Garden Trading which has a nifty shelf for even more storage and hooks for random laundry accessories.

laundry room ideas - a green utility room with rustic storage tins, accessories and baskets

(Image credit: Garden Trading )

4. Stick to a storage theme

Sticking with a particular style for your laundry room will make it look and feel tidier, which, in turn, will probably make laundry chores much more enjoyable. 

Mix country inspired storage, like that from Garden Trading above, with complementing utilitarian laundry staples.

laundry room ideas - pink storage baskets with labels - homebase ORTHEX-SmartStore-100%-Recycled-Baskets_10l_Taupe_£4.00_bamboo-lids-£5.00-each_laundry

(Image credit: Orthex Group at Homebase)

5. Label stackable storage baskets

Restore order in your laundry space with baskets and storage with labels. 

These stackable baskets with in-built, wipe-clean labels from Orthex Group at Homebase will look really neat in any space, big or small.

laundry room ideas - a traditional style laundry room - garden trading

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

6. Store products in containers

Using glass jars with a scoop to store your detergent or washing pods will look clean (pardon the pun) and will instantly make your laundry room seem more together. Always keep them out of reach of your little ones on a top shelf.

You could go one step further and buy eco-friendly detergent loose from a bulk store. You'll be making an eco-friendly choice, save on all that recycling and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Or why not look into investing in eco-friendly detergents (that also come in pretty packaging we may add) like KINN Living's laundry collection.

Sophie Barrow, Co-Owner of KINN, explains, 'When you switch to using a natural laundry product that doesn't use these ingredients you're already not only improving the quality of your own home environment by not breathing in those chemicals but you're also stopping these harsher ingredients from washing down our drains and into our waters.' 

7. Add a console or bookshelf

laundry room ideas - a black open shelving unit with attached cabinet

(Image credit: IKEA)

Add extra storage by simply bringing in a bookcase, cabinet or console if the laundry room space permits. 

Or if floor space is at a premium, you could hang a wall cabinet to store the laundry clutter and feature your most pinterest-perfect laundry accessories.

8. Make space for a laundry sink

laundry room ideas - a Belfast sink in a laundry room - Kinn-Laundry-collection,,-Humphrey-Munson-bespoke-utility-room,-in-Tailored-Grey-with-Knightsbridge-quartz-worktops,-from-£15,000,

(Image credit: KINN)

If your laundry room permits, a sink is a really useful addition to dedicate to washing delicate items by hand or pre-soaking stains or soiled items. 

If space is at a premium, a corner sink might be just the ticket.

laundry room organization ideas - metal-string-system,-white - string-Furniture -

(Image credit: String Furniture)

9. Opt for an industrial look

Using open shelving such as String Furniture's shelving system, create an industrial look with stainless steel surfaces, shelving hooks for hanging accessories and clean white accents such as tiles and appliances.

laundry room ideas - laundry bags on wall hooks - Ikea

(Image credit: IKEA)

10. Use wall hooks to hang laundry bags

Nowhere to hang clutter like laundry bags and accessories like towels? Follow IKEA's lead and add wall hooks that will fit in even the smallest area of wall-space. 

Create a regimented line of hooks or make more of a feature with an irregular positioning. 

Martha Stewart says, 'Simple Shaker-style pegs provide spots for items like brushes and dustpans; keeping everything visible and within reach makes sense when it comes to cleaning.'

laundry room ideas - bins for laundry by washing machine - scavolini

(Image credit: Scavolini)

11. Add in-built bins with wheels 

Create built-in spaces beside your washer for laundry bins with wheels – like these ones from Scavolini – making lugging laundry baskets a thing of the past. 

Bins will also hide a multitude of sins because they take a large quantity of washing, so there'll be no messy laundry overspill coming up to laundry day.

laundry room ideas - a white washing machine in a white tiled laundry room - GettyImages-1188826574

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12. Keep things clean with white

Keeping your laundry room decor pared back will give the illusion of a larger space and it'll feel tidier too. 

White wash the walls, use white subway tiling and add to the simplicity with natural basics and accessories.

Peter Erlandsson, Co-Owner of String Furniture explains, 'To make your utility feel larger, there is an age old doctrine of using light colours on walls to make your home look bigger.' 

laundry room ideas - rustic country kitchen with laundry area - bandm_1312456

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13. Create laundry space in a kitchen

No room for a laundry room? Dedicate a space in your kitchen for your laundry baskets and accessories, either by clearing out a cupboard or add a kitchen trolley cart

A cart can be wheeled over to your washer when needed and stored away the rest of the time.

laundry room ideas - norsuHOME-Laundry

(Image credit: Norsu Home)

14. Create a feature wall 

Thinking of redecorating your laundry room? 

Add extra interest by creating a feature wall with a dramatic paint color or for a more practical option go for stylish tiles as a splashback. 

laundry room ideas - natural accessories SS20 - Dunelm

(Image credit: Dunelm)

15. Paint a wall design with tape

If you're going to redecorate your laundry room, why not be brave and adopt a creative approach to your repainting?

Give painting with tape a whirl, in a bold design to zhuzh up a dull backdrop, or try out this washi tape idea.

laundry room ideas- laundry accessories behind sliding doors - matalan_1315554

(Image credit: Matalan)

16. Store laundry room clutter behind a sliding door

If you don't have a laundry room, why not use sleek fitted sliding storage in your bathroom or kitchen to store laundry clutter and stack a washer and dryer? 

The shelving will be useful for folding and will also hide stress mess – all you need to do is slide the door closed...

laundry room ideas - en suite/powder room/ bathroom and laundry room - ikea

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17. Create a laundry station in a powder room

With careful planning, the best washer dryer can be accommodated without giving up too much floor space. 

You could incorporate a small laundry space in a powder room, closet or even an en-suite bathroom.