Best integrated washing machine 2020: find fitted washing machines for small spaces

Choose the best integrated washing machine for a sleek, streamlined laundry solution

best integrated washing machine: Neff
(Image credit: Neff)

It's worth investing in the best integrated washing machine if you're working with a small space, or don't like the idea of appliances compromising the sleek, contemporary feel of your kitchen – or utility room.

But aside from aesthetic appeal, integrated washing offer a whole host of features, functions and specialist programmes, all of which are designed to make laundry day a breeze. With such a variety of options available, we've enlisted the help of appliances expert Hayley Gilbert to help you get the most for your money.

We'd recommend you start by reading our tips on how to buy the best integrated washing machine. Then, keep scrolling for our round-up of the best makes and models.

What is the best integrated washing machine?

The best integrated washing machine, is the Bosch WIW28500GB Integrated Washing Machine. As well as an A+++ energy rating which will save you money, it is superbly quiet, too.

Ideal for an open-plan kitchen-diner or flat with thin walls, a low decibel design means you won't be disturbed by this model. The AntiVibration technology monitors the load weight to reduce noise. And it is also super easy to use, with a dial and digital display that let's you monitor and control your wash in seconds.

A big ticket investment, buying a washing machine is a purchase that should be carefully considered. You may find some of our other buying guides worth reading before you invest:

The best integrated washing machines

Bosch WIW28500GB Integrated Washing Machine

(Image credit: John Lewis )

1. Bosch WIW28500GB

The best integrated washing machine you can buy

Capacity: 8kg
Energy rating: A+++
Spin speed: 1400rpm
Finish: White
Dimensions: H81.8 x W59.6 x D54.4cm
Reasons to buy
+Good at removing stains +Straight forward to use
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most efficient 

Boasting a range of smart features inside an easy-to-operate design, the Bosch WIW28500GB Integrated Washing Machine is sure to be a welcome addition to your home, while blending seamlessly into your kitchen.

Energy efficient

Awarded an outstanding A+++ for energy efficiency, this Bosch model can help you make significant savings on your energy bills plus it's going to make your home a bit greener.

Super quiet

Bosch's AntiVibration system uses sensors that monitor the load weight and movement of the drum to eliminate imbalances. The circular design reinforces the structure of the sidewall and increases the stability of the washer. This structure, combined with enhanced insulation, regulates noise levels and reduces vibration, so this machine stays very quiet throughout the entire cycle.

Easy to use

In addition to a dial, the control panel has a digital display that clearly shows the wash temperature and when it will finish; as you'd expect, it also displays the spin speed for the cycle you've chosen, plus extra wash options. There's also the TimeLight feature, which alternates between projecting the remaining time and cycle status discreetly on the floor of your kitchen, so you can easily keep track of your laundry's progress. Not an essential but we like it. 

Neff W543BX0GB integrated washing machine

(Image credit: Neff)


Best integrated washing machine for allergy sufferers: great for sensitive skin

Capacity: 8kg
Energy rating: A+++
Spin speed: 1400rpm
Finish: White
Dimensions: H81.8cm x W59.6cm x D57.4cm
Reasons to buy
+Quick wash+Allergy setting+Ultra quiet
Reasons to avoid

If you are after a quiet washing machine that washes clothes brilliantly, the NEFF W543BX0GB works discreetly and efficiently, while providing your laundry with a thorough yet protected wash, hence why we reckon it's one of the best integrated washing machines out there. 

EcoSilence for open plan living

Ideal for open-plan living, this Neff model has a decent sized drum and a quiet cycle and spin thanks to the ecoSilence drive so it shouldn’t distract from conversation if you run it during mealtimes.

Effective wash

As you would hope with any washing machine, but users especially noted how brilliantly this machine lifted out stains from clothing and bedding. Plus, the 1,400rpm spin cycle is efficient enough to ensure drying time is reduced. 

Quick wash + loads of programmes

Users love the addition of a 15-minute cycle. It washes, rinses and spins in just 15 minutes (obviously) – perfect for last minute laundry. There are plenty of standard programmes too, including Cotton, Delicate, Half Load, Silk Wash and Wool and all the programmes can be changed to eco or a quick cycle. Worth spending more on for the flexibility of this one.

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Beko WIY84540F integrated washing machine

(Image credit: Beko)


Best cheap integrated washing machine: a great all-rounder

Capacity: 8kg
Energy rating: A+++
Spin speed: 1400rpm
Finish: White
Dimensions: H82cm x W60cm x D45cm
Reasons to buy
+Delicate wash+Delay start+28 minute, 8kg wash

Looking for the best integrated washing machine at a good price? Check out the BEKO WIY84540F...

Generous capacity 

This model can hold up to 8kg of washing, which is large enough for a family-sized wash. 

Plenty of features 

For a budget model, this Beko washing machine has loads of programmes, 15 in total. They cover everything you could really need, including a handwash cycle for those important delicates. Like other washing machines in this category, there's a Fast+ Function, which shortens the length of cycles without the wash suffering. The best programme? The Daily Quick, which can manage 8kg of washing in just 28 minutes. For small (2kg) loads, there's a fast wash, too: it takes just 14 minutes.

Large door 

As you can probably see from the picture above, the porthole for the door is larger than average at 34cm in diameter. No more wrestling that duvet cover and towel tangle out of the machine.

Self clean programme

For anyone who likes to keep their washing machine clean – check our guide on how to clean a washing machine for more on that – this model has a DrumClean programme; press a button and the bacteria lurking in the drum is removed by a 70ºC cycle. 

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(Image credit: John Lewis )

4. AEG L8FC8432BI Integrated Washing Machine

Best integrated washing machine: great for an efficient cycle

Capacity: 8kg
Energy rating: A+++
Spin speed: 1400rpm
Finish: White
Dimensions: H81.9 x W59.6 x D54 cm
Reasons to avoid
-Not very efficient 

The AEG L8FC8432BI integrated washing machine has an 8kg washing load capacity, impressive A+++ energy rating and a range of features designed to care for even the most delicate and sensitive clothing items.


This model can wash clothes in under an hour with excellent results and using less energy. Thanks to AEG's OKOPower, this short washing programme produces excellent results and is ideal for daily use. DirectSpray makes more efficient use of the water in your washing machine. It continuously showers your clothes throughout the cycle so that the entire load is soaked and washed more evenly. It also helps to improve performance by making sure pre-mixed detergents and softeners are better distributed throughout the wash.

Tailored cycles 

Keep your clothes looking their best for as long as possible with the help of AEG’s ProSense technology that automatically weighs each load to provide a tailored cycle. Sensors are used to adjust washing times precisely, ensuring optimum treatment for every load. 

Less ironing

Users loved the short and gentle steam programme that safely removes odours and reduce creases in dry fabrics. You can also finish your wash cycle with a gentle steam so clothes need little to no ironing.

John Lewis & Partners JLBIWM1404 Integrated Washing Machine

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

5. John Lewis JLBIWM1404

The best integrated washing machine for smaller households

Capacity: 7kg
Energy rating: A+++
Spin speed: 1400rpm
Finish: White
Dimensions: H82 x W59.6 x D54cm

The John Lewis JLBIWM1404 integrated washing machine, delivers outstanding performance with both efficiency and convenience, for quick, hassle-free laundry...

Auto Sensing programme

We love phrases like 'Adjustive Technology', which is what this machine uses to weigh the wash load and then decide the programme (taking the thinking out of wash day for you). It's not so much gimmick as useful tool, though, since getting the programme right will mean no energy or water is wasted and clothes are washed for the right amount of time, which should, in turn, extend the life of your wardrobe.

Extra soft

Another programme that's aimed at improving the quality of the wash. It pre-soaks your clothes and ensures even distribution of detergent, so clothes feel softer and smell better.


Muddy jean knees or dirty sports' kit a regular occurrence? This machine pushes your stain remover into the wash when it reaches 40ºC to ensure better cleaning results.

Quick wash programme

For a speedy turnaround, there's a 14 minute quick wash; or the Reduce Time function, which can shorten the cycle length by up to 50 per cent. 

Suited to smaller households 

This washing machine's capacity tops out at 7kg, which makes it a better choice for couple or small families.

How to buy the best integrated washing machine

When it comes to buying the best integrated washing machine for your lifestyle, it's worth bearing the following factors in mind.

Quick and delayed wash options

If your laundry day seems to come more frequently than most, keep an eye out for time-saving options such as quick wash cycles and a timer delay to take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs.

Model size

Do make sure you measure up the space allotted for the new model carefully however and check against the dimensions of your chosen design before you buy. Even a few millimetres can make a huge difference as to whether it will fit. 

Drum size

Large capacity drums that can cope easily with a bigger load are perfect for families, particularly as larger loads mean more washing, less often.

Special wash cycles

Think about the type of clothes you wash regularly and whether you’d benefit from specialist cycles for things like sportswear, delicates, woollens, school uniforms and large, heavy items such as duvets and curtains.

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