21 beautiful black kitchen ideas that designers say will "make the heart of your home a conversation starter"

These designer-approved black kitchen ideas are moody and chic

Black kitchen ideas are so chic. Here is a black kitchen with art deco wallpaper, a white hanging light with two lampshades, black cabinets and a gold faucet above a white sink, and a curved light wooden dining table with flowers on and two chairs
(Image credit: Divine Savages)

You may be looking for black kitchen ideas if the dreamy dark side appeals to you far more than bland interiors.

This color looks brilliant in kitchens, is timeless, trend-proof and even helps to disguise mess. We've asked interior designers for their favorite ways to bring it in, from exposed beams to contrasting colors. 

If you're looking for kitchen color ideas and want to make a serious statement, going back to black is a sophisticated and smart way to go.

Black kitchen ideas that are bold and beautiful

For those who find white kitchen ideas a little too boring, these might be a better solution for you instead.

We've also rounded up useful buys throughout to match our experts' advice, which will help you get the look in your own home.

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1. Create chic contrast with black and white

A black and white kitchen with a white kitchen island, black cabinets and fridge, white countertops with chopping boards and appliances, and white wall cabinets

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

Monochrome kitchen ideas are one of the best ways to add contrast and create a striking, restaurant-style look in any black kitchen.

“Create a timeless monochrome palette by combining black cabinetry with white contrasts,” suggests Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

She continues, “Choose black lower cabinets and white upper cabinets to visually expand the space and incorporate black and white patterned tiles for a striking backsplash or flooring.”

If you don’t want to commit to changing up anything major, you could always choose a rug to bring this in, such as the Mainstays Black and White Rug from Walmart that’s made from super-soft polypropylene yarn.

2. Bring in metallic accents

A black kitchen with art deco wallpaper, a white hanging light with two lampshades, black cabinets and a gold faucet above a white sink, and a curved light wooden dining table with flowers on and two chairs

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

Metallic colors always ooze serious glamor, and bringing them into black kitchens will make them look luxe and sumptuous.

Nina says, “Pair high-gloss black cabinets with metallic accents such as gold or brass hardware for an elevated appearance.”

She also suggests incorporating statement kitchen lighting ideas (the Leon Pendant from Banana Republic is made from hand-hammered bronze and has 120 voltage) and sleek furniture to enhance the overall sophistication.

3. Pay attention to the floor

A kitchen with black cabinets, a white kitchen cabinet with burgundy back panels and three metal chairs in front of it, and black and white mosaic patterned tiles

(Image credit: Higham Furniture)

Paying attention to details from top to bottom is all part of styling a black kitchen. In fact, making your floor fabulous can really change how the space feels.

“When we think of a black kitchen, our thoughts immediately go to black cabinets or walls — but what if I tell you there's another way to add black in your kitchen? You can go for black flooring, which has tons of options,” says Nick Hedberg, design expert and founder of As-Is Homebuyer.

“Go for a matte black for a more relaxed vibe, or you could switch it up and introduce black and white mosaic patterned tiles to give your kitchen a luxe look,” he continues.

If you love the above look as much as we do, the Floorpops Gothic Tiles from Walmart are peel-and-stick, water-resistant, and washable.

4. Add dark wooden accents

A kitchen with dark wooden cabinets with built-in ovens, a white kitchen island with a dark wooden back panel, three curved chairs in front of it and three black pendant lights above it

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

Achieve a moody and elegant ambiance in your black kitchen by bringing in dark wooden accents. 

“Choose ebony-stained wood flooring, back panels, or butcher block countertops to add warmth and texture,” Nina suggests. “Balance the darkness with light-colored walls or open shelving to prevent the space from feeling too heavy.”

You can either go for reclaimed wood as a sustainable option or pick a less permanent solution with the Art3d Peel and Stick Wood Tiles from Amazon, which shoppers say are easy to work with and are scratch-resistant.

5. Play with natural stone

A black kitchen with black wall tiles and a countertop with a black kitchen faucet, a warm wooden table and a wooden chair with black cushioning, and white and gray tiling

(Image credit: Original Style)

From marble to granite, there are so many gorgeous possibilities when it comes to bringing natural stone into your black kitchen.

“I love using natural stone in kitchen spaces,” says Joey Gizzi, design expert and founder of Coastal Homebuyers. “To go with the black theme, my top pick is black marquina for the countertop. The texture it creates looks classic yet chic. Moreover, this natural stone can also be placed on a focal wall of the kitchen space.”

Joey recommends pairing marquina (Wayfair's Lucida USA Terracore Nero Marquina has an interlocking pattern and has pre-attached underlayment) with warm lighting in order to bring out the natural texture and highlight the depth of the color.

6. Bring in chic ceiling beams

A black kitchen with four black wooden beams, exposed brick wlls, a green tall plant, and a black marble counter with black cabinets behind it

(Image credit: Benchmarx Kitchens)

Black kitchen ceiling beams can create a sense of grandeur, draw the eye upwards, and even make a small kitchen appear bigger.

Nina explains, “For an industrial-inspired kitchen, incorporate black exposed ceiling beams or structural elements.”

“Pair with dark steel fixtures and pendant lights to enhance the industrial aesthetic,” she adds.

We also recommend looking for vintage-inspired decor to add to the rustic vibe. For example, the stunning Stella Kitchen Rail Bar from Anthropologie is 20 inches wide and is made from hard-wearing brass.

7. Keep the floor plan open

A kitchen with black cabinets, a kitchen island with a gray marble countertop and books underneath it and two glass domed pendant lights above it

(Image credit: Higham Furniture)

Let the beautiful shade shine in your black kitchen by opting for an open floor plan that will give the bold color plenty of breathing room.

Joey explains, “I recommend keeping an open floor plan when choosing a black theme in your kitchen. An open floor plan allows the space to look bright and prevents the space from appearing enclosed.

Looking around your cooking space and thinking it could use fewer items? It’s a good idea to learn how to declutter your kitchen.

8. Go for Scandi-design

A black kitchen with four pendant lights, a white kitchen island with a silver coffee maker, and black cabinets behind it with a white countertop with a gold sink and plants and decor

(Image credit: GROHE / Woven By Giles Miller Studio / Rachel Ferriman)

Bringing in the latest interior design trends is a beautiful way of adding contemporary style to your kitchen. And, because of the lack of color, black kitchens are the perfect foundation to work on.

The Scandinavian influence makes this kitchen look so sophisticated but at the same time, relaxed and chic. 

Light cream and wooden walls contrast against black cabinetry, while a tactile pendant light can add texture and soften any harshness.

9. Vary the textures

A kitchen with a black kitchen island with a wooden counter, two seagrass lights above it and two aqua stools underneath it, and black cabinets and a brick wall to the back

(Image credit: Future PLC)

The best modern farmhouse kitchens are simple and understated, but executed well. And, in this open-plan black kitchen, textured materials make such a statement. 

Look how many natural materials create warmth — the wooden floorboards, the wooden worktop, exposed brick walls and last but not least, the funky seagrass light. It's our favorite part for sure, and if you like it too, the Bayou Breeze Yingst Pendant Light from Wayfair is similar, has an adjustable height, and is adaptable to sloped ceilings. 

They all work together to balance out the starkness of the black cabinetry and give the space a more laid-back feel. 

10. Paint your ceiling black

A black kitchen with black ceiling, black and white tiled kitchen flooring, black metro tiles and shelving

(Image credit: Future)

Ceilings are often referred to by interior designers as your fifth wall, so when it comes to kitchen wall decor, it's a good idea not to neglect this part of your kitchen and to paint it in a black shade. 

All-black kitchens can be something to contend with, and aren't for everyone. But, for those willing to take the leap of faith, you can create a cozy and cocooning atmosphere that is comforting. 

Add a bit of a lift by going with a wooden worktop and add some wall decor in lighter colors just so you don't feel like you wandered into a cave every time you enter the kitchen.

Real Homes editor Punteha van Terheyden painted her ceilings and shared what she learned.

11. Create a bar for entertaining

A black kitchen with a copper bar with four hanging pendant light bulbs above it, a chair to the left of it, and silver pans underneath it, with a black cabinet and fridge behind it

(Image credit: Melissa Denham)

Transform your black kitchen into a dreamy bar perfect for entertaining guests. We like how this kitchen has brought in low bulbs and and a glimmering copper top to create a warm finish.

Pair it up with chic dinnerware and glasses (these black Estelle Colored Glasses from Saks can be hand washed and come in twelve different shades) to create a space your guests can lounge and chat with you at while you cook up a storm.

12. Pair with pink

A black and pink kitchen with black and natural cabinetry and pale pink walls using Farrow & Ball's Setting plaster

(Image credit: deVOL)

Helen Parker, creative director, deVOL went with a really classic color combination for the cabinetry in this black and pale pink kitchen

Using a mix of their Inky Blue Black and Natural colored furniture, she was able to create a light and bright alternative to what we'd usually think of for a black kitchen.

Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball was the paint shade of choice and we can totally see why. It is the most perfect neutral, with the teeniest hint of pink which gives such a lovely softness to the room.

13. Opt for a kitchen island

A metallic grey and black kitchen scheme with three boxy pendant ceiling lights over kitchen island with built-in sink

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

If you are thinking about going for a black kitchen, kitchen islands are also a great way to break up all that dark cabinetry and bring some light into the room. 

The contrast of the white worktop and black walls still has a really dramatic effect but it gives the room a lift and a second color to work with. We also love the waterfall effect which breaks up the space beautifully.

14. Go for a glossy backsplash

A white kitchen with black gloss backsplash, pink neon slogan light fixture, wooden dining set and faux Zebra rug

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

Not ready to go fully over to the dark side yet? You don't need to go for black cabinetry. Instead, add drama with a black backsplash instead. The reflective properties of this glossy glass backsplash almost acts as a mirror, making the kitchen space feel bigger. 

Black gloss subway tiles also look amazing in any colored kitchen (the Merola Tile Ceramic Subway Tiles from Wayfair are waterproof and heat resistant) and you could get your DIY on and learn how to tile a backsplash if you wanted a quick, affordable kitchen update. 

Can we also all take a second to appreciate the faux zebra rug? It brings in just the right amount of pattern and ties together the dining area and the kitchen perfectly. 

15. Pair with white walls

Black kitchen cabinetry with white metro tiles and light wooden effect flooring

(Image credit: deVOL)

This is a look for those of you who love black kitchens but still want the space to feel light and airy. 

Simply paint your walls a beautiful, classic white (Benjamin Moore's Simply White is an interior designer favorite) to make the black stand out and to brighten up your kitchen.

The monochromatic look is a classic too and definitely the most popular way to incorporate black kitchen decor.

16. Add personality with an unexpected color

A black kitchen with yellow walls and yellow range cooker with black and terracotta red checkered floor

(Image credit: Neptune)

Who would have thought we would be drawn in by black and yellow kitchen ideas?! There's even some red kitchen decor in there too in the terracotta floor tiles. 

It shouldn't work but it totally does. The kitchen proves you can pair black with other bolder colors without the room looking too crazy.

The key is to stick to the more muted tones. The yellow here is still bold but it's more mustard than citrus and the same goes for the red, it's an earthy red rather than a vivid primary tone. 

There's plenty of light in this kitchen too which helps and white walls and ceilings balance out all the color going on. 

Anyone else now ordering all the yellow paint swatches? Benjamin Moore's Buttercup is a rich shade similar to the one above.

17. Mix in marble

A white kitchen with marble worktops with a copper plate stand and decorative pots, a white herringbone splashback, and wooden shelving above it with decorative tins, plates, and chopping boards on it

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

It's not surprise that some of the best kitchen worktops are made from marble. And in black kitchens, this durable material pairs well to provide a gorgeous contrast.

Marble with any dark-colored cabinets works, creating a really luxe feel but at the same time bringing in that all-important light. 

If you are on a bit of a tighter budget, marble effect worktops and peel-and-stick tiles (the Art3D Marble Tiles from Amazon are flexible and humidity resistant) will look just as gorgeous. Why not take it all the way up as a backsplash, too? 

18. Create breathing room with open shelves

A kitchen with black cabinetry, a countertop with a silver kettle, bottles, and a chalkboard on it, and open shelves with mugs and pots on it

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Dark kitchens can make a room feel cramped and closed in if there’s limited natural light. 

One way to prevent this is to use open shelving rather than wall cabinets. This lets the space breathe and is a great way of displaying your favorite ceramics, glassware or cookery book collection. 

To achieve a similar look to the picture above, be sure to go for a rustic shelf with steel frames, such as the Steelside Aliana Shelf from Wayfair that can support up to 22 pounds and is made from solid pine.

19. DIY with black paint

A black matt kitchen interior with wooden surfaces and houseplants on the shelf

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Choosing a black kitchen doesn't mean you have to go ripping out cabinets and starting over. If you're happy with the style of your cabinets, why not test out the trend by painting them? 

It's not a super quick job, but a couple of free weekends and you could have a whole 'new' kitchen for a lot less. We advise finding a quality paint to do this with, such as Farrow & Ball's Off-Black.

Just make sure to find out how to paint kitchen cabinets so you get it right and don't make any mistakes.

20. Reach for glass-fronted cabinetry

A black kitchen with white walls and floors, white wooden bar stools and kitchen island with glass panes

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

A row of very dark cabinetry, whether that be on the wall or floor, can look a bit intense, so break up all that darkness with glass-fronted cabinetry. 

Not only do they look lovely — and act as decor just as much they do storage — they also stop a black kitchen looking flat. You can light them from within too, creating even more of a contrast with the cabinets around them.

To add interest, try swapping 'plain' panes for a smoked glass or a fluted finish.

21. Tile a whole wall

A kitchen with wall of black metro tiles, grey stone tile flooring and brass pendant ceiling light

(Image credit: Jemma Watts)

If you're working with a slighting smaller kitchen and looking to add some dramatic feels, tiling a whole wall with black gloss tiles will create such an impact.

The glossy kitchen wall decor will reflect light around the space plus they bring in loads of interest and texture without actually taking up any space. 

Pair with a white grout to really create a focal point in the room and add touches of gold for a really luxury look. 

Incorporating black into your kitchen design is sure to create a polished and inviting space. 

“Experiment with different textures, finishes, and accents to reflect your unique style and make the heart of your home a conversation starter,” Nina finishes by saying.

If you want to try darker shades but think black kitchens might be a little much for you, green kitchen ideas in forest green may work better instead.

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