12 black kitchen ideas that will make you want to go over to the dark side

If you favor a more dramatic look for your space, check out these black kitchen ideas...

black kitchen ideas
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Is there anything chicer than a black kitchen? Come on you have to be a pretty cool person to pull off a black kitchen, it's like the knee-high boots of the interiors world. And not too long ago we would have shied away from going as bold as to pick a black kitchen, but as they have increased in popularity, we are less intimated by their dark exteriors. Now anyone can pull off a black kitchen, they are all over Pinterest and Instagram in all kinds of forms, and in fact it's become one of the most used kitchen color schemes, and we want in. 

So naturally, we had to pull together a gallery of black kitchen ideas to show you different ways you can get this on-trend look. And it doesn't have to mean going all out with black cabinetry – you can create a dramatic kitchen with accessories and tiles and hardware and more. It's also a surprisingly versatile color that can work in any style kitchen too from uber-modern to country chic. 

'Gone are the days where dark colors in the kitchen and living spaces are all 'doom and gloom'. Color completely alters the mood of a room. Used cleverly, darker shades give a side of sophistication and drama to the space.' explains Matt Baker, kitchen designer at Harvey Jones

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1. Contrast a kitchen island with black cabinets

Metallic grey kitchen

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

If you have the space a kitchen island can be such an asset – they are practical, great for storage and they obviously look gorgeous, too. If you are thinking about going for a black kitchen, islands are also a great way to break up all that dark cabinetry and bring some light into the room. 

The contrast of the white worktop and black walls still has a really dramatic effect but it gives the room a lift and gives you a second color to work with. You can then bring this lighter color into the rest of the room like you see here with the white curtains and the cooker hood. 

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2. Add drama with a glossy black splashback

White kitchen with gloss black splashback

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

Not ready to go fully over to the dark side yet? You don't need to go for black cabinetry, add drama with a black splashback instead. We love the look of this simple glossy glass splashback and how it almost acts as a mirror to make the kitchen space feel bigger. 

Black gloss subway tiles also look amazing in any colored kitchen and you could get your DIY on and learn how to tile a splashback if you wanted a quick, affordable kitchen update. 

Can we also all take a second to appreciate the faux zebra rug? It brings in just the right amount of pattern and ties together the dining area and the kitchen perfectly. 

3. Pair black cabinets with crisp white walls

deVOL black kitchen with white metro tiles

(Image credit: deVOL)

Again, this is a look for those of you who love a black kitchen but still want the space to feel light and airy. It's simple really, keep everything else in your kitchen bright and crisp –  the walls, the floors, the worktop. This look is a classic too and definitely the most popular way to do a black kitchen, it's just a really easy style to live with.

4. Combine black with an unexpected color

Neptune black kitchen with yellow walls

(Image credit: Neptune)

Who would have thought we would be drawn in by black and yellow?! There's even some red in there too in the terracotta floor tiles. It shouldn't work but it totally does. The kitchen proves you can pair black with other bolder colors without the room looking too crazy.

The key is to stick to the more muted tones. The yellow here is still bold but it's more mustard than citrus and the same goes for the red, it's an earthy red rather than a vivid primary tone. There's plenty of light in this kitchen too which helps and white walls and ceilings balance out all the color going on. 

Anyone else now ordering all the yellow paint swatches?

5. Bring in some luxe vibes with marble

Black kitchen with marble work tops

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Black kitchens and marble worktops go hand in hand. Marble with any dark-colored cabinets works, creating a really luxe feel but at the same time bringing in that all-important light. If you are on a bit of a tighter budget marble effect worktops will look just as gorgeous and why not take it all the way up as a splashback, too? Pick gold hardware and taps to complete the look. 

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6. Tone down a black kitchen with open shelves

Black kitchen with open shelves

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Dark kitchens can make a room feel cramped and closed in if there’s limited natural light – or if you're working on a small kitchen design. One way to prevent this is to use open shelving rather than wall cabinets, as this lets the space breathe and it’s a great way of displaying your favorite ceramics, glassware or cookery book collection. 

7. Add pattern with floor tiles 

Black kitchen with patterned floor tiles

(Image credit: DeVol)

If you want to bring pattern into a black kitchen, floor tiles are a great way to do so. Keep your flooring lighter as a contrast if you have black cabinets, and pick a pattern that also has black or some grey tones to create a cohesive look. 

We like how these tiles have the black in but also cream which works to warm up the room, bringing in a nice softness that is less dramatic than going for a black and white tile. 

8. Bring in natural color and texture

Black kitchen

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Love a rustic kitchen? Black kitchens can still have that relaxed boho vibe that everyone loves right now. The key is texture and plenty of it. Look how much natural materials and warmth is going on in this space – the wooden floorboards, the wooden worktop, the exposed brick wall, the funky seagrass light (fave part for sure). They all work together to balance out the starkness of the black cabinetry and give the space a more laid back feel. 

9. Go all over black 

deVOL black kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

Now if you want a kitchen that will wow, be brave and go all over black – cabinets, walls, ceilings, the lot. The very important key to making this look work is getting the undertones of the color you go for spot on. If your kitchen gets a lot of natural light you are pretty safe going for any black you like, but we will say, true blacks might look a bit harsh as a five wall color so go for something that has a softness and blue undertones. Just make sure you order plenty of color swatches before you commit and see what all the different shades look like in your space. 

Lighting is important too, make sure there is plenty of it but nothing too harsh. Go for spotlights on a dimmer switch and then dot table lamps or floor lamps in any darker corners. 

Add a bit of a lift by going with a wooden worktop and add some wall decor in lighter colors just so you don't feel like you wandered into a cave every time you enter the kitchen. 

10. DIY a black kitchen with paint

Black matt kitchen interior with wooden surfaces and houseplants on the shelf

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Choosing a black kitchen doesn't mean you have to go ripping out cabinets and starting over. If you're happy with the style of your cabinets, why not test out the trend by painting them? 

It's not a super quick job but a couple of lockdown weekends and you could have a whole 'new' kitchen. Just check out our guide to how to paint kitchen cabinets for everything you need to know. 

11. Add some glass fronted cabinetry  

Black kitchen with white walls and floors

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

A row of very dark cabinetry, whether that be on the wall or floor, can look a bit intense, so break up all that darkness with glass-fronted cabinetry. Not only do they look lovely, and act as decor, just as much they do a cabinet, they also stop a black kitchen looking flat. You can light them from within too, creating even more of a contrast with the cabinets around them.

12. Tile a whole wall black

Kitchen with wall of black metro tiles

(Image credit: Jemma Watts)

If your working with a slighting smaller kitchen and looking to add some dramatic feels, tiling a whole wall with black gloss tiles will create such an impact. The glossy finish will reflect light around the space plus they bring in loads of interest and texture without actually taking up any space. Pair with a white grout to really create a focal point in the room and add touches of gold for a really luxe look. 

Is a black kitchen a good idea?

Of course a black kitchen is a good idea! Really thinking about it, it's actually the most practical color for a kitchen. It will hide wear and tear and be so much easier to clean than say cream or white kitchens. Black kitchens also won't date, as they are so versatile you can change the style and feel of them as your tastes and trends change, too. 

What colors go with a black kitchen?

The colors that tend to go with black are neutrals. But as our gorgeous yellow and black kitchen proved, black goes with so many colors if you just keep them on the muted side. If you are looking for a combo with longevity, however, you can't go wrong with black and white, or cream, or grey... or what every  neutral you are most drawn to 

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