Best American style fridge freezer: 7 top buys for big families

The best American style fridge freezer has all the space, tech and handy features for stocking up on your favourite foods

American style fridge freezer built-in to the kitchen
Haier Cube Series HTF-610DM7 multi-door fridge freezer
(Image credit: Haier)

If you're in need of more space to store your fave fresh and frozen food then an American style fridge freezer could be just what you have been looking for. One of these large appliances even have ice-cold water on tap which will come in useful when wining and dining (following the Covid restrictions) this season. 

When you're looking to buy even the best fridge freezer, they're not just big in size but are also a big investment. Deciding on any kitchen appliance is right up there with deciding on the right cabinetry, and this is truer than ever with an American style fridge freezer because they are just so... visible. 

Keep scrolling for our selection of American fridge freezer reviews which have been carefully chosen based on design, functionality and price (to name a few), so your search for the best American style fridge freezer can end here.

The best American style fridge freezer buys

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Haire fridge freezer

(Image credit: Amazon)

1. Haier Cube Series Fridge Freezer

Best American style fridge freezer: Haier's exclusive Anti-Bacterial Treatment neutralises 99.8% of bacteria to maintain freshness and remove bad odours


Capacity: Fridge 430L / Freezer 180L
Energy rating: A++
Finish: Stainless steel
Dimensions: H190 x W90.8 x D73.8cm

Reasons to buy

Fitted with Haier’s innovative Fresher Techs
Total No Frost technology
Humidity Zone – for keeping your fruit and vegetables fresher for twice as long
Anti Bacterial Treatment
Stylish Stainless-Steel colour

Reasons to avoid

None that we can think of!

If you want an American style fridge freezer which is packed full of all the cool tech you need, plus anti bacterial treatment, then this multi-door fridge freezer from Haier is for you.

Humidity zone

Keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and save money on replacing items. Haier’s Moist Zone keeps the humidity within the compartment at an optimum 90%, which helps to maintain their nutritional content.

Keeps fresh, and removes bad odours

Haier's exclusive ABT® (Anti-Bacterial Treatment) uses ultraviolet light to prevent the formation and proliferation of bacteria in the refrigerator's air flow. This helps to preserve the taste of your food, prevent bad odours, improve fridge hygiene and protect the health of you and your family.

Switch zone

The Switch Zone is a unique and ultra-flexible compartment that can operate as a refrigerator or a freezer. You can regulate the area temperature from -18°C to +5°C according to your needs. It's like having an extra fridge or freezer!

Daylight Tower LED

Haier's Daylight uses LEDs to provide your fridge with a much brighter and more intense light than you find in other fridges. Daylight illuminates the entire space inside your fridge to provide you with perfect visibility when restocking or removing items.


(Image credit: Fisher & Paykel)

2. Fisher & Paykel RF605QDUVX1 Quad Door Fridge Freezer

Best American style fridge freezer from Fisher & Paykel: a premium model jam-packed full of features which will keep your food fresher for longer, and transform your culinary routine


Best for: Large households
Capacity: 337L (Fridge) / 78L (Freezer)
Energy rating: A+
Dimensions: H179 x W90.5 x D68.8cm

Reasons to buy

Variable Temperature Zone
Cantilevered shelves
ActiveSmart™ Technology 

Reasons to avoid

Premium model, means premium price tag (could be worth it though)

This Fisher & Paykel fridge freezer narrowly missed out on our top spot in this guide because of the high-end price tag. 

If you have the budget, and room, to spare then we wouldn't hesitate to recommend this make and model – has pretty much everything you could wish for in this field of appliance, and more.

Variable temperature zone

This is perhaps the most impressive feature: with the just to touch of a button, you can easily convert the lower right compartment to suit different food types. Yep, you can either choose to Freeze, Soft Freeze, Chill or Refrigerate your foods (how cool is that?!) This means that you can convert this compartment to suit your every day needs or for those special occasions.

ActiveSmart Foodcare

This technology, put simply, learns how you live. It understands how you use your fridge and adjusts the temperature, airflow and humidity accordingly. This will keep your foods fresher for longer.

Water and Ice

Built in to the front of one of the doors is an ultra-slim water dispenser which maximises storage space inside the door. It has an angled water delivery so you can refill your vessel with ease, without any drips.

And if you would like ice with your water, you can access the dedicated freezer bin which can be tuned on and off to free up freezer space if or when you need.

Quad door design

The Fisher & Paykel quad door fridge freezers feature four food modes to provide you with a flexible way to shop, cook and entertain; Fridge mode (0 to 6° C ), Freezer mode (-21 to -14° C), Chill mode (-1.5 to 0° C ), Soft-Freeze mode (-8 to -6° C).

The overall design is built using quality materials such as stainless steel, and solid glass for the interior shelving. Even the bins have been carefully thought out with smooth, fully extendable telescopic runners for full, easy access to your foods.

Fridgemaster MS83430FFS American Fridge Freezer

(Image credit: Fridgemaster)

3. Fridgemaster MS83430FFS American Style Fridge Freezer

Best American style fridge freezer on a budget: there's plenty of storage and cool tech with this budget buy


Best for:: Smaller budgets
Capacity: Fridge 264Ltrs / Freezer 164Ltrs
Energy rating: A+
Dimensions: H177.7 x W83.2 x D62.3cm

Reasons to buy

Rapid freeze
Keeps fruit & veg organised
No need to manually defrost

Reasons to avoid

Not a lot of space to store in the doors, but there is plenty of space on the shelves

This American style fridge freezer has proved popular and is now out of stock. We hope it will be back soon so keep an eye on our handy widgets.

This American fridge freezer from Fridgemaster has all the essentials you would expect from a big fridge freezer, it comes neatly wrapped in a silver hue and it's bang on small budgets too.


The Fridgemaster MS83430FFS has a total capacity of 428 litres which means that there is plenty of room for up to 23 shopping bags filled with fresh treats, and a couple of bottles of prosecco.

There's a handy drawer for keeping fruit and veg fresher for longer and more organised, too.

Freezing features

This model comes with No Frost which will prevent any ice build-up insie the cabinet. This means that you'l never need to manually defrost it.

And, a super-fast freezing feature in the freezer will rapidly get your shopping back down to freezing temperature so, if you've been caught in traffic on the way back from the supermarket, your goodies will quickly get back to their frozen form. 

BEKO ASGN542B American Style Fridge Freezer

(Image credit: Currys PC World)

4. Beko ASGN542B American Style Fridge Freezer

Best American style fridge freezer for impact: it's a great price with plenty of features, too


Capacity: Fridge 368 ltrs / Freezer 176 ltrs
Energy rating: A+
Finish: Black
Dimensions: H179cm x W91cm x D72cm

Reasons to buy

Ice and water dispenser
EverFresh+ salad crisper
Rapid cooling

Reasons to avoid

The doors aren't reversible 

The very reasonably priced BEKO ASGN542B has generous fridge and freezer compartments, plus a water and ice dispenser, which makes it ideal for busy family households. Wrapped in black, it'll make a stunning addition to kitchens where you want an impact.

Fresher for longer

Keep fruit and veg crunchy and fresh for up to 30 days with the EverFresh+ humidity controlled salad crisper and wave goodbye to freezer defrosting thanks to this model’s frost free feature. 

Buyers also benefit from Rapid Cooling, which is great for when you’ve just done the weekly shop.

Fresh water and ice in an instant

This convenient feature is great for dinner parties, or if you need to quench your thirst in a hurry on a hot day. The ice and water dispenser don’t need plumbing in, so you can position the appliance anywhere. 

Frost free

Yep, you'll be pleased to know that there is no need to manually defrost this fridge freezer, because it has the tech to do it for you.

HISENSE PureFlat RF540N4WI1 Fridge Freezer

(Image credit: Currys PC World)

5. Hisense PureFlat RF540N4WI1 American Style Fridge Freezer

Best American style fridge freezer for small households: it will flex with your catering needs to create more storage


Best for:: Small households
Capacity: Fridge 331ltrs / freezer 90ltrs
Energy rating: A+
Finish: Silver / grey
Dimensions: H181 x W79 x D67.5 cm

Reasons to buy

Frost-free tech
Convertible fridge & freezer zone for extra storage
Water dispenser

Reasons to avoid

Only a minor point but it would help if the doors opened a little wider

This American style fridge freezer has proved popular and is now out of stock. We hope it will be back soon so keep an eye on our handy widgets.

If you want a big fridge freezer but don't have too many hungry mouths to feed, then we can highly recommend this American style fridge freezer from Hisense.

Flexible storage

This model really does cater for you well because you can change the temperature of the fridge and freezer compartments to suit your needs. The multizone compartments make your storage flexible, which are super handy if you have a dinner party coming up and you've bought in lots of nice food.

Perfect cooling

These temperature tweaks can also help to keep your foods fresher for longer, so you can store your milk, cheese and veggies in perfect conditions. The fridge freezer uses multi air flow cooling to keep food items fully flavoured by circulating the air to maximise freshness.

There is also a fresh food drawer which means that you will be able to fully control the humidity to prevent your fruits and veg from drying out.

Cold water

If you like drinking cold water then you'll LOVE this feature. The in-door water dispenser will fill up a glass on demand, and it's one which doesn't require any plumbing in.


(Image credit: LG)

6. LG Signature Instaview LSR100 Smart 60/40 Fridge Freezer

Best American style fridge freezer for easy access: a transparent door lets you see what's inside


Best for: Easy access
Capacity: 382ltr fridge / 187ltr freezer
Finish: Stainless steel
Dimensions: H178.4cm x W91.2cm x W74.5cm
Energy efficiency: A++

Reasons to buy

Smartphone control
Door-in-door design
Auto open door

Reasons to avoid

Water and ice dispenser needs to be plumbed in
High price tag

If you want the best fridge freezer for easy access then we can recommend this fridge freezer from LG. It has a clever InstaView Door-in-Door™, where a mirrored glass panel illuminates if you knock twice, so you can see what’s inside. Plus, you can also quickly access food and drink by opening the door-in-door without losing valuable chilled air from the rest of the fridge. 

Food fresh

There’s plenty of tech in this LG Signature model to keep food fresh for longer. A stainless steel interior for instance helps maintain cold air while FRESHShield™ cooling forms a thermal barrier using cold air to maintain temperatures and lock in freshness.

We also love the Custom Chill™ Pantry, a wide and deep versatile pantry with different temperature settings for storing everything from meat to fish. What’s more, thanks to the Hygiene FRESH+ intelligent air filter, any bad odours will be eliminated.


With a whopping 382 litre fridge and 187 litre freezer, this one’s perfect for large families and those who love to cook and entertain for family and friends at home.


This is one seriously innovative appliance! Check out the InstaView door-in-door that lets you quickly access food and drink without losing cool air from the rest of the fridge and also the auto open door and drawer for convenience when your hands are full.

This smart sensor at the foot of the appliance opens the door automatically – simply step on the Door Open light projection on the floor in front and the door gently opens! The fridge freezer can be monitored and controlled from your smartphone with Smart ThinQ™ while forced air circulation keeps everything inside as fresh as possible.


We love the premium feel of this appliance with its sleek door-in-door design while inside, a steel finish and LED lighting underneath each shelf helps enhance the state-of-the-art design. The scratch-resistant textured steel finish is also family-friendly while offering a minimal look.


(Image credit: Grundig)

7. Grundig GQN21220WX Fridge Freezer

The best American style fridge freezer for wine lovers: for a wine rack which is always on show, and very chilled


Best for: Wine lovers
Capacity: 446ltr fridge / 73ltr freezer
Finish: Stainless steel
Dimensions: H182cm x W91cm x D75.8cm
Energy efficiency: A+

Reasons to buy

Wine storage included
FullFresh+ technology
Water and ice dispenser

Reasons to avoid

Needs to be plumbed in
Quite wide

If you love wine as much as we do, then this American style fridge freezer has your name all over it (not literally, but it could certainly be quite comfortable in YOUR house). It features an integrated wine cooler that can store up to 28 bottles and has an adjustable temperature range of 5ºC-20ºC. It also has a plumbed-in ice and water dispenser so covers all your drinks needs, not just wine – though it's worth browsing the best wine fridge options too! 

Food fresh

With Grundig’s innovative FullFresh+ technology, this model provides optimum humidity levels to keep fruit and veg fresh for up to 30 days. It also includes a Vitamin Care Zone that uses blue LED lights to maintain vitamin content in fresh ingredients.

Duo Cooling uses two separate cooling systems for fridge and freezer, preventing odours from transferring between them, while a carbon odour filter keeps the fridge smelling fresh at all times. There’s also Air Flow cooling that circulates air to maintain an even temperature, which also helps keep food fresh, while Quick Cool and Fast Freeze rapidly lower the temperature for newly added items.


Plenty of room inside this large appliance, which offers storage for fresh and frozen food as well as wine too, making it the perfect option for those who love to entertain at home.


As well as the integrated wine cooler storage, this fridge freezer also includes a chilled ice and water dispenser that needs to be plumbed in. The dispenser can be found on the inside, keeping the exterior sleek while the temperature of all three zones can be adjusted at the touch of a button using the external control panel on the front door. 


The wine cooler compartment gives this fridge freezer wow factor and it has a UV filtered glass door to prevent damaging the wine from sun’s rays.

How to choose an American style fridge freezer

When it comes to choosing one of these big appliances, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you get the best one for you and your household:

Energy efficiency

When it comes to refrigeration, our fridges and freezers are switched on 24/7, so it pays to choose a model with a high energy efficiency rating such as A, A+, A++ or A+++ to keep energy bills down in the long run. 

Ice/water dispensers

American-style side-by-side models are usually chosen for families, as they have large capacities and often come with an ice and water dispenser, too. Some need to be plumbed in so this will limit where you can position the appliance, but for convenience, other designs are non-plumbed. 


Standard two-door appliances have the fridge on one side and freezer on the other while multi-door options include three or four-door styles and those with freezer drawers. 

Door finish

Stainless steel and black are popular choices ideal for a professional look while colourful finishes will create a statement in a classic or contemporary scheme. 

Control options

Look for added benefits such as holiday mode, frost free and food preservation technology such as humidity and temperature controlled zones. 

Overall size

These American-style mammoths are chunky though, so make sure you have the space to slot one in. They tend to be around 90cm wide so measure up the space carefully and check product dimensions before you splash out.

If you find that you, like many large families, need more space to store frozen foods then our best chest freezer round up would be worth a look which is something which can be out outside in an outbuilding to keep the kitchen feeling spacious.

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What is the best American style fridge freezer?

To recap...if you want the best American style fridge freezer (in our opinion), we wouldn't hesitate to buy the

Haier Cube Series American Style Fridge Freezer
. It's packed with all the cool tech you need, plus anti bacterial treatment, so it'll keep all members of the household happy.

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