4 of the best high-pressure shower heads, all tried and tested — from $69

Invest in the best high-pressure shower head to turn your everyday ritual into a luxe experience

A collage of the best high-pressure shower heads from Hello Klean, Sproos! and Jolie
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Been holding off buying one of the best high-pressure shower heads? Now is the time to splash out, or make do with a dribbling device. But don't worry, you won't be pouring money down the drain as we've got intel on the powerful and high-performing models. 

Before browsing the picks I've found, go and check if you need a fixed shower head (that attaches to the wall) or a handheld shower head that attaches to a hose. Aside from saving water, some claim to soften your hair and skin, so I recommend you make this (small) investment before buying all of those expensive creams and conditioners. Either way, you'll be in a win-win situ, with less money taken from your account, and a more powerful shower to clean yourself with. 

And, if you are renting, your landlord should approve so long as you keep your old shower head (check in case). These specially designed heads are created to increase your water pressure without the need to spend hundreds of dollars on new plumbing hardware or getting a laborer in.

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The best high-pressure shower heads you can buy

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Handheld high-pressure shower heads

What to consider when picking a high-pressure showerhead

Whether it’s your plumbing that has low water pressure or it’s down to your shower head getting clogged with limescale, a good shower head will be self-cleaning to minimize maintenance as much as possible. As well as this, here are a few other factors and questions to consider.

1. Does your shower head have a trial period?
Some, but not all shower head brands will allow you to use the head to see if it's right for you. The Hai, for example, offers an extended 60-day trial.

2. Which type of shower head do you need?
When investing in a high-pressure shower head, you need to think about where and how it is being installed. Some options are handheld, which means they sit on your current shower setup, and you can pop them on a stand or use them as a handheld shower head. These are also usually super easy to fit as it's just a case of unscrewing your old head and screwing on the new one. Other shower heads, such as fixed ones, need to be attached directly to the shower hose that's wall-mounted in your bathroom.

3. What's included?
On occasion, the shower arm and flange are not included, so make sure you read the product listing (or packaging) thoroughly to know what you're getting.

4. Consider your water bill
If want to cut back on your water bill, it's worth looking at an option that reduces water usage. Otherwise, switch your shower to eco mode and invest in our strongest pressure shower head, which benefits your bill and the environment.

6. Consider how hard your water is
Depending on where you're based, the hardness of the water varies. Some models might struggle with harder water, however, there are some choices that are well-equipped. For this reason, it is worth checking how the water in your region compares to others before buying a shower head. The Hello Klean model, for example comes with a filter that contains KDF 55, amino acids, and activated carbon fiber.

7. Think about modes and settings
If you're looking for a new shower head to enjoy different settings, think about how many you'd realistically use. There's no point having six modes if you know you'll only ever use two. Think about what you will use these modes for. Those with children might want to ensure their new shower head offers a mist mode for light pressure, or anyone with pets might want a jet mode to tackle muddy paws. Our top pick has six settings, which has the most out of the options we chose.

8. Think about the benefits
Some shower heads claim to improve hair and skin, while others provide a calm and invigorating experience.

9. Finish
Aside from being a fixture for directing the spray of water in a bathroom shower, your shower head can offer some aesthetic appeal. Think about your color scheme and what metal fittings co-exist in the space. Stainless steel is a popular finish, but brushed nickel, bronze, chrome, and copper options exist. Alternatively, if you're not in the market for a metallic accessory, you don't have to settle for a white head. The Hai shower head features in this guide are a great example of how to add a pop of color to this private space. It comes in six colors including Citron, Permission, and Rose Quartz. Additionally, you might want to think about the shape of your showerhead. While round heads are traditional if you're after something modern, square, and oblong alternatives can easily be found. 

10. How easy is it to clean and maintain the showerhead?
We've all seen how fuzzy and clogged up the nozzles of a showerhead can get, so it's important to give it some TLC by cleaning it regularly. This can easily be done with a soft cloth or a sponge with a little soapy water. Or, you could try a mix of white vinegar and baking soda.

11. Weight and usability
If you're not opting for a wall-mounted fixture, then you'll need to consider the weight of your handheld device. According to the EPA, the average shower lasts eight minutes, so finding something that is comfortable to hold for this duration is essential.


Should I wait until Black Friday 2024 to buy a high-pressure showerhead?

You can, but if you've got a poor-performing shower, you might want to sort out the issue more urgently. We search the net for discounts and use price trackers like Camelcamelcamel to evaluate whether you're getting a good deal on the day, so make sure to keep checking this page where we will display the most competitive prices.

What is the highest GPM for a shower head?

U.S. government regulations limit the maximum flow rate of shower heads to 2.5 GPM as a measure to save water.

What states have shower head restrictions?

According to waterpik.com, the current max flow rate for retail sales of replacement shower heads is 1.8 GPM in California, Hawaii, New York, Oregon, and Washington. In Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont, it is 2.0 GPM. Some shower head brands (like Hai) will cater for affected States with a WaterSense-approved model.

Can a shower head increase water pressure?

Yes, that's part of the charm of a high-pressure shower head. Confusingly, these can be called high-pressure shower heads or low-pressure shower heads. They both mean the same thing, just phrased differently. Suited to homes with low water pressure (hence the name), they push the water out at high pressure, compensating for the low water pressure in your home.

How do you increase water flow in a shower head?

A clogged shower head can also lead to weak water flow. Don't miss our guide on how to clean a shower head for help with this If your shower itself offers more than one setting, try your shower on different settings with your new shower head. Switch your shower setting and switch between your shower head modes until you find one you like.

You might also find that water flow improves based on your shower height. This advice doesn't apply to wall-mounted shower heads as these can be a pain to move, but standalone options might perform better when closer to the ceiling.

Otherwise, watch our TikTok tell-all:


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How we review high-pressure shower heads

Hai Smart Shower Head in review in Melissa's gray bathroom in light blue

Hai Smart Shower head in review

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Every shower head featured in this guide has been approved by homeowners, renters, and others looking to improve their showers. While choosing products, I've been sure to include something for everyone, whether you're on a budget or want something super fancy.

For transparency, four shower heads in this guide have been reviewed by our in-house experts. We've relied on online reviews for the rest.

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Christina Chrysostomou

Christina is our head of ecommerce and she's currently using the Hello Klean showerhead in her home, to take her self-care regime to another level.

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Melissa Epifano

Melissa is our former editor-in-chief. She tested the Hai Smart Shower Head in her home, to upgrade her bathroom.

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Danielle Valente

Danielle is our content editor and is based in Brooklyn, NYC. She tested the Jolie and Sproos! shower head.

Where to buy high-pressure shower heads

Here's a list of retailers where you can shop for the best high-pressure showerhead online:

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