Extending the kitchen

Helen and Chris Bowden extended the rear of their Victorian ground floor flat into the garden, replacing a lean-to conservatory with a modern kitchen/dining area that links seamlessly with the garden.

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Helen and Chris Bowden extended the rear of their Victorian ground floor flat into the garden.

Helene and Chris Bowden bought their Victorian flat in north London with planning permission to extend. The couple wanted to reconfigure the apartment to gain more living space for their young family and to radically transform its relationship to the garden so that the two spaces would be more unified. As part of a bigger build, which included adding an extra bedroom and bathroom, they also wanted to replace an old lean-to conservatory at the rear of the property in order to reorganise the space and create a large open-plan kitchen-diner.

The extension was designed with folding sliding glass doors, without a supporting pillar on one corner of the structure, to create a sense of transparency between the indoor and outdoor space. A steel structure supports the cantilevered roof, while almost flush-level flooring minimises the transition between the kitchen and garden.

Helene and Chris also wanted lots of natural light in the living space behind the kitchen, so high level windows were added at the far end of the stepped extension roof, along with a skylight above the dining table.

The total cost of the build was £165,000 and took a couple of years to complete, as part of a bigger renovation project.

In the gallery: The new kitchen extension links seamlessly with the garden, with folding sliding doors from I-D Systems on two walls and flush-level flooring.

Architect: Architect Your Home 0800 849 8505, architect-yourhome.com.