6 things to pick up the H&M sale to update your bathroom

Because when you're stuck inside all day it just makes sense to do some sales shopping, right?

H&M towels
(Image credit: H&M)

So you've cleaned your bathroom (and whole house for that matter) within an inch of its life and now it's time to treat yourself to some affordable pieces in the H&M sale to give the space a lift. We get it.

Sure, you might not want to actually venture into a H&M right now, but that is the beauty of online shopping! So to provide you all with some inspiration and let's be honest, some escapism, we have rounded up our fave bits from the H&M sale that you can use to update your bathroom right now.

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Bath mat | Was £12 now £7
Bet you'd be surprised how much a new bath mat can update your bathroom, especially when it's an adorable pink bath mat! This is reduced to just £7. Bargain.View Deal

Soap dispenser | Was £12.99 now £9
Because a plastic bottle of super serious germ killing soap on your bathroom side just isn't cute. The answer? Just decant it into an adorable soap dispenser like this one. Sorted.View Deal

Pot with a lid | Was £9.99 now £5
And of course you also need a matching pot to store all those bits of bathroom paraphernalia that isn't the prettiest – bobbles, cotton wool, floss, that sort of thing. View Deal

Shower curtain | Was £8.99 now £5
Just like a bath mat, a shower curtain can really transform a bathroom for very little money. It's a great way to start a new colour scheme in your bathroom, too!View Deal

Crochet-trimmed bath towel | Was £12.99 now £6
If your towels have seen better days, they could be bringing the whole look of your bathroom down. Treat yourself to these really cool – and now really affordable – towels and fold them nicely into a cabinet or over your towel rail. View Deal

Jute laundry basket | Was £24.99 now £15
Add some pattern to your bathroom with this lovely jute basket. It would be perfect to add a slight boho vibe to your bathroom, too, thanks to its relaxed shape. This would also be a great new home for a houseplant too (another easy way to update your bathroom, ADD GREENERY). View Deal

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