19 mirror design and display ideas

Use our stylish mirror design ideas to enhance the size, brightness and style of every room in your house

dining room with vintage mirror gallery wall
(Image credit: Ibens and Niels Ahlberg/inagency.dk)

Looking for mirror design ideas to make your home look not just bigger and brighter, but more stylish, too? From standout gallery walls created with prettily framed mirrors to minimalist-inspired mirror design ideas, our stylish spaces will provide plenty of inspiration for displaying mirrors, whether contemporary buys, antique finds or vintage pieces. 

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Mirrors make the perfect addition to an on-trend gallery wall and can help give the appearance of a larger and lighter space – especially helpful if you're using a dark paint shade as the basis for your gallery wall.

This vintage-style room proves that aesthetic appeal and practicality can join hands to form a stylish yet functional gallery wall inspired space. 

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Enhance your space with mirrors

For similar mirrors, try Rough Old Glass or Cult Furniture

2. Lighten a dark hallway with a grand mirror

A dark hallway is always a good spot for a mirror. If you're a lover of vintage or period style, look for one with an ornate frame that will create a real impact on the decor of the hall. Here, a gold-framed mirror is matched with reflective wallpaper to add a brightening effect.

For more tips on how to lighten a dark hallway, take a look at our feature. We've got lots more lovely design ideas for hallways, too.  

A larger mirror used in a hallway to bring in light

Find a similar mirror at The French Bedroom Company

3. Create a feature wall with a display of mirror frames

A gallery wall devoted entirely to mirrors doesn't just brighten and enlarge a space visually; it also creates a visually striking focal point, and is effective at opening up a space. This bedroom design is the perfect example of one of our favourite mirror design ideas. 

Bedroom with gallery wall of mirrors

For similar sunburst try eBay or Etsy

(Image credit: Rebecca Hughes Interiors)

We like this mirror display idea if you have a collection of slightly mismatching, antique mirrors. The key to success? Don't position your mirrors too uniformly or too far apart, and avoid perfect symmetry – laying them out on the floor first can be the best way to get a feel of what works best where.

Find more gallery wall inspiration in our design feature – we've covered everything from plates to plants to prints. 

Dining room with vintage mirror gallery wall

Source vintage mirrors from eBay or Etsy, or try Cox & Cox if you want to buy new

(Image credit: Ibens and Niels Ahlberg/inagency.dk)

4. Hang mirrors on the ceiling (really)

If you're blessed with high, sloping ceilings, you might also consider taking advantage of them with the addition of a mirrored gallery wall which will enable you to make the most of an awkward space. Here, the mirrors brighten a dark spot in a hallway and add bags of interest to what's usually an under-used space.

Mirror gallery wall on a ceiling

You can scour eBay or Etsy for similar mirrors or try Cox & Cox if you want to buy new

5. Position long mirrors horizontally to give the appearance of a wider space

Hanging mirrors horizontally on the narrowest wall of a room – at around head height – is ideal if you're trying to achieve the effect of a wider space. This design trick works particularly well if mirrors aren't perfectly aligned with furniture – an effect which also adds interest to a space.

Opt for a mirror with a slightly softer, rounded edge if you're designing a room with a Mid-century or vintage inspired feel.

We love this Dutchbone Bradley Wall Mirror from Cuckooland paired with a gorgeous, floral wall mural.

living room with stunning floral feature wall, wine coloured sofa and nice mirror by cuckooland

Mirror from Cuckcooland, for similar floral wall murals try Murals Wallpaper

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Mirrors with softly rounded edges make the perfect addition to a Mid-century inspired space and are particularly desirable when designed as part of a picture-led gallery wall.

We love the brightening effect of pairing a mirror with this teal green wallpaper from Farrow & Ball. If you're looking for more green living room design ideas, be sure to take a peek at our gallery. We've got plenty of Mid-century modern decor ideas, too.

Mirrors displayed on a Mid-century modern sideboard

Wallpaper by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

7. Pair a statement gold mirror with a sunny scheme

If you're working with a warm-toned metal mirror, for example something that's copper or gold, consider pairing it with similarly sunny yellow and orange shades.

In addition to making a space more welcoming, research suggests this combination of warm, sunny tones has the ability to enhance the mood of a room. 

Find this Sunburst Mirror at Furniture Village. 

living room with neutral scheme and yellow and red cushions by furniture village

Sofa, sunburst mirror, nested side table and gold lamp all Furniture Village

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

8. Create a minimalist-inspired design feature with a frameless mirror

If you're looking for a mirror design idea that will create a unique feature, but don't want to sacrifice your distinctly minimalist style, consider going frameless. In a bathroom with a more traditional or luxury feel, antiqued glass is perfect for adding character.

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En suite bathroom in a luxurious home with Topps Tiles Grigio Argento wall tiles

Find a similar large scale, frameless mirror at Rough Old Glass

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

9. Choose vintage frames for a laid-back feel

Opting for vintage frames effectively complements the laid-back feel of minimalist or Scandi-inspired schemes, adding subtle interest to a space and further enhancing the light and bright feel synonymous with this interior style.

If (like us) you can't get enough of Nordic inspired spaces, you'll want to browse our cosy Scandi room design ideas

Natural flooring in a hallway of a period property

Check out eBay or Etsy for similar vintage mirrors 

(Image credit: Alternative Flooring)

10. Maximise the light enhancing properties of a simple, round mirror 

If your priority is to design a space that feels larger and lighter than it really is, you need a large, round mirror in your life. Position it so that it can been seen on entry to a space effectively draws the eye and creates the feel of a larger and lighter space.

Opt for a model with a slim frame if you're a fan of understated, minimalist interiors and position above a similarly elegant console table for a hallway that feels spacious and welcoming to guests. 

Bedroom mirror used to make a space feel lighten and more open

Round mirror from Maisons du Monde

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

11. Create a focal point above the fireplace with mirrors

Positioning a statement mirror (or collection of mirrors) above a fireplace draws the eye, creating a focal point within a space and is one of our favourite mirror design ideas. The taller the mirror – or collection of mirrors – the greater the impression of a high ceiling in the room. 

Styling a grey stone fireplace with antiqued silver mirrors and other glass accessories creates a strikingly subtle finish. The odd well-placed, house plant is a welcome addition to an otherwise cool toned, silvery-grey scheme. 

Plants are perfect for adding life and colour to a cool scheme, for more house plant display ideas, browse our design guide. 

Fire place with a statement mirror display

Room painted in Farrow & Ball Dimpse 

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

12. Open up a traditional home with an understated mirror

If your interiors taste is more traditional, opt for an understated mirror as part of your scheme. Pairing a white frame with a white scheme is a particularly subtle approach that will effectively open up a small space.

Pair with an unfitted, freestanding unit and open shelving to create the perfect, welcoming boot room. Explore more of our fabulous ideas for boot rooms. And, if you're looking to create a new scheme for an entrance to a period home, check out our traditional hallway design ideas.

Mirror used to add light to a small porch

Find a similar mirror at Marks & Spencer, for similar console table try The Cotswold Co.

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

13. Source antique mirror-doors for a boho feel

Stylishly complementing a boho inspired space, we love the idea of sourcing antique mirror-doors, which can be propped in a corner to enlarge a space.

Alternatively, if you fancy a DIY project, revamp an existing piece of furniture with the help of our guide to up-cycling furniture

Bedroom mirrors made from reclaimed doors

DIY your own version of this mirror by sourcing a reclaimed door or shutter and mounting on a mirror

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

14. Lean a large, antique-style mirror against a wall

If you're designing a space with a laid back, unfitted feel, leaning a large, antique-style mirror against a wall can be an effective way to display mirrors

We love this Wooded Manor Mirror from Anthropologie, which looks perfect paired with a combination of modern and more traditional pieces. 

bedroom with large antique looking mirror by anthropologie

Mirror and table both Anthropologie

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

15. Or... use a floor-standing mirror as relief in a dark-painted room

If (like us) you're a big lover of the dark and atmospheric interiors trend, but are concerned about it making a room feel too small, you might consider offering relief from your use of inky shades with the help of a large, floor-standing mirror.

Pairing a white mirror with a dark scheme offers a stylish contrast. We love the French feel of this Floor Mirror from Dormy House. 

Floorstanding mirror behind an armchair in a black painted room by The Dormy House

Floor Mirror from Dormy House

(Image credit: The Dormy House)

16. Use a mirrored wall to double the size of a bathroom

In addition to making a space feel larger, incorporating a mirrored wall into a bathroom is an effective – and waterproof – alternative to tiles. 

We love this combination of large distressed mirror panels with bold patterned tiles. This (almost) matching Tamar Cast Iron Skirted Bath Tub from Drummonds perfectly finishes off the look. 

For more stunning patterned floor tile inspiration, browse our design guide. We've got traditional freestanding bath designs, too, if that's what you're after. 

patterned tile bathroom with open style shower and freestanding bath and mirrored wall from Drummonds

Bathroom by Drummonds

(Image credit: Drummonds)

17. Swap tiles for a mirrored splashback to lighten a dark kitchen

Similarly, for a stylish addition to a modern kitchen, we love the idea of opting for a mirrored splash back – especially if it's in an on-trend copper or brass finish. 

For more kitchen splashback ideas, browse our design guide.

Bespoke Spenlow Kitchen- Wolf Range Cooker - Hampstead London - Humphrey Munson

Kitchen splashback in antiqued glass by Humphrey Munson

(Image credit: Humphrey Munson)

18. Display a collection of small, ornate mirrors with prints and other ornaments

Using a large, frameless mirror as a base, we love the idea of creating a display using a collection of small, ornate mirrors, as well as prints and other ornaments. This technique creates a stunningly intricate focal point, which is enhanced by the reflection from the large mirror.

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Using ceramic plates to create a stylish gallery wall has been a popular trend over the past couple of years. With this trend mind, we like the idea of channeling the look with a display of patterned ceramic mirrors.

Find these Blue Floral, Orange Floral and Green Spot ceramic mirrors from Oliver Bonas.

gallery wall with mirrors by oliver bonas

Blue Floral, Orange Floral and Green Spot ceramic mirrors from Oliver Bonas

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

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