Small bathroom mirror ideas – 11 ways to enhance a small restroom

These small bathroom mirror ideas will work like magic to make your space feel bigger and brighter

bathroom with white and pink vertical metro tiles, round mirror and matt black hardware
(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Looking for small bathroom mirror ideas? Then you must know that when it comes to designing a small bathroom, choosing the right mirror is a key decision. 

Not only can bathroom mirrors work to reflect light, enabling light to bounce around the room and make your space feel bigger and brighter, but bathroom mirrors are also a great way to pack in extra storage to your space. 

These small bathroom ideas are essential for making sure your space doesn't feel cramped or dark. So from two in one mirror cabinets, to shelves with sliding mirrors and even mirrored floor to ceiling paneling, we've found some of the best small bathroom mirrors to brighten and broaden even the tiniest of space.

Small bathroom mirror ideas to reflect upon

Debbie Drake, Design Director at Dunelm explains, 'Bathrooms can often be one of the smallest rooms in the home, and so creating space is essential to a relaxing and tranquil place for you to take a soak in the tub or get ready for the day ahead.' 

'Even a small bathroom mirror can open up a space significantly. Finding the right mirror can create the illusion of extra space and more light, as well as sprucing up your bathroom décor. Perhaps adding a decorative mosaic mirror or a bathroom mirror with lights to add texture and depth to your bathroom is all you need to revamp your existing room.'

From space-saving mirrored cabinets to mirrored panels, we round up some of the best small bathroom mirror ideas.

1. Choose a sliding mirror to maximise space and storage

A bathroom with white small bathroom vanity, toilet and overhead cabinet with mirrored face

(Image credit: Ikea)

Small bathrooms can mean that storage is minimal. Open shelving is a great way to visually open up a small room and make a space feel bigger. 

This clever Enhet mirrored cabinet from Ikea  allows for plenty of room to store and display your lotions and potions. 

The mirror slides from side to side so you can hide away or display as you wish, whilst taking up minimal visual and physical space.

2. Go 2 in 1 with a mirrored tall boy 

Small bathroom by Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

A tall, narrow freestanding cabinet as a bathroom storage idea is great way to maximise space in a small bathroom. 

Make it work twice as hard but choosing a design that's mirrored, this means you get the benefit of a full length mirror without taking up any extra room at all. 

This is especially handy if your basin is positioned beneath a window, leaving no room for a traditional vanity mirror. This vibrant bathroom tile idea adds a bold pop of color.

3. Choose a floor to ceiling mirrored panel 

patterned tile bathroom with open style shower and freestanding bath and mirrored wall from Drummonds

(Image credit: Drummonds)

If a big mirror just isn't enough for you, a mirrored wall panel is your best bet. These large panels can be attached to your wall, just like a shower panel, and they will instantly make your room feel so much bigger and brighter. 

With such a large mirrored surface, remember to consider what the mirror will reflect – you ideally want it to reflect something beautiful - like wallpaper or houseplants – as the reflected area will be very much on view. 

'A clever way to optimise a small space is to use height to your advantage. Having a tall mirror will help enhance a small bathroom as it will reflect more natural light, making the room seem more spacious,' says Trinity Owhe, Design Expert at Victorian Plumbing.

4. Turn a long mirror sideways to create to elongate your room 

A small tiled bathroom with shower and copper-finish bathtub

(Image credit: The Albion Bath Company)

It's the oldest trick in the book, but horizontal lines really can work to make a space feel wider. If you've got a tall mirror, give it a unique spin by turning it sideways. 

You may be able to see less of your body, but if your room feels more open and airy, we'll take it. How cute is this mini freestanding bath too?!

5. Upcycle a large traditional mirror and prop it on your shelf 

black and white bathroom with hexagon tiles, white tub

(Image credit: Fired Earth)

If your small bathroom won't get too steamy - you can use any mirror for your space. Add elegance at minimal cost by upcycling a preloved traditional mirror like this, and let it be the focal point of your whole space. 

An oversized design looks perfect propped up on a shelf - we recommend attaching to the wall with brackets - just to be on the safe side.

6. Position your mirror opposite the window to bounce natural light around the room 

sink in a bathroom with a small mirror with wall paneling and metro tiles

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

If you can't decide where's best to position your mirror (and basin) remember to think about natural light. Mirrors are a great tool for helping to lighten and brighten a space, and that's particularly the case if positioned directly opposite a window. 

This big mirror sits directly opposite the window and helps to lighten the whole room – preventing the dark bathroom from appearing cold or gloomy. 

‘As a general rule, it’s best for your bathroom mirror to be the same width, or smaller, than the bathroom vanity it sits above,' says Trinity Owhe, Design Expert at Victorian Plumbing.

7. Choose a bathroom mirror with secret shelving 

White bathroom decor with wall hung sink and industrial mirrored bathroom cabinet

(Image credit: Beaumonde)

Keep things simple while still fitting in a small bathroom storage idea to your mirror by choosing a design with open shelving squeezed in at the back. 

Without the faff of cupboards or handles, this Umbra black bathroom mirror shelf unit from Beaumonde  allows you to position your essentials directly behind the mirror so you can grab them and stow them away quickly.

8. Match your mirror to your sanitaryware with a shaker style cabinet 

small bathroom with a dark color scheme from ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you're desperate for extra storage and your low on floor space, choose a large two door mirrored cabinet. 

This bathroom cabinet idea is ideal for storing away everything you need all in one place. Tie your scheme together by matching up your vanity unit to your cabinet - shown here in a soft grey shaker style finish. 

Grey bathrooms are a calm and simple palette for any small space. 

9. Soften a small streamlined space with a round mirror

bathroom with white and pink vertical metro tiles, round mirror and matt black hardware

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

We often try to pack in as much as possible to our small bathrooms, and that can mean lots of angular lines and sharp edges. While this can look modern and cool, it can also look a tad clinical. 

Soften the overall look by choosing a big round mirror, this creates a more organic feel for a calmer space, no matter how small. 

10. Keep it simple with a large, basic mirror 

White bathroom with black framed mirror idea and ladder

(Image credit: Soak)

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. If your mirror is in the center of your small bathroom, it might be worth sacrificing the extra storage for a simple mirror idea that sits flush to your wall.

This will inevitably free up some space in your room, making it feel more airy and breathable. 

'A simple frame for a small space will help keep things open and avoid a tight or cluttered feel,’ says Trinity Owhe, Design Expert at Victorian Plumbing. 

11. Use a mirror to brighten a darker corner 

green toned bathroom wallpaper with white intrictae pattern running through, sloper roof and distressed mirror

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

If your small bathroom is awkward in shapes with an alcove like this, it can mean you have dark and underused areas. 

By positioning your vanity (and therefore, usually) your mirror there too, you can brighten up the space and give it a clear purpose.

This neat vintage design looks cute and elegant in this nook of the bathroom.

Where do you hang a mirror in a small bathroom?

The best place to hand a mirror in a small bathroom depends entirely on the layout of your bathroom. 

The most common place to hang a bathroom mirror is above the vanity unit, as this allows you to look in the mirror while brushing your teeth. If hanging a large mirror, it can be tricky to determine which is the perfect height but we have a guide to how to hang a mirror with ease to help with that. 

As a general rule, you should be able to see at least your head and shoulders in a bathroom mirror, with some space above and below. We'd recommend going for as big a mirror as you space can take to maximise its light reflecting qualities.  

How do you update a plain bathroom mirror?

If you have a plain bathroom mirror with a wooden frame, the simplest way to update this is by painting it. 

You should choose a specialist wood paint as this will sit perfectly on top of the grain without being too absorbed into it. You should apply two coats, and then apply a waterproof sealant. This will ensure your frame is protected from bathroom splashes. As for the color, you can choose any shade you like. 

Light and neutral colors are ideal for making your space feel brighter and lighter, but bold colors will add a touch of fun - so this really comes down to personal taste. 

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