Best towels: 7 plush bath towels to buy for your home

Bestow the best towels in your bathroom thanks to our ultimate roundup. From luxury hand towels to budget-friendly bath sheets – and everything in between

Furn The Linen Yard Loft Combed Cotton 7-piece Towels in each colour hanging on hooks on wall
(Image credit: Furn)

Wrap yourself in one of the best towels you can buy with help from our ultimate guide. Whether for use after a steaming hot dip in the tub or a lukewarm lengthy shower, bath towels are a mighty important purchase. Not just for your benefit, but for your overnight guests, too – and don't even get us started on hand towels as these are especially important to get right.

We've tried and tested some of the best towels out there, from everywhere including DUSK, John Lewis & Partners' ANYDAY range and also Calvin Klein, so that you can make this decision with ease – and with our knowledge in your mind. Keep on scrolling for our top bath towel picks, all of which are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Our picks come highly rated and reviewed (by us and others) for their softness, design, high-quality heaviness – or all of the above – so no matter what you’re after, there’s sure to be something here. 

Once you've bought your fluffy new towels, head to our towel storage ideas page to help keep your bathroom clutter-free.

The best towels you can buy

1. DUSK Monaco Supreme Cotton Towels

DUSK Monaco Supreme Cotton Towels folded on shelving unit in several coloursReal Homes Rated Gold badge

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(Image credit: DUSK)

Material: 100% cotton
GSM: 500

2. John Lewis ANYDAY Light Cotton Towels

John Lewis ANYDAY Light Cotton Towels in beige folded and stackedReal Homes Rated Silver Badge

Click the image to shop these John Lewis ANYDAY towels.

(Image credit: John Lewis ANYDAY)

Material: 100% cotton
GSM: 490

3. Calvin Klein Tracy Bath Towel

Calvin Klein Tracy Bath Towel in every colourReal Homes Rated Silver Badge

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(Image credit: Calvin Klein)

Material: 100% cotton
GSM: 600

4. John Lewis Egyptian Cotton Towels

John Lewis Egyptian Cotton Towels in different colours, folded

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(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Material: 100% Egyptian cotton
GSM: 700

5. The White Company Hydrocotton Towels

The White Company Hydrocotton Towels, grey, folded on bathroom shelving

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(Image credit: The White Company)

Material: 100% hydrocotton
GSM: 500

6. Christy Supreme Hygro® White Towels

Christy Supreme Hygro® White Towel Bundle folded and stacked on side in front of grey panelled wall

Click the image to shop these Christy towels.

(Image credit: Christy)

Material: 100% Supima cotton
GSM: 650

From £3.20 at Christy

7. Furn The Linen Yard Loft Combed Cotton 7-piece Towel Bundle

Furn The Linen Yard Loft Combed Cotton 7-piece Towels in each colour hanging on hooks on wall

Click the image to shop these Furn towels.

(Image credit: Furn)

Material: 100% plush combed cotton
GSM: 650

What are the best quality towels?

We rate DUSK's Monaco Supreme Cotton Towel as one of the very best towels you can buy, especially if you are on a budget. They are fluffy and lightweight, while they come in four sizes and four colours.

Where to buy the best towels?

Yet to find the best towels for your bathroom and budget from our list above? We've listed more places to shop for high quality towels online. Click through to shop.

What should you look out for when buying towels?

Towels obviously come in a huge range of sizes, and while it's hard to confuse yourself between a hand towel and a bath sheet, you might want to think about whether you want to spend your money on a bath towel or a bath sheet. We suggest the latter as they are bigger, though with that comes a higher price tag. You might want to measure the bath towels you've picked and make a decision from there.

GSM stands for grams per square metre, and this refers to the weight of a towel. It goes without us saying that the lower this number, the more lightweight the towel, though this can also equate to thickness. Towels with a higher GSM will be slightly more absorbent although thicker. If you want to buy towels for summer and another set for winter, opt for something lighter for the summer and heavy for winter. If you want a decent all-rounder then we say stick to the middle – around 500GSM - 600GSM.

Towels come in various materials from 100 per cent cotton to Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton. There's no best of the best here as it's mostly down to personal preference. Though there are some things to consider...

"Waffle weave towels are known to be lightweight and quick-drying. Additionally, these towels are proven to have excellent exfoliating effects. This is due to the texture of the material, which will leave your skin feeling soft. Meanwhile, ribbed towels (available in our Monaco collection), give a more luxurious finish as a result of their thicker finish. For a cosy towel that’s designed to last, look for zero-twist 100% cotton; this method not only creates the fluffiest of towels but it’s also extra durable, so it will always feel like new." - Farah Arshad, Head of Design at DUSK

How to keep your towels looking their best?

Once you've chosen your new towels and they've landed on your doorstep, you'll want to wash them before using them to get dry. Be sure to wash them correctly, as according to their label – most towels say 40ºC wash and tumble dry on low – and don't forget to store them well (folded or rolled) before use, and between uses you'll want to hang them so they don't get damp and scrunched. Finally, give them a good old shake every now and then to restore fluffiness. To avoid hard towels, put yours in the tumble dryer as leaving towels to air dry or sun dry is usually the leading cause of hard towels.

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