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If you're in the market for some fancy new bath towels for your home, to take to college, or for your new apartment, then let me help make this job a whole easier. Because a bath towel isn't just a bath towel — the reality is that a good one should last for years of use with proper care, to help save the planet and to help keep your bank balance looking healthy.

Whether you're looking for plain bath towels to hide away in between uses or you want plush towels that wow guests (to put all of those towel storage ideas, I bet!) — maybe you're on the lookout for Christmas bath towels, ready for the holiday season? I've got you covered, no matter if your budget is $3 per bath towel or $30.

As a team, we've been working to test a bunch of bath towels, noting how soft they are and how well they wash, among so many other things. So, the first three bath towels in this guide are rated by team Real Homes, while the other nine picks have been featured purely based on their stellar customer ratings.

This guide covers all bases — thin and thick towels, colorful and plain white picks, luxurious price tags, and cheap and cheerful bath towels from just $3. I'd always recommend choosing a bath sheet instead of a bath towel (it's slightly bigger and feels a little more luxurious). And just an FYI: some towels in this guide come on their own, others in sets, and some in pairs so be sure to compare prices. This is an easy way to perfect your bathroom design, along with the cute bathroom decor finds we love atm.

These are the best bath towels

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Bath towel reviews

We've featured a range of bath towels just below, but first up are the three we have reviewed. These have been ranked by our rating.

Bath towels highly rated by shoppers

Ranked by customer rating.

What to consider when buying new bath towels?

There are a couple of factors you need to consider before deciding on a bath towel to buy.

1. Absorbency
Typically speaking, thicker is better, as it's easier to absorb more water than lighter, thinner towels; however, it's crucial to read reviews. Sometimes, thicker towels are prone to retaining water, meaning they're one-and-done, and you will have to repeatedly wash them, or worse, it doesn't get all of the water off of you.

2. Softness
A towel's plush factor is also extremely important; you don't want the material to be too hard or stiff, as that's the last thing that will feel comfortable on your body. Instead, gravitate toward cotton or linens to ensure the fluffiest, most comfortable towels. 

3. Weight
Another consideration is how much your towel may (or may not) weigh. Typically speaking, the higher the weight, the denser it is, meaning the more water it will absorb. Towels are measured in grams per square meter, with top-performing towels weighing anywhere from 500-700 GSM, heavy-weight towels from 600-900 GSM, and medium-range being 400-600 GSM. Anything lower than that is most likely not worth your time.

4. How do they wash?
First, consider how often to wash your towels (it's probably more than you think). Then, depending on how you like to wash your towels and bedding, whether hot or on an eco-cycle, it's always a good idea to check how the towels you've chosen can be washed. You don't want to accidentally damage your new towels after their first wash.

5. Colors
This factor isn't as important as the others, but it's always a good idea to choose a towel color that matches your bathroom, whether your fluffy new towels will be on display or hidden in a cabinet. White towels can be difficult to keep looking clean, especially if you often dye your hair or use fancy colored bath products, just something to keep in mind.


Bath towel vs bath sheet — what's the difference?

The difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet is size. A bath sheet is a lot bigger than a towel, and a lot more luxurious in our opinion. If you can afford the extra expense, go for a bath sheet instead of a towel as you'll be able to fully wrap yourself in it.

What does GSM mean?

GSM stands for grams per square meter. The higher this number, the weightier the towel, essentially.

Where possible, we've listed each towel's weight in GSM. If you live in a hot climate then you might want to invest in a set of low-weight towels for the summer and some high-weight towels for the winter.

What is combed cotton?

If your towels say they are made from combed cotton means that the cotton has been brushed to separate short fibers for a softer, more durable substance.

What is ring-spun cotton?

If your towels say that they are made from ring-spun cotton, this means that they are made from from deep and tiny fibers that are tightly twisted, producing towel loops that are strong and smooth.

What is towel twist?

In the context of bath towels, twist refers to how much the loop's yarn is twisted. A good tip to remember the higher the twist, the more reliable and stable it will be (like GSM), but the lower it is the plusher and more drying it will be. 

How we test bath towels

Where we can, we've actually used these towels in our own homes. How exactly do we do this?

- By feel: How soft are they? Are they thick or thin? What's their quality like?
- By look: Do they have a design? Do they have a texture? Are they available in lots of colors?
- By washing: How well do they wash? Do they have to be tumble-dried?
- By size: Do they come in just a bath towel size or also a bath sheet, and maybe a hand towel?
- By extra features: Do they have a hanging hook? Are they fast-drying? How many washes do they last?

We will all use these towels and wash them around 10 times before making a final verdict. If we wouldn't keep them in our bathroom and use them every day, then we won't feature them in this guide. It's that simple.

Meet our bath towel reviewers:

Reviewed the Scooms towels
Annie Collyer author image
Reviewed the Scooms towels
Annie Collyer

Our head ecommerce editor Annie has tested a bunch of towels, but the Scooms Bath Sheet is by far her favorite. This towel has been washed so many times and it forever stays fluffy. She says it's super absorbent, but does recommend the bath sheet size.

Reviewed The White Company towels
Selfie of Melissa Epifano, editor in chief of Real Homes
Reviewed The White Company towels
Melissa Epifano

Our editor Melissa has taken a fancy to The White Company bath towels. In fact, the Rib Hydrocotton Towels now have a solid place in her main bathroom. While she initially bought them for guests, after pulling them out of the dryer post-visit (and trying them for herself), there was no going back. She's gone as far as kicking her bathrobe to the curb and only wrapping up in these after showering.

Reviewed the Comphy towels
A profile shot of Beth Mahoney
Reviewed the Comphy towels
Beth Mahoney

Beth has been testing the Comphy Bamboo Bath Towels for us in white, in her bathroom along with her fiance. She loved them, not just because they are eco-friendly, but because of how absorbent they are which means she can get extra uses out of them.

Annie Collyer
Head Ecommerce Editor

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