Small bathroom storage ideas: 14 ways to get your space organised

These small bathroom storage ideas are sure to make your space feel neat and tidy (and maybe even bigger)

Small bathroom storage ideas in a pink Ikea bathroom
(Image credit: Ikea)

Looking for small bathroom storage ideas? We get that in small bathrooms, finding the space to squeeze in storage can be tricky. But it's also really important, clutter is only going to make a small bathroom feel smaller. Lucky for you,  there are plenty of storage options out there designed for small bathrooms. So, whether you are after a space-saving built-in solution or just some small accessories, even the smallest bathroom can be made serene and clutter-free with just a few inventive ideas. 

For loads more tips and inspiration, from designing your bathroom from scratch to quick, budget friendly updates, head over to our bathroom ideas hub page. 

1. Double-up small bathroom storage baskets as furniture

Green bathroom with small bathroom storage baskets

(Image credit: Dunelm)

In a small bathroom, every surface has the potential to be used as storage. So, choose a laundry basket to store clean towels and, if the lid is flat and sturdy enough, it can double up as a table top for your hand soap and towels, too. We like The Voyager Laundry Basket from Dunelm. 

2. Choose slimline small bathroom storage to save floor space

Godmorgon and Ragrun storage units from Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

If your bathroom lacks floor space, a tall, narrow unit will pack a punch in the storage department, without taking up much room. In fact, you’ll be surprised by just how much you can fit in it. The Ragrund shelving unit from Ikea (shown below, on the right) is just 33cm wide and will fit even the narrowest of gaps. 

3. Use shower walls for storage too

Whether you are renting (which makes drilling into tiles out of the question) or just don't want to make holes in your bathroom wall, there is an ingenious small bathroom storage idea: shower caddies.

This stylish black caddy from Wayfair hangs over the top of your shower, looks cute and is great for storing toiletries.  

4. Hide bathroom storage behind a mirrored wall cabinet

Jarrow mirrored wall cabinet is perfect for small bathroom storage

(Image credit:

Revamping the room from scratch and looking for some small bathroom storage? If your bathroom has a cavity wall, you could create a pocket within it into which you can sink a storage cabinet. Better still, if the cabinet has a mirrored front, its bulk will be further reduced and disguised. 

This compact Jarrow Wall Cabinet is doubly functional: not only does it contain multiple, customisable shelves, but it also has a mirrored front (that really does look like a smartly framed mirror. Available at Neptune.

5. Build small bathroom storage into unused space

Bathroom by Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

One of the best ways to maximise the storage potential of a small bathroom is to use the otherwise ignored space beneath existing bathroom fittings for storage. A storage unit beneath a basin, however compact, is the perfect spot. Want an extra space-enhancing tip for free? Wall-hung furniture makes small spaces look bigger.

6. Accessorise with smart storage baskets

H&M Home bed and bathroom collection

(Image credit: H&M)

Doing up a small bathroom on a budget? One of the least expensive storage options is a plastic or canvas storage tub. Choose tall, narrow ones to save floor space, or shallow ones to tuck beneath a roll top bath. We love all the baskets over on H&M home but their wicker baskets are particularly cute. 

7. Ladder racks aren’t just for towels

Small bathroom storage with a ladder shelf from Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

A ladder rack can - and, we think, should - double up as a a shelving unit. That way, you can store all your toiletries in the same place as your hand and face towels, perfect small bathroom storage! We love this affordable option from Ikea

8. Declutter with freestanding bathroom storage

4 drawer wicker storage unit

(Image credit: Water Hyacinth)

If you would rather have all of your toiletries out of sight for a streamlined look, you can’t go wrong with drawer units. Units in dark wood tend to look bulky, so choose whitewashed finishes for a space-stretching effect; wicker looks light and dainty, too. 

This neat, drawer unit by Water Hyacinth is the perfect find for a country style bathroom.

9. Hide cleaning products away

Cleaning products storage unit

(Image credit: A Place for Everything)

Cleaning products can be a distracting eyesore in a small bathroom, so storing them away in their own dedicated lidded box makes sense. We especially like the Shaker Style Cleaning Products Box from A Place for Everything; its slim proportions mean you can neatly tuck it between the loo and the wall.  

10. Smallest bathroom ever? Still space for this...

Slimline freestanding bathroom storage

(Image credit: A Place for Everything)

For some bathrooms, even the smallest drawer unit will still be too bulky. For a really minimalist approach, downsize. This Slimline Bathroom Storage Unit – at just 18cm wide – will hardly take up any room at all, but will still cope with all your bathroom basics. 

11. Pick a cute laundry basket to double up as storage

Muuto Restore Round BaSket

(Image credit: Muuto)

If you want a laundry basket that looks just as good in the bathroom as it does by the washing machine, choose one designed for both its looks and practicality. 

The very cute Muuto Restore Round Basket is a neat, easy-to-lug option that can also be used for storing toiletries or clean towels. The eco-conscious will love that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles, too. In a variety of colours from Nest. 

12. Create a chic display with glass jars

Sainsbury's Home

(Image credit: Sainsbury's)

Jars make for great small bathroom storage. Even in a small space, it’s the small bits and pieces, like cotton pads and buds, that can create the most mess. Keeping tiny items in storage jars makes them easy to reach for – and the jars look very handsome on a shelf.

13. Add slimline shelving above a sink

Pale pink bathroom

(Image credit: Cult Furniture )

When space is really tight and you don't have room to wall mount any storage, look to the area above the sink. It's usually a dead space anyway and you can afford to wall mount storage that would stick out too far elsewhere in the room. Opt for open shelves if you want to add some personality and decoration to the space, or choose a slimline cabinet if you need somewhere to hide potential clutter. 

14. Use a trolley for handy portable storage 

Small bathroom with ikea storage trolley

(Image credit: Ikea)

You know how we feel about the Ikea Raskog trolley. It's just so versatile. It's perfect for small bathroom storage, organising your toiletries and hair styling tools. Plus you can obviously move it around the room so won't feel like a bulky permanent piece of storage furniture.  

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