44 beautiful bathroom tile ideas to inspire a makeover

Let striking bathroom tile ideas pave the way to a refreshed space – whether you're tiling bathroom walls, floors or both.

'Rah-rah' inspired modern bathroom tiles featuring cute asymmetry in eye-catching mono and pink
(Image credit: Claybrook)

Whether you're planning a total remodel or just want to refresh your space, the right bathroom tile ideas will be instrumental in elevating that washroom look to the next level.

Tiles are versatile and can enhance all types of bathrooms, big or small. The first key thing to consider is size – detailed mosaics are super glam, but less can be more, whereas large-format tiles minimize grout lines and therefore cleaning. 

Then there's shape. Scalloped tiles are a big trend right now, subway tiles have become a true classic, and slim rectangles are an upcoming favorite.

Aside from color and pattern, another thing you'll want to think about is how you lay your tiles. In recent years, laying on a diagonal, or herringbone arrangements, has become popular, and can totally transform the way you see your chosen tile. 

So when you're putting your bathroom ideas on paper, think more than twice about tiles. You'll thank us for it. 

Transformative bathroom tile ideas to shower your space in color, pattern and tactility

Richard Petrie, home expert, Thomas Sanderson, comments: 'Bathroom tiles are very versatile, they’re not just for your floor! Try adding them to your walls, showers, and even ceilings for a change of decor. Opt for a bold color around your bath/shower such as royal blue, to catch the eye whilst still incorporating ocean vibes.'

Pave the way to a stylish and reimagined new bathroom look... Which shape, color and pattern will you choose? Once you have chosen, find out how much it costs to tile a bathroom to see whether this is the washroom makeover for you.

1. Make a bold splash with color and pattern clashing

Playful pastel bathroom scheme with rainbow pastel wall tiles, pink and white stripe floor tiles, and coordinating freestanding pink bath

(Image credit: Hyperion Tiles)

It’s out with the spa-sanctuary neutrals, and in with the mix and match mermaid magic (think iridescent and gloss finishes, ombre color palettes, and pattern clashing) as modern bathrooms plunge into the bold interior playground with creative ways to decorate bathroom walls!

Richard Skeoch, director, Hyperion Tiles, comments: ‘Bathroom tiles are moving away from neutrals as we embrace more colorful designs and finishes. Now is your chance to be more creative as tiles will not only change the surface of a room but can instantly add more fun to a bathroom design. Bolder bathrooms are leading the way and pattern clashing with tile patterns from the wall to the floor will make a statement in every stylish bathroom. Color trends are moving towards pastels for more feminine appeal.’

2. Create an eye-catching buzz with shapely hexagonal tiles

Bathroom featuring statement blue hexagonal design tiles across floor and up walls, complemented by brass fittings and fixtures

(Image credit: Verona)

Think outside the ‘square’ with hexagon designs in honeycomb repeats across floors, walls, or both. Inspired by shapes found in nature, charismatic six-sided tessellating tiles add impact and unique character in intricate hexagon mosaics, or large-scale bold statements. Learn how to grout and get buzzing!

Amanda Oninski, interior designer, FLOOR360, comments: ‘One of the most popular floor tile shapes for bathrooms is a hexagon and you’re seeing them in darker jewel and gray tones. The shape has a classic look but its shape gives you a new updated look that can work in any home design scheme.’ 

Tile experts at Atlas Concorde USA, agree: ‘Given the versatility of geometric-shaped porcelain tiles, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing homeowners employ hexagons and triangles across bathroom walls and floors to add a fresh, contemporary twist and dimension to an otherwise unvaried surface.’

If you like what you see, try the HexArt collection from TileBar, and breathe a mid-century modern feel into your space.

3. Play tricks with brick wall tiles

Rustic-industrial bathroom with worn brick effect wall tiled and black freestanding bathtub

(Image credit: The Brick Tile Co.)

Does your bathroom lack character? Bring a slice of reclaimed style into your space with tumbled and worn brick effects for an industrial twist. 

Joe Burton, brand director, The Brick Tile Co. comments: ‘People are using brick more and more in their bathrooms to bring beautiful colors and textures into the room. Reclaimed brick slips are a simple way to get the real deal, they are just a slice off the front of a brick, which you tile onto the wall! To get the proper look, make sure the brick slips are clay full bricks cut as opposed to pre-molded (not the same texture) or concrete (not the same texture or color) imitations.’

4. Take a break with ‘KitKat’ narrow mosaics

Fun bathroom with blush 'KitKat' tiles on wall, and mint green, wall hung sink

(Image credit: Claybrook)

Create a striking look with the latest bathroom trends 2022, inspired by our favorite sweet treat snack attack! 'KitKat' or mosaic fingers, like the Sevilla range at The Mosaic Factory, offer a versatile design and can be laid vertically and horizontally on flat and curved surfaces. 

Nick Drewe, trends specialist at WeThrift, comments: ‘Keeping with the tile and wall trend in our bathrooms, modern mosaic patterns or “KitKat” tiles are set to have a big impact on our interior design inspiration throughout 2022. The great thing about them is they aren’t too loud so they take away from other bold patterns.’

5. Use subway tiles in new ways for a sassy, modern twist 

Bathroom with jungle design wall tiles and dark green and white subway tiles on floor in zig-zag formation, with white contemporary freestanding tub

(Image credit: The Baked Tile Co.)

Taking inspiration from, you guessed it, the New York subway, subway tiles (known as metro tiles in other parts) are a classic brick style, that marries vintage nostalgia with a clean contemporary finish. 

But if you’re looking for an affordable bathroom refresh, instead of taking the uniformed stacked band approach (we love it, but it’s getting a bit too generic now), pave patterns in new and exciting ways to shake up the dynamic on floors to ceilings, and everywhere in between! 

Amanda Telford, marketing manager, CTD Tiles, comments: ‘Use a classic metro brick shape to create an array of playful patterns - from on-trend chevron compositions to herringbone styles and straight-line brick formats. Pair with statement bathroom wallpaper, traditional details, and shades of soft gray for the ultimate chic finish.’

6. Reclaim pattern with salvaged tiles

Homely bathroom with reclaimed, Mediterranean tiles on backsplash, double bowl sinks, and double round wall mirrors

(Image credit: Maitland & Poate)

Escape to the romantic Mediterranean with artfully salvaged tiles bursting with authenticity, sunbaked shades, and traditional patterns. 

Chris Gulson-Brooke, founder-owner, Maitland & Poate comments: ‘Reclaimed and antique tiles are suitable for all wet and hot areas so you can use them on both floors and walls in a bathroom, shower, or wet room. Antique tiles will age naturally like natural stone, and whereas printed porcelain or ceramic tiles may be more practical, the reclaimed tile will retain its beauty longer since the pigments run deep into each tile. 

‘Antique tiles do benefit from many years of previous sealing, so the tiles are extremely hard wearing, and stains don’t easily penetrate the surface. It’s this previous care that ensures they are easy to maintain so a simple sweep over to remove dust followed by a clean with a damp cloth should be enough to keep the tiles looking their best.’ 

7. Keep things white for a timeless and classic look

White bathroom scheme with black contrast fittings

(Image credit: Zirbel Design)

Complement the daily ritual of cleansing with a fresh white bathroom scheme. Versatile, space-enhancing, and light-reflecting, ever-stylish white works harmoniously in all styles of interior. Create a crisp, minimalist aesthetic with cool tones, or lighten the mood with warm off-whites in darker spaces. 

Natalie Zirbel, Zirbel Design, comments: ‘You can never go wrong with a simple classic look with white bathroom tiles like the ones we used in this historic renovation from the 1860s home on Lake Tahoe. The white subway tile paired with a pencil liner creates a timeless look. Pencil liners add a raised frame and it cleans off the edge of a design without making it look too busy.’

8. Go subtle whilst adding texture with neutral tiles

Modern country bathroom with double sink, neutral textured tiled backsplash and tree design window blind

(Image credit: Thomas Sanderson)

For a minimalist update that adds a layer of interest without dominating the scheme, create a backsplash with neutral-colored tiles around your bathroom mirror or sink. Choose a textured design for reassuring tactility. 

Richard Petrie, home expert, Thomas Sanderson, comments: ‘Earthy toned tiles such as taupe or ivory work particularly well as they’ll match with any color theme within the room. Pair with a nature-inspired roller blind or gold bathroom accessories if you’re feeling brave.’

9. Mix-up tiles in different scales for added interest

Modern bathroom with mixed-scale tiles across floor, wall and shower area

(Image credit: Interior Fox)

An amazing small bathroom tiles idea to boost your compact space in a big way is to cleverly trick the eye with tile patterns in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. As demonstrated here, jazzy geometric floor tiles make a colorful statement underfoot, whilst the contrast between the white rectangular wall tiles and small shower tiles adds depth, and plays with perspective, for an enhanced sense of space. 

Jen & Mar, co-founders, Interior Fox, comments: ‘In compact bathrooms, we prefer to use white paint on the walls, it is timeless, clean, and will bounce the light which opens the space.  Small bathroom mirror ideas also help trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger. Instead of traditional square frames, which can often feel too large for the space, a large oval or pill-shaped mirror above the basin works as the curved edges are slim and complement the curvature of the sink surface. Bring contrast and color into the space through textured or geometric tiles and focus on the smaller details such as the hardware, radiator, and finishing touches of fresh foliage and artwork to really make the space your own.’

10. Let three-dimensional patterns work their graphic magic

Striking and graphic bathroom with mono stripe effect wall tiles, concrete sink, and orange pop tap

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

Get creative in your modern bathroom with three-dimensional wall tiles (try Atlas Concorde for shopping options) that transform a flat surface into a sensory-alerting sculpture! This decor idea takes an adventurous steer into texture and scale, to reveal your bathroom’s ‘bubbly’ personality. 

Amanda Telford, marketing manager, CTD Tiles, comments: ‘To create a clever illusion with your walls, always try using tiles with a three-dimensional pattern. The surface creates highlights and shadows that suggest your walls have extra depth and space.’

11. Create the illusion of added height with a floor to ceiling design

Compact loft style bathroom with floor to ceiling pink and white tiles, brass fittings, and skylight

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

If it’s space-enhancing trickery you’re after when planning your small bathroom makeover, then this is the decor hack for you! Simply choose a hero tile design (we love the two-tone style shown here, for graphic impact in an on-trend hue) and continue the tiles off the floor and vertically up walls. This effect draws the eye along and up, creating the illusion of added space and height.  

Cheryl Kees Clendenon, owner, and principal designer, In Detail Interiors, comments: ‘Even a tiny powder bath is an opportunity area – everyone who visits your home will probably visit this space. Consider tiling the walls and really enveloping the space in a material that helps make it feel special and out-of-the-box. Again – a smaller space will often be easier to accomplish this type of concept while maintaining a hold on the budget!’

12. Use patterns in deconstructed ways for an abstract edge

Deconstructed botanical tiles in shower area, with light wood sink unit and stool

(Image credit: Tile Giant)

Imagine doing a puzzle, but instead of piecing the parts together to show a clear narrative, mix and match the formation for an unexpected look that plays on dynamic, whilst bursting with intricate details and interest. 

Kamila Swiatecka, marketing & brand manager, Tile Giant comments: ‘Let the walls speak for themselves with a fun, vibrantly patterned tile. Ideal for a shower enclosure, feature wall, kitchen backsplash, or small cloakroom idea to completely transform your space and add some wow factor to your walls. Pair with minimalist-style accessories, softwood, and white walls to create a defining aspect that will bring the room to life.’

For a similar look, create a botanical paradise with the Angela Harris Wilder spring leaves mural matte porcelain tile at TileBar. 

13. Bring the biophilic trend to your tile work

Fennel Green Marble Shower Image by Bert and May

(Image credit: Bert and May)

If Adam and Eve's Garden of Eden had its own shower space, we suspect it'd look a little something like this.

Combining swoon-worthy marble with fennel green and English mint hues, this mineral-veined bathroom tile design is fresh, fun, and fabulous. Taking its inspiration from nature, it's only right to pair this design with a living wall, potted house plants, and cork accessories for a floral-inspired finish.

Cork? Where did that come from? Well, as Bo Hellberg, Chief Marketing Officer at string furniture explains:

'Cork is a material part of the ‘biophilia’ trend, where we seek to connect with nature and organic materials and plant life, in our homes. 

'It is obviously inherently sustainable and brings warmth and texture to any surface or space.'

And when looking at complementary color schemes, Bert and May, creators of these tiles advise you to boldly mix with vibrant orange and terracotta tones to make a modern statement. Just heavenly! 

14. Embrace your inner mermaid with scalloped tiles

Iridescent scallop shaped bathroom tiles by Original Style

(Image credit: Original Style)

With taxis going tech, Netflix at our fingertips, and drones delivering our food - we’re becoming an increasingly demanding consumer that wants it all.

So why choose a color for your modern bathroom design? Instead, let the light define your bathroom space with an iridescent scheme that aligns with the latest pearlcore trend. Creating a beautifully oily water effect with a gentle sheen, pastel pink, luscious lilac, and trendy teal all combine to create a custom look for your scheme.

Alternatively, add interest to a walk-in shower with a wow-factor shower tile idea, or give a feature wall a fierce but feminine feel with a dash of glittery bathroom wallpaper decor.  

15. Contrast plain walls with patterned flooring

December 2019: Katy Waters and husband Jason have created a Scandi-inspired master bedroom in the loft of their home in Ealing

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Copy this bathroom floor tile idea, where the clever owners have made the space feel taller and wider by contrasting bold patterned floor tiles with white subway tiles on the walls. Brass fittings add opulence and a contrasting grout feels more modern.

16. Make tiling as easy as ABC

Alphabet motif bathroom tiles by EK Colors

(Image credit: EK Colors)

The writing’s on the wall for this one – quite literally. If you’ve got a bathroom that you’re particularly proud of, and want to show it off, then this one’s for you. By opting for colorful, alphabetical bathroom tiling ideas, you can say it with your whole chest.

Add personality to your modern bathroom decor by tiling on a significant date such as the day you moved in, or the age of the build. Or perhaps pay homage to the kids with their names sealed in ceramic or porcelain. Spell it out with the charming Ceramic alphabet tiles at KnobCo. 

This design-led decision will definitely get guests talking and wanting to emulate this idea in their homes. But rest assured that no two ideas will look the same.

Juan Pillay, Marketing Director at Crosswater says: 'The trend for personalization in the home is one that we see continuing well into 2021 – this will allow homeowners to combine colors, materials, and patterns in unique ways that reflect their personality and individual style.'

17. Magic up the illusion of space with a mirrored tile design 

Antique mirrored wall tiles by My Furniture

(Image credit: My Furniture)

If you have a small bathroom design that you can’t knock through as part of a wider bathroom remodel project, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many interior tips and tricks to create the illusion of a bigger square meterage. 

Asides from looking to lighter bathroom paint ideas and de-cluttering your space, adding a mirror or reflective surfaces can unveil extra capacity you never thought you had. Especially when complemented by strategically-placed bathroom lighting.

These antique mirror tiles are extra forgiving when it comes to cleaning. Rather than having a squeaky clean polished surface, the rough-and-ready look embraces its imperfections... #bodypositivity 

But, be sure to keep mirrored tile designs classy by limiting them to one wall of the bathroom. Otherwise, you may end up with a disorientating effect that’s akin to those distorting mirrors at the circus.

18. Shine bright like a diamond

Mosaic solitaire bathroom tiles by Original Style

(Image credit: Original Style)

Be there, or be square – so the idiom goes. But if you want to create a modern bathroom design that is unique in appearance, then you’ll need to think outside the box.  

If you find that square or rectangular-shaped tiles are overly ordinary, then why not opt for a diamond bathroom tile design? Diamonds are a girl's best friend, so deviate from the conventional quadrilateral shapes and add some sass to your space.

These beveled beauties would look great as part of a blue bathroom design and fit particularly well in an underwater-themed scheme. However, we can’t be held accountable if you suddenly re-imagine yourself as a mermaid whilst taking a bath! 

Don't feel like you need to saturate your bathroom space with this design. By placing a few tiles against a backsplash, or upcycling an existing bathroom storage idea, you can jazz up a generic-looking scheme. 

19. Bring rustic texture to a farmhouse bathroom

Stone Tierra Tiles by Tile Mountain

(Image credit: Tile Mountain)

If you want a bathroom that gets the A-OK from Mother Nature, then consider a rustic modern country bathroom design that takes its inspo from the countryside. By incorporating natural materials, you can create an organic-looking terrain for your self-care space.

If natural stone tiles are too expensive, then fake it ‘til you make it with imitation effect solutions. Adding wooden, bamboo, or rattan bathroom shelving ideas and seating will only accentuate this eco-chic and sustainable bathroom idea.

And, when it comes to styling with soft furnishings, look for lots of luxury linen and cool cotton towels for an understated outcome. Brownie points if you can get your hands on broderie Anglaise or embroidered designs.

20. Inject flapper girl fun with fan-shaped bathroom tiles

Black and white art deco style fan motif bathroom tiles by Original Style

(Image credit: Original Style)

If you want your bathroom to be the star attraction in your home, then turn to the twenties for a wow-factor washroom. 

While you'll probably be familiar with fan, star, scallop, and sunburst-shaped styles,  when looking to Art Deco for bathroom tile design inspiration, it spans much further than that. 

And when deciding on how to choose the best bathroom paint colors to pair with your bathroom tile ideas - think high contrast combinations. Pair bold, moody and deep colors with gentle nudes. For example, while black and gold are a classic go-to, teal and silver are a signature look for a speakeasy-style scheme.

21. Get creative with your cloakroom bathroom tile design

Vernice Storm Tiles Walls and Floors

(Image credit: Walls and Floors)

A practical idea for last-minute comfort breaks and desperate dashes through the door, a cloakroom is a necessary feature for when nature calls. 

And If you've made tidy work with the snug space underneath your stairs - don't neglect its style. By adding a bathroom tile idea you can add interest, no matter how small it is.

You may think a floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile idea will make the space feel claustrophobic, but a considered and creative execution can add value to this room. Choose a light bathroom tile idea all over or combine white and grey for a minimalist bathroom design with maximum appeal.

22. Be inspired by Italy's romantic Baroque designs 

Baroque bathroom tiling by Original Style

(Image credit: Original Style)

Though Rome wasn't built in a day, a good bathroom tile design can be.

Inspired by Italian architecture, this luxurious design can transform your bathroom into an interior artist's dream. Typically printed onto a bathroom wallpaper design, you may have seen this motif on catwalks (especially when looking at couture or boutique clothing).

But will the world of fashion and interiors cleverly intertwined, we're seeing this print popping up on our bathroom walls. So say 'ciao bella' to a Euro-chic suite.

23. Choose wood effect bathroom tiles for a warm feel 

Nikki’s elegant, light-filled extension took hard work, time, plenty of saving and attention to detail in the design

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

We love the look of bare floorboards in a bathroom, but they aren't always the most practical choice. You can however get a very similar look using ceramic tiles – easier to clean, wear better but still add that warmth and rustic vibe to your space. 

24. Create a rustic design with a subtle floral

bathroom sink with floral motif tiles

(Image credit: Fired Earth)

Oooh, loving the muted gray-green going on in this traditional bathroom idea, and all the wood too, so natural and rustic. Bathroom tiles don't always have to be sleek and contemporary looking, you can create a more cozy, homespun look in your bathroom too.

25. Go glossy with a glazed bathroom tile design

brown glossy bathroom tiles

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

We never thought we'd be rooting for glossed bathrooms, but we love the look of this tiled sink area, brought to life by the Zellica collection from Topps Tiles . Inspired by majolica pottery, the rustic-feel tiles have a glazed finish for the ultimate combination of modern and traditional. With a range of colors, including this gorgeous earthy bronze, we're sold.

26. Nod to opulence with green and gold

high gloss green bathroom tile

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

As much as we love the spa-like natural stone, and the classic black and white bathrooms that have inspired bathroom design for years, we are all up for having gorgeous jewel tones in this space to give it a colorful nudge. 

If you're into luxury bathrooms, then these forest green beauties from Topps Tiles are for you. They're super classy and will add a sense of grandeur to your bathroom space. If you're more of a minimalist, this will work beautifully with white and natural wood for a clean finish that's still super luxe.

27. Use reflective bathroom tile ideas to bounce the light

gloss bathroom wall tiles

Glassworks Radiance silver mosaic gloss, 31.5cm x 30.5cm, £299.95 per m2, Original Style

(Image credit: Original Style)

Using bathroom tiles with a shimmering, multi-tonal effect is a super retro way to add texture, depth, and dimension to a space. Plus, they will reflect light more than tiles with a matte finish - ideal for a small bathroom shower tile idea

Picking small mosaic tiles can make a bathroom feel busier, so try these on one or two walls for smaller bathrooms, while bigger spaces can use them a little more liberally. 

28. Create interest with pattern

coloured bathroom tiles

High Society Glass Kennedy, 39.7cm x 30.5cm, £649.74 per m2, all items shown, Fired Earth

(Image credit: Fired Earth)

Patterned tiles can do so much for a bathroom space. Go for a graphic design – like this horizontal(ish) stripe – that you can stretch across a couple of walls in a small bathroom to trick the eye, while in a large space, this level of detail will add heaps of charm and character to make this room a little more inviting too. It's a win-win situation. 

29. Go for two-tone bathroom tile ideas

pink ceramic gloss bathroom tiles

(Image credit: Walls & Floor)

You've done the two-tone living room, but how about using the same concept in your bathroom with tiles? This design from Walls & Floors uses their unique Pickett bevelled tiles – a cross between brick and hexagon-shaped tiles – to create the effect, and a patterned floor stops the room from feeling too clean cut.

30. Try a new take on a classic blue bathroom

Small bathroom with wooden vanity unit and diagonal tiles

(Image credit: Original Style)

There was a time when if you'd say bathroom, you'd think blue. We are not dismissing blue as a bathroom color, but we are suggesting the clever use of tiles to introduce blue bathroom ideas in a more subtle and interesting way. 

The large and stretched blue patterned tiles here help elevate the space and having a different painted shade of blue on the joining wall, makes this bathroom anything but blue.

31. Go for a statement wall behind the bath

triangle ceramic tile

Ted Baker Triangles range, four colours in each pack of 8 tiles, 23.7cm x 23.7cm, £100 per pack, British Ceramic Tile

(Image credit: British Ceramic Tile)

Using bathroom tile ideas is a simple way to create a statement wall. Inexpensive – ideal if you need bathrooms on a budget – yet sure to deliver maximum effect, aim to create a feature wall that frames the bath, and keep the other walls simple to really make yours stand out.

32. Go for a classic grey bathroom tile design

mini white tiles for small bathrooms

(Image credit: Gemini Tiles)

Gray is (still) everyone's favorite color these days; we have gray bedrooms, gray living rooms, and, yes, many of us have gray bathrooms too. To counteract the potential for a cold-looking room, combine grey tiles with a warm oat or rusty shade, and be a little bolder with how you lay your tiles. 

A vertical column of tiles is a great way to enhance a beautiful sink, while you could even take grey to the floor too by introducing large format, fuss-free tiles.

'Gray is a timeless choice for bathrooms, as it’s a calming neutral tone that lends itself to a variety of styles. A soft, more silver-inspired shade of gray is a good choice for creating a modern look that can work well alongside other splashes of floral colors such as rose and forest green.'

'Gray also works perfectly as a neutral backdrop for patterned tiles, such as speckled terrazzo and intricate, geometric designs.' says Harriet Goodacre, brand communications manager and tile consultant at Topps Tiles.

33. Or go for a dark and moody color scheme

black matt porcelain chevron tiles for smaller bathrooms

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

A black bathroom can look very chic and tiles can be just the way to introduce this trend into your space. Plus, keeping to just one color means that you can really go to town with different textures and patterns. Pick colorful or warm metallic contrasts for bathroom furniture, towels, and accessories to lift the scheme, while good bathroom lighting, large mirrors and more to warm the space up will help bring the whole look together, too.

34. Team pattern with coloured bathroom tiles

Colorful bathroom ideas

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Want to introduce color and pattern to your bathroom walls? Picking a bathroom tile design with a warm color scheme – like this cream and blue combo – will make the space feel welcoming; sticking to very plain finishes (whether towels, bathroom window treatments, or flooring) and sleek lines elsewhere in the room will help it feel as big as possible, too.

35. Make metro tiles work harder

green metro tiles for tiny bathrooms

(Image credit: Ikea)

Metro tiles are forever fashionable, but you need to try a little harder with them to ensure that your bathroom isn't just another metro tiled bathroom. How? Choose a colored tile and play around with grout colors too, while you could enhance the area furthermore by lining it with another bolder color. 

The strong horizontal lines here against the gorgeous, borderline avocado green metro tile create a really interesting take, on a classic look. 

36. Choose a unique bathroom tile shape

blue metro tiles

(Image credit: Porcelain Superstore)

The pointed edges add a subtle twist and create a smooth finish on this bathroom wall, and we love the deep blue color. We reckon it'd look even better with a contrasting tile thrown in here and there – a simple white or paler blue, maybe. 

37. Create a wall-to-floor contrast

contrasting bathroom tiles

(Image credit: Walls & Floors)

Want to introduce dark tiles while keeping the bathroom as light, bright and spacious feeling as possible? This is the perfect tile combo: dark bathroom floor tiles and pale-colored bathroom wall tiles. 

38. Pick an all-over tile in a shower room

stone bathroom tiles

(Image credit: Stone & Ceramic Warehouse)

Got a shower room or wet room? Using the same tile throughout will give you a smart, contemporary look that makes for super-easy cleaning too. Choose an off-white tile with a marble effect for warmth, texture and interest. 

39. Make your shower stand out with scalloped tiles 

Scalloped bathroom tiles

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

As we have mentioned, you don't need to tile a whole load of space in a bathroom for it to have an impact. Try instead using a bold tile, in a brave shade or interesting shape, for the inside of your shower. Scalloped tiles are such a big trend right now (in fact they even made it into our round-up of the top interior design ideas), and these Syren tiles from Topps Tiles come in five glorious sea-inspired hues. 

40. Say yes to sunset bathroom tiles

fading coloured tiles for effect

(Image credit: Meir)

This very cool bathroom has been created by a very clever choice of sunny floor tiles. The fading colors draw the eye to the end of the room, giving the illusion that the room is longer than it is, and running the tiles up the side of the bath lengthens the room further.

We love the sunset colors used here but if you are more into a monochrome bathroom this would work really well-fading black into white. 

41. Lay your bathroom wall tiles vertically

When renovating their run-down period terrace, Ali and Rob created an open-plan extension that works for everyone

(Image credit: Rachel Manns)

A very on-trend bathroom tile look is to lay your tiles vertically, plus is a great way to add height to your room.  What makes this look really stand out is the contrasting grout, giving it more of a graphic, contemporary look. 

42. Use your fave vacation for tile inspiration 

Bathroom tile ideas

(Image credit: Original Style)

'Due to restricted travel overseas, 2020 was the year of the staycation and this trend is all about helping you bring relaxing, holiday vibes into your interior décor. The best way to embrace this trend is to think of your favorite holiday locations or coastal-inspired retreats and look at the colors, textures, and materials that embody these destinations and bring them into your home.' explains Jane Addis, designer at Original Style

We love the French vibe of this bathroom, the mural created with tiles brings a really luxurious and traditional feel to the space. Plus this is a great alternative to wallpaper if that's not going to be suitable for your bathroom. 

43. Go graphic with small square tiles 

Bathroom tile ideas

(Image credit: Tile Mountain)

This is such a quirky unique look and ideal if you have a modern, simple style. Small tiles have fallen out of fashion slightly recently, but we think this is a bang-up to date way to do mosaics tiles in a more contemporary way.

AND, you could totally recreate this look if you have inherited dated mosaic tiles in your bathroom by using paint and a grouting pen. Yep, you can paint tiles you just have to put in the prep work to make sure you get the best results – check out our guide to painting tiles for everything you need to know. 

44. Tile your walls in a luxurious green 

Green and marble bathroom

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

'Green continues to be popular in the home, especially in the bathroom where botanical shades are the perfect choice for creating a natural and spa-inspired space.' says Harriet Goodacre, Brand Communications Manager, and Tile Consultant at Topps Tiles.

'To complement your green bathroom, add touches of opulence with marble tiles and brass fittings that will offset the forest green color in a sophisticated way and add personality to this refined style.'

According to the experts, it's all about creating a sensory-led experience so think stand-out shades, eye-catching intricacies and textures you can't resist to touch. 

Abbas Youssefi, Director of Porcelain Superstore says: 'Homeowners are going all out in their bathroom designs and in terms of tiles that means bold patterns, striking colors and adding texture.

'We’re expecting to see a surge in demand for distressed, tactile tiles.

'Color can really add personality to a bathroom and there is a definite appetite for deeper shades, such as emerald green and classic blue.'

'We’re expected to see warm neutral, earthy tones migrate into our bathrooms this year,' adds Kamila Chalfin, Marketing & Brand Manager at Tile Giant. 'This in line with the colors of the year 2021 that include warm brown and bronze shades, keeping the interiors soft and grounded creating a sense of calm in your home.' 

'Rusty, warm and deep rich shades will be popular to achieve this look. Think welcoming comfort.' 

We've also seen a growing trend for more sculptural tiles – circular shapes, scalloped edges, less formal layouts, so think about creating a softer, natural look with your tiles.

Let's be honest, metro tiles are a classic bathroom tile that never dates and they look gorgeous in whatever style space you put them in. Plus you can pick from so many colors, and change the grouting to create different looks. 

Scalloped bathroom tiles are also having a bit of a moment, especially in shower enclosures or used in a half and half look. Plus herringbone designs are everywhere but have longevity too so a great option if you are after an alternative to metro tiles.  

What is the best tile for a small bathroom?

'Be clever with shapes – using hexagonal tiles adds interest without overwhelming a small space. For a more traditional decor, opt for rectangular tiles, which when applied vertically add depth to the room and give the illusion of higher ceilings. Horizontal layouts can optically ‘stretch’ the room and create the feel of a wider space,' says Kamila. 

'The oldest trick in the interiors book - mirrors and reflective tiles are an easy way to open up a room. Use silver or even black reflective mosaic to add reflections to your bathroom and add a bit of shimmer and glamour to a commonly overlooked room!'

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