The best bathroom mirrors

Whatever you use your bathroom mirror for, we've rounded up some good-looking options that are sure to fit right in

Including a mirror as part of your bathroom design is not a matter of vanity – it is a necessity for slapping on moisturiser or assisting your evening brushing and flossing routine. A well-placed mirror can also create the illusion of more space, create storage, or even light up a bathroom, given the opportunity. So when it comes to finding the perfect bathroom mirror for you, allow us…

What to consider when buying a bathroom mirror

There are extendable-arm shaving mirrors for a classic look and an uncluttered bathroom. To help the short-sighted among us with that all-important eyeliner look or expertly sculpted beard. There are ledge mirrors (or shadow box mirrors) to create shelving without infringing on any more wall space than necessary, and showing off your best-looking personal items while they’re at it. 

Mirrored bathroom cabinets help keep all the important stuff corralled and out of sight, while LED illuminated mirrors give you soft lighting that’s ideal for finding your way in the night, or showing you any missed bits while making up for the day.

1. Idyll Home Frameless Mirror

A beautiful-looking above-sink option in glass and brass

Best for: Above the sink
Colour: Brass
Dimensions (cm): L70cm x H40cm
Type: Wall
Reasons to buy
+Elegant, minimal design +Fits into most schemes 
Reasons to avoid
-No special features 

This frameless mirror is the very definition of minimalism and elegance, and that sleek design is what earns it our top spot. It would look equally at home in a hallway or bedroom as in the bathroom, but for popping over the sink, we think it’s second to none, with its barely-there curved corners and hints of brass that mean it would fit nicely into modern and traditional bathrooms.  

2. The White Company Bathroom Cabinet

Preen and put away with this mirrored cabinet

Best for: Storage
Colour: White
Dimensions (cm): H55cm x W45cm x L12cm
Type: Cabinet
Reasons to buy
+Mirror with added hidden storage +Water-resilient glossy finish 
Reasons to avoid
-On the pricey side 

In the market for bathroom shelving unit or mirror? Well how about both? This mirrored bathroom cabinet from The White Company solves all manner of bathroom storage woes by providing you with a surface to shave, soap, fuss and floss in, and hidden shelving behind. Whether you prefer a minimal, uncluttered look, or just don’t want sensitive bits on display, this cabinet is a great solution, and its soft-close hinges mean no bangs and rattles even if you share a bathroom with your little monsters. Finally, the water-resilient paint means it’ll stay looking newer for longer. Sleek, clever, and built to last, it looks to be a great buy. 

3. Anten LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Light up your night (or early morning) with this LED illuminating mirror

Best for: Practicality
Colour: White
Dimensions (cm): L100cm x H60cm
Type: Illuminated
Reasons to buy
+All-round lighting eliminates shadows +Large enough for sharing 
Reasons to avoid
-Logo isn’t removable 

There are lots of illuminated bathroom mirrors on the market right now, but this Anten model makes our list for sheer value for money. This 1m wide version is large enough to cover wider-than-average cabinets or side-by-side sinks, so it’s a great solution to jostling for mirror space in shared bathrooms. The all-round illumination aims to eliminate shadows when working close-up on makeup or shaving, and while reviewers noted that the LEDs aren’t the brightest in the world, this may come in handy with early risers who don’t want to wake everyone with the bathroom light, or dreaded light and fan combo. 

4. All Things Brighton Beautiful Round Copper Mirror

Ultra-modern and slightly unusual for a bathroom with quirk

Best for: A contemporary bathroom
Colour: Copper
Dimensions (cm): Dia. 38cm
Type: Wall-mounted
Reasons to buy
+On-trend copper +A little different to the usual 
Reasons to avoid
-May be too small for some shared bathrooms 

This porthole-style bathroom mirror tunes into two of the biggest interior trends of the moment: copper and minimalism. That said, it’s far from a fleeting fancy. We love copper in bathrooms, as it adds a warmer touch than the usual – let’s face it, sometimes sterile-looking – chrome, and the sweet round shape is really quite unusual in a world of rectangles. For something noticeably different but not outlandish, give this bijou bathroom mirror a try. 

5. The White Company Mirror Shelf

A neat shadow box mirror for practicality and decoration in one

Best for: Small bathrooms
Colour: White
Dimensions (cm): L50cm x H50cm x D10cm
Type: Mirror shelf
Reasons to buy
+Doubles up as storage +Water-resistant paintwork 
Reasons to avoid
-More for display than heavy-duty storage 

We love a product that does double duty, especially when so many of us go about our business in small shared bathrooms. This White Company mirror does just that, acting as a sleek shelving unit as well as a looking glass, so you can store your makeup, a scented candle, toothbrushes, or anything else you like in prime position, all without cluttering up the sink. The glossy white finish is set to stay looking good as new, thanks to its water-resistant finish that aims to keep it safe from errant shower splashes. Need more storage? Look to our first White Company pick instead. 

6. Miller Stockholm Extending Magnifying Shaving Mirror

A space-saving magnifying mirror for a classic hotel look

Best for: Make-up and shaving
Colour: Silver
Dimensions (cm): H19cm x L19cm
Type: Extending magnifying
Reasons to buy
+Space-saving wall-mounted design +3x magnifying glass 
Reasons to avoid
-Rather expensive 

This extending-arm shaving mirror is the ultimate space saver for small bathrooms, but even if you don’t struggle with finding room in the en suite, it makes a great feature. Tucking neatly into the wall when not in use, it can be extended to 55cm for ease — no more leaning over the sink to be able to see, and, thanks to its 3x magnifying properties, no more squinting when applying makeup or putting in contacts for those of us who are short-sighted. Yes, it is expensive, but for its utility and clever design, we think it’s a keeper. 

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