Downstairs toilet ideas: 8 ways to style your cloakroom

Let our downstairs toilet ideas inspire you to make the most of even the smallest of spaces...

downstairs toilet ideas
(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Looking for downstairs toilet ideas that are both practical and stylish? Good, you are in the right place. if you have a cloakroom, turning it into an extra toilet can be really handy for you and your guests, plus can add value to your home too. But you want that space to look nice as well as be a sensible addition to your home right? Well like these lovely downstairs loos inspire you to make the most of even the smallest of spaces...

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1. Pick a bold wallpaper for a downstairs toilet

Cloakroom with bold leaf wallpaper and pink tiles

(Image credit: Fiona Murray)

What we love about decorating cloakrooms or downstairs toilets is that you can really get creative in these spaces. Unlike your other rooms which kind of have to match in style if you want your home to have a flow, you can go to town with the decor in a downstairs loo without interrupting the overall vibe of the rest of your home.

Wallpaper is a great way to bring in these bold patterns and can actually 'expand' the space because you can clearly see the corners of the room – very clever. For more bathroom wallpaper ideas check out our feature too. 

2. Pick ladder storage for a downstairs toilet 

Bathroom storage by Asda

(Image credit: Asda)

Floor space is usually at a premium in a downstairs bathroom,  so save on space and go with ladder storage. They look stylish, take up barely any room but are perfect for storing towels – you can get versions with shelving if you have the room, but if not you can hang string bags or baskets of the rungs for extra storage. 

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3. Give a downstairs bathroom a traditional feel with panelling

Arts & Crafts downstairs bathroom

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

Making your bathroom ceiling feel taller can create the illusion that the room is bigger – you create the feeling that there is a larger distance between the half way point and the ceiling. A really easy way to do this is panelling, or if panelling isn't an option, you can try painting your wall half way up. We love the traditional, elegant look it brings to even the smallest of spaces too. 

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4. Allude to more space with a large mirror

From bright blue to sunny yellow, Nikki and Luke left no shade untouched when they transformed their 1960s home.

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Here's one very easy downstairs bathroom idea to give the illusion of space. Simply hanging a large mirror in the space will help it feel more spacious, especially if you've chosen a dramatic colour scheme like this fab pink and green one. Picking a round mirror will create a softer feel than a square or rectangular one, and choosing one that's got a slime frame will add a more luxurious element to the room also. 

Also note the tiles half way up the wall? That trick we just told you about to make the room feel taller is working its magic here too. 

5. Add greenery to blur the edges 

Small bathroom design with patterned flooring and wooden unit

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Houseplants don't only make a small room more stylish, the can actually help make a room feel like there is more space. Having all that greenery blurs the edges of the rooms so you can't quite tell the size of the room. When choosing plants, go for a couple of statement larger and dot smaller ones at different heights. If your downstairs bathroom doesn't have a window, we would recommend going for fake since real houseplants obviously need some natural light. 

6. Go for a simple monochrome colour scheme

Black bathroom ensuite with a large mirror

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

It's design 101 that lighter spaces feel bigger, so going for a simple monochrome scheme in your downstairs bathroom makes sense. This space is a perfect example of how it's done – white walls, white fixtures and just hints of black in the frame of the mirror, the pattern of the towel and the painted door.

7. Build in shelves to prevent a box feeling

Downstairs bathroom ideas

(Image credit: Georgia Bur)

Open shelving is a much better option than a built in shelving unit in a downstairs bathroom. With a relaxed, unfitted feel, they not only offers ample storage, but makes for a stylish design feature too – just style them up with home plants and accessories. Check out how these shelves are built close to the ceiling too so as not to stick out too much into the room – a nifty trick we will definitely be trying. 

8. Make a downstairs toilet a seamless addition 

Downstairs bathroom ideas

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

We love how the style of this downstairs bathroom is so cohesive with the rest of the room. This needn't be so much of a consideration if your loo is say, under the stairs, but if it's in a room like this one, decorating it to match is will mean the rooms have a clear visual connection (oooh look at use with the big words). Basically, just consider the rooms that your bathroom leads on from and give it a similar vibe.

Hebe Hatton
Hebe Hatton

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