The best bathroom taps: 7 fabulous faucets to complement your bathroom's style

Switch out your outdated faucets to any of the best bathroom taps on our list to create a brand-new style.

a silver tap, one of the best bathroom taps, on a white bathroom sink with a bar of soap next to it, against a grey tiled wall

When it comes to choosing the best bathroom taps, whether you have a contemporary or traditional bathroom, there are far more tap choices than just classic chrome taps, and you can now find a range of bold materials and colours that will make your bathroom stand out.

But finding said faucet is no easy decision, and that is where the Real Homes team comes into play. We've narrowed the choices down and have composed a comprehensive guide of the seven best bathroom taps to consider. Continue reading for more!

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The 7 best bathroom taps for every sink

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Abode Fervour Wall Mounted Bathroom Tap

1. Abode Fervour Wall Mounted Bathroom Tap

The overall best bathroom taps: a contemporary wall-mounted faucet


Water pressure: 0.75/5.5 bar
Finish: Chrome
Fitting: Wall-mounted

Reasons to buy

 Easy to fit 
 One handle control 

Reasons to avoid

 Exit height is not adjustable  

The Abode Fervour Wall Mounted Bathroom Tap wall-mounted bathroom tap features one-handle control of hot and cold water and a single horizontal tap for water that flows directly downwards. 

Why do we love it?

This type of faucet would be best suited to a freestanding bathtub or a larger basin like a vanity unit, as the exit height is non-adjustable. Plus, the minimalist design offers a polished chrome finish and round edges, highly favoured by those with contemporary bathrooms.

Additionally, the flexible tailpipes are to ensure a quick and easy installation. If you’re looking to make some subtle changes to your bathroom, this wall-mounted faucet could be the feature you need. 

John Lewis Marden Basin Mixer Bathroom Taps, chrome with white handles

2. John Lewis Marden Basin Mixer Bathroom Taps

The best bathroom taps: A traditional centre-set taps with a high-shine finish


Best for: Traditional style
Water pressure: 0.10/5 bar
Finish: Chrome
Fitting: Fixed

Reasons to buy

 Georgian style taps  
 Adjustable inlets  

Reasons to avoid

 Tricky to fit  

Now, if you are more of a fan of traditional bathroom ideas than of minimalist modern fixtures and fittings, then the John Lewis Marden Basin Mixer Bathroom Taps could be the finishing touch your bathroom needs. 

Why do we love it?

Here, this centre-set faucet with two small and elegant taps allows you to control the hot and cold flows separately. Plus, you'll notice that the polished chrome design designates white handles to indicate which side is hot water and which side is cold water.  

The tap has a slight arch with an anti-splash spout, and the curved features only add to the aesthetic appeal of this bathroom tap. One thing to note is that customers found the instructions a little lacking for these taps, so you may require a professional to install them, or a lot of patience at least! 

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Moen Eva One-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet, brushed effect

3. Moen Eva One-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet

The best bathroom taps: An excellent alternative to chrome that also adds character


Best for: Alternative style
Water pressure: Low-high
Finish: Brushed nickle
Fitting: Fixed single-hole

Reasons to buy

 Different finish 
 High-arch tap 

Reasons to avoid

 Require frequent cleaning 

Yes, it is true: bathroom fixtures and fittings do not always have to be chrome, and if you do not believe us, let us show you the best example we can think of, the Moen Eva One-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet. 

Why do we love it?

You'll notice that this single-hole bathroom faucet has a high-arching spout, a design that works well with bathtubs or custom sink basins. 

Customers say this bathroom tap was a breeze to install, and the handle transitions smoothly from hot to cold when needed. 

Additional note

Due to the lighter colour and finish, these taps will retain fingerprints easier than others. So this may be a dealbreaker for some who hate cleaning, or those with little ones around. However, some shoppers have suggested a wax finish to these taps would retain their stunning look and provide longevity. 

Hudson Reed Topaz Monobloc Basin Mixer, chrome with white handles and hot/cold markers

4. Hudson Reed Topaz Monobloc Basin Mixer

The best bathroom taps: A centre-set faucet with smooth curves and arches


Best for: Low pressure systems
Water pressure: Low
Finish: Silver
Fitting: Fixed

Reasons to buy

 China handles 
 High arch  

Reasons to avoid

 Low pressure only 

Are you dealing with low water pressure in your bathroom? If so, the Hudson Reed Topaz Monobloc Basin Mixer is for you. 

Why do we love it?

The centre-set faucet seamlessly accommodates every low-pressure system, and it is also beloved for its elegant Victorian design. 

Plus, the high-arching taps, china handles, and smoothed polished edges are a fan-favourite amongst those opting for contemporary and traditional bathrooms. So, if you are looking to change up your style, these are a simple and affordable way to achieve just that. 

Bristan Orta Basin Mixer

5. Bristan Orta Basin Mixer

The best bathroom taps: A basic yet reliable faucet for smaller bathroom basins


Best for: Small basins
Water pressure: 0.2/5.0 bar
Finish: Chrome
Fitting: Fixed

Reasons to buy

 Short spout means no splashes 
 Varied water pressure 

Reasons to avoid

 Looks a bit basic 

If you have a smaller cloakroom-style toilet, then the Bristan Orta Basin Mixer is for you. 

Why do we love it? 

This smaller chrome tap offers a practical choice of installation. The design features a single-hole unit with varying water pressure and a short spout that stops splashes in smaller basins. While it may not have any outlandish or specific aesthetic features, the polished finish completes the sleek and modern look. 

Plus, it is an affordable choice if you just need something reliable for your guest bathroom, for example. 

Delta Lahara Lavatory Faucet

6. Delta Lahara Lavatory Faucet

The best bathroom taps: A universal tap that offer a sleek look and seamless water flow


Best for: Elegance
Water pressure: Low and high
Finish: Chrome/Champagne bronze
Fitting: Fixed

Reasons to buy

 Choice of finishes 
 Smooth water flow  

Reasons to avoid

 A little noisy 

If you need variation with the best bathroom taps and their specific finish, then let us be the first to recommend the Delta Lahara Faucet. 

Why do we love it?

The Delta Lahara Faucet comes in three different finishes, all of which cater to a handful of interiors styles, making this one of the best bathroom taps and a popular choice in both modern and traditional homes. 

Here, the high-arching spout means a seamless water flow, that will allow baths to fill with ease. The two handles control the temperature of the water. 

Customers have said they take a little bit of assembly, but it’s worth it for the finished look, and they do tend to get a little noisy when running on cold after a while, which isn’t such a problem if you’re installing them in your sink as opposed to the bathtub. 

Bristan Traditional Bath Taps with white hot/cold markers

7. Bristan Traditional Bath Taps

The best bathroom taps: A traditional hot and cold offering for baths and basins


Best for: Budget buy
Water pressure: 0.2/0.8
Finish: Chrome
Fitting: Fixed

Reasons to buy

 Contemporary design 

Reasons to avoid

 Not the fanciest  

Are you sick of a leaky tap in your downstairs bathroom, or are you trying to find a way to elevate your old-fashioned room? If so, turn your attention to these Bristan Traditional Bath Taps. 

Why do we love it?

Basic does not mean boring, and these bathroom taps prove just that. The simple design is reliable, with the handle marks which one is hot and which is cold, in a polished finish. 

Next, the tap has a low arch with a short spout which means these faucets can fit any size and style of the basin without risk of splashing. And lastly, you can expect varied water pressure and no leakages with this bathroom tap. 

How to choose the best bathroom taps

Your hot water system

Before you shop for bath and basin taps, be sure about what sort of hot water system your bathroom plumbing uses, and which you have in your home. Gravity-fed systems are lower pressure, and it is essential to pick compatible taps. 

Type of basin tap

If the basin you are updating or the new one you are installing has one tap hole, choose from monobloc and single-lever taps – these are usually the best options.

Monobloc taps have one spout, but two handles allow users adjustment of the flow of hot and cold water. Single-lever models can adjust with the help of a level: turning it one way or the other to control the water. 

Now, if you have invested in a basin with two tap holes, you will need to look for pillars; these supply both hot and cold water independently. The handles of pillar taps may be lever-operated or have knobs, or cross-shaped handles.

Check out the spout of any basin tap you are considering. It needs to project far enough over the basin so washing your hands under the tap is comfortable.

Think, too, about whether you want a closed spout or a waterfall tap. 

Types of bath tap

As with bathroom basins, the number of tap holes in the bath you’re revamping or the new design you’ve chosen will determine which bath tap designs are open to you.

Similarly, Monobloc taps with one spout but two handles, and single-lever taps with one spout and a single lever, work with baths with one tap hole. Pillar taps, which supply hot and cold water separately, and mixer taps are on offer for baths with two tap holes. 

Basin and bath-mounted taps, wall-mounted taps, and freestanding taps

Remember: not all bathroom taps are designed on the basin or bath, otherwise known as deck-mounted. 

Wall-mounted taps go above a bath or basin, including countertop basins. The advantage? It allows basin and bath designs with narrow rims, plus positioning the faucet above any setting for a neat look. 

Wall-mounted taps should make bathroom cleaning quicker; because the base of the faucet is not prone to limescale build-up.

Consider spout length and height in any setup. A countertop basin should be placed farther away from the wall to avoid splashing. 

Freestanding – or floor standing – bath taps are positioned alongside a freestanding bath. These taps are independent of the tub — a more prominent presence in the room. 

Tap styles

Generally speaking: bath and basin taps can separate between contemporary and traditional designs. 

Traditional bath and basin taps may have cross or lever handles and feature intricate detail. They can complement period homes, modern country schemes, and classic bathroom fittings.

Contemporary bath and basin taps are sleeker. They may be curved or more angular and have slim or more substantial lines, and there is typically a variety of choices. 

Tap finishes

Chrome is a popular option for basin and bath taps and a sound choice if you want to create a sparkle in the bathroom.

These are the other options usually available:

Stainless steel 

These bath and basin taps are not as shiny as chrome but will still appear sleek and pristine. Plus, this choice is easy to clean, and hard-wearing so they will look good for many years to come.


These bath and basin taps also look clean but with a less high-shine finish than chrome.


Brushed finishes are a further option if you do not want full-on shine. This option stays looking cleaner for longer than chrome.


Golden bath and basin may be rarer, but this choice is back in a big way. But are they a worthwhile investment? We say, yes! Gold will strike a warmer note than silver-toned metals as part of a bathroom scheme. 

There is not just a single take on gold on offer, though. As well as ‘plain’ gold, which looks as luxe as you might think, consider rose gold, which is a pretty pink-tinged version, or antique-style golds, which have a softer effect.

Brass and copper taps

Similar to gold, these brass and copper taps add warmer metal tones to a bathroom and look sophisticated.

Black bath and basin taps 

These are contemporary and sleek and work alongside a steel-framed style shower enclosure, or can help tie the look of a home together where you are trying out black bathroom ideas.

Other best bathroom taps

If you are lucky, you can find a handful of striking colours from blues to greens, and even red's among the offerings, too. 

What to consider when selecting the best bathroom taps?

When considering which bathroom taps are best for you, it’s not all about style, but practicality, too. If you’re completely renovating your bathroom or creating an ensuite bathroom, then you’ll be able to start from scratch and choose whatever faucet type you’d prefer. 

But, if you’re replacing your taps to spruce the place up, the easiest way to do this is to pick the same installation type as the existing faucets. 

Now, a centre-set tap is the most traditional. This concept has a central unit with two bathroom taps to control hot and cold water. 

Here, you will find a single-hole faucet for a single unit, as well as a handle that operates both the hot and cold water from the tap. 

Finally, a wall-mounted faucet is, as the name suggests, installed into the wall. 

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