6 times roll top baths made bathroom makeovers Insta-worthy

Looking for inspiring bathroom makeovers? Think roll top baths: they're elegant, ornate and luxurious – and with a touch of colour can be contemporary, too

roll top bath in a bathroom makeover
(Image credit: Victoria Plum)

Planning a bathroom makeover? You need a show-stealing roll top bath. With their dramatic shape and traditional look, they are always going to be a focal point, whether in the centre of your bathroom (for a touch of unmistakeable glamour), or against a wall to save space.

But why stop there? A colourful roll top bath makes bigger statement, and creates a much more interesting room. Let us introduce you to our favourite colourful designs (this week). From bright pinks to subtle blues, there's wow factor in every one. 

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1. Paint a roll top bath in a subtle moody blue 

blue roll top bath in a white bathroom with metro tiles and patterned flooring

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbing )

Colour theory shouldn't be underestimated. Hospitals are usually painted in blue as the shade promotes a sense of calm. If you want your bathroom to be a place where you feel tranquil, this could be the shade for you. This soft design creates a subtle pop against the white metro tiles, and the patterned floor tiles add to the Victorian feel.

2. A hot pink roll top bath for a dramatic colour pop 

pink roll top bath in a bathroom with green tiles and marble effect flooring

Artist Collection Pucker Up Pink cast iron bath, £1,899, Victorian Plum

(Image credit: Victoria Plum)

This pink roll top bath is the stuff of our inner five-year-old's fairy tale dreams. Prepare for the attention as this design will certainly attract it. Not sure you'll love it forever? You can update a bath with furniture paint – use our quick guide to find out how.

3. A chunky roll-top bath with a cast iron surround

green roll top bath in a simple white traditional style bathroom

Astonian Marina cast-iron bath with cast iron surround, £3,566.45, Aston Matthews

(Image credit: Aston Matthews)

A little more understated, this pastel design is chunky and traditional. The square back allows it to fit perfectly against a wall, while the decorative shower head and basin taps bring the Victorian elegance to life. This design comes primed and ready for painting, so you can choose the perfect shade for your scheme. 

4. A dramatic black roll-top bath with ornate legs

black slipper roll top bath in a white bathroom with metro tiles

Astoria black roll-top bath, £479.95, Victorian Plumbing 

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbing)

Nothing says drama like black, and combined with the elegance of a roll top, it's a sure winner for a strong and striking bathroom. The chrome ball and claw legs are ornate and alluring, creating a look that's, dare we say it, a little bit sexy. 

5. A soft blue slipper-style bath with matching legs

blue slipper bath with matching legs, patterned floor and white panelling

The Dawlish Victorian Slipper cast iron bath, £995, The Cast Iron Bath Company 

(Image credit: Cast Iron Bath Company )

If you want to be reading for hours in your tranquil tub of bubbles, the slipper-style is the one for you. This muted blue shade is picked up in the patterned flooring and furniture, tying the scheme together for a room that instantly says 'calm'. Consider placing a freestanding tap at the foot of your bath, for an extra design feature. 

6. A metallic roll top bath perfect for small spaces

bronze roll top bath in a white bathroom with metro tiles and walk in shower

Tubby Tub Plinth bath, from £2,554, The Albion Bath Company 

(Image credit: The Albion Bath Company)

Think you haven't got room for a roll top bath? Think again. The Tubby Tub range at The Albion Bath Company can be slotted into even the smallest of corners. They're now available in a range of metallic finishes – extra handy in a small space as they'll help to bounce light around the room. We love this bronze finish, but the nickel and chrome designs are just as stylish too.  

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