Britain’s worst bathrooms revealed

Think avocado suites, carpeted floors and peeling floral wallpaper… (and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen)

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbing )

As a nation we are hiding a terrible secret. It turns out that, despite our Instagram feeds being filled with gorgeous, clean, gleaming bathrooms, complete with freestanding roll top baths and a copious amount of fluffy white towels, a load of us have truly, truly awful bathrooms. 

A ‘competition’ set up by Victorian Plumbing with the help of interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, has revealed some of the worst bathrooms in the country. We are talking avocado bath tubs, stained sinks, peeling floral wallpaper and questionable tile murals. 

Hundreds of entries were submitted by the public, before four finalists were shortlisted by Laurence. And now the ‘winner’ (although we are not sure this is exactly a claim to fame) has been crowned and the lucky owners of this delightful mud brown suite will be given a makeover for their bathroom worth £3,000.

And here it is, the ugliest bathroom in the country… 

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbling )

Er…. Congratulations? And if you want to feel even better about the current state of your bathroom, here are the runners up. 

(Image credit: Victorian plumbling )

Of course one of the worst bathrooms in the UK would have a carpet. And a washed out maroon carpet no less. 

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbling )

Ooooh, caramel coloured suite, how relaxing. 

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbling )

On the hunt for Britain’s worst bathroom Laurence offered up some invaluable advice, ‘The big thing with bathroom design is to keep it practical, keep it cleanable. Anything too fussy, too frilly or too porous will end up becoming a boutique hotel for mould and germs. Finally, floral is fine in a bathroom, but try and pick flowers that actually look like flowers rather than leftover cabbages.’

Following the influx of pretty shocking entries, Victorian Plumbing also did some research into how the nation feels about the state of their bathrooms. Out of the 1,000 surveyed, over a third said their bathroom was in need of an update and one in five admitted to being embarrassed about the current design of their bathroom. So what do you reckon – is 2019 finally going to be the year to redecorate that bathroom?