25 design ideas for bedrooms: from master suites to kids' rooms

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so let’s make our bedrooms cosy and comfortable with these design ideas. Whether you want to completely revamp or simply add some new accessories, our favourite decorating tricks will transform your for bedroom

laminate flooring in a child's bedroom
(Image credit: Flooring Direct)

Our bedrooms are where we unwind and recharge - and where children play - so it is worth spending time designing a bedroom that you'll love for both the comfort it offers and its decoration. 

The bed is key to decorating the bedroom, with a wooden headboard adding texture, a four-poster adding drama and an upholstered headboard adding a splash of colour. And don't forget, beds can be a handy source of hidden bedroom storage, too.

You can be more adventurous with the walls in your bedroom than you might in a living space, with bold wallpaper designs and deep, cosy paint colours on-trend. Plus, you can add colour with rugs and carpet – yes, carpet is back! 

Or if you’re on a budget but want a new scheme, fresh bedding, bright cushions or pretty accessories will get your bedroom ready for the new season.

Read on for our round-up of bedroom decorating ideas for children's rooms, guest rooms, teens and the master bedroom. We show you how to decorate your bedroom to make it both stylish and functional.

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1. Maximise light

Glorious sunlight streaming in will help you wake up in the morning, but don't forget the all important mood and reading lighting for night time. It goes without saying that switches in reach of the bed are a must. 

Wall lights are having a resurgence currently - and we love the classic design of John Lewis’ Tobias Resto wall light in pewter/antique brass; it works in a traditional bedroom as much as a contemporary one. Place each side of the bed so you can both use one for reading at night. Read our guide to designing a bedroom lighting scheme to get yours just right.

Pewter wall lights over a stripey bed in a blue bedroom

(Image credit: John Lewis)

2. Hang a vintage style wallpaper

One of the best ways to add a decorative element is to choose a bold print wallpaper, which works especially well for decorating a master bedroom. 

This eye-catching design is called Muse  and is available from Graham & Brown; it is enhances the look of this master bedroom, adding character and dimension. The rest of the scheme perfectly complements the wallpaper, with the plain pink Willow bed from Button & Sprung giving the look a balanced feel. Pick grey and blue accessories to finish off the look.

dramatic floral wallpaper in a bedroom with pink bed

(Image credit: Button & Sprung)

3. Add interest with a striped carpet

Most of us grew up with carpet, then wooden floors became more popular. But cosy carpet is now making a comeback and there are plenty of modern designs around that work really well in bedrooms. Stripes are great for making a room seem larger than it is, with thin stripes like those of the 100 per cent wool Camden carpet in Mulberry Stripe from Carpetright a more subtle choice than wider ones.

Camden carpet in Mulberry stripe and Tyler fabric bed

(Image credit: Carpetright)

4. Bring the outside in

House plants will make your bedroom look and feel fresher and are also said to aid sleep. So, the more plants you have inside your house the better. 

This selection of plants and vases; the Hudson; the Modern Geo rug; and the throw from the Supersoft range, all from Marks & Spencer, make for a lovely calming spring feel for a bedroom.

plants around a fireplace with an armchair

(Image credit: M&S)

5. Go for contemporary colour blocking

Why paint walls a single colour when you can paint them in two? This unusual paint effect looks simply contemporary, and the postcards on the yellow wall combine the colours for a cohesive look. Choose colours of the same tone, that way they will draw the eye equally. Find out how to colour block in our design feature.

The paint used in this bedroom is the Stokes Forest 2035-40 and Rainforest Dew 2146-50, both from Benjamin Moore, from £20.50 for 0.94 litres. 

a green and yellow colour blocking paint effect in a bedroom

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

6. Decorate with cushions

Cushions with printed or embroidered designs look fabulous with plain bedding. They lift the scheme and add that decorative element. Choose colours that match the rest of your scheme; these soft grey designs are the perfect foil for the pale pink bedding. 

The decor in this bedroom is from the Grey & Willow collection at House of Fraser.

Grey and pink colour scheme bedroom

(Image credit: House of Fraser)

7. Paint your headboard

DIY capable? Why not design your own headboard for a totally unique look? This amazing piece of artwork was painted using six of Crown’s fabulous colours: Lavender Cupcake matt emulsion; Feeling Fresh and Fuchsia Fizz, both Bathroom mid-sheen; Splash of Pepper kitchen matt; Scrumptious feature wall matt; and Pier View Period Collection matt.

Need extra stash space in your bedroom? Why not buy a storage headboard?

patterned paint colours from Crown Paint in a bedroom

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

8. Select a statement lampshade

If lots of colour isn’t really your thing but you fancy a tiny pop of it then why not just have one bright item in your room, such as a gorgeous table lamp? This Salamander lamp  by Pooky has an interesting glass base and the bright shade really tops off the look perfectly. The rest of the scheme is neutral allowing the lamp to be the star of the show.

Bright pink drum lampshade in a soft pink bedroom scheme

(Image credit: Pooky)

9. Make the bed the focal point

If you love a neutral scheme but fancy making a statement in a different way then consider a bold coloured bed and a couple of matching accessories. The result can be quite dramatic while still retaining an elegant feel. 

This striking bed is the Sandridge in matt velvet Mallard from Willow & Hall. Its plush finish gives a textural quality and the shape is grand, yet stylish.

Read our guide to buying a bed to make the right choice for you and your bedroom.

plush blue velvet bed

(Image credit: Willow & Hall)

10. Go retro with geometric prints

Get graphic and add some retro style prints and shapes to your bedroom. It’s a bold and beautiful style that works really well in modern homes.

Helsinki by Sainsbury's Home includes bedding, lights, cushions and accessories. Yellow and black are both on-trend for the year ahead so you can't go wrong...

Yellow and black Helsinki bedroom set from Sainsbury's Home

(Image credit: Sainsbury's Home)

11. Clash your prints

If you're a fan of eclectic style, and love pattern and colour then this decorating idea is for you: clashing prints. The gorgeous Superfresco easy wallpaper in green palm leaves is from Wilko, and the bedding, lamp and accessories are from George Home. The pattern can be broken up with a plain coloured cushion or two on the bed and a neutral flooring. Find more fab prints in our modern wallpaper ideas gallery.

palm pattern wallpaper and patterned bedding

(Image credit: George Home)

12. Line the walls with wood panelling

For a more traditional look, consider panelling. It’s an easy job for a DIYer and the results are fantastic. What's more it’s a good way to make a room with high ceilings feel cosier - in which case, paint the panelling in a contrasting colour to the walls. This Edwardian design is from The English Panelling Company; it can also work in a more contemporary setting as the lines are clean and simple. Or, you can mimic panelling with wood-effect wallpaper.

wall panelling in a bedroom

13. Hang patterned pendants

Co-ordinate your lighting with the rest of your scheme to create a cohesive feel. The stripes on these striking hand-painted blue and cream May pendants from Original BTC complement the stripy bedding; the two, subtly different shade sizes put together are a nice detail.

Find more bedroom lighting ideas in our design gallery.

Striped pendants in a bedroom

(Image credit: Original BTC)

14. Add wall art

So you’ve painted your walls, but something is missing... artwork! Hanging or leaning prints and canvases is the perfect way to finish off a room. Match the colours to your existing scheme so they tie in visually. Find out how to display your finest photos and pictures in lots of imaginative ways.

This Panda fine art print is made to order so it can be created to your own specifications and size. Colourfast inks are used so there’s no chance of fading if you hang it on a sunny wall. 

Panda fine art print in a pink bedroom

(Image credit: Lola Design Ltd)

Ideas for children's bedrooms: great ideas for girls, boys, teens and tots

When you are designing a child's bedroom or planning a nursery for a new baby, remember how their tastes and needs will change as they grow. A simple colour scheme that can be accessorised with swappable items will save you time and effort in the long run. Use durable paints, too, that can be wiped clean.

Alternatively, you might relish the challenge - and cost - of a complete overhaul every few years. In which case, you can take advantage of wall mural, paint effect and themed decorating scheme ideas.

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15. Invest in a bedroom or nursing chair

Ideal in an adult's bedroom for creating a feeling of luxury, a nursing chair is a must-have for a baby's nursery. Choose a design that looks more like an armchair than a nursing chair so that you can move it to another room when toy storage starts to take up the space.

Find the best nursing chairs in our buyer's guide and see more design ideas for nurseries in our gallery.

Loaf Schnaps love seat nursing chair in nursery

(Image credit: (Image: © Loaf))

16. Swap to bold bedding

Decoration doesn’t always mean getting the paintbrush out. You can quickly add elements by simply buying new bedding that has a colourful print. This white painted bedroom is the perfect backdrop for Christy Junior’s Blast Off single duvet, star cushion and moon cushion.

Blast off bedding by Christy in a child's bedroom

(Image credit: Christy)

17. Mix & match wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper for a child's bedroom? More often than not we only use one wallpaper design in a single room, but using two that have the same coloured background can be a really effective option. Both of these are from the Jack N Rose Junior Collection by Galerie Wallcoverings and look great teamed with white painted walls and floor in this classic boy's bedroom.

blue wallpaper in a boys bedroom

(Image credit: Galerie)

18. Encourage learning with blackboard walls

Blackboard paint is a great way to add an interactive element to walls, but remember that kids love colour, too! So, make the most of it and add as much as possible - it’s great for their learning and has mood-enhancing properties! 

These jolly pouffes and rug by Dash & Albert are both made from polypropylene which means they’re easy to wipe down – ideal for kids' rooms. If you fancy a chalkboard wall then try B&Q

Find out how to create your own chalkboard wall with our step by step guide.

colourful pouffes and tent in a kid's bedroom with blackboard paint walls

(Image credit: Dash & Albert)

19. Create a feature wall with paint

This simple wall is easy to achieve with two paint colours and some masking tape. For similar paint shades, try Attingham Blue and Steel Drum, both from Crown Paints. The mid-sleeper bed and roll-out desk from Little Folks Furniture don’t detract from the paint effect as they’re white – keeping furniture neutral will allow the feature wall to become the main focus. 

Find more paint colour ideas for kids' rooms, and check out our design ideas for feature walls for more inspiration.

Mountain scheme on a children's bedroom wall

(Image credit: Little Folks Furniture)

20. Choose a wall mural

Wall-to-floor murals are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re a great way to add a decorative aspect to a child's room. They come in panels, can be created to a size to suit your space and are as easy to apply as wallpaper. 

This design in a little girl's bedroom is called ‘Unicorn Bridge’ by Danny Flynn at Wallsauce; they have a wide range to choose from so there’s something for everyone – including adults!

Find more wall mural design ideas in our gallery.

Dawn wallpaper mural, from £30 per m2, Wallsauce

(Image credit: Wallsauce)

21. Bedroom flooring ideas for kids' rooms

Kids' rooms need forgiving, hard-wearing floors that are easy to care for. Laminate is a good choice, with the latest designs mimicking real wood convincingly.

This Series Wood professional 12mm laminate flooring in white oak from Flooring Direct will give you light and airy yet with a rustic feel, and its neutral quality will ensure it works well with any colour palette. 

laminate flooring in a child's bedroom

(Image credit: Flooring Direct)

22. Add a touch of decorative humour

All kids love animals, making wildlife themes a great choice for children's bedrooms. Audenza’s beautiful Giraffe Head looks striking against a plain coloured wall and will appeal to boys and girls of all ages. It’s handmade from paper, cotton and steel wire and has an authentic charm. 

Find more gallery wall ideas to enhance the visual interest in your child's room (and other rooms in your home).

Giraffe head on a purple wall

(Image credit: Audenza)

23. Pick furniture kids can draw on

For the discerning teenager, this awesome Nidi Graphic children’s wardrobe might break a few of your house rules about vandalising the furniture! 

They can write and draw all over the doors to their heart's content – and best of all it’s wipeable. Pens are included plus a wipe, and the range also includes desks, perfect for working maths sums out on...

wardrobe you can draw on in a pink child's bedroom

24. Colour the window with film

A quick and easy way to add a decorative touch is to use window film. It’s very effective and can be easily removed if you rent, or you want to try a new design after a while. These can be a great option if a bedroom faces a busy road and you need a little more privacy.

The Cheery window film is made to measure and would work well in a baby's or toddler's room. It’s from Purlfrost which has a wide range of other designs for both children's and adults' rooms. 

Cheery animal pattern window film

(Image credit: Purlfrost)

25. Fit beautiful blinds

Window treatments are the finishing touch to the rest of the room, pulling together all the other shades you have chosen - and they're often a good place to start your scheme. 

This Story Time Big Wide World Sea blind, £25 per m by iLiv, illustrates imaginary worlds in the minds of children. The blind has lots of different colours in it so you can pick out the blues, greens and reds to co-ordinate accessories to match. The design is charming and will be ideal for an adventure loving girl or boy.

Choose the best blinds for your bedrooms with the help of our guide; find the best blackout curtains in our buyer's guide, too.

world travel map window blind

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