15 white bedroom design ideas

Want to give your bedroom a bright, fresh look? A lick of white paint makes it endlessly fashionable, easy to change up and can be cosy, too. Use our white bedroom ideas to inspire your scheme

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Looking for white bedroom design ideas? You've come to the right place. White is a classic choice, an enduring favourite, easy to colour scheme around and to accessorise. And, if you choose the right shade of white, your bedroom will look not just lighter, brighter and bigger, but can be more inviting, too.

Be inspired by these white bedroom design ideas to kickstart your new scheme – and find out how to design the perfect bedroom in our practical guide.

1. Choose Scandi style for a look that never dates

White bedroom in scandi style by Ikea

(Image: © Ikea)

The Scandis have got it just right: white rooms that feel cosy and welcoming. Looking for an easy formula for your own bedroom? Choose white-painted wall panelling, a deep pile rug or two and plenty of light-reflecting furniture. It's a practical, easy to keep clean look, too, making it ideal for teen bedrooms as well as adult ones.

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2. Add warmth in a north-facing room with fabrics

Bedroom with pink curtains by Vanessa Arbuthnott

(Image: © Vanessa Arbuthnott)

If your bedroom is north- or east-facing, it won't get that much warm light. That's not necessarily a problem if you're up and out with the lark, but if you tend to spend time in your bedroom, especially at the weekend, you'll want it to feel warmer and welcoming. You can do this by layering your white colour scheme with warm pastel tones in fabrics and upholstery.

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3. Tone down a bright room with an off-grey white

Bedroom with gallery wall by Furniture Choice

(Image: © Furniture Choice)

Grey is the must-have colour scheme of this year and next, but if you want a room that's light and bright, going for the palest of shades – in other words, one that's just off-white – will enhance your space most. Warm it up with chunky knit throws and cushions and bags of natural texture.

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4. Stretch space with white walls and mirrors

Bedroom with gallery wall of mirrors

(Image: © Rebecca Hughes Interiors)

Whether your room is small, light-starved or just lacks eye-catching period or architectural features, adding a gallery wall will up the interest in an all-white scheme. Here, mirrors perform both a practical and decorative role, reflecting light while making a fabulous focal point. 

Find out how to create the perfect gallery wall, and get more inspiration for creating feature walls in our design gallery. 

5. Add comfort to a white room with texture

Sisal flooring in bedroom by Alternative Flooring

(Image: © Alternative Flooring)

If you're going all-white, texture is a must. You can introduce it in a number of easy ways: with natural flooring (which also adds nice, warm tones); with wall panelling (which is perfect for adding interest to a boxy, featureless room); and with bedding in a touchable, stroke-able material.

Read more about choosing the right natural flooring in our advice guide; find out more about wall panel designs in our advice feature.

6. Make ceilings feel higher with a statement headboard

Amber and Thomas Haynes nautical-inspired mews house in Old Portsmouth

(Image: © Andreas Von Einsiedel)

Here's a good trick: vertical stripes can make a room with a low ceiling feel taller. Don't want striped wallpaper? You can achieve the effect with an upholstered or painted headboard. Clever.

Need a good looking headboard and more storage space? Check out our clever storage headboard ideas.

7. Create a focal point with a white wallpaper

A guest bedroom in a converted loft with a white and grey colour scheme

(Image: © Jeremy Phillips)

If you're set on an all-white bedroom scheme but really want to add interest and focus, you can achieve that with a white on off-white wallpaper. Photo-realistic ones that mimic bricks, panelling and fabrics will give you a contemporary feel, but traditional designs will look beautiful, too.

See our white wallpaper design ideas gallery for more ideas.

8. Pile on the comfort (and colour) with cushions 

bedroom with white scheme, grey bedding with pops of colour by norsu interiors

(Image: © Norsu Interiors)

If you are easily bored by colour schemes, white is the way to go, because it's such an easy colour to update, merely by swapping cushions and throws from one room to another... which makes it a great choice for anyone on a budget, too. Can't beat a bit of home swapping.

9. Accessorise with gold for a luxe look

Glamorous grey and gold bedroom by Luxxu

(Image: © Luxxu)

If you want a glamorous boudoir more than a run-of-the-mill bedroom, matching white with gold is an easy option. But be cautious – the odd mirror or picture frame, a lamp or two, or a gilded ornament is enough; this is a look that's easy to go overboard on.

10. Mix patterns and plains for interest

White bedroom by Ikea

(Image: © Ikea)

Want a country style bedroom that's packed with interest? You can achieve it easily with an all-white scheme by layering different patterns, prints and plains – find out how in our guide.

11. Choose a statement bed for impact

Bedroom by The White Company

(Image: © The White Company )

In a white bedroom, it's easy for there to be a lack of focus, which is where your bed comes in. Choose a statement bed, whether for its shape, headboard, upholstery or frame colour and the room will have a focal feature. 

12. Combine with greys for a contemporary appeal

Bedroom by Neptune

(Image: © Neptune)

If yours is a bright, south- or west-facing bedroom (lucky you), you might want to tone down the daylight in your bedroom. You can do this with deep, contemporary greys; add a touch of petrol blue for a smart finish.

13. Add a splash of colour with bright bedlinen

Bedlinen in bedroom by George Home

(Image: © George Home)

Remember what we said about white bedrooms being easy to change up on a regular basis? You can do it with bedlinen: simply choose three sets that are utterly different from each other and you have a new bedroom every week... 

14. Make a focal point of the bed with a coronet

Love a traditional look? A period-style bedroom really suits a warmer white that can tone beautifully with cream furnishings. Adding a coronet above the bed will give the space grandeur, too, but the swathes of fabric will take it from stately to cosy, too – just what you want in a bedroom. 

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15. Combine with a bold primary for kids' rooms

Child's bedroom by Studio Sirio

(Image: © Studio Sirio)

Children's bedrooms are perfect for a white colour scheme – easy to keep the walls clean, and so simple to brighten up with the odd splash of bold colour, whether in painted mouldings or in furniture or bedding. 

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Bedroom design by Studio Sirio.

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