Bedrooms for couples – how to blend styles and create the perfect look

On the hunt for couple's bedroom decor ideas? Whatever your tastes, whatever their tastes, we have all the tips you need to create a space you will both love

Bedrooms for couples
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Decorating a bedroom for you and your S.O.? Bedrooms for couples can be tricky spaces to design as they have to suit the tastes and lifestyles of two (potentially very different) people. Maybe one of you is a super minimalist who likes zero clutter and a place for everything, the other being somewhat more... eclectic in the way they want a bedroom to feel. But whatever your different styles of decor and living might be, that doesn't mean you can't find a happy medium and design a bedroom that suits you both.

And we are here to help you do that. We have pulled together plenty of tips on where to get started and loads of looks to inspire. Plus, if you want even more bedroom ideas to help you make some decisions, head over to our huge gallery. 

How can couple's decorate their bedroom?

You both want to be involved with the process so that the room reflects both of you. Even if one of you has a clear lead on the project, you still want to make sure your other half has a say on furniture, colors and decor (even if it's just a nod and a 'yes, that's nice dear). Decide on what is important for each of you in the bedroom decor, find common ground but also find out what you are willing to compromise on.  Something that isn't too important to you, maybe very important for your partner so that's where you'll be able to find ways to blend your tastes and needs. Here are all of our top tips and couple's bedroom ideas to get you started:

1. Pick out styles you both like 

Rustic bedroom with wooden beams

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The best place to start when designing a couple's bedroom is deciding on what styles you both like. Best case scenario, you both generally like the same look so then it's just about how you go creating that style in your space. However, if you have different tastes, see if they are looks you could blend. Often mixing styles is what creates a bedroom that feels really personal and interesting anyways so this is no bad thing. 

You'll find most styles can in some way work well together, it's just about creating a balance. What we wouldn't recommend is just going for furniture in one style and decor in another, as this could look jarring. You want to blend both furnishings and decor, picking elements of both your styles and weaving them throughout the whole room. 

2. Decide on a color scheme that suits you both

Pale green bedroom with panelling

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Once you have decided on an overall style/mix of styles then it's time to think colors. When it comes to couple's bedrooms, unless you both can decide on a bold color you 100% love, the safest option is to keep things neutral. Going for a neutral backdrop means it will be easy to blend your styles and is the most likely color palette to suit whatever look you bring into the space.

But neutral doesn't always have to mean white. Pale muted colors can be just as versatile. Try out sage greens, pale peach tones, blush pinks, and light blues if you want just a touch of color that won't clash with your blended styles.   

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3. Can't choose? Keep it simple

White bedroom with blue patterned rug

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If your styles are just too opposing or if you can't decide on a look you both like, then just keep your bedroom really simple. Simple can be just as stylish, and you will probably find that over time both your styles creep in and blend in a really natural way as you both live in the space. Keep colors neutral, keep furniture paired down and keep decor to a minimum. Add some coziness with bedding, an area rug and some soft lighting, then just let time do it's thing. 

4. Pick a focal point you both love

Bedroom with fireplace and dark grey doors

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If are still unsure on how to find some common ground, find a piece that will be the focal point for your bedroom that you both love. Whether that's a piece of artwork, a statement bed or a wallpaper print, let that be the jumping-off point for the rest of your bedroom. Having this key element will lead to a harmonious design throughout the rest of the room as you are both creating a space around something you already agree is perfect.

5. Each have your own space

To celebrate the original features of their Victorian terrace, Karla and Andy have created a modern family home with plenty of period character

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In a couple's bedroom, it is important that you both feel you have a space that's just yours. Somewhere to keep your books, your trinkets, your never-ending collection of skincare. That's where bedside tables come in. Little, mini, surfaces for you each to call your own. Decorate them how you like, store in them what you like, you could even take it up the walls and pin prints and photos above your bedside table to make it even more personal. 

Top tip: pick one thing that creates symmetry between your bedside tables. The obvious choice is lighting, match the bedside lighting and there will still be an overall cohesive feel.  

6. Pick practical lighting for a couple's bedroom

Loft bedroom with DIY headboard

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Speaking of bedroom lighting, is there anything worse than being just about to reach the most interesting part of your book and your other half switches off the light. You need separate bedside lights! And preferably ones that aren't so bright to stop the other person from relaxing or falling asleep if they prefer to have the lights off before bed. 

Pick bulbs that are soft and warm, and choose shades that are going to further soften the light. The is also just nice for creating a soft lighting scheme and a lovely ambiance.

7. Add softness with layers 

Pippa Jones house: bedroom with beige-pink walls, big monochrome abstract print, white bedding and dark grey throw

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Along with being a practical space, and one that reflects both of your tastes, you want your bedroom to be inviting, you want it to have ambiance, you want it to feel... romantic. And turning your bed into the coziest, plushest, softest bed is only going to help with that. Layer up your sheet with blankets and plenty of throw pillows to give it that hotel feel. 

This is where you can bring in some color too if you have opted for a mostly neutral scheme. Add pops of color with your pillows and throws, as you can easily switch these out to create different looks. 

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8. Bring in pattern with a wallpaper

Queen's Gambit interiors

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If you want to go bold and commit to some pattern in a couple's bedroom, wallpaper is a really way to do so. You needn't go all over your four walls either, try making a feature wall behind your bed or wallpaper the ceiling for an even more subtle, but surprising look. 

For a cohesive feel to the space, pick up the key colors in the wallpaper print and weave them in through out the rest of the room. That way the room will style have a harmonious feel even if you mix and match your styles. 

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9. Create a romantic feel with a canopy bed

When renovating their run-down period terrace, Ali and Rob created an open-plan extension that works for everyone

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Ah, a four-poster bed, what a way to make any couple's bedroom instantly feel more romantic and in fact more stylish too. Because gone are the days of bulky, heavily carved, imposing four posters, now you can find a simple, slimline number that won't totally overwhelm your bedroom. Keep it naked or add a gauzy canopy for all the luxury honeymoon vibes.  

10. Pick a statement headboard for a hotel feel

Guest bedroom ideas

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An upholstered headboard instantly makes a room feel more put together and sophisticated. Plus, they can be a lovely way to bring some pattern, color and shape into a couple's bedroom. You might have gone minimal on the wall color, but a headboard is the perfect size so that choosing a bold hue or funky print will add just the right amount of interest to your bedroom. 

For a really, luxury hotel feel, use the headboard as the center of a chic, symmetrical layout with matching bedside lamps and co-ordinating soft furnishings. 

Which color is best for a couple's bedroom?

The best color for a couple's bedroom will depend on both your tastes. If you can decide on a color scheme you both love and works with your styles then great, if not then just play it safe and go neutral to begin with. White, cream, grey and muted tones are the easiest to apply different styles to so will work as an easy backdrop for whatever mix of styles you bring into your room.

But of course, darker hues are ideal for a couple's bedrooms too if you are after that moody, sultry feel. Try testing out a feature wall first, or if your ceilings are too low paint that so you just get that splash of drama before you commit to painting the whole room.

What furniture do you need in a couple's bedroom?

Obviously, you will need a bed. A bedside table each too, if you have the room, as this will allow you a bit of personal space for storage and to decorate how you like. Storage is where it gets a bit tricky. It will depend on how much stuff each of you has to store, if one of you prefers to hang everything rather than store things in drawers you might be able to just have one large set of drawers that you share. If you both need that drawer storage then pick two smaller matching units so you aren't arguing over storage space. 

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