45 bedroom storage ideas to organize and declutter your space

All the bedroom storage ideas you need to transform even the tiniest of bedrooms into a serene, tidy and totally organized space.

A large bedroom containing DFS X French Connection Camden King bed frame, rattan chest of drawers, hanging pendant light fixture and plush ottoman
(Image credit: DFS)

Bedroom storage ideas do not have to be purely functional – in fact, we are of the belief that bedroom storage furniture can be as stylish as it is practical. But where do you start hunting down the best and most beautiful storage for your space? There are so many options out there, different sizes, styles and budgets...

Well might we recommend right here – we have covered everything you need to turn your bedroom from a cluttered mess into the ultimate space for relaxation. And box room boarders, we have you covered with loads of storage for bedroom ideas on the snug side too.

From large and luxurious suggestions that make use of dead space, to small bedroom storage ideas, we've got something for every room and everyone.

Bedroom storage ideas to banish clutter

1. Declutter with suitcases

A botanical bedroom scheme with bed, floral duvet decor, wall art, textured white wall paint decor and two suitcases at end of bed

(Image credit: Dunelm)

If you haven't got a vacation on the cards – don't let your suitcases collect dust. Instead, put them to work and use them as a bedroom storage idea for clothing and other bits and bobs. Stack 'em high at the end of the bed for an intentional display or tuck them under your sleep apparatus to keep them out of sight.

2. Add texture with storage

A large bedroom containing DFS X French Connection Camden King bed frame, rattan chest of drawers, hanging pendant light fixture and plush ottoman

(Image credit: DFS)

Your ideas for bedroom storage shouldn't merely be seen as vessels to shut away stuff you don't want to be seen. Instead, think of them as aesthetic displays to exhibit your most precious possessions. And by selecting textured pieces you can really draw the eye toward a corner or the center of a room.

Think exotically-detailed pouf cushions, cane details, and wooden finishes to create added interest. We love how the storage ideas enhance the painterly features in this room such as the chalky wall paint and marble-effect floor.

3. Make a statement with a bedroom island unit

A bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and bedroom island

(Image credit: My Fitted Wardrobe)

Islands and peninsulas aren't just for cook spaces, so if you want a stand-out bedroom storage idea, you need to think outside of the box (or the kitchen for that matter).

'Bedroom island units are fast becoming one of the must-have storage pieces. More and more people with a bedroom to spare (of any size) are choosing to dedicate it to clothes storage,' says Megan Baker, furniture expert, My Fitted Bedroom (opens in new tab).

'Bedroom island units can really help to bring the look and feel of a dressing room together – filling the empty space in the centre of the room. They offer additional drawer space, as well as a tabletop for displaying perfume and cosmetics or other finishing touches. When mounted on wheels they can be easily moved around the room for the ultimate in flexibility.'

4. Don't be afraid to rely on multiple storage sources

A navy and white bedroom with fireplace, bed, navy curtain window treatment, wooden flooring, shelves above bed and round glass coffee table decor

(Image credit: Philip Lauterbach)

Step outside of your comfort zone and use more than one piece of furniture to arrange your personal items. Just because 'shelfies' are going viral on your socials, they aren't the only storage vehicle to hold vases, planters and other accessories.

Treat your bedroom like your living room by investing in the best coffee table to rest your wares and if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your boudoir, look to the mantel to manage your decor. We've got a whole tutorial on how to decorate a mantel like a pro.

5. Upcycle an existing wardrobe with wallpaper or fabric

Wardrobe with panels decorated with large floral print against a pink wall with elaborate coving, floral curtains and rug.

(Image credit: Future)

There's no need to chuck out your existing bedroom storage ideas if they serve you well in terms of functionality. If they do look a bit tired, or if you have bought a cookie-cutter style piece from a budget furniture store, use scrap wallpaper or a textile sample to jazz it up and give it some character.

Rather than getting messy with wallpaper paste, the best peel-and-stick wallpapers are quick and easy to employ. Not to mention, if you have a strict landlord, it's one way to zhuzh up plain furniture without damaging it. 

At the end of your rental agreement, carefully remove it, and voila – back to normal. If you do own the storage unit and can afford a bit of wear and tear, use a staple gun to secure designer clothes in your container.

6. Use a room divider to create a (temporary) clutter corner

A bedroom with sage green wall paint decor and bamboo room divider

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

OK, so not a long-term idea, but if you're in a state of panic trying to tidy up before the in-laws arrive – get yourself a room divider. Ideal for cordoning off a small area of the room, this is a stylish way to signal privacy (and a perfect way to disguise laundry drying on your radiator too.)

Obviously, don't rely on a room divider idea for long-term use as the clutter will just accumulate. But for a short-term solution to immediately sorting your stuff – this beats a 'floordrobe' any day.

7. Studio sleeper? Make storage three times as hard

A studio apartment with bed, PLASTA storage unit by Ikea, dining table with chairs and lounge area

(Image credit: Ikea)

With apartments getting smaller and rental rates increasing, sometimes you've got to settle for a studio space. But that doesn't mean you've got to feel shoed in! By using your bedroom storage ideas as your idea for living room storage too, you won't have to take up double the space for two 'rooms'.

This customisable PLATSA furniture system from Ikea (opens in new tab) allows you to store items for your living, dining and bedroom without three separate pieces of furniture.

8. Use your windowsill

A small bedroom with bed, assorted cushion decor and windowsill with wooden crate and indoor houseplant decor

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you're really squeezed for space, look at your window – no, not out of it – on it. Sills are the perfect place to position your best indoor plants to ensure that they get ample sunlight. It's also a brilliant spot for any solar-powered devices and gadgets you may have.

If your bedroom is facing the main street, be sure to invest in a window treatment like some blinds or a set of curtains so that you're possessions aren't on show.

9. Elevate your space with above the bed decor

A loft bedroom with wall paneling and black wall paint decor with above bed shelving

(Image credit: Future)

Take your bedroom storage ideas to another level with above the bed decor. This masculine space is moody, yet functional and ticks all the boxes for a rock star-style, industrial scheme when paired with the exposed element bedroom lighting.

10. Use the walls for recessed shelves

A bedroom with dark grey wall paint decor, clever storage and colourful cushions

(Image credit: Alistair Nicholls)

If you are making structural changes as part of your bedroom makeover, take the opportunity to add some clever recessed shelves. A carpenter or builder can accommodate these when building stud walls. In a large master suite, you could even build a stud wall to help zone the space and add storage in the process. 

They can be designed to fit exactly what you want to store in them, be it storage for jewelry, ornaments or extra book storage ideas. They can be finished with plaster, or if you need something more hardwearing, consider adding a wooden sill. 

11. Build your own bed and bedroom storage combo

Kid's bunk beds with blackboard paint wall and red main walls

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Bunk beds make the most of space as a shared bedroom idea, whether your kids split their space with a sibling or just need a place for friends to stay. So, why not get custom-made, built-in bunks that incorporate plenty of bedroom storage? This involves creating an alcove and using the end walls for shelving or cupboards.

For even more storage, fit drawers under the lower bunk and recess some shelves at the head or foot of each bed. Perfect for storing stationery for that chalkboard wall (because no one wants to have to clean up broken bits of chalk in the bed!).

Utilizing vertical wall space, and using bunks as a storage idea for kids' rooms is the ultimate in savvy.

12. Opt for a fitted wardrobe for plenty of bedroom storage

A dark blue wardrobe with black shutters in bedroom and leopard print rug, heeled shoes, palm print wallpaper, grey radiator and teal footstool

(Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott)

Whether in your main bedroom or as part of a dedicated dressing room or walk-in closet idea, a fitted wardrobe idea will maximize the storage potential of any room. With no end of design options, these bedroom storage solutions are not only great for clothes but also the miscellaneous items that don't really belong anywhere else. Some can even be designed with a fold-out ironing station for last minute de-creasing.

Before talking to a furniture designer, decide how much space you need for hanging. The rest of the space can be a combination of drawers, shelves and shoe racks. Use boxes and baskets on the shelves to corral things like hats and handbags.

And try to pick a design that's in keeping with your home's architecture – streamlined for contemporary homes with clean lines and with detailing in period properties. Mirrored doors, of course, will also make a small or dark room feel lighter and larger.

Need to have a sort through your current wardrobe before you can even think about switching to a fitted one? Check out our tips on how to declutter your clothes.

13. Don't forget under eaves for bedroom storage 

A white bedroom with wardrobe storage underneath eaves, grey velvet upholstered chair with pink cushion, white chest of drawers and small sheepskin rug decor

(Image credit: David Giles)

If your bedroom is in a loft conversion, maximize what is usually wasted space by opting for bespoke fitted bedroom storage furniture under the eaves. Cupboards are an easy fit, but drawers or shelving can help make the most of the space. 

Drawers or cupboards will work well but take the slope of the roof into account. You can actually use this slope to your advantage – high heels are the perfect item to store in that awkward prism of space at the top of the eaves.

14. Go pretty and practical with a window seat

A basement bedroom with white wall paint decor designed by Jen and Mar of Interior Fox with window seat and framed wall art above bed

(Image credit: Interior Fox)

Window seats with storage beneath are definitely worth considering if you want to maximize the space you have around an otherwise unpopulated window. They also give you somewhere to sit and read – or you can use the top to keep neatly folded throws on (yes, we're Marie Kondo fans). 

Go for a made-to-measure fitted option to complement other fitted furniture in the room, or find a suitable bedroom storage bench that fits the space. But remember that you may need to swap long curtains for blinds or shutters to make it work, so have a look through these bedroom window ideas to find something suitable. 

15. Invest in a closet that can be adapted

A bedroom with blue wall paint decor, long mirror, white closet and striped rug decor

(Image credit: Ikea)

A standard double wardrobe will have a rail and either drawers below, or a shelf above. However, a wardrobe with a little more flexibility in the design will mean you can set it up as you like. Some have the option of adding shelves, or two rows of hanging rails, which can be preferable if you don't have lots of long clothes such as dresses.

If it is a shared bedroom and the wardrobes need to accommodate two people's clothes, adaptable interiors will allow you to divide the wardrobe according to each person's storage needs. Where space is tight, this will be easier to accommodate than two separate wardrobes.

16. Enhance space with mirrored bedroom storage

A colorful bedroom with eight framed pieces of art above mirrored chest of drawers on wooden floor with patterned rug decor

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

If you need clothes storage ideas for small bedrooms that are more substantial than a standalone rail, a closet a mirrored door or some cute mirrored drawers like the one used here, will not only provide more clothes storage but also visually enhance your space.

17. Add interest and optimize your wardrobe storage 

A wardrobe system with clothes and accessories put against wall with pink wall paint decor

(Image credit: Ikea)

As well as shelves and rails, there are additional things you can add to your wardrobe to make it even more organized. Racks for scarves and ties, or shallow drawers to stow away watches and jewelry will streamline your storage. They also speed up your morning routine by keeping everything you need for your outfit in one place.

A new wardrobe may come with these elements as optional add-ons, but there are retrofit options available from most department stores or DIY outlets. Designing your bedroom on a budget? Try Ikea (opens in new tab) for a range of affordable closet organization ideas.

18. Ditch the wardrobe for something quirky

Birch branch clothes rail from Etsy with white stool and indoor houseplant decor

(Image credit: Etsy)

A wardrobe is a must-have, but it also tends to be the bulkiest, and the least forgiving of small bedroom storage. So why not go without? Your bedroom needn't be messy, especially if you don’t own tons of clothes – a cute clothing rail may well do the trick if you only use it for your most worn items.

We love this rustic rail made using a birch branch. You can DIY this bedroom storage idea by sawing off a piece from a tree in your yard, or save yourself the hassle and shop via Etsy (opens in new tab).

19. Choosing a chest of drawers? Go for width or height

A set of reclaimed vintage drawers with wooden framed wall art, and lampshade lighting fixture

(Image credit: Colin Poole)
(opens in new tab)

Every bedroom needs a good-sized chest of drawers, with taller designs being the best for bedroom storage smaller bedrooms with little floor space, and wider ones making the most of the width in a larger room. When choosing a chest of drawers, be sure to pick one with strong drawers and good quality runners or you will soon find that daily use takes its toll.

We tend to store a lot of sentimental items in our bedrooms too – perhaps treasured photos or knick-knacks from our childhood that we wouldn't put on display – and a strong chest of drawers can be a safe home for these too. The top of your chest of drawers is a good place for additional small storage (more on this later), or if you like to relax in your room it could be the perfect place to pop your best TV or radio.

This vintage bedroom idea is full of charm using a reclaimed piece of furniture for lots of charming quirks – just look at that lampshade.

20. Keep those drawers in order with drawer organizers

A chest of drawers by Ikea containing drawer organizers

(Image credit: Ikea)

Keep your possessions in check with these drawer and closet organizers – use a selection of boxes and trays so that everything has a designated place. You might feel like you are reaching Monica Geller-Bing levels of tidiness dividing your socks by color or event, but messy drawers do you no favors when you are getting ready, weary-eyed at 6am. They are also perfect for sorting jewelry, sunglasses and belts.

Some furniture companies will supply trays designed to fit their drawers, but you can get dividers from the likes of  Ikea and Amazon (opens in new tab). Any boxes small enough to fit in your drawers will do – try shoe boxes or the gift boxes that toiletry sets come in.

21. Try a tallboy as a storage ideas for a small bedroom

A white tallboy with drawers and doors with framed art and wooden bowl containing dried lavender bouquet

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

If space is at a premium, then a tallboy is a great bedroom storage idea. Slim enough to fit into the tightest corner, they often come with different depth drawers, which is really handy. If you live in an old home with lots of alcoves or awkward nooks and crannies, you will be pleased to know you can find a tallboy to fit nearly any space. Plus, they are perfect for small bedrooms.

Another great thing about a tallboy is that if you like to organize your clothes into lots of different categories, lots of smaller drawers are more useful than a few big drawers. Store frequently used items at the top (underwear, accessories...) for easy access.

22. Build bedroom storage into your side table

A contemporary rustic style bedroom by Weaver Green with wooden barn door, wooden side table with white paint decor, wooden ceiling beans, grey and white striped rug and bed with white/grey pillow and duvet decor

(Image credit: Weaver Green)
(opens in new tab)

A list of bedroom storage ideas would not be complete without one of the best bedside tables. Find one with drawers, cupboards, or some kind of storage, perfect for hiding away odds and ends. Drawers are great for chargers, your phone, watch, and glasses, but a cupboard is better for books or medication that needs storing upright. 

If you are really pressed for space, let your chest of drawers multi-task as a bedside table – but don't choose anything too tall or you will struggle to reach it from your bed.

23. Use floating shelves

A bedroom with black wall paint decor and floating shelves as side tables

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Think you don't have room for a bedside table? Think again. You don't need a cumbersome bedside table taking up a load of precious floor space; instead, why not turn some floating shelving ideas into bedside storage? You can really easily (and cheaply) DIY these yourself too. Just get yourself some wooden planks, saw them to size and wall mount them next to your bed using some stylish shelf brackets. 

If you need a guide on how to install a shelf with brackets, check out our step-by-step guide.

24. Add storage to even the most awkward of spaces

A loft bedroom with white wall paint decor, pink throw and wooden shelving

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies ©Future)

In a small bedroom, you really have to make the most of every inch of space, even if that space is a bit awkward. This is particularly tricky in loft bedrooms when you will be dealing with slanting walls, but check out this idea. Pop a bed in the eaves and wall mount your bedside table to save space.

A wooden peg rack is the perfect place to hang handbags and hats and doesn't need much room at all. Find a cheap, easily-installable piece of hardware at Home Depot (opens in new tab).

25. Add a touch of luxury with a velvet ottoman

A grey and white bedroom with grey lampshade decor, velvet ottoman at end of bed with breakfast tray

(Image credit: Neptune )

Looking for some elegant bedroom storage furniture to hide away extra bedding and blankets? Try shopping for one of the best ottomans with a hinged lid in an opulent fabric like velvet to create a boutique feel. 

Fabric storage bags can help you group items there by type, and you could use vacuumable clothes storage bags (e.g: Spacesavers on Amazon (opens in new tab)) to fit in more out-of-season stuff.

26. Display stuff in a contemporary bedroom storage trunk

A modern grey and pink bedroom with transparent acrylic storage trunk used as bedside table

(Image credit: The French Bedroom Company)
(opens in new tab)

Bedroom storage doesn't just have to be practical – in fact, you could endeavor to make it a feature wherever you can. Acrylic storage containers are a popular choice in not just kitchens and bathrooms but bedrooms too and are perfect for displaying items while keeping them protected from dust.

Use one to store your prettiest books, ahem Real Homes magazines, or as a shoe storage idea. And it also makes a great alternative to a bedside table. This clear trunk is the perfect blend of old and new if you can't make up your mind on whether you prefer a classic or contemporary scheme.

27. Storage or showcase? Style your bedroom shelves

A bedroom with peach colored wall paint decor, bed with orange duvet decor and white modular shelving unit

(Image credit: Fiona Murray)

For a calming and stylish space, you will definitely want your bedroom shelf ideas to look neat and tidy. Reserve them for pretty storage boxes, your favorite books, and trinket boxes, then accessorize with art and ornaments. Messy but essential items can be squirreled away in drawers and cupboards, allowing your bedroom storage to not be purely functional but well-styled, too.

The most impressive thing about this modular shelving idea from modular shelving ideas from String Furniture (opens in new tab) is that you can add or take away as your space requires. So, if you are a serial renter, this is perfect for dismantling and purchasing more parts as required.

28. Opt for open plan storage

A loft conversion with pink wall paint decor, dressing room, containing long slimline framed mirror on wall, clothing rail, patterned dressing table and wire jewelry rack

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

The appeal of open bedroom storage is that you can see everything straight away. The downside is that you need to keep it tidy.

Be careful to design a system to suit your specific needs, with plenty of rails for dresses and shirts and a few drawers for the things you really should hide away (we mean your saggy leggings worn only while cleaning the house), which will make it really practical. Pretty storage boxes and baskets will be your new best friend for limiting the amount of clutter on show too.

Open storage also has the advantage of adding interest and texture to bland-looking rooms if you have luxurious leather or sequined accessories, make sure they're on show.

29. Try a bedroom storage unit in a kid's room

A kids' bedroom with bunk bed and storage, with red rug flooring decor

(Image credit: Simon Whitmore)

Not everything you want to store in your bedroom can be neatly hung or folded away – there may be items that just need flinging in a storage box out of sight. Toys are a fine example and notoriously hard to keep tidy, so encourage a good clean-up routine from an early age (good luck with that) with a versatile storage unit for all manner of items.

Look out for bedroom shelving that combines drawers for clothes, cupboards for boxes of items you don't want on display, and open cubes for cherished objects. A simple shelving unit that can be fitted with a few doors, or used in tandem with storage boxes gives the perfect balance of hide-away and display.

Try using an Ikea KALLAX unit (opens in new tab) as a trusted toy storage idea that can be stacked vertically or used along with the breadth of a bedroom wall.

30. Fit a ladder shelf into the smallest of spaces

Spare bedroom with supersize wooden pallet headboard against dark navy wall, ladder shelving and rattan pendant light

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Struggling to find storage for your spare room? You can always use a smaller ladder to add some extra storage to a bedside table. We love this bedroom storage idea of placing ladder storage behind a night table. 

Guests can use it to prop up books and magazines, hang their eye masks etc, etc. If you are after something similar, check out this bamboo towel rack from the Navaris Store on Amazon (opens in new tab)

31. Store items on a DIY headboard

A bedroom with olive green wall paint, OSB headboard, framed floral wall art, floating shelf and magazine rack fixed to wall

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

A great bedroom storage tip is to have everything off the floor. Shelves are obviously ideal for this – hang your shelves next to the bed for easy access, or a bedside table alternative. Another great thing about shelves is that they can be a feature in themselves, so not just for storing but displaying too.

This DIY headboard made from OSB is a thrifty base for all your bedroom storage ideas. The kitsch pink handle and magazine rack ooze industrial chic – without making the room look too masculine – and we are here for it.

32. Install shelves around the bedroom ceiling

Blue and white bedroom with floral matching bed linen and curtains

(Image credit: The French Bedroom Company )

Tried every other bedroom storage idea and run out of room? Look up! That final foot of wall up to your ceiling is prime shelf space. High up and out of the way of freestanding bedroom furniture, you can run shelves around the perimeter of the room. Store books, photo albums and other things you won't need regular access to up here. Put it on the wall behind the bedhead and you'll barely see it.

We love the way the vertical wall paneling idea and floorboards do the job of drawing the eye upwards. Just be sure to invest in the best handheld vacuum or microfiber duster (available on Amazon) (opens in new tab) to rid any dust bunnies that may surface.

33. Pick out a storage bed 

A neutral bedroom with framed gallery wall above bed

(Image credit: Furniture Choice)

Let’s face it: the bed takes up by far the most room in a small bedroom, especially if you have a double or king sized one. So, it makes sense to let a storage bed – take a look at our pick of the best beds with storage – do the hard work of storing bulky bedding, pillows, and duvets; moreover, if you opt for storing most of your things in the bed, you can keep the rest of your bedroom furniture minimalist and chic.

Ultimately, an ottoman bed with hide a multitude of sins and can double up as a wardrobe to hide sale bargains and gifts during holiday season.

'When you live in a small space, you have to store things other than bedding in the bedroom,' says Becky Martin, interior design leader, Ikea UK & Ireland.

'An ottoman bed’s deep bed frame can store your suitcase, boots, vacuum and other household items. Use boxes with dividers to keep smaller items organised.'

34. Or take it even further by building your own bed

A storage cabin bed with colorful drawers in a range of blues by Benjamin Moore

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

While the off-the-shelf storage beds on the market are great, to really optimize the space you might want to consider building your own. A skilled carpenter will work with you to design one, incorporating shelves, drawers, or cupboards as required.

This bedroom storage idea is particularly suitable for a child's bedroom as it works well with bunk beds and cabin beds. Done well, it can eliminate the need for additional bedroom storage, leaving plenty of floor space for play. 

As well as the green and blue hues being incredibly calming, bedroom paint color ideas can also be used as an informal way to categorize items to get rid of clutter quickly.

35. Choose a headboard with plenty of bedroom storage

A white storage bed by Le Redoute with shelving incorporated into headboard

(Image credit: Le Redoute)

A storage headboard is a nifty bedroom storage idea if space is at a premium. The best headboards feature a couple of shelves on either side of the bed, but to make the most of every inch look for full-width nooks for bedtime ephemera. 

You can get headboards with cupboards built-in which are great if you still want something to sit up against when sipping your morning cuppa.

36. Make the most of every inch with under-the-bed drawers

A pair of DIY under-the-bed drawers made by Medina Grillo aka Grillo Designs

(Image credit: Grillo Designs)
(opens in new tab)

Some beds come with in-built drawers, but even if you don't want to buy a new bed, you can find drawers that roll away under your existing bed. This really is the perfect way to maximize that space under the bed and a great place to store spare towels, bed linen or shoes. Some drawers come with dust covers or lids, others are just a good place to slide away all of those vacuum-packed textiles.

There are plenty of under bed storage drawers to on the market, but if you can't find some you like why not have a go at making them yourself? We love these simple but effective drawers by Medina Grillo of @grillodesigns (opens in new tab) which are made with a few planks of wood and some castor wheels (which you can find easily on Amazon) (opens in new tab) to easily roll out what you need.

Alternatively, if you're thinking of throwing out an old chest of drawers – upcycle them instead for a head start on this idea. A bit of chalk paint from Annie Sloan (opens in new tab) or Frenchic (opens in new tab) can quickly clean up a battered bunch of drawers in need to TLC.

37. Doubling up as a home office? Add a stylish desk

A home office in a small bedroom with desk and office chair

(Image credit: Ikea/Dan Duchars)
(opens in new tab)

With more and more of us working from home, the bedroom can often be the place that doubles up as mini home office space. Or, if you are designing a spare bedroom, it might need to be used for work too. A stylish desk is exactly what you need to tackle the task in hand.

If this desk is going to be part of your bedroom office idea, you'll need to think carefully about creating enough added storage for stationery and paperwork, as the last thing you want to see before bed is a mounting to-do list. This could mean choosing a desk with room for folders and files built in, but for a sleeker look chose a streamlined desk and store office paraphernalia in a cupboard or wardrobe nearby.

And, if a shop-bought desk isn't doing it for you, be the DIY boss and learn how to build a desk from scratch with the help of Real Homes' blogger, Jasmine Guerney.

38. Save space with a hanging clothes rail

A bedroom with metal clothes rail and patterned wallpaper on wal

(Image credit: Ikea/Benjamin Edwards)
(opens in new tab)

If you’re looking for minimalist style bedroom storage ideas and are great at keeping tidy, then why not opt for a hanging clothes rack? They have plenty of space for coat hangers and often feature a shelf for shoes or neatly folded jumpers.

This is a sound option if you have a separate dressing room or walk-in wardrobe and just want to lay out outfit options for the next couple of days in your bedroom, to avoid a morning panic. Should your requirements change, it could then make a great hallway storage idea.

39. Create depth with a glazed cabinet

A pale pink bedroom with small white wardrobe, gallery wall overhead, rectangular mirror and disused fireplace

(Image credit: James Balston)

Glazed bedroom storage cabinets aren't just useful as wardrobe or cupboard storage or display – the fact that you can see right to the back of them makes your storage look more transparent, and less like it's dominating a space, just as a mirrored wardrobe would.

This type of bedroom storage is the kind that can be used all over the home, so a good-quality one would be a real investment piece. Be it solid wood or even metal, they come in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes so you won't be hard-pressed to find a suitable match for your room.

40. Use baskets for a bohemian vibe 

A bedroom with white four-poster bed, Frida Kahlo wall art, hanging indoor plant decor and wooden floor with rug

(Image credit: David Woolley)

Forever useful, baskets are a no-effort choice for storing everything from magazines and books to spare throws and scarves. Stow them atop a wardrobe, place them at the foot of the bed or use them as a way to declutter your dresser. They come in a range of colors and materials to suit each and every bedroom design scheme.

Use soft linen to soothe, colorful felt in a kids' bedroom or use woven natural materials like bamboo or rattan for a seventies-inspired boho bedroom idea.

41. Use a bench to display decor

A Victorian cottage bedroom with white wall paint decor, wooden hook system and wooden bench decor

(Image credit: Future)

Buy a bench and you'll have a piece of furniture that can take on a number of roles in your room. As well as using it to put your shoes on, it can also be used as an old school bedroom storage idea. Use it as a rustic display for a bouquet of flowers and team with a terracotta vase for a timeless arrangement that'll add charm to your sleep space.

'If there are too many shoes in the hallway, store a few in a bench by your bed. It doubles as a seating area, so you can sit to put on your shoes, or catch a bit of crisp morning light.' advises Martin.

42. Stash shoes and accessories in DIY bedroom storage

A bedroom with vintage wooden fruit crates to store shoes and sneakers

(Image credit: Iben and Niels Ahlberg/inagency.dk)

Looking for bedroom storage ideas that are pretty as well as practical? We love this idea of turning old fruit crates into shoe storage. Looks cute but also provides a handy space to keep shoes that would other wise end up sprawled across the hallway or jammed into a wardrobe.

Ask about at your looking farmers' market to see if there are any going spare, or find a vintage box on eBay (opens in new tab).  

43. Create a DIY walk-in wardrobe 

A DIY walk-in wardrobe using white furniture from Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea/Lina Ikse)

If your room is large enough you can easily create a section of your room that's dedicated to storing clothes. Use wardrobes to divide the space and then add clothes rails behind it so everything is easy to access. Here it's actually Billy (opens in new tab) bookcases that have been used to divide the room and the super cheap Mulig (opens in new tab) clothes rail has been attached to the opposite wall. 

What you can't see here is that the other side of the Billy bookcase is being used as a headboard. Very clever.

44. Create a built-in 'beauty bay'

A built-in 'beauty bay' with cosmetics and towel storage

(Image credit: My Fitted Wardrobe)

Sick of mascara marks or foundation blotches on your dressing room table? Whether it's a self-inflicted sin, or the cat couldn't resist knocking over your expensive cosmetics – it's time to find a better makeup storage idea in your bedroom.

'The ‘beauty bay’ is especially popular with people who like a clutter-free bedroom environment,' says Baker.

'Replacing the dressing table concept (which is often messy and filled with bottles, brushes, and make-up palettes on display), built-in beauty bays are ideal for keeping make-up and toiletries are hidden away.'

'It’s a discreet dressing table and so much more - the mirrored cabinet opens to reveal ample space for fragrances, make-up, and other beauty products, while the glass shelves and built-in lighting add a real touch of class.'

45. Take it back to school with locker storage

A feminine bedroom with white wall paneling and berry pink Mustard Made locker unit

(Image credit: Mustard Made)

Still reminiscing over college memories? Throw things back to your younger years (or live vicariously through your teen) with this retro bedroom storage idea.

Thankfully, you don't need to go for a Mean Girls pink colorway if you're looking to pay homage to your high school years. From bold berry, to sophisticated sage, preppy navy and smart slate, you can be the MVP of your manor with this furniture choice, or work it into a teenage bedroom idea.

Whether you're scouting for big or small bedroom storage ideas, Mustard Made (opens in new tab) is truly inclusive. Choose from The Shorty, The Twinny, The Skinny and The Mini.

How can I create storage in my room without a closet?

'Store your seasonal clothes and accessories in stylish storage cases and fashionable bamboo boxes to create an elegant and coordinated wardrobe look,' says Martin.

'Chests of drawers offer closed and private storage while their top surfaces are perfect for the decorative things that you want to show off!'

How do you choose the best bedroom storage?

The type and amount of bedroom storage you need completely depends on what kind of items you need to store and how much space is available. Most of us need some sort of clothes' storage, which may be in the form of drawers, wardrobes, rails or even under-bed storage boxes. You may also be looking for a bedside table or other ways to store things like books, glasses or chargers that you will want near the bed. 

Finally, don't forget miscellaneous items that don't have a home elsewhere, or bedlinen and out-of-season clothes that might be best stored in an ottoman at the end of the bed.

Before you buy your bedroom storage solutions, start by having a big clear out and sending unwanted items and unworn clothes to the charity shop – because that old saying ‘less is more’ really counts, especially if you are looking for storage for a small bedroom.

How do you maximize storage in a bedroom?

The key to maximizing storage in a bedroom is to make each piece work hard. And by that, we mean to make sure you are getting the most out of all your bedroom storage furniture by adding extra storage to it. 

Case in point, shelving can be home to boxes and bins that you can fill up with accessories that would otherwise clutter up surfaces or get lost in your closet. Look out for organizers you can hang in your closet to make space for clothes that don't need to be hung or for shoes even.

How can you add storage to a small bedroom?

Clever storage ideas for small bedrooms are the key to making your space work. There is obviously that catch-22 thing that goes along with small bedrooms and storage – the hardest thing to find space for in small bedroom is storage, but the most important thing to make a small bedroom feel less small is storage. It's a tricky balance to get right.

However, it's not impossible. Our top tip would be to pick multifunctional pieces so you don't end up filling your small space with loads of furniture. So storage beds, ottomans, small desks you can use as a dressing table would all work. All wall storage is a good option so you can keep as much floor space free as possible. 

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