10 dreamy bedroom ceiling ideas to elevate your 5th wall

Invite the dreamiest bedroom ceiling ideas into your sleeping space and wake up to beautiful beginnings, every day.

Elegant bedroom with painted vaulted ceiling and four-poster bed
(Image credit: Julian Design)

It’s the last thing that we see at night and the first thing we spy in the morning, so if you think about it, bedroom ceiling ideas totally deserve a little thought. Because, that 5th wall probably has quite a big impact on how we start our every day, right? Color psychology and all that jazz. 

Guilty as charged of the monotonous, Groundhog Day white? Uninspiring isn’t it. Thankfully, there are some lovely and achievable ceiling ideas that add wow factor from above so that you can enjoy a more sunny-side-up view in this spot in your bedroom.

Bedroom ceiling ideas for a stylish sleeping space

Amanda Sacy, Design Manager at Juniper Holiday + Home, comments: ‘The bedroom is a sacred place where we go to recharge. I believe the bedroom design should reflect how people look to unwind and relax. Often overlooked, the ceiling presents an opportunity to elevate the space. Adding architectural elements to the ceiling, like beams or crown molding, add interest to the space.’

1. Take a two-tone approach with a split level wall effect

Two-tone bedroom with deep red lower wall and contrast lighter pink upper wall and ceiling

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

Add impact, color, and depth in your bedroom with a simple split wall effect that traverses the ceiling.  

Create a line to define your bed (perhaps in lieu of a headboard?) and add drama, before continuing the top shade up and away to create the illusion of added height. Choose bedroom paint colors in tonal shades or pastels for a more subtle look, or go unashamedly bold with a light and dark contrast. Just make sure to use the darker tone at the base to avoid your scheme feeling boxy. 

2. Paint your ceiling rose for a modern twist

Bedroom with charcoal walls and coordinated painted ceiling rose, and upholstered button-back headboard

(Image credit: Future PLC)

If period features like ceiling roses and molding tickle your fancy, then why not make these intricate details pop by painting them in a bold contrast shade? Give heritage ceiling decor a daring contemporary attitude, and partner with bedroom ceiling light ideas to create the perfect ambiance for twilight wind-downs.

In this striking monochromatic scheme, the dark charcoal of the walls is referenced on the focal point ceiling rose, whilst the graphic stripe rug provides a united statement from below.

3. Get imaginative with whimsical designs

Children's bedroom stripe ceiling pattern in pale pastel shades

(Image credit: Susanne Fox; Photo: Brett Beyer)

Susanne Fox, luxury interior designer of Susanne Fox Design, comments: ‘Kids rooms are a great opportunity to make a splash with the ceiling. Kids are anything but boring, so why should their ceilings be? Painting a ceiling in an unconventional color or applying a pattern through wallcovering or specialty paints for kids' is a really fun, unexpected way to inject some fun into a space.’

‘In a little boy's room, a striped pattern in blue and white scaled to fit perfectly in the ceiling area, adds a little jazz to an otherwise simply designed room.’ 

4. Create a nature-inspired sanctuary

Cozy bedroom featuring bird motif wall paper on walls and ceiling

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Transform your bedroom into an alternative reality and escape the stresses of busy, modern living with bedroom wallpaper ideas that will add personality to your sleeping space. Blur the boundaries between walls and ceiling with a natural world-inspired wallpaper design that envelops every surface in escapist calm. From lush botanical trails on exotic jungle designs to tumbling wildflower blooms and painterly sky infinities, there’s a nature-nurture oasis to be had by all.

Swati Goorha, principal interior designer, Swati Goorha Designs, comments: ‘Bedrooms are a great place to create ceiling magic. The first thing we see when we wake up is the ceiling. I favor nature-inspired patterned wallpapers and soothing colors like soft green, sky blue, pale yellow to add to the feeling of wellbeing and calm.’

5. Immerse your entire space in wilderness shades

Moody bedroom featuring teal walls and ceiling and parquet dark wood wall panel

(Image credit: Photo: Malcolm Menzies)

‘Beat the blues’ in a bedroom abyss of serenity with immersive shades inspired by the sea to sky infinities… 

When extended from walls onto the ceiling, magical and mystical blue bedroom ideas in darker shades like night sky indigo and lagoon teal engulf a space with a cozy sense of security. Choose one shade only for a sensory look and feel that will aid blissful dreams…zzz… 

Justyna Korczynska, color consultant, Crown, comments: ‘When decorating the bedroom, it’s important to choose a color that resonates with you. Consider how a color makes you feel if it will help you to unwind and be motivated to wake up in the morning. Cool colors from nature such as blue and green tend to be restful palettes.’

6. Create a cozy cabin cocoon with light wood paneling

Scandi-cabin style bedroom featuring light wood paneling on wall and ceiling

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Sweet dreams are made of this! What lovelier place to spend every lights-out to dawn-yawn than in your very own hunker down spot?

There’s a whole lot to love about wood paneling designs – abundant in texture, natural warmth, and bundles of character. For an essence of Scandi inspired cabin luxe, transition light-hued paneling from walls onto the ceiling – with heat-insulating properties to boot. A fab choice for small bedrooms, the vertical lines of the planks exaggerate the feeling of height and length.

7. Be hypnotized by circles and creativity

Brown metallic bedroom scheme with circle pattern repeat featured on alternative headboard and ceiling

(Image credit: Graham & Brown)

Adorn your ceiling in contemporary luna inspirations featuring symmetrical repeats and shapely silhouettes that calm and reassure. Make a DIY wallpaper headboard as an alternative to a traditional upholstered design, featuring the same pattern, for a sense of unison and harmony.  

Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux, comments: ‘Concentric circles in soft tonal colors looks amazing around a ceiling rose and hypnotize you gently to sleep.’

She continues with other fun ideas: ‘Create a painted headboard and canopy over your bed. You can paint a simple strip that is as wide as the bed and take it up and over onto the ceiling where it can finish in line with the foot of the bed. You could also extend the color onto either wall which gives more of a cozy embracing look.’

8. Rest-up with exposed wooden beams

Rustic-country style bedroom with warm wood exposed beams

(Image credit: Perlmutter & Freiwald)

Get curled-up and cozy with the right rustic bedroom ideas. Exposed wooden beams are a thing of perfectly-imperfect beauty. Not only do exposed rafters add authentic character and charm, but functionally, they promote a lofty feel with extra room, whilst allowing hot air to travel and circulate. 

Let the natural grain of wood radiate your space with organic patterns and honeyed warmth. Complement exposed rafters with a gentle country-neutral shade on walls for a bright and breezy balance. 

9. Wake-up to positive, sunshine shades

Artful bedroom with staggered collection of framed prints and yellow ceiling

(Image credit: Edward Bulmer Paint; Fiona Mackenzie)

Rise and shine to a ceiling a-washed in a mood-enhancing shade and start the day as you mean to go on. We can't deny that the forecast is always radiant with smile-inducing yellow bedroom ideas

Journalist, Fiona Mackenzie Johnston, comments on her bedroom ceiling scheme: ‘I knew I wanted to paint the ceiling yellow the minute I saw this room, and specifically this color, Naples Yellow. It is the most hopeful and happiest color, and makes me think of Positano beach umbrellas - particularly as I can see the sea from the window. It’s my bedroom ceiling, so it's a very uplifting start to the day. I often write lying in bed, so this room really needed to be somewhere I was going to enjoy spending a lot of time, and I do - and a lot of that is due the ceiling (and the matching curtains!)’

10. Highlight accent features throughout your scheme

Monochrome bedroom with black painted accent features and cornices, and feature wall mural

(Image credit: Photo: Katie Lee)

Add interest whilst framing your ceiling with color-contrast cornices and chair rails. Simply pick an accent color, perhaps inspired by a favorite piece of art, bedding, or textile, and connect the color throughout the scheme on cornices, furniture, and decorative accessories. The end result will be striking and sophisticated, in celebration of your bedroom's unique architecture and personality. 

What is the latest trend in ceiling finishes?

Amanda Sacy, Design Manager at Juniper Holiday + Home, comments: 'One of my favorite wall/ceiling applications is Venetian plaster. The way it can be applied is so versatile and brings a soft texture to the space. Select a beautiful light fixture [on dimmers of course], and let the light emitted from the fixture illuminate the plaster finish.'

More simple but still very styled bedroom ceiling ideas include continuing the paint color from the walls onto the ceiling; pulling an accent color from wallpaper or favorite furnishings; adding interest with a ceiling medallion, rose or moldings, or painting graphic patterns or shapes.

What is the cheapest way to cover a ceiling?

Paint is a quick and cost-effective way to decorate your ceiling and transform the look and feel of your entire bedroom space. 

Use the same color on walls and the ceiling for an intimate scheme with a sense of infinity, or contrast shades on different walls for a playful look that experiments with color blocking, contrast and depth. 

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