13 bedroom window ideas that will actually add style to your space

Be inspired by these bedroom window ideas and see just how much of a difference switching out your sad-looking drapes can make

Bedroom window ideas
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So you are hunting for bedroom window ideas. We actually ask a lot of our bedroom windows, they need to provide enough darkness and privacy for us to sleep well but also need to look lovely and bring something to the space. Lucky for us, there are loads of options out there to suit any style but are still functional and well, do the job or covering your windows. 

How can you dress a bedroom window?

To name just a few you have the classic bedroom choice – curtains or drapes, there's also blinds (Roman, Venetian, roller, etc.) or shutters. And of course you can also combine these different treatments too, but more on that later.

So which bedroom window treatment to choose? Well, that's where we come in. Here we have pulled together all our fave bedroom window ideas to get you inspired, and of course to help you make the most practical choice for your space. 

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1. Go for a classic look with white bedroom shutters

California Shutters best bedroom shutters from £166 per sqm

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For a clean, crisp bedroom window ideas, choose pristine white shutters. These are full height, but for more flexibility, choose tier on tier, which allow you to open the top and lower sections separately, or café curtains that cover just the lower part of the window. 

Find out how to choose the best shutters for your bedroom in our guide.

2. Or add warmth with a dark bedroom shutter 

Shutterly Fabulous bedroom window idea

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While you may be tempted to choose white (which we love), don't be fooled into thinking they will keep out the light. They might offer privacy, but darkness is another thing – and that's what makes dark-coloured shutters a good bedroom buy. We love how it adds such a natural, warm feel to this bedroom and the plain wood means you can work it in to any existing bedroom scheme you have going on.  

3. Use curtains to turn a plain room patterned – but line them for darkness

Curtains2go bedroom curtains

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If you are a fan of the soft look of drapes or curtains but like the black-out effect of a blind, you could line your curtains with a black-out fabric. You don't lose the lovely softness of a curtain but you still get the darkness when it comes to sleeping.

'The primary use of blackout curtains is to obstruct the direct sunlight streaming through the windows, which makes them an ideal choice for the bedroom when the sun rises from as early as 4am during the summer. Great for all seasons, but especially the warmer months as blackout curtains will keep the heat out by reducing the heat transfer from window to the room. For the optimum results, an integrated interlining combined with blackout lining work best.' advises Harry Cole, Founder of Loom & Last.

Why not make your curtains the focal point of the bedroom and pull out colors from the design to accessorize with?

4. Pick a light a breezy style for a dark bedroom

Fritz Fryer bedroom idea

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Some of us simply love the whimsical feel of linen curtains floating in the summer breeze... but more than that, if your bedroom is already dark, bulky curtains at the windows are just going to cut out even more light, even when they're open. So if you’re not one to be woken early doors from the light streaming in during the summer then this pretty option is for you. 

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5. Hang curtains floor to ceiling 

White bedroom with colorful cushions

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Noticed anything about all the curtains so far? They don't just flap around the dimension of the window, they flow down to the floor. This is always how bedroom curtains should be done!

'Gone are the days of shorter curtains, they feel dated and can make a window feel small and boxed in.' say Jen & Marr of Interior Fox.  'Instead opt for floor to ceiling curtains, ensuring there are no gaps. This look adds height to a room, while keeping a clean a simple aesthetic. A personal favorite of ours is a wave curtain in a solid color, they create a smart but simple finish that’s easy on the eye. Attention to detail goes a long way, we like to swap out the eyelets to match the curtain pole. This simple but effective technique makes all the difference and helps to create a more unified and custom look.'

6. Keep it simple with roller blinds

Claire and Paul Franklin's extended bungalow in Studham has mid-century monochrome style

(Image credit: Fiona Walker Arnott)

If your home is contemporary then fussy full-on curtains and blinds will naturally not be your thing. Roller blinds are a great option, they’re streamlined and don’t impose visually on the space. Depending on the color you choose they can be ‘barely there’ which is ideal if you’re a modernist who wants to control the light and privacy in your bedroom – or show off a fabulous view. 

Check out our guide to choosing roller blinds for plenty more advice and ideas. 

7. Update your bedroom window by adding a new layer

Bobby Berk's renovation of his childhood home

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

Already got blinds but fancy a change? Loving your curtains but not getting the light-blocking qualities you need? Layering curtains with other window treatments, such as blinds or window film, will give you maximum daylight but privacy if you're overlooked. You needn't choose heavy curtains if you prefer a lighter look – why not layer a light cotton curtain with a heavier blackout option, such as Roman blinds, for the best of both worlds?

8. Add wooden accents with a light Venetian blind

Bespoke Wood Venetian blind in Caroba, from £118 for W61cm x L61cm, including fitting, Apollo Blinds.

(Image credit: Apollo Blinds)

Bring a natural element to the bedroom with wooden Venetian blinds, one of the most adjustable treatments for a sunny window since the louvers can be tilted precisely to deflect glare. Wide louvers are bang on trend and create a more simple, fuss-free look than the classic wooden blind. You could also choose contrast tapes for a hint of color. 

9. Add a fun bedroom shutter for children's rooms

Shutters by California Shutters

(Image credit: California Shutters)

Looking for bedroom window ideas that will suit kids' rooms? Solid shutters shut out the light, so kids get some rest even in summer when the evenings are long, but they also open up the possibilities for color and motifs that you can weave throughout the rest of the room. Loving the vivid yellow going on here!

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10. Choose blinds as a super-practical bedroom window treatment

loft conversion for real homes show

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Motorized blinds are a great option for loft or hard-to-access windows such as in an attic bedroom. Or for a more budget-friendly option pick manually operated roof blinds that you just pull down easily if your windows are within reach. 

11. Increase bedroom privacy with window film

Hex by Layla Faye window film, £31.68 for W80cm x L60cm, The Window Film Company

(Image credit: The Window Film Company)

A super quick and easy bedroom window idea, window films are ideal for a ground-floor bedroom that is overlooked. You can get them ready-cut to the exact measurements for your window and is easy to fit. Frosted finishes, all-over patterns and motifs are available too if you want to add some texture and interest to your space as well as privacy. 

Be inspired by these window film ideas to get the best design for your bedroom.

12. Set bedroom blinds within the frame for elegance

Made to measureMicro blinds, from £71 for W40.5cm x L61cm, including fitting, Style Studio

(Image credit: Style Studio)

A great bedroom window idea for tall windows or French doors, are pleated blinds fit neatly within each pane for a minimal look without interrupting the frame. Team with sheer curtains hung from a pole that extends either side of the windows so they can be swept right back.

13. Match your bedroom curtains to your soft furnishings

Capri roman blind in Urban Jungle, W80cm x L170cm, £59, Dekoria

(Image credit: Dekoria)

Found a fabric you love but afraid of busting the budget? Roman blinds are the answer, taking far less fabric than curtains, yet folding into decorative pleats. We love how in this bedroom they have been matched with the cushions to create a really cute cohesive look. 

What bedroom window treatments are in style?

The most popular window treatments right now are shutters – they are stylish, compact and really practical too. The one downside is the price since they are mostly made to measure, bespoke window treatments they won't suit everyone's budget. So another, more budgeted friendly bedroom window treatments  that's in style, is a classic light drape – something gauzy or linen-like that allows soft light to filter through. Hang them floor to ceiling for a much more luxurious look – this will add some height to the room too. 

What treatments are best for a small bedroom?

In a small bedroom just don't want anything that's going to add bulk around the window and block out the natural light. Natural light is key to making a small look feel lighter, airy and, as a result, bigger so opt for in a light fabric that isn't too heavy. A roller blind would work well, and you can soften it up by layering with a curtain in a lightweight fabric. 

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