I just scrolled through so many bedroom storage benches, and these are my favorites

Bye-bye bedroom clutter

Bedroom storage bench: white linen bench on wooden legs beside black rounded bench
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A bedroom storage bench might be the most understated piece of furniture you can buy for a small room. Whether it's to hold your extra (but arguably necessary) handbag collection or to give your extra bedding sets a home, this bench will soon be the object your space has been missing for way too long.

Not just a new place to sit and put your socks on, a bedroom storage bench can become a standout piece — just like a storage headboard or a dresser. It works perfectly at the bottom of your bed, otherwise, an empty wall that's calling out for something to be pushed up against it is another winning spot. And if you're someone who has a clothes chair (you know the one, with all of your worn — but not dirty enough for the laundry — clothes piled on it) then it's time to do a bit of rearranging. A bench will hold more both on top of it and inside it, and it's a total savior when guests are coming in five and your room looks like a total trainwreck.

Confession: I don't have a storage bench in my bedroom, but only because I have a larger-than-life dresser. But, I am looking at getting a storage bench for my narrow entryway, and you can bet it's going to have hidden storage. Who doesn't need all of the extra space they can get?

Here are six stylish bedroom storage benches I came across while online shopping, all of which I would buy for my own home.

6 bedroom storage benches I'm totally obsessed with

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