Lighting schemes for bedrooms

In a bedroom you will need a mix of task lighting and ambient, low-level lighting, to ensure that you have a practical, yet relaxing space.

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Gallery Image: Create an ambience in your bedroom with accent lighting. This headboard has LED colour-changing lights in it that will give a warm glow at night. A fully fitted Sharps bedroom costs from £2,000, including design, manufacture, delivery and installation (

In a bedroom you will need a mix of task lighting, such as illuminated mirrors and bedside spotlights, and ambient, low-level lighting, such as dimmable overhead or bedside lamps. However, you should also consider including lighting in wardrobes and storage.

‘We can incorporate interior lighting into our Glamour cabinet and walk-in wardrobes,’ explains Rachel Dilekci, design and planning expert at Sharps. ‘In addition, lighting can be placed within storage units to illuminate clothing and accessories, while downlights fitted above the door exterior create a soft glow on the wardrobes themselves, adding extra ambience to the bedroom and reducing the need for harsh ceiling lights.’

Laura Pagan of Pagazzi Lighting suggests that you consider the wattage of bulbs carefully. ‘These will directly affect the brightness level of the room,’ she says. ‘And, if you don’t have any room for bedside lamps, there is a wide variety of wall lights available that are perfect for night-time reading.’

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