29 gallery wall ideas – ways to beautify your blank spaces and rooms

Add character to your home with our eye-catching gallery wall ideas – including picture walls and clever nail-free ways to arrange art

A selection of framed wall art decor in living room with olive green velvet sofa and brass bar cart drinks trolley decor
(Image credit: Future)

No house is complete without gallery wall ideas nowadays, whether that's in the bedroom, living room, hallway or every single room. One of the most game-changing wall decor ideas around, displaying artwork, photographs, and prints together in unison is the perfect way to add interest to a bland or basic-looking space. 

These ideas for gallery walls will inspire you to fill any blank canvas, big or small, with life. And, by injecting a little of your personality into your living room ideas, you'll see your entire decor scheme come together in harmony.

The most exciting thing about this project is that no gallery wall is the same and that you can get as creative as you'd like, even (if not especially) if you're on a budget, or a total novice when it comes to getting crafty.

If you're in a rental and worried about the damage caused to walls – relax. Because we've nailed it with nail-free methods to make a gallery. From shelves to peg rails and adhesive ideas that peel off without defacing your foundations, we've got your walls covered... literally.

1. Add a tasteful selection to the dining room

An assortment of framed wall art decor on dining room wall with wooden dining table and chair set

(Image credit: Nest)

Want to serve up some style alongside your tasty dishes? You need a gallery wall idea. It's the perfect way to start the conversation when you're hosting a dinner party or want to create a dynamic atmosphere at mealtime.

This is one way to add big energy to a small dining room idea and maximize the snug space you have. As food for thought, why not create a culinary theme? Lemons are great for a Tuscan-inspired scheme, or you can pay homage to Andy Warhol by popping a Campbell's soup print on the wall to relish all the retro vibes.

2. Go for abstract art

A modern living room with abstract line wall art and brushstroke rug with green sofa decor

(Image credit: Habitat)

Art doesn't have to be perfect portraits of recognizable scenes or people. So if you prefer organic lines and shapes or 'proper art' is too 'neat', go about your gallery wall by introducing brush strokes and paint splatters for a fun and unfussy look.

We love the way the line art on the walls, scatter cushions and statement rug are all different, but work well together. You might also be surprised to know that all of these items are available from Habitat so you can create a designer scheme by heading online or shopping in your local Sainsbury's supermarket.

3. Make a statement with slogan art

A white living room with white fireplace and assortment of framed slogan wall art by Oliver Bonas

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

In similar fashion, art isn't all about paint or pattern either. So make sure your guests get the message with some textual prints. This is such a fun way to inject some interior personality and you can be candid with cheeky words, or cultured with film or book quotes.

Oliver Bonas is where it's at for only the eclectic executions and we love what they've done with this modern fireplace idea. If you want to know how to decorate a  mantel like a pro, we've got some inspiration to fire up the creativity.

Gallery wall with plates on a green wall with a white long dining table on a painted floor

Deluxe White Oiled Oak laminate flooring, Carpetright. For similar illustrated plates, try Rory Dobner

(Image credit: Carpet right)

Hanging plates is an elegant way to introduce color, pattern, and texture to your scheme, so why hide away your beautiful tableware in a cupboard? Hang them using these cheap plate hangers we found on Amazon (from Hillman).

Alternatively, if you don't want to go down this route, line them up on shelves instead for an easily updatable display. This shelving idea obviously works if you already have an existing ledge, but if you want a quick and easy introduction to DIY, learn how to put up a shelf

'A gallery wall is something that instantly adds style and character to your home, but all that hanging can be a time-consuming job,' says Johanna Constantinou, brand and communications director at Tapi.

'Instead, why not hang up a shelf or ledge and add your favorite prints, photos or accessories to it? This is a great way of adding your own personality to your home. Just remember when you move out to fill in any holes if needed.'

5. Overhaul your hallway

A hallway with green wall paint decor, green console table and plate decor on wall with succulent print desisn

(Image credit: Homesense)

Check out this gallery wall by Homesense which uses Succulent-printed plates and a biophilic display in the hallway.

If you've invested in a console table for your entryway – push this against the wall and display framed art on top for an 'off-the-wall' idea, as one way to decorate a console table and add extra dimension.

Wall gallery with different frames and green velvet couch

All prints, Desenio

(Image credit: Desenio)

If you have a collection of much-loved art, family photos or favorite postcards, grouping them together in a gallery wall creates an authentic and bespoke display.

If symmetry is your thing, measure them carefully before hanging to get even spacing. Alternatively, for a more laid-back approach, arrange your pieces on the floor prior to picking up your hammer.

Desenio has a fab service on their website which helps you plan the layout of your gallery wall and choose frames and prints to suit your space. So with the power of technology, you can bring your living room wall ideas to life, before you decide how to hang pictures.

7. Make it dark and eclectic

dark living room with black paint walls and leather seating and a contemporary gallery wall

(Image credit: Brett Charles© Future)

This artist's eclectic gallery wall transformed a dull and standard-looking canvas into one full of character and moody charm. 

Proving that mixed media will add depth and create a statement, especially if you're searching for dramatic ideas for black living rooms.

8. Add reflective elements

Contrasting geometric wallpapers in dark hallway and lighter lounge, complete with vintage chest and large round mirror

(Image credit: @CarmeonHamilton x Hygge & West)

This idea for the hallway pops because of the gorgeous reflective elements present in this cool, mini-gallery space. Modern, bold, and such a great way to add character to a property. By choosing the best wallpapers and a bold mirror, you too can achieve this look quite easily.

Want to be the greatest of them all? Learn how to hang a mirror with ease.

9. Use fairy lights to display your photos

Fairy lights gallery wall with photographs in contemporary young bedroom

200 warm white LED fairy lights on clear cable from lights4fun.co.uk

(Image credit: lights4fun.co.uk)

Brighten up an area in your home for a party or just for a fun change by using festoon and string lights. These living room wall lighting ideas from Lights4Fun are a great way to add a glow to dark wall space, and with options to clip on photos, and postcards, it’s easy to update this pretty feature with a new display – snap up some mini wooden pegs, or mini metal alligator clips  – both available on Amazon.

Now you don't have to be David Bailey to take photos. So if you want a regular change-up of your photographs, why not treat yourself to an instant camera while you're on Amazon. Retro decor has had a resurgence, so that's one way to shake up your gallery wall ideas (like a Polaroid picture).

10. Layer up prints on a picture ledge

Floating shelving with different frames above yellow ochre two seater and geometric area rug

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Practical and inexpensive, this type of shelving is a great base for creating your very own striking art displays. 

Use a single shelf or group two or more together, then dress with vases, pictures, books or candlesticks. The beauty of this look is that you can change your arrangement as the mood takes you.

Learning how to install a floating shelf is super a simple DIY project and when you're not using it for a gallery wall idea, it's a great storage space for other items. Create a similar look to the one pictured with Sydney 36" W X 6" D floating shelves from Wayfair.

11. Create a living wall

Ferns with a bookcase with circular coffee table and green accent chair

Betty armchair in Olive pure cotton matt velvet from Sofa.com

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Houseplants are back on trend, and not only do they look good, but the best indoor plants can also do wonders for your health and well-being, too. 

Take full advantage of the benefits of houseplants by adding some living, breathing greenery instantly gives a fresh feeling to any space and provides a vibrant splash of color, especially in this green on green living room idea

No excuses if you're not green-fingered either. You can either learn how to how to care for houseplants (spoiler: remember to water them) or fake the look with faux foliage.

12. Add texture and interest with exotic finds

Textured woven wall hangings on decorative gold chest with white relaxed chair

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Texture isn’t just for soft furnishings – as this scheme shows. Smooth walls can look great punctuated with tactile objects displayed as a gallery wall, particularly if you're working with a white canvas.

Experiment with everything from quirky hats or feather placemats to African baskets or woven discs; grouped over a piece of furniture, they make a unique statement. Anthropologie is the OG for fringed baskets and rattan wall hangings and we've spotted the small banana fiber and raffia palm decor on their site, but be quick before they sell out.

13. Create a quirky display for children's rooms

Quirky animal wall art in baby bedroom with cot

(Image credit: Hurn and Hurn)

Keep your little ones engaged by hanging fun items in their bedrooms for them to look at, touch and feel. As a cute nursery idea, add furry animal heads for a quirky take on a gallery wall, or turn toys into art by nestling them in wall-hung baskets or on shelves.

Shop these animal heads and hooks from Fiona Walker available at Hurn & Hurn

Arranged mirrors on a wall and over a glass and wooden antique cabinet

For similar mirrors, try Rough Old Glass or Cult Furniture

(Image credit: Stuart Cox)

A classic interior design trick for making a small room look bigger is to use mirrors as art. They bounce light around a room and give the impression of more space. Hang a single large one as a statement piece or mass several different shaped mirror ideas together for extra interest. 

15. Go for a classic look with peg rails

Houseplants, photos and gardening trinkets on open shelving with wooden bench chair and green decorative accents

(Image credit: Homesense)

Originally used for hanging chairs, Shaker-style peg rails are no longer just great kitchen storage ideas and are often found in kitchens for their effortless and classic look. As they can easily blend into most decorative schemes, they make a good addition to almost anywhere in the house.

Choose natural wood or a painted finish and adorn with anything from coats, bags, scarfs and hats to tools, ornaments or a string of fairy lights.

For a similar peg rail, try painting this wood wall mount 6-peg coat rack from the iDesign store on Amazon. Create a cohesive look by using a complimentary shade or make a statement with a bold hue. Try Annie Sloan or Frenchic for a chalky finish or go super sleek with a signature Farrow and Ball color.

16. Get creative with lighting 

Six Curiousa & Curiousa Siren lights on wall with living room sofa and side table decor

(Image credit: Curiousa & CCuriousa & Curiousurious)

For a really quirky take on a gallery wall, introduce some interesting wall lights.

These wall lights from Curiousa & Curiousamake a bold statement but their resemblance to wall plates keeps the overall look from being too wacky – we love the idea of working them into a Mid-century modern inspired space.

Incorporating a gallery wall into your room design is the easiest way to break up an all-white scheme, creating a space with greater depth and interest. Plus, white really is the perfect blank canvas to display your art on.

We love the pairing of this white living room with bold bright accents in the sculptures on the walls. Love this space? Take a tour of the rest of the gorgeous Georgian home, it's owned by interior writer, author, and content creator, Lisa Dawson so you know it's going to be impeccable. 

Neutral gallery wall with textures

(Image credit: Iben and Niels Ahlberg/inagency.dk)

If you want to create a gallery wall that has a more cohesive look, pick a clear color scheme. We love the look of this neutral gallery wall, the colors are simple but there are plenty of different textures and materials thrown in to add interest. This gallery wall idea would work particularly well in a smaller space, say a hallway or a landing, because the limited, neutral color scheme won't overwhelm the space. 

Find similar rustic frames on Wayfair, Etsy or eBay. Don't be afraid to mix and match frames for a chintzy aesthetic. This beautiful Cophenagen apartment is full of vintage finds.

18. Keep it chic and cohesive

An assortment of hanging glass frames with brass finish by Cox & Cox

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

These clear glass frames from Cox and Cox work brilliantly together as although they are different shapes and mostly different sizes, they are still all in unity with the same dainty frame color and material. This would be perfect as a boho bedroom idea, lounge or even awkward corridor setting, especially if you choose botanical pictures or abstract scenes for the photo itself.

If you're stateside, these JuxYes hanging picture frames on Amazon are a budget-friendly dupe, so you can design your gallery wall ideas wherever you are in the world.

19. Let it flow

Farrow & Ball green bedroom with gallery wall and printed cushions

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Boxy and artistic cushions veritably draws this gallery's design features down from the wall and onto the bed for a thoughtful finish. Even the paint color for the living room has been considered, as sage green complements and runs through some of the designs.

Serena & Lily have some of the best scatter cushions with classic designs that'll blend into the rest of your scheme.

Bedroom painted in Farrow and Ball Railing and Estate Eggshell

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

Want a quick way to make a picture wall really stand out? This gallery wall idea will transform a room in just a couple of hours: simply use paint to create a colored wall panel idea as a backdrop to give your favorite artwork some added impact. 

It takes nothing more than some leftover paint, a roller, and masking tape, and is the perfect way to freshen up a room in an afternoon. Just create your 'frame' using masking tape and a ruler and then get painting. Leave it to dry, remove the tape and then hang your gallery wall. 

21. Match colors within artwork to create a cohesive feel

Living in Colour Renovated 1960s terrace

(Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott)

Picking artwork with a common color theme will create a cohesive look. This doesn't just work for a picture wall – choosing pieces for your wall, whether pictures or other artistic displays with similar colors will help knit the scheme together. Magenta pink will always make the boys (and girls) wink...

22. Go supersize with posters

Blue living room with gallery wall

(Image credit: Ikea)

Bump up your gallery wall even in a small living room space by maxing out on the size of your prints and frames. Lessen the wall space between the frames for a heightened visual impact and then keep your color scheme simple, so that the hues and other design details flow seamlessly with the rest of the room.

We love the way that Ikea have put together this indigo blue living room idea, with one of their best sofas to create a cozy aesthetic.

Hats hang decorative to create a feature

Stylish hat hanger from Madhatters by Robyn on Etsy

(Image credit: Madhatters by Robyn)

'Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)' is a song sung by Motown legend Marvin Gaye, but now the lyric speaks true in our interior schemes.

Hats always seem to be the hardest accessory to properly store, so hang them in a pleasing way. Then whenever you want to wear a hat, they're within easy reach. Just be sure to replace the hat when you're done wearing it. Hang them with nails or hooks, or find a wall fixture designed just for hanging your hats and see how this is one of the most affordable gallery wall ideas going.

H&M always seems to have cool head accessories, so if you don't have any floppy sunhats, head to Hennes & Mauritz for some Swedish style.

24. Show off favorite photos and memories

Mixtiles via Kylie M Interiors

(Image credit: Kylie M. Interiors)

While selecting a mix of art and prints, don't forget to add your own personal spin with your own photos. Showcase family members, favorite vacation photos, or even your favorite Instagram grid photos. Interior decorator Kylie M created this gallery wall using  Mixtiles in her breakfast nook.

Mixtiles (available on Amazon) make it easy and affordable to print out your favorite photos into framed pieces of various sizing. Even better: the photos use a reusable adhesive, so you can rearrange frames around as you please, with no worry of damaging walls. 

25. Create a collage

A bedroom with Tezza coastal wall collage kit, bed and embroidered cushion decor

(Image credit: Tezza)

Walls covered with aesthetic, mood board type images have taken over social media, especially TikTok in the form of less than perfect collages. You can gather from magazines and print your own images, or head straight to sites like Etsy or other independent creators who have created prints ready for the mass, like Tezza, who offer various kits around different aesthetics.

IZOOMI also have a gorgeous peach and teal collage kit on Amazon which is perfect for even the fussiest adolescents looking for cool teenage girl bedroom ideas.

26. Play with texture

Target shibori gallery wall with macrame wall hanging, antler heads and wooden picture frames on wall

(Image credit: Target)

A gallery wall isn't just paintings and art prints. It's an amalgamation of pieces that work together cohesively. Sprinkle in different mediums like tapestries or mixed media work for texture, interest, and dimension. 

Laura Mitchell Interior Design gallery wall floor to ceiling

(Image credit: Laura Mitchell Interior Design)

While many gallery walls are placed above a focal point like a sofa or a sideboard, why not dedicated an entire wall to your gallery. We're talking about a display that spreads itself from floor to ceiling. Try the idea out on a smaller wall, like on a stairway landing or room dividing wall, or go full force and cover an empty wall from top to bottom with curated sorts. 

You can keep uniform frames and color palettes complimentary for a polished look (like Laura Mitchell Interior Design) has done, or mix and match for a design as varied as the items you love to collect. 

28. Use the power of three

A bedroom with grey wall paint decor, bed and framed gallery wall

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

It works in writing and it sure makes a statement when hanging a gallery wall too. Choose three core colors that run through each piece of art or framed photograph and you'll create a cool, coherent look. 

Nod to colors present in the surrounding space for bonus decor points. This red, white, and black trio work well to create a designer feel in this bedroom. 

29. Create a view

Slated blinds in dark blue contemporary living room with eclectic gallery wall, zebra rug and corkboard floor

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

Your gallery wall should be full of what brings you joy and while this design feature will ignite happiness wherever it may be in your home, consider building yours out at the foot of your bed or in front of a lounging area to create the perfect view for all times of day. Include small and simple drawings that will make you feel good about your space on all the levels.

This modern living room bends all the rules with OSB plywood flooring and a graffiti print to create an edgy and industrial atmosphere.  

'A top tip when using dark colors on the walls is to keep a sense of light and space by hanging eye-catching art works in elaborate frames.' says Elaine Penhaul, interiors expert and founder of award-winning, national home staging company, Lemon and Lime Interiors

'If you’re feeling unsure about taking the plunge and re-decorating, a great way to create this look is by using dramatic print rugs or oversized art pieces.'

A neutral gallery wall in living room with framed print and sculptural accessories

(Image credit: Primark)

There are no rules or dos and don'ts with a gallery wall, but it is the perfect space to show off your favorite things. Be that art and vintage photo frames, maps or other trinkets, – who'd have thought their righteous home would be on the wall? Co-founder and seasoned art expert, Elinor Olisa Barikor, seasoned art expert and co-founder of DegreeArt.com shares her thoughts and tips on how to introduce art into your home and into your gallery walls.

She says, 'The most important thing to consider when you start collecting art for your home is if the artwork makes you happy! You can bring your interiors to life by adding everything from paintings, to limited edition prints, to hand finished and artist-designed accessories,'

'Once you start collecting, it is hard to stop and you’ll find yourself discovering new places in your home to display works that you never knew existed - from wall art created by a recent graduate, to sculpture placed on your mantlepiece or even a new cushion designed by an artist – art doesn’t need to be confined to a particular spot on your wall, incorporating art into your home really does create a homely, curated, happy space for you and your family.' 

Yes, 100 per cent they're still en vogue, and you shouldn't just think of them as a stylish scheme while you're living in your home, as they can also help to sell it too.

'Art can be the guiding framework of a room, assisting the overall layout for placing furniture and maximizing the space available. It more than just an aesthetic – it’s about understanding people’s behaviors and evoking an emotion in the potential buyer – that’s what sells.' says Penhaul.

'Larger more painterly pieces give proportion and scale to a room, while smaller framed images and prints pull together to form an interesting gallery wall. This can lengthen the room in either direction, drawing the eye to a cluster of exciting images.'

'When choosing art, you could consider a range of details, including your home décor, hobbies and interests, and any memories you want to capture,' says Amy Harrison, brand influencer and relationship manager, Castle Fine Art.

'You could also think about how you want the art to make you feel: do you want to remember fast-paced nights in the city, or feel tranquil in your living space?'

'If you're feeling overwhelmed by the choice available, it may be time to talk to an art consultant. As it's their job to have their finger on the pulse, they are best placed to talk you through the different finishes and styles, and help you to discover emerging contemporary artists or international, diverse, and indigenous artists whose work may not be in the limelight.'

Catharina Björkman, Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura says, 'If your art or frames are not working in a particular space or room, simply move them around to see if they would be better placed in a different location.'

'It can take time for items to look at home in a new spot, so resist the urge to switch them straight back if you are unsure at first. If you have a gallery wall, switching around your prints, adding more, or even taking some away is an inexpensive way to completely refresh your wall – it will bring you joy each time you see it in all its glory.'

For example, you could try a classic living room corner idea or experiment with other ideas for living room layouts that differ from the norm.

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