16 atmospheric and dark decorating ideas

Check out this gallery of inspiring dark decorating ideas, from monochrome, modern bathrooms to dark and atmospheric living rooms and get some ideas for your next decorating project

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Dark and moody decorating has started to gain popularity in recent years as a deviation from the ever-popular trend of light, white contemporary colour schemes. Dark shades can be used to create atmosphere and personality in a room and can act as a brilliant canvas on which bright, contrasting colours can be placed.

Take a look at this gallery of inspiring dark decorating ideas, from monochrome, modern bathrooms to dark and atmospheric, traditional hallways and get some ideas for your next decorating project.

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dark library

2. A luxury bathroom

This bathroom uses dark browns and moody purples to create a sense of luxury to complement the decadent steam room and shower space.

Dark bathroom decorating ideas

3. Bold and edgy

Architects designed this house with unique wood panelling on the ceiling to warm up the dark walls.

dark blue living room with wooden ceiling

Photographer: Alison Hammond

4. Decorating in the garden

Decorating doesn’t have to be reserved for interiors. Atmosphere has been added to this outdoor seating area with the clever addition of a dark blue timber wall.

dark garden decorating ideas

 5. Dramatic bathroom makeover

This dramatic bathroom is bold in its use of black and dark wood, giving the impression of a high end hotel.

dark decorating ideas for a small bathroom

6. Eastern-inspired renovation

In some cases furniture can be used to add atmosphere to a room. This dark chair and footstool complements the dark grey on the walls and the dark frames of the floor to ceiling doors.

dark decorating ideas and furniture in an asian inspired house

7. Dramatic living area

By using the same colour for the walls, floors, sofa and even the windows, this dark backdrop acts like a blank canvas for colouful paintings and accessories.

Stunning dark grey living room

Photographer: David Wooley

8. Moody bedroom decorating

This dark bedroom has been brightened up by bold red accessories for a cool, chic look.

dark bedroom with red accessories

9. Industrial-style kitchen

Dark paint schemes lend themselves well to industrial style homes with their leaning towards natural materials and moody shades. This kitchen uses dark blue to complement the exposed brick of the walls.

dark brick decorating ideas in an industrial kitchen

dark modern kitchen

11. Monochrome hallway

A monochrome colour palette is the perfect place to use dark colours. It creates an interesting contrast and makes this hallway feel grand with a contemporary touch.

dark monochrome decorating ideas for a hallway

12. Gothic-style interior

This apartment takes its decorating cues from the macabre, combining dark interiors with decorative skulls and taxidermy to create a truly atmospheric London home.

dark decorating ideas in a one bedroom apartment

Click here to take a tour of this incredible apartment in London

13. Kitchen feature wall

Decorative wallpaper is becoming an increasingly popular choice for decorating a room. This traditional style, theatrical print draws attention to the dining area in this redesigned kitchen.

dark wallpaper decorating ideas in a kitchen

14. Stylish blue living room

Dark colours don’t have to mean dark rooms. The use of this dark blue, contrasted with the white in the rest of the room creates an interesting, but light and airy decorating scheme

dark blue paint decorating in a livingroom

15. Family home feature wall

The black feature wall in this stylish living room acts as a canvas on which the rest of the decorations stand out. The eclectic furniture and accessories add real personality to the space.

dark feature wall decorating in a terraced house

16. Contemporary Victorian loft

The entire interior of this Victorian loft apartment uses a stylish, yet classic monochrome palette, creating a true sense of luxury and class in the stylish space. White walls keep the space bright, offset by dark flooring, fixtures and furniture.

monochrome decoraing ideas in an apartment