How to make a DIY headboard with just wallpaper

Easy peasy, you can create a DIY headboard with just a spare roll of wallpaper

DIY headboard with wallpaper
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Want to make a DIY headboard? Honestly, this is the easiest hack, literally just takes an hour and you can do it using stuff you already have in the house. You know that spare roll of wallpaper you didn't need for the bathroom? Put it to good use as a headboard.

This hack will create a real feature in your bedroom, bring in pattern and interest instantly! Keep scrolling for the easy to follow step by step guide and for more DIY headboard ideas check out our feature. Head over to our DIY hub page for more projects to get started on.

You will need:

Step one: plan your headboard shape and size

Take a pencil and a ruler and plan out the size you want your wallpaper head board to be. Obviously you can get creative with the shapes, but we think a classic square or rectangle is the most effective. It makes it easier if you use the width of your wallpaper roll to plan the overall width of your headboard, just so you don't have to do any fiddly cutting. 

Draw your shape onto the wall with the pencil and then take the measurements of each side. 

Step two: cut your wallpaper

Use the measurements from the shape you have created on the wall to cut your pieces of wallpaper to fit. We recommending laying your wallpaper flat on the floor to do this. 

Farrow & Ball wallpaper used as a DIY headboard

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Step three: get wallpapering 

Then you just treat it how you would any wallpapering job. If you have never wallpapered before, it's really not as tricky as you would expect, just watch our easy to follow video below. 

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