20 bedroom wallpaper ideas that will add personality to your sleeping space

Inspiring bedroom wallpaper ideas will bring print, colorful designs and good vibes to your sleeping space.

striped blue and white wallpaper in etherial sleeping space with wooden headboard
(Image credit: Society 6)

Though where you sleep tends to be a space that you want to keep a little more calm and neutral, many of the best bedroom wallpaper ideas will prove that energizing colorways and cool, maximalist designs are by no means out of bounds in your sleeping sanctuary.

Wallpaper ideas offer minimal effort with much reward in return, whether you wallpaper all four walls or just one for a stylish accent... Melanie Adams, Wallpaperdirect Global Manager, says that when choosing the best wallpaper for your bedroom, you want to 'Think about how you want the room to make you feel. Do you want to create a calm oasis to aid sleep or revitalising space that will make you feel energized when you wake? Also consider the placement of the wallpaper and when it will be in view. You can afford to be bolder on the wall behind the headboard as realistically you won’t be looking at it when trying to get to sleep. However you may want to choose a smaller scale and softer shades if using wallpaper on all four walls.'

1. Create a focal point with a bedroom wall mural

Chasing Paper portrait wallpaper in bedroom with grey upholstered bed frame and blue side table

(Image credit: Chasing Paper)

If you are looking to make a statement with your bedroom wallpaper ideas or want an easy way to completely transform a space, murals are the way to go. These oversized prints are a hot trend and the best of them are show-stoppingly stunning to behold. Perfect for all bedroom styles, whether contemporary or traditional, there are options available for everyone.

2. Wallpaper all four walls (yes, we said it)

Soft pink bedroom wallpaper by Boras Tapeter with gold accents and white linen bedding

(Image credit: Boras Tapeter)

Can you remember the last time you saw a room with four matching walls? No, we can't either. While feature wall ideas continue to serve us well, we think it's perfectly plausible to cover those other three walls in wallpaper, too... if you choose a design and color that aren’t too overwhelming, allowing your bedroom furniture and accessories to do the talking.  

3. Lively flower patterns

Bright feature bedroom wallpaper with upholstered bed with light blue and bright fabrics

(Image credit: Wallpaper direct)

This space is vintage with contemporary appeal, and the King Protea from Wallpaper Direct. adds energy, without being exhausting on the eyes. Add greenery nods to more soothing and balancing tones.

4. Crane away

Crane bedroom mural frames bed with hot pink tassel throw and yellow detail

(Image credit: @agi_at_59)

When bedroom wallpaper ideas are nature inspired they offer a little escapism and room to dream – ideal for every sleeping space. This look was brought together by Agi of @agi_at_59 using Yanya wallpaper from Dutch brand @muancewall

5. Embrace the trend for dark bedroom wallpaper ideas

Dark distress wallpaper in bedroom with striped bed linen, mismatched decor and dried flowers

(Image credit: Nedgis)

Dark and moody interiors are having a bit of moment, and we are fully on board. Our favourite way to bring the trend into the bedroom? A subtly distressed grey wallpaper, obviously.  For a similar look to this bedroom wallpaper, we love Cole and Son's Patina Haze

6. Inject color with tropical designs

Jungle print wallpaper with wildlife behind wooden headboard with solid wood side table stool

(Image credit: Miki Rose)

Tropical prints have been hotter than the rainforests that inspire them for a while now, and we still can't get enough of them. Decorating with botanical wallpaper is a super easy (and quick) way to incorporate the trend into your home.  This bedroom wallpaper is a bit of a grown up take on the bright banana leaf prints that are everywhere at the moment and slightly more subtle, making it perfect for an adult bedroom. 

7. Bring structure with bedroom wallpaper blocking

Farrow and Ball Samphire wallpaper defines romantic bed with headboard and pink and white linen plus pendant lighting

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

You’ve all heard of color blocking with paint but what about trying out the same trend with wallpaper? This is actually a great idea to add structure to bedroom a budget, because you won’t need to spend a lot on endless rolls of wallpaper.

You could go bold and mix patterns and prints or for a simpler effect, just use one pattern and cover a smaller area of the wall, such as behind the headboard. No headboard? No problem. You can fake one with wallpaper. Here, Farrow & Ball’s Samphire has been used to ground the bed and give the room a focal point.

Sanderson Picture Gallery wallpaper with blue reclaimed chest complete with trinkets and black wrought iron bed frame

(Image credit: Sanderson)

If you didn’t know it already, we are obsessed with gallery wall ideas and, now we have found a really low-maintenance way to recreate the look, using wallpaper.

This bedroom wallpaper has a gorgeous vintage feel that would work perfectly in a traditional bedroom, but also wouldn't look out of place in a more contemporary space. 

9. Room for romance

Salmon pink and light grey bedding with soft patterned bedroom wallpaper and white side lamp

(Image credit: Wallpaper direct)

Floral textured wallpaper in salmon pink and grey complements a soft and romantic bedroom color scheme in this space. White accents pulls this look together for very soothing and sweet vibes all around.

10. Nod to the ombré effect

Gray dramatic feature wall in laminate floor room with baby pink dresser and bedding

(Image credit: Ercol)

You can also cheat the ombre paint effect using wallpaper. The dreamy, inky hues of this mural definitely make a statement but the color doesn't overwhelm the room.

11. Wallpaper your bedroom ceiling 

Ceilings are often neglected when it comes to patterned wallpaper, but it’s really just another blank canvas to work with. So we say be brave with your ceiling and cover it in a funky wallpaper that might be too much for all four walls, but a breeze for your ‘fifth wall’ to handle. 

Check out how @thehousethatgreybuilt has used a bold wallpaper on the ceiling in an otherwise completely white room. Love it. 

12. Get all the Scandi feels with a wood panel effect wallpaper

NLXL Blue Scrapwood Wallpaper in warehouse with leather upholstered bed frame and blue matching cushioning

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Reclaimed wood-paneled walls are a pricey decor trend, but they have been around for ages and we absolutely love the look. Good news is that there is now a ton of wallpaper brands jumping on the bandwagon and producing realistic wood effect wallpapers, so you can get that rustic look for a fraction of the price. 

13. Match furniture to your wallpaper

We are definitely going to be stealing this idea from @susana_ordovas – it's such a good way to give furniture a refresh. (And for those of you who aren't lucky enough to own a French armoire to upcycle, we are sure this would work just as well with a Billy bookcase from Ikea...)

14. Give traditional floral prints an update

Floral wallpaper may be slightly reminiscent of your grandmother’s living room and outdated hotel bathrooms but we promise you that these traditional styles are making a comeback. Floral wallpaper is cool again. Just look at how @seasonsincolour has styled Little Green’s Paradise – paired with a sunburst mirror and bright accessories the traditional print looks really fresh. 

15. Add height with stripes

Magnus wallpaper by Sandberg

(Image credit: Sandberg)

Nothing says sophistication and elegance quite like an immaculate vertical stripe. And is it just us or does a stripe always seem to instantly give a bedroom a luxury hotel vibe? Striped wallpaper is also a failsafe way to make a small bedroom feel larger as it elongates the walls, as perfectly demonstrated by this wallpaper.

16. Cover all angles of walls

Image by Francis Dzikowski, interior decoration by Kelly G Design, architecture is by CWB Architects

(Image credit: Francis Dzikowski)

Maybe your bedroom is at the top of the house, in a converted loft, or maybe the walls are just a bit oddly angled. Celebrate your weirdly shaped and sloping walls by wallpapering them. 

We love how in this bedroom, Cole & Sons’ Woods has been used on the angled walls to give the illusion that the room is almost double the height.  

17. Play on tiles

bedroom with black and white wallpaper and dark wood by argos

(Image credit: Argos)

While wall tiles are more readily associated with the kitchen and bathroom, a patterned finish tile can make a stylish design feature in a bedroom, too, particularly when paired with bohemian or Morrocan-inspired prints and textures.

But, rather than tiling in a bedroom – which can be expensive and time consuming – why not consider opting for a tile-effect wallpaper instead? Opt for a neutral base and paper up to the height of a dado rail to ensure the space isn't overwhelmed by pattern. For a similar monochrome tile-effect wallpaper, try Cole & Son.

18. Choose a large scale pattern for more of an impact

Light green floral wallpaper with framed print and jute armchair

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Sometimes, color doesn’t need to be the ‘thing’, the pattern can be the star of the show instead - which is the case with this large Helleborus motif design from Farrow & Ball. It has a beautiful linear quality that is eye-catching in its neutral colorway. These shades are easy to accessorize especially if you love off-whites and textures. Sheepskin throws on the bed, warm wood furniture and hints of fresh green will all be great choices. 

19. All shades of pink

Pink floral wall mural in bedroom with jute rug, modern pendant lighting and pink throw

(Image credit: @agi_at_59)

Pink isn't reserved solely for our children's bedrooms... And by using it in a wallpaper that will flatter other tones around the space, it will make a bedroom gorgeous and grown up (enough) as Agi has done.

20. Choose a traditional but bright bedroom wallpaper 

Blue pink and green large motif wallpaper with upholstered headboard and accent side lamp in yellow.

(Image credit: Little Greene)

This bedroom wallpaper is a beautiful example of a late 19th century wallpaper printing, so if you have a period property and want to recreate the rooms then this is the kind of design to look for. It is flamboyant and vibrant, and yes, on the pricier end of the scale, but these wallpapers can be used sparingly to help your budget if you have one. This design papered on one wall, alcoves or a fireplace will still look striking and you can paint the other walls in a tone from the print. 

Sweet wallpapered dreams...

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