4 key bedroom trends for 2016

Get the bedroom of your dreams with one of the four key decorating trends – plus five top tips on how to get each look yourself

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Your bedroom isn’t simply for sleeping, it should be a room that you can relax in and enjoy your down time. Make it a space that you actually want to spend time using the top four bedroom trends for 2016 as inspiration. Not only that, we’ve given you a simple breakdown of five easy steps you can take to introduce each trend into your bedroom.


One of the key interior trends carried over from 2015 is Scandinavian style. It is characterised by a lack of clutter and a degree of respect for bare materials like wood, metal and textured fabrics.

How to do it

  1. Don’t be afraid of white. A white-painted room can look incredibly stylish and the grain of a wooden floor or the texture of fabric and furniture will really stand out against the simplicity.
  2. Colour can still be important. Splashes of vibrant shade – a favourite piece of art or bright cushions – will pop against the neutral backdrop.
  3. Plants are your friends. Plants play a key role in a Scandinavian scheme with the foliage and flowers standing out against the neutrality of a Scandinavian scheme.
  4. Embrace a small space. It’s a great way to make small, little-used bedrooms a useable space, rather than just a spare room.
  5. Think clever furniture. You only have to visit Ikea to see how important storage is in Scandinavian design. Clever storage will keep the clutter at bay and make the space seem so much bigger, adding to the feeling of calm and simplicity.

scandinavian bedding trends

Simple linen bedding in soft neutral colours like rose, taupe and stone, from £69.99, Linenme

Industrial vintage

Another of the key trends for bedrooms this year is industrial vintage, which allows for design features of eclectic, found and favoured items. A critical element of this trend is stripped-back and natural materials – while exposed brick walls provide an interesting focal point to any room and provide a rustic and authentic feel by exposing your home’s architectural features.

How to do it

  1. Save a bit of money. The industrial vintage trend was born out of utility and authenticity; don’t go to the high-end designers trying to emulate the style – it is all about salvage and repurposing industrial features to suit your lifestyle.
  2. Celebrate natural materials. Throw together bare-brick walls, unconcealed pipes and uncovered floorboards to showcase the beauty of these utilitarian materials.
  3. Get used to dark neutrals. These raw materials are often naturally dark, but that isn’t a problem; metallics will stand out and vibrant art or furniture will definitely make a statement against them.
  4. Raw lighting. One of the key pieces in industrial style is the Edison bulb, casting a vintage yellow glow around the room. You can either have them hanging alone to get that high-ceilinged warehouse look, or cover them with an industrial metal shade.
  5. Mix and match furniture. Throw out the rulebook, If you’ve already got a chunky wooden bed, but you want those chromed bookshelves, they won’t look out of place. You can mix and match from different styles and include all of your favourite pieces.

industrial vintage trends

The Manhattan range, starting from £2,000, from Sharps

‘Industrial bedroom chic remains an on-trend style with its clean lines and functional roots, with open-plan designs ideally suited to multi-functional living as space becomes more of a premium. The industrial look is easily achieved with strong neutrals and blending of light and dark accents, whether through pared-down furniture, flooring, bedding and accessories,’ Tony McCarthy, Crown Imperial


This trend adds warmth and texture to a neutral colour scheme and can be used on both your bedroom walls and built in furniture. Fluid sweeps of colour can be layered on a clean backdrop to mimic the appearance of a watercolour paintings.

How to do it

  1. Go for cold shades. This style is characterised by its use of soft blues, mint greens and duck egg. However, there is no reason you couldn’t experiment with a small amount of something warmer, like pink or orange.
  2. Add texture with colour. A delicate stroke of a paintbrush to an otherwise white wall will create the look of paints on the surface of textured paper.
  3. Choose complementary fabrics. When you pick soft furnishings, go for colours that complement the gentle shades decorating your walls.
  4. Add texture with accessories. Rustic coppers, other metallics and bright ceramics will stand out against the calm and gentle canvas of watercolour.
  5. Make a feature of the colours. Be selective about the furniture you choose, as it will draw the eye to the watercolours on the wall, turning your room into a work of art and make a statement of the trend.

watercolour trends

Turquoise watercolour wallpaper, from £23.50m², Murals Wallpaper

Casual country

Casual countryis a laid back take on country-house hotel, where the texture of traditional florals and colour has been replaced with the stylistic neutral palletes popular today. Think dainty florals like sage greens and shaker style furniture.

How to do it

  1. Go for calming colours. To create a truly relaxed feel, use a mix of neutrals around the room. Your walls could be an off white, and your units, a soft grey or green. The grain of your floorboards and solid wood furniture will add great texture and warmth to the neutral pallet.
  2. A preference for utility. Much like many of the trends this year, there is a leaning towards practicality typical of the shaker style. Furniture is functional and simple with solid wooden beds, chairs and a mix of freestanding and fitted furniture.
  3. Embrace soft furnishings. Rustic-style knitted throws; patchwork quilts, checks, tweeds and layered bed linen will create texture, warmth and that relaxed country feel that embodies the trend.
  4. Pull up your carpet. Worn floorboards are popular in a lot of trends, but they are central to this one. Don’t worry about the floor being cold because a thick, simple rug will bring your scheme together.
  5. Replace curtains with shutters. Wooden shutters will do wonders to top off the country charm. Painted in an off white, like your walls, they will unify the room and add to the look.

Casual country trends

The Henley range, starting from £2,000, from Sharps