Living room style: luxury metallics

Introduce a classically luxurious style to your living room with elegant metallic accents

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Bring elegance and luxury to your living room by using metallic accents in gold or bronze, with our expert advice below

Featured image: Versailles Bedroom Sofa, W133xD70xH92cm, priced £1180 from The French Bedroom Company

‘A trend that is constantly evolving, from Regency style to modern and eclectic, metallic can add warmth to larger rooms, as well as interest or a focal point for smaller spaces. Such a broad trend can be a minefield to navigate – avoid a rapidly dated look by choosing one metallic accent and sticking to it.

‘Whether that’s a beautiful wallpaper with gold or bronze tones, or a high-shine lamp to add industrial elegance, metallics are great in moderation, but overdo it and you risk creating an Aladdin’s cave. Opt for copper or brass for a timeless retro feel, adding a mirrored element to create depth. For those looking to dip their toe before diving in, start with a decorative bowl or cushion to find your preferred metal – see how that looks and go with your first instinct.’ – Sam Hood, interior designer and founder of online homeware store 

Trafalgar sofa in Venezia, in viscose/velvet fabric, with brass feet, (H)93x(W)223x (D)109cm, £3,276, Darlings of Chelsea
Martini aluminium side table in Antique Brass, (H)42x(dia.)38cm, £129, West Elm.
Pink bug linen/cotton cushion, (W)41x(L)41cm, £60, Barbara Coupe


Design Tip:

‘Combine metallic colours with different textures, such as sheers, velvets and linens, to add another dimension to your scheme.’ – Clarissa Hulse, textile designer at Clarissa Hulse