28 stunning kitchen color ideas that will make your cooking space sizzle with personality

We've got plenty of kitchen color ideas to help inspiration strike

Kitchen color ideas are so chic. Here is a kitchen with a white island and cabinets, green and white walls, a silver fridge, yellow lower cabinets, and iridescent pendant lights
(Image credit: Caesarstone / Charlie O’Beirne of Lukonic)

Finding the best kitchen color ideas will steer you in the right direction when planning your kitchen design.

Bringing color into your kitchen design can be transformative and can completely change the mood of your room. Splashes of red can add drama, a dash of yellow can feel uplifting, and green can symbolize freshness and harmony. 

Looking for kitchen ideas and want to bring plenty of brightness and beauty into your cooking space? These will help you do just that.

Kitchen color ideas that are seriously swoon-worthy

Whether you're going for colorful kitchen ideas, want a pop of boldness, or wish to follow kitchen color trends, these tips and tricks will help you make the most out of your space.

1. Emerald green

Deep green kitchen with borastapeter wallpaper

(Image credit: Sophie Robinson)

Green is a timeless shade and the color we associate with the natural world, breathing new life into any room in the home when used to its full potential. 

A green kitchen can sound intimidating, but the versatile shade is perfect for the busiest room of the house. and dark green kitchens add a dramatic feel to open plan spaces.

We like how in TV presenter and color expert Sophie Robinson's kitchen, this deep emerald green is given added vibrancy by the floral wallpaper.

2. Sage green

A sage green kitchen island with drawers and cabinets on the side of it and glass jars and a vase of flowers on top of it, with white walls and wooden flooring above and below

(Image credit: Wren Kitchens)

Sage green can work as a sophisticated shade, as evidenced by this green kitchen island.

You can either keep keep design schemes neutral, or opt for jewel-like green kitchen walls, which can bring a touch of glam when paired with vintage brass handles.

If you would rather inject an added pop of color, adding a dash of terracotta will create a Moroccan holiday vibe.

3. Mint green

Mint green kitchen with open shelving by DeVol

(Image credit: Devol)

Invigorating, cheerful and fresh, mint green adds zing to a kitchen space. Pair it with with wood surfaces, complementary tiling and floating open shelving, in order to seamlessly bring in the invigorating shade.

You can also give it a fresh feeling by coupling it up with white cabinets.

4. White

A kitchen with a light gray marble kitchen island with a glass vase of flowers on it, white kitchen cabinets behind it, and three gray pendant lights hanging from the ceiling

(Image credit: Higham Furniture)

You might be surprised that white can make a bold statement and is particularly well-suited for a room where cleanliness is a must. Clean, crisp white can make a room feel larger, and paired with blond wood finishes and brass accents white is warmed up instantly. 

If white sounds too sterile, don’t worry  — there are many different shades of this classic kitchen hue and there’s also many ways you can jazz it up, as white kitchen ideas and wood kitchen ideas show.

5. Teal

A dark green kitchen with a dark green kitchen island with a wooden surface, drawers, and wooden shelves with bowls and books on the lower

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

This interesting and earthy combination is one for those who like to stand out from the crowd. The hint of wood brings warmth, allowing this look to work in north or south-facing rooms. That said, we'd suggest thinking twice before replicating this look in a room starved of light. 

Meanwhile, the ashy wooden floor does a great job of reflecting the light and works beautifully with the darker teal tone. 

6. Baby blue

Retro kitchen with cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Normandy

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Soft, inviting and calming, baby blue is a great shade for both small and large kitchens. It may seem a little daunting to add such an eye-catching shade, but you don’t have to cover your entire kitchen in it to add personality. 

If you have limited space, you could pick a corner with the accent color, or opt for cabinets in the shade in the island for example.

7. Dark blue

Dark blue Martin Moore kitchen dresser with marble dining table

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

For a classic look which will stand the test of time, there’s nothing like chic blue kitchen ideas. Complementary to many colors and materials, dark blue can act as a neutral, opening up so many possibilities for exciting combinations. 

Add white countertops, fluted glass and go bold with walls to create a striking contrast.

8. Navy blue

Navy blue kitchen with marble worktops and mustard splashback

(Image credit: Original BTC)

Is a blue and white combo a tad too coastal grandmother for your liking, or is dark blue not quite your style? A deep navy blue is the rich tone you might find more appealing. 

This rich tone will make your space feel super warm and classy. Team with gold accents, brass hardware, copper cookware, pops of yellow, white marble, exposed brick, bold patterns and so much more.

9. Charcoal gray

A kitchen with a steel black pendant light with two lampshades, a gray kitchen island with a silver faucet and gray bar stool chairs in front of it, and a dark gray splashback and oven behind it

(Image credit: Arteriors)

If you like to stay on the safe side color wise but love to make a statement, play with a more moody palette in the form of a dark gray charcoal hue. 

Whether you opt for matte or gloss, dark gray will look super sophisticated. Balance it out with light worktops and wall cabinets so the room still feels airy, or break it up with a light backsplash.

10. Gray and yellow

Two tone grey kitchen with yellow lighting and island

(Image credit: Future)

If dark grey feels far too dark, opt for kitchen cabinet colors in a cool and calming soft gray and keep the dark grey to the kitchen island. 

This minimalist cooking space blends rattan, yellow statement lighting and marble backsplash to keep the look fresh, modern and fun. It's also a great combo for those looking for modern kitchen color ideas.

11. Greige

Cafe Latte greige kitchen with peninsula and pendant lights by Moka

(Image credit: Moka)

Fan of beige and gray but just can’t decide which you’d prefer? Enter greige. This is a happy medium with the warmth of beige and the neutrality of gray. 

Team with dark wood, a marble with similar shade veins and a light wood floor for a look that oozes luxury.

12. Pink and green

deVOL green kitchens

(Image credit: deVOL)

Pink wall cabinets against a tiled emerald green wall gives a striking effect but also feels energizing and fun. We love using green kitchen ideas to add energy into a space.

Adding some colorful patterned tiles can be a really quick way to create some focus in your kitchen. A splashback is the obvious place to inject some color but you can always go even bolder and tile a whole wall.

13. Red

red kitchen ideas, kitchen island seating in red, rest in pale pink, artwork, lighting

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

There are very few kitchen color schemes as dramatic as this shade. When used as red kitchen ideas, the hue creates a warm, welcoming feeling. It might not work in other rooms, such as a bedroom, but the shade works really well in a kitchen, especially when paired with wood. 

If bold crimson cabinets make you wince, you could opt for an eggplant shade for a more sophisticated look.

14. Black

A black kitchen with art deco wallpaper, a white hanging light with two lampshades, black cabinets and a gold faucet above a white sink, and a curved light wooden dining table with flowers on and two chairs

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

For those looking for a sleek and smart look, black kitchen ideas will look good on both shaker and modern designs.

To balance out the heavy look, you can always add white features across worktops and wall cabinets to achieve the perfect balance between light and dark, which will look better than all-black when putting together small kitchen ideas.

And, there’s nothing we swoon more over than matte black cabinets paired with gold accents.

15. Lighting

A pink kitchen with two white and orange globe pendant lights, light pink walls, and a coral colored kitchen island with two stools next to it

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

You can also play with other accessories like lighting to add color to your kitchen. 

If your kitchen is otherwise white but you’re not looking to change your cabinetry any time soon, bright pendant lights will bring warmth and cheer into an otherwise white kitchen.

16. Contrast

Green kitchen cabinets with peach walls and marble splashback

(Image credit: Future)

Another way to add color is to play with contrasting colors for your walls and cabinetry. 

By deliberately picking two shades that sit opposite each other on the color wheel, you can easily create an eye-catching scheme which also feels harmonious. 

17. Blinds

A white kitchen with a pink cabinet, a breakfast bar, and blue blinds

(Image credit: Hillarys)

Adding a colorful blind or a bold freestanding cabinet is another easy win if you’re not in for a whole kitchen remodel.

You can always switch this out seasonally, which will help refresh how your kitchen color looks throughout the year.

18. Matching

Teal blue kitchen by Kitchen Makers with teal blue walls and brass fittings

(Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

We've seen color drenching everywhere, thanks to it being one of the biggest interior design trends. Instead of contrasting colours, painting the walls the same color as your cabinetry can trick the eye into making your kitchen look bigger.

From here, you can add interest with a dramatic backsplash or worktop alongside select pieces of art.

19. Island

Orange kitchen island with neutral units by Martin Moore

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

For a statement look, try going for colorful kitchen island ideas in a bold shade. Having the island in a stand-out color like orange instantly elevates a neutral decor and the shade can be a springboard for artwork and other accessories. 

20. Bar stools

Sally and Owen have extended their 1950s semi in Swansea in colourful style

(Image credit: Georgia Burns)

Not everyone wants a brightly colored kitchen — but that doesn't mean you can't introduce color to a neutral room with brightly painted furniture. 

Bringing in high-contrast dining chairs or bar stools can add a fun element to your decor and completely energize the space. In this room, because the rest of the space is kept so simple, they don't overwhelm the cooking zone.

You could recreate this look quickly in your own home by painting your current kitchen chairs — find out how to paint furniture in our step by step guide.

21. Statement floor

Tile Mountain pink Kromatika Rose Hexagonal Tiles on floor to wall in a kitchen with an island and green velvet bar stools

(Image credit: Tile Mountain)

An easy way to add a dash of color is by introducing a pattern, in the form of fabulous flooring. 

Choose shades that blend in and that add a dash of personality and introduce a color that you could match with accessories in your kitchen, such as bar stool, appliances and lighting.

We're big fans of how this kitchen has run tiles up from wall to floor, which creates a really fun focal point.

22. Tiles

Yellow kitchen walls with jade green units and wall cabinet, fabric skirt in ticking fabric, white and green floor tiles, stainless steel countertop,

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Choose stylish patterned kitchen tile ideas that tone well with your existing space to add instant color. 

If you love vintage-style decor, why not look for period tiles to add extra character, or if you have a super modern space, think about geometric patterns to make an style statement.

23. Gold

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue with Brass Leaf gilding on splashback

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Choosing a palette of a just a few similar colors can still result in a standout kitchen. We love the blue and gold kitchen color scheme in this kitchen. It’s a very simple design if you look closely, but the colors prevent it from being plain. 

Love the look of a high end kitchen? Don't miss our luxury kitchen ideas (that we'd copy if money were no object). 

24. Splashback

kitchen with green splashback

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

If you aren’t ready to commit to a techno colored kitchen, or maybe you're renting so holding back from creating the colorful kitchen of your dreams, try adding just a touch of color with a splashback. 

You can actually paint tiles if your tired looking splashback just needs a quick DIY update, or if you are looking for a lockdown project you could teach yourself how to tile a splashback

25. Blue and white

Kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

If you are doing up a kitchen on a budget and don’t want to splash out on brightly colored kitchen cabinets, try painting your existing ones. Check out our guide to painting kitchen cupboards to get you started. These cabinets have been painted in Farrow and Ball’s Stiffkey Blue, we love how it looks mixed with the contrasting yellow kitchen accessories. 

26. Pastels

A kitchen sink area with green cabinets, a floral checked pink tea towel hanging from it, a brushed gold faucet, and pastel colored ceramic houses on the counter and on the window ledge above

(Image credit: Sorbet Dreams)

Bring playfulness into your cooking space with pastel kitchen ideas that are sweet and dreamy, with sugary shades like pale pink, mint green, and yellow.

Team these pale colors with white worktop and gold accessories to prevent it from looking too twee. 

27. Forest green

A kitchen with dark green cabinets, a marble splashback, a shelf with vintage paintings with wall sconces above it

(Image credit: deVOL)

Want to add real oomph to a kitchen? Our answer is a deep, vibrant green. A juicy green shade will really bring out the quality of your cabinets and bring to life other details, such as lighting and handles. 

This kitchen by deVOL makes a truly stunning case for going bold with color. We love the way the same color and finish has been applied to the walls and the cabinets, making the decorative elements of the kitchen stand out. 

The addition of marble completes the luxurious, eclectic look. 

28. Wallpaper

Kitchen wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Little Green)

Like paint, kitchen wallpaper ideas can be a really easy way to subtly introduce color. We like how this wallpaper almost totally matches the green of the cabinets but still brings in that pink hue for contrast.

The best kitchen color ideas all come down to your taste, as ultimately you'll be the one sizzling away in the space, so it has to look perfect for you.

Want to explore more sparkling shades for throughout the home? We think living room color ideas should be your next port of call.

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