13 green kitchen ideas that will make you rethink your neutral color scheme

Move over grey – these green kitchen ideas will inspire you to add shades of emerald, olive and sage to your cabinets, tiles, worktops and walls

Green kitchens
(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

There's no denying that the majority of us like to play it safe when it comes to kitchen color schemes. While a rainbow of colors grace the squares of Instagram and Pinterest, IRL we only dream of being bold enough to stray from white or grey or cream. But we think it's time for that to change. 

2021 is the year for green kitchens! Sure, neutrals are guaranteed to be stylish but bringing color into your kitchen can take it from 'yer cream's nice but what's new?' to guests being green with envy.

And there are so many shades of green to choose from – the palest shade of sage that's almost like a neutral anyway, to dark and dramatic forest greens – you're sure to find one that suits your style. 

Go on, just take a look at these gorgeous spaces and try not to be convinced...

1. Paint your kitchen cabinets a pretty shade of emerald

Rhiannon Southwell’s green Shaker kitchen was the final part of the project to update a Victorian home

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

Creating a green kitchen doesn't mean you have to go ripping out cabinets and starting over. If you're happy with the style of your cabinets, why not test out the green trend by painting them? 

It's not a super quick job but a couple of lockdown weekends and you could have a whole 'new' kitchen. Just check out our guide to how to paint kitchen cabinets for everything you need to know. 

2. Go for an apple green feature wall

Wallpaper in kitchen by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Taking a feature wall idea and running with it is the go-to for adding interest to a room for a reason. They are quick, easy and cheap as you can DIY one in a matter of hours. If you are a bit of a colorphobe wanting to change their beige loving ways, painting or wallpapering one wall is a great way to do so without committing to something more permanent. 

The green in this kitchen is super vivid, and we love it and how it ties in with the branches – makes us yearn for spring! But you could go for a more subtle muted green if you are just testing the waters. 

Sage greens work well with other neutrals too, just bringing in a hint of color but nothing too crazy. Try Farrow & Ball's Cooking Apple Green if that sounds like your vibe or Emerald Green if you wanting something brighter. 

'If your kitchen is a neutral, white, ivory, cappuccino or a natural wood, then a strong green paint for the walls, with maybe a strong geometric tile design in a complementing dark green color, will transform your space with minimal disruption or cost,' says Rachael Kilby-Tyre interior design director at My Interior Design School

3. Choose pink and green for a bang-on-trend combo

Green kitchens

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

Pink and green should never be seen (or is it red and green? Blue and green? We never know) right? Wrong! Pink and green is the color combination to be going for right now, in fact, it's been an on-trend combination for centuries. 

When you are rewatching Bridgerton for the 10th time, check out how many times pink and green come up in the interiors – it's a classic color scheme that would still totally work in a modern kitchen.

The tones you choose can totally change the style of your kitchen. Pick a deep green and a dusty pink for a very 2021 contemporary look. 

Or go for a more Regency vibe with pale pink and pale green if you have a more period-style kitchen. Check out our traditional kitchen ideas for more inspo. 

4. Tile a wall green 

deVOL green kitchens

(Image credit: deVOL)

See, more pink and green! If you are looking to add some green tones to your current kitchen, tiling a wall or a backsplash will add plenty of drama. Really practical, tiled walls are easy to clean and perfect for areas that get splashed a lot or get splattered while you're cooking, but they also can add so much interest and texture to a kitchen. 

We love these green tiles and how each one is unique, you can find similar ones at Tiles Direct, and if you want any more tips on how to choose kitchen tiles, head over to our guide. 

5. Pick jewel toned greens for a sophisticated vibe

A ground floor extension gave Julie and James the chance to create their dream kitchen, with a vaulted ceiling and bold but sophisticated Shaker-style units

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

We are seeing this deep teal around a lot, it seems to have overtaken sage as the green. It's definitely more glamorous and less country kitchen than muted greens so better suited to more styles we think. 

Paint your cabinets with this jewel hue and keep walls crisp and white, then pair with darker woods, whether that be with the floor or some shelves. Gold or silver hardware would work with this look but we do particularly love the look of the 'antique' mirrored splashback and the pewter handles. 

6. Mix a vivid green with warm woods

kitchen with green splashback

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer )

Loving the retro, mid-century modern vibe of this kitchen and the bright olivey green gives the simple space a clear focal point. The wooden wall cabinets bring in a depth and warmth that you wouldn't get if this was an all white kitchen, the natural texture stops the space from feeling a bit 2D. 

Pair this tone of green with bright accessories in reds, blues, and yellows, and pick out retro decor to complete the look.

7. Pair dark green with marble 

deVOL green kitchens

(Image credit: deVOL)

If you're getting drawn in by darker greens but wondering how to keep your kitchen from feeling gloomy, lighter worktops are the answer. Marble worktops to be precise. 

Marble with any dark-colored cabinets works, creating a really luxe feel but at the same time bringing in that all-important light. If you are on a bit of a tighter budget marble effect worktops will look just as gorgeous and why not take it all the way up as a backsplash, too? Pick gold hardware and fixtures to complete the look. 

8. Opt for a muted grey green 

Portrait shot of green kitchen with a pink tiled splashback and patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Can you tell we are clearly loving pink and green?  This kitchen is almost verging on grey but there is a tinge of green going on in there, so if you want to keep your look muted, pick a grey that has green undertones. 

You can always bring out the green more by pairing it with colors that make the green pop, a.k.a pink or other greens will bring it out too. For a similar green to this one check out Green 02 by Lick. 

9. Work darker colors into a green kitchen 

Green and white kitchen

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Yep, it's a dramatic look, green and black but it can work if done the right way. You want to make sure there's not too much green going on and not too much black either – plenty of white is going to balance out this look and stop the contrast from being too stark.

The colors are almost in blocks in this kitchen. You've got the black painted floorboards, then the green of the cabinets and the table and then the rest of the room is white. The fact that the colors don't really mix keeps the look fresh and bright. 

10. Add a touch of green with an olive island

Neptune kitchens

(Image credit: Neptune)

When considering kitchen island ideas, why not take the opportunity to bring a second color into your kitchen? It helps define the difference between the island and the wall cabinets so you don't end up with just blocks of all one color. The olive green used here brings some more natural tones into this charcoal kitchen and gives in a much more rustic look. 

The pale wood used for the worktop brings together the woods used for the floor and in the dining area too, create a really cohesive but still personal space. 

11. Pick warmer tones for a country kitchen

Farrow and Ball sage green kitchen

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Love a country kitchen? You'll want to go for the more muted greens that are soft and welcoming. Pair it with white woodwork to keep the look crisp but add in plenty of wood and natural textures too that will work so well with this look. 

And if you are swooning after that wall paneling you aren't alone, but you can actually DIY a similar look with wooden panels – check out The Victorian Emporium for loads of options.

12. Be very 2021 with a mint green 

Neptune kitchens

(Image credit: Neptune)

Mint green isn't a color you often see in kitchens, but we are very much here for it. It sounds bold but as you can see in this kitchen it's actually a really subtle color, barely-there almost and definitely not as saccharine as you would first think. It's actually really calming and serene. 

The white walls and worktops give this space a very fresh look but it's still charming and traditional. 

13. Go green with your appliances 

Neptune kitchens

(Image credit: Neptune)

Excuse us while we slowly fall in love with this dreamy green range cooker! It's by Lacanche and in the color Light Olive and while it might be stuff that only dreams are made of for us, it did make us think appliances could be an easy way to bring those green tones into your home. 

Ovens, kettles, toasters, fridges, you can find them all in a rainbow of colors now and there will be something to suit your budget too.

Is green a good color for a kitchen?

Green is a great color for a kitchen because, while green might not be playing it as safe as say, grey or white, it's only increased in popularity. And our love of green doesn't seem to be going anywhere. 

If you are concerned about the longevity of a green kitchen, pick cabinets in a neutral color or a muted green that will work as a backdrop for adding more green in the form of paint, or wallpaper, or decor. 

That way you haven't fully committed to the green and you can change up your kitchen colors as your tastes and trends change. 

What colors go with a green kitchen?

The colors that go with a green kitchen are warmer colors like pinks, pale oranges, terracotta, which all work well if you are looking for a subtly contrasting color. 

But we won't harp on about pink anymore – if you are going down the more neutral route you can't go wrong with a crisp white paired with a slubby green, but of course, it does depend on the green you are going for.  

Be sure to order plenty of swatches and samples and see how the different colors pair together and work in your space.

'Darker shades of green really pop alongside metallic touches that will enhance the warmth of the color and give it shine, so I’d recommend going for a brass or gold finish for the brassware and cabinetry handles.'  says Melissa Klink, Head of Design at Harvey Jones.

'Green looks fresh and energizing against crisp whites or soft creams, but it also looks fabulous paired with more unexpected shades, such as baby pink or turquoise – these colors could go on something as simple as a splashback, bar stools or any soft furnishings.'

Want more gorgeous kitchen color ideas? Check out our black kitchens gallery next. 

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