28 wonderful white kitchen ideas that are fresh and fabulous

You just can't beat chic white kitchen ideas

A monochrome kitchen with black island, white dresser and wooden ladder
(Image credit: Neptune)

White kitchen ideas are brilliant to use if you want to freshen up your space. Whether you go all-white or simply use the shade to highlight a brighter kitchen, they're a classic and reliable look.

Available in both gloss and matte finishes, white kitchens cater to different interior tastes and trends. Far from being stark and clinical, a design-led white kitchen with considered elements can feel stylish and modern but still inviting. 

And, as far as kitchen color ideas go, choosing white schemes can deliver some of the most uplifting looks. 

White kitchen ideas for a breath of fresh air

No matter if you're going for a neutral scheme or colorful kitchen ideas, white provides the ideal blank canvas for decorating in a way that suits your personality.

1. Be playful with chalkboard wall decor

A monochrome kitchen with wooden dining set and chalkboard wall decor with 'Bon Appetit' text

(Image credit: Future)

White kitchens can sometimes lack that 'je ne sais quoi' factor, but if you want something cool and creative that doesn't cost a lot – choose chalkboard kitchen wall decor.

So easy and effective, add a bit of character to your kitchen-diner with a personalized message. As a fun family-friendly idea, you could write the week's shopping list or menu onto the blackboard or pencil in important social events as a polite reminder for the whole household.

2. Pick the right white for the light

A white kitchen with pale wooden bench and pendant light

(Image credit: Neptune)

Not all white paints are alike and that's because of the different undertones or pigments that they have in them. Depending on the location of your kitchen, you'll want to design it using an emulsion that'll be compatible with where the sunlight comes in, or when you are likely to use this space.

'White or off-white kitchens feel light, airy and clean,' says Emma Sims-Hilditch, creative founder, Neptune.

'They’re popular because they’re so versatile, working with any floor and work surface, and you can always add color through accessories. But which white to choose? A clean – but not brilliant – white like Snow will feel fresh, though its warm undertones will stop the room feeling clinical.'

'Off-whites like Salt have a creaminess to them (without straying into clotted territory) so will work well with warm woods or even red-based colors such as Pink Peppercorn or Paprika.'

3. Create a coastal vibe with pale blue

A kitchen with pale blue cabinetry, white shiplap walls and colorful rug

(Image credit: Neptune)

'Blue covers so many moods, from sunny coastal vibes with shades like Flax Blue to sophisticated depth in colors like Ink,' says Sims-Hilditch.

'Blue and white feels crisp and clean in a kitchen and mixes well with brass handles and a lighter work surface, while a blue-green shade such as Aqua Blue will energize a space and work with woods, leathers and black-bronze hardware.'

4. Soften with pastel pink

Baby pink and white country kitchen with breakfast bar stools

(Image credit: Wren Kitchens)

Pink kitchens can often be an all-or-nothing affair. If you've looked at the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, influencers get enthusiastic with the paintbrush and go go all-out maximalist with the ornaments. But don't be deterred to use this color in conjunction with your white kitchen ideas.

Here, a tiled kitchen backsplash provides the perfect pastel accent and is an idyllic starting point to soften clinically white kitchen décor. As you become braver, venture out with breakfast bar seating around your kitchen island and incorporate scallop armchairs in an open plan living layout.

5. Add window seating

A white kitchen with window bench seating idea and stone flooring

(Image credit: Future)

Aside from the odd Indian summer day, it can be hard to eat alfresco in the garden or outdoor space in the latter part of the year. But if you are blessed with sunny weather(with a only a slight chill in the air), take advantage of this by setting up a cozy seating area.

As a white dining room idea, this shiplap bench is softened with a long cushion for comfort and we love how it curves around the bay window, paying respect to the house's architecture. 

6. Add interest with statement light fixtures

A white kitchen with kitchen island, three backless bar stools, three pineapples on table and two metal Davey Lighting School Lights

(Image credit: Davey Lighting)

If you're wondering how to make a small kitchen feel bigger, include features which help to draw the eye up towards the ceiling. One way to do this, is to make sure your kitchen lighting fixtures are on-point.

Although these pendants range in size, color and shape, the boho chic theme runs strong through these rattan ceiling lights. Adding a pop of color and texture to white kitchens will stop them looking a little too minimalist. 

But, we just love how these shades sit centrally and in view of the wonderful wall arch in this galley kitchen with pretty petal floor tiling.

7. Layer pattern and texture

A white and grey kitchen with black and white checkered flooring, Terrazzo island

(Image credit: Nest)

What's better than a little textural variation in an interiors scheme? Lots and lots of it. From the monochrome checkered floor, to the statement Terrazzo kitchen island and the grey painted window frame, this space has been filled to the brim with lots of different finishes proving white kitchens don't have to be boring.

'The use of texture in an all-white kitchen is the key to creating that welcoming vibe the heart of your home deserves,' says Shillingford.

'Best of all, accessories and furnishings let your personality shine through without having to splash too much color throughout the design - unless you want to, of course.'

Speaking of accessories, we love the way the Plant Box by Ferm Living has been used as been repurposed as a storage container for wine, herbs, condiments and recipe books. So handy.

8. Bring in a luxe look with marble

Gold gloss marble effect tiles in white kitchen

(Image credit: Walls and Floor)

If you want to make your white kitchen look expensive: just look down. Your kitchen flooring can be one of the furnishings that can add the most wow-factor. 

But, it doesn't have to be uber-expensive – you've just got to know how to shop. For example, if you're looking for budget-friendly alternatives to real marble, consider marble-effect tiling. Not only is it easy to install but you'll get the look for a fraction of the price of the quarried stone.

9. Go back to basics with black and white

A monochrome kitchen with black island and white dresser with ladder by Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

'A monochromatic scheme is sophisticated, precise and clean, but how you balance the percentages of black and white will push the look further,' says Sims-Hilditch.

'Lots of white with dashes of black looks smart and crisp; an even balance of black and white feels harmonious; while more black will look strong but you’ll need plenty of natural light to stop it feeling gloomy (unless, that is, you want to embrace the gloom).'

'Rather than going for a pure black and white combo which might feel a tad harsh, try mixing Snow with chalky, off-black Charcoal.'

10. Go for Scandi style

A white, Scandinavian style kitchen with wooden dining set, high shelf, and white wooden chair

(Image credit: China Cooper)

Nope, white kitchens don't have to be stark and minimalist, you can create a lovely cozy, inviting space and still have the all white kitchen of your dreams. 

You just have to pick the right kitchen styles. Take some tips from the Scandi-inspired space and warm things up using wooden accents and house plants. The curtains over the cabinets instead of doors is a fab idea you could easily DIY for cheap too. 

11. Add green indoor plants

A white kitchen island with indoor plants and a bowl of limes on it with a wooden base, two curved Scandi-style seats behind it, two glass and wood circular pendant lights above it, and white cabinets behind it

(Image credit: Searle & Taylor Kitchens)

Bring the outside in with plenty of greenery in the form of hanging plants, succulents and fresh herbs – our handy guide to common houseplants will help you choose the right ones for your home.

A quick, easy and inexpensive way of adding fresh natural color to a white room scheme, this is shown beautifully in deVOL’s bespoke Classic English Kitchen, features glazed cabinets, porcelain pendant lights and pale crackle metro tiles along with Carrara marble sink and brass hanging rails.

12. Add wooden accents

An all white kitchen with concrete accents, plants, metal frame windows and a kitchen island

(Image credit: Norsu)

Create a calming atmosphere by opting for a Scandinavian-influenced design complete with white cabinetry, worktops and wall tiles, furnished with black built-in appliances, pendant lights and cookware alongside blonde wooden dining furniture. 

And if you're struggling with how to choose the best dining room furniture, we lay all of our cards on the table.

13. Keep surfaces clear with storage solutions

A small white kitchen with a laundry/utility area with modular shelving

(Image credit: Ikea)

White kitchens look even better when they are clutter-free. Whether you’re going bespoke or off-the-peg, most furniture companies will offer a wide range of kitchen storage storage, from pocket doors that slide back to reveal the contents inside to pull-out larder units, cutlery drawer dividers and deep pan drawers for pots, pans and crockery.

14. Try clean, sleek cabinets

A white kitchen with distinct scandi feel by Neptune with wooden dining table in center and blind window treatment

(Image credit: Neptune)

By choosing an off-white shade, you can give a contemporary twist to traditional timber furniture. Pale greys, pebble shades and chalk tones are ideal for adding a warmer feel to a cool white scheme, especially one with natural stone flooring and doors leading on to the garden.

If you are doing up your kitchen on a budget and don't fancy pulling out your whole kitchen just to nail this all-white color scheme, then you can always paint your kitchen cabinets. Coincidentally, we have a handy guide to painting kitchen cabinets to help you out. 

15. Pick contrasting, patterned flooring

A white kitchen with island, bar stool, framed wall art and terracotta and black checkered flooring

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

When you furnish the kitchen with white walls and white cabinetry, it can be tempting to stick with a neutral color for the flooring, too, but why not be bold and go for a checkered tile design. This rustic look brings loads of texture into this simple white kitchen and contrasted the sleek, contemporary cabinets perfectly. 

If you still need some guidance picking out the best kitchen flooring – we can help.

16. Add thoughtful accessories

A white kitchen with black pendant light, wood effect flooring, in-built microwave oven and conventional oven

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

If you’ve had a simple white scheme for some time and you just want to give it a swish new look, choose a selection of new accessories, gadgets, small appliances, seating or lighting to inject glamour or a pop of color. 

These boho style rattan pendants look stunning hung by themselves or in a row of three over the island unit. Plus, when the evening draws to a close, this shade will reflect a beautiful effect onto the vinyl kitchen flooring.

17. Choose white appliances

white kitchen with large storage units and stove by steel

(Image credit: Steel)

White appliances are having something of a renaissance right now, with many manufacturers introducing just the right shade of white to their large and small appliance collections. 

This Genesi 90 range cooker from Steel has cast iron pan supports, an electronic oven programmer and a triple glazed door.

18. Bring in texture with tiles

A kitchen stove with white herringbone tiles and exposed brick wall background

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

If you want to keep to an all-white kitchen scheme, there are some clever ways of adding interest without detracting from the clean, crisp look. 

Think of walls as a way to add texture with a ridged or surface patterned tile – our guide to choosing the best kitchen tiles provides plenty of inspiration.

19. Bring in an accent wall in a white kitchen

A white kitchen by Farrow & Ball with khaki green painted shiplap wall decor

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Offset a seamless white scheme by covering an entire wall with a contrasting color or patterned wallcovering design. We love this khaki green kitchen shiplap décor, but if you don't want to use paint, our pick of the best kitchen wallpaper ideas is a great starting point for inspiration.

This works especially well in an open-plan kitchen diner and living spaces, where the change in décor can help create zones for cooking, dining and relaxing.

20. Swap marble for quartz

A kitchen with marble-effect countertop and wooden open shelving

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Designing a stylish kitchen on a budget? For a luxe look for less, choose a quartz material for worktops, backsplashes or island cladding. 

Durable, hard-wearing and seamless thanks to invisible joins, it’s a great way of getting the natural stone style without splashing out. Discover more kitchen worktop ideas and find out what material would work best for you.

21. Break up with a kitchen island

A white kitchen with runner rug, wooden island and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Fiona Murray)

White and light wood are basically a match made in Instagram heaven. Stop an all-white kitchen from becoming too clinical by adding in elements of natural, textured wood.

If you've got the space you could add an unfinished wooden island. But if you don't have copious amounts of room you could put up some open wooden shelves for a similar effect, or perhaps invest in the best wooden flooring you can afford.

22. Go for wall paneling

kitchen with monochrome scheme, metro tiles, critall style doors and black stove by british standard

(Image credit: British Standard)

The balance of white and black, Shaker style and industrial feel in this kitchen is masterful. The wooden worktops and table add texture and warmth that's much needed as a contrast to the smooth, pale grey floor. 

We're loving the wall paneling, too, which contributes yet more texture to the space.

23. Mix with wooden accessories

A kitchen with white shelving and accessories including potted plants, wooden pestle and mortar, bowls and jugs

(Image credit: Hudson Home)

A quick way to add some white into your kitchen is with accessories and to stop it all looking a bit flat, mix in some wooden elements too. 

If you have any open kitchen shelving, this is a really easy place to copy this look, but windowsills, counters or islands can also be an easy place to decorate. 

24. Match with an exposed brick wall

An open-plan living room with high ceilings, dining room table with chairs and bench and exposed brick wall

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

We love the very laid back feel of this white kitchen. It feels clean and fresh but the exposed brick wall feature makes it feel more rustic and undone in contrast to very simple white cabinetry. 

The dark colors on the far wall and around the windows just ground the space and create a nice cohesive feel with the colors of the furniture in the living space too.

25. Add copper accessories

A white kitchen by deVOL with copper saucepans and rail

(Image credit: deVOL)

Copper kitchen accessories in white kitchens are a classic combo. Plus it works with so many different styles – pick statement copper pendant for a modern look or add a brass rail for a more country, rustic feel. 

You could even just bring in some of those warm metallic tones with some cute pans or utensils.

26. Create a sunny scheme with yellow decor

a white kitchen in an open plan living space with a large kitchen island and yellow island lighting

(Image credit: Bruce Hemming)

If your white kitchen is positioned next to the garden, and you have space that light pour into, maximize this sunny look and feel with pops of yellow decor. It doesn't have to be garish or overwhelming either. 

These yellow pendant lights over the island are just enough to add interest without causing a color-induced headache.

27. Create a focal point with wallpaper

A white kitchen with black and blush pink / peach kitchen wallpaper with white pendant light

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Hanging wallpaper is a really quick and easy way to create a focal point in an all-white kitchen. There's sooo much to love about this gorgeous space, but for us, it's how the pretty busy wallpaper idea works with the very simple cabinets.

The warm neutral colors are perfect too as they stop the space from feeling cold and bare and helps to link the very contemporary design with the rustic wooden floorboards.

28. Pick open shelving

A white kitchen with houseplants on open shelving

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Ditching wall cabinets is a huge kitchen trend for 2021. If you can afford to lose the storage space, replace them with long wall shelves instead. This look works particularly well in a white kitchen and you can create a balance and go for something more busy on your walls.

You can't go wrong with a wooden open shelving idea to bring some warmth and texture, and of course, a jungle of houseplants tumbling down is always going to look on-trend. Use it to store your crockery too so it still works as a practical storage space. 


How do I stop a white kitchen looking 'cold'?

If you’re worried about a bland or clinical feel, one of the great benefits of white is its ability to either warm up or cool down space.

When your kitchen receives a lot of sunlight, coat the walls in a pure white to neutralize the light. For darker rooms, use a warm tone with hints of yellow for coziness. 

What color goes with a white kitchen?

While a totally white scheme does risk looking blank and clinical, bringing a couple of other hues won't interfere with that fresh look. If you want to go for a bold contrast, strong, primary colors are going to be your best bet. Vivid blues, reds, and yellows are easy to bring in the form of accessories, appliances, and lighting.

For a softer, more subtle vibe, tonal and pastel colors will work in an all-white kitchen too. 

What countertops go best with white cabinets?

This totally depends on the look you want to create. For very chic, minimalist kitchens you might want to keep the all-white vibe by choosing a marble or marble effect kitchen countertop. If you prefer a more rustic, classic look wooden countertops always work with a white kitchen and is a look that will never date. 

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