Pantry storage: 11 practical ideas to create organize your larder

For a well organised larder, good pantry storage is key. So we have rounded up the best practical (but pretty) pantry storage ideas to get you inspired...

pantry storage solutions
(Image credit: Day True)

Pantry storage can be a thing of beauty. We've all seen the pictures on Pinterest, where rows on rows of Mason jars are all perfectly labeled, and brimming with healthy looking foods. In reality, our pantries are often the place where tins go to die, where we store the homemade chutneys we get at Christmas (that we know we are never going to eat), and possibly where the broom ends up every once in a while. But with our inspiring pantry storage ideas below, that can all change...

We have rounded up some really easy, really practical pantry ideas that will not only look great but help you use that extra space effectively. Keep scrolling for some very pleasing pantry storage pictures... and make sure you check out our kitchen storage feature for loads more inspiration. 

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1. Use clear Ikea jars as pantry storage

Ikea pantry storage

(Image credit: Ikea)

Tired of opening your pantry door only to be met with a shower of oats? Rather than cramming in hundreds of bags, boxes and half empty packets, keep dry ingredients like flour, pasta, pulses and cereals in clear, storage jars. Use tape, or get fancy with a label maker, and name each container so you know exactly what’s in each. Remember to also write on the expiration date for the most effective pantry storage.

These jars are from jars from Ikea and they come in so many shapes and sizes.

2. Add pantry storage to the back of your door

Elfa door storage unit

(Image credit: Elfa)

Looking for pantry storage ideas that barely take up any room? We’ve said it before and we will say it again, don’t forget to put the back of your kitchen (or pantry) door to good use. This space is easy access, so store things like smaller snacks or frequently used spices – you can just grab them and go without have to wrestle with a mountain of tins. 

Door storage unit from Elfa.

3. Keep tins and jars in drawers

Ikea drawer organisers

(Image credit: Ikea)

Pantries: the place where tins and jars go to die. Bite the bullet and have a sort out of all of all your cans, spreads, tins and condiments. Store what’s left of your cull in drawers or a tin dispenser so you can always see clearly what you've got to work with. These drawer organisers are from Ikea.

4. Make the most of available space with pantry shelving

Pantry storage ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

If your pantry shelves have large gaps between them, use shelf inserts to create extra levels and practically double the space you have. A clip on basket can also maximise your kitchen pantry storage. 

Shelf insert from Ikea. Find similar basket at John Lewis.

5. Opt for adjustable open pantry shelving

String storage system for pantry

(Image credit: String)

If you are blessed with a walk in larder, even if it’s just a small narrow space, investing in some open adjustable pantry shelving makes sense. You can clearly see where everything is stored and everything is easily accessible. 

This system from String has a mix of both open and closed storage, ideal for storing food that may need to be kept in lower light. 

6. Sort frequently used items into baskets 

Ikea storage baskets

(Image credit: Ikea)

To further prevent the previously mentioned oat avalanche, keep items you use most often in baskets, that you can pull out easily. Separate your foods into categories and label each basket so you can just grab it and stick it on the table. Gluten free food; breakfast items; posh snacks reserved for book club only: you get the idea. 

Storage baskets from Ikea.

7. Make pantry storage space for spices

Burbidge Langton Dresser

(Image credit: Burbidge)

Make using paprika instead of cinnamon a thing of the past by getting your spices in order. There are plenty of storage options out there. Expandable spice racks, spinning spice racks, pull down spice racks, the list goes on. 

Alternatively, you can even build spice racks into your pantry doors, as can be seen in this Burbidge kitchen.

8. Add pegboards for extra wall storage

Use pegboard for pantry storage

(Image credit: Kreisdesign)

Ah peg boards. Where would we be without you? Even a small piece of pegboard solves many a kitchen pantry storage problem. 

Kreisdesign have loads of add ons for their pegboards, you can use them to store spices and small jars, or add on some pegs for keeping shopping lists and recipes. Genius.

9. Make your pantry storage portable 

Elfa portable kitchen storage

(Image credit: Elfa)

If you have a smaller pantry or you just want to keep all your frequently used items accessible, use a cart as extra pantry storage. That way you can just roll out your most used ingredients when you need them. We reckon this idea would work perfectly for baking supplies – last minute Victoria sponge to make? Just roll out the ingredients without having to waste time battling the contents of your larder. 

Cart by Elfa.

10. Create a chalkboard wall (or door)

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

If you think you've got your pantry storage sorted, then take it to the next level. Get it organised even further by using some chalkboard paint to turn your pantry door into your shopping list, or paint separate panels and label them to match what's on the corresponding shelves. Doors in Oxford Gray chalkboard paint, Benjamin Moore

Find out how to make a DIY chalkboard wall organiser in our easy guide.

11. Build pantry storage into the corner of your kitchen 

pantry storage ideas

(Image credit: Day True)

Even of you don't have a dedicated pantry you can still create a pantry 'area' in your kitchen. If you have an unused corner pop up some open shelving and voila an instant pantry. You could even pop up a curtain to separate it from the rest of your kitchen. 

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