Grey living room ideas: 25 gorgeous ways to incorporate this stylish color

Looking for grey living room ideas? Start with a scroll through these beautiful spaces...

grey living room ideas
(Image credit: CB2)

On the hunt for some gorgeous grey living room ideas? Well, you're in the right place because grey just happens to be one of our favorite colors to decorate our homes with, as well as everyone else's it seems.

Whether you are a lover of cool-toned greys that work amazingly well in minimal, Scandi-style interiors or you are embracing the dark side with a deep charcoal grey to create an enveloping, cozy living room, we've covered all the different shades and how to style them...

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1. Layer up different grey tones

Modern rustic grey living room from John Lewis

Living room by John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Using just one shade of grey throughout an entire room will make the space feel flat and dull so if you want to go all-in on an all-grey living room, it's important to layer various shades. Choose your favorite grey tone as a base layer and mix in different shades through furniture, soft goods and accessories. 

The Copenhagen sofa from Wayfair is deep and dark and works well against a backdrop of a darker wall and cooler grey living room flooring, like in the photo above. The grey throws and grey cushions add both depth and texture.

2. Get the lighting right in a grey living room 

Neptune grey living room

(Image credit: Neptune )

Grey is one of those colors that can completely change under different lights, so picking the perfect lighting for your space is important. As a general rule, the cooler the tone you choose, the warmer the lighting should be – think about the room at night, you'll still want it to feel cozy and welcoming despite the cool color scheme. Pick out lamp shades that give off a yellowish glow and always go for warm/soft white bulbs. 

Be sure to choose different types of light sources as well. As with any room, you'll want to think about having a layered lighting plan. Typically you'll want to mix ambient lighting (soft lighting usually from a pendant or ceiling lights), task lighting (stronger, focused lights) and accent lighting (soft, but still focused lights that highlight certain areas of your room). 

For more tips on living room lighting, head to our guide. 

3. Choose grey living room storage

grey living room storage

Bookcase from Wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Don’t limit your love affair with grey to just wall color, if you love this hue consider adding in storage pieces in the shade to add a modern edge to your living room. Storage units are a great way to add in grey, and we especially love the mirrored accents in the one above.

This bookcase from Wayfair has both open and closed storage for when you need to store things you don't way on full display. 

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4. Mix pale grey paint with metallic accessories 

Pink and grey living room with metallic accessories

To get the look, try a pale warm gray, like Benjamin MooreClassic Gray. Coffee table from West Elm, find similar chairs at Joss & Main.

(Image credit:

There’s nothing as glamorous as beautiful gold accents, which, of course, pair well with a base palette of greys. Use different grey shades layered throughout the living room for your neutral backdrop, retaining the focus on the metallics and any other color you choose to introduce. Keep it soft or add bold, bright accents; just ensure they don’t detract from the shine and sparkle of your metals. 

Olivia, Blogger at Lust Living, has the most stunning living room pairing a pale, warm gray paint, like Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, on the walls with some beautiful gold metallics. Gold coffee table is West Elm.

5. Create the perfect backdrop with grey living room walls

Grey living room with grey walls, grey cushions and grey throw

Room by Urban Avenue

(Image credit: Urban Avenue)

Part of the appeal of grey is its versatility. It can complement almost any color scheme, be it neutrals, brights, or otherwise. Using a grey wallpaper or paint won’t intrude on brighter accent colors if you use them; darker greys give them depth; paler greys help them to pop. A palette of all neutrals against a grey background, on the other hand, feels soothing and sophisticated.

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6. Warm things up with greige 

Grey living room by Cult furniture

(Image credit: Cult furniture )

We confess: at one time we mocked greige for its implied blandness, but alas, we have grown to love this neither grey nor brown nor beige color and think we owe it an apology. So, sorry greige. 

Our new stance: It's actually a perfect warm-toned color for living rooms! We love how it's been styled in the living room above with splashes of sage green and pale mustard yellow. So what is the perfect greige shade? Well we recommend Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige or Farrow and Ball Stony Ground.  

7. Try a monochrome color scheme in a living room

Monochrome living room

(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

Black and white doesn’t have to be a boring combination – when teamed with different layers of grey, it can look exceptionally striking. Use base of white and black, and then mix in plenty of grey accessories to get the full impact of this dramatic scheme. 

8. Choose a simple (but chic) grey sofa

grey living room ideas

A grey living living room from CB2, with a grey CB2 sofa.

(Image credit: CB2)

We all love on-trend colorful sofas but sometimes we want to keep it simple and uncomplicated. That’s where a grey sofa really shines. It suits all styles of living room, from country cottage to industrial to contemporary, and anything in between. Give it some life and add a few strong accent colors or simply layer your greys for a more monotone feel, like in the room above from CB2

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9. Add drama with a dark grey living room 

Orange sofa in black living room by Vanessa Arbuthnott

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

If you’re not one to shy away from being bold and daring, then go for a dark grey scheme in your living room. Painted on the walls and even the ceiling too it can act as a striking basis for bright colors or rock and roll décor. You’ll need to get your living room lighting right to make the space usable at night, but these darker charcoals make a room feel exceptionally moody and atmospheric. 

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10. Counteract cool tones with mustard

Soft light grey in a living room with alcoves and glam touches

(Image credit: Kimberly Duran)

Greens and botanical prints work effortlessly with grey tones as shown here in this bright, light, grey and yellow living room. The homeowner has paired a subtle shade of grey with golds and greens allowing the features to shine, with a bold print that doesn’t impinge on the lighter feel of the space. 

Kimberly, from blog Swoon Worthy has used a pale cool gray the walls and accented the space with a yellow tub chair (we love this similar version from Wayfair) and a gold sunburst mirror from eBay.

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11. Mix soft grey with pretty pastels

Pink and grey living room with black and white prints

(Image credit: Arianna Trapani)

Use soft warm greys and mix them with pastels for a pretty living room color scheme. Prevent it from feeling too sweet and saccharine by accenting with darker, moodier shades like in the above photo, with black and white cushions and a dark wood table. The result is a calm living room suitable for the whole family. 

Blogger Ariannahas created a sumptuous, cozy space packed full of texture and warmth with a wool throw, tropical-inspired artwork and selection of pretty cushions.

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12. Make dark grey feel warm and cozy

Monochrome living room with large wooden coffee table, cow print rug and leather sofa

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

If you opt for a darker, charcoal grey on your walls yet don’t want the living room to feel all doom and gloom, lighten the space by using white-based art work. Include pops of color through your soft furnishings and make the most of your cozy feel by adding layers of sheepskins for warmth and texture. 

13. Add texture to a grey living room for an on-trend look

Boho grey living room from Maisons du Monde

(Image credit: Maisons du Monde)

Palest greys and darkest blacks come together with stark whites to create an on-trend boho vibe. Mix up your greys with a black-and-white pattern in shaggy textures. Add some natural materials like rattan and wicker plus lots of house plants, and you have a very of-the-moment living space. 

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14. Don't ignore the floor, pick out a grey rug

Grey living room with grey sofa and large grey rug

(Image credit: Argos)

When you’re not sure how to start designing a grey living room, look down. The floor is often the best place to begin when you’re building a room scheme and if you want to include grey, this is a great kicking off point. Pick a larger grey rug as a center piece or layer up your rugs for a more laid back, relaxed look. 

15. Want a more luxurious grey living room idea? Add marble

Light grey living room with marble coffee table

(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

Marble is pretty much a room essential in the age of Pinterest and Instagram. But there is a reason we're all so in love: with its swirly, opulent, qualities, marble just brings elegance into a space like no other material. Give a grey living room a lift with a few pale marble accessories. The smooth finish works perfectly with lots of different shades of grey. 

16. Set a cool tone in your grey living room  

Grey living room with dark grey sofa, grey rug and bright gallery wall

(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

Different shades of grey work best for different types of spaces. Cool tones, like in the photo above, feel more contemporary and pair well with bright colors and crisp black and white. So if you're after a modern feel in your home or apartment, stick to cool grays with blue or green undertones.

17. Choose multi-functional grey furniture 

Grey living room with simple grey sofa bed

(Image credit:

If you are as obsessed with grey as we are (and since you have made it to point 16 of a grey living room ideas feature we are going to assume you are), chances are you might not want to limit grey to your living room. So when choosing furniture, pick pieces that are versatile and can be put to use through the rest of your home too. Storage benches, day beds, grey sofa beds, grey ottomans, you get the idea, any pieces that can be shifted into a spare bedroom or a hallway. 

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18. Add interest to a grey living room with a mural 

Living room with large corner sofa, coffee table and monochrome rug

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Before we go on to talk about the many positive points of adding prints and murals to a grey living room, can we just appreciate the artful layering in this space? Prints, textures, colors, this living room has it all (and in a way that works, too!).

Wall murals are a great way to add a focal point to living room that's monochromatic. They are also a fabulous option if you are decorating a rented home, because you can choose a removable wall mural, or hang a permanent one  rather than paste it to your wall.

In this small grey living room, the large wall mural also expands the space by adding depth and encouraging the eye to look up.

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19. Go for a coastal vibe with a light grey living room

Grey sofa bed from Maison du Monde

(Image credit: Maison du Monde)

You might live nowhere near the beach but that doesn't mean you can't bring a coastal vibe into your living room. Coastal interiors aren't all about blue stripes and miniature ships in bottles. You can create a beach house-inspired interior using light greys, white, and a mix of natural materials. Rugs, throw pillows, baskets and wall hangings can all be incorporated into your current space to create that relaxed, laid back feel that defines coastal-chic. For more beach house interior inspiration, check out our gallery of ideas. 

20. Choose a warm gray for a traditional look

warm gray living room

A warm-toned grey living room with a sofa by Birch Lane.

(Image credit: Birch Lane)

The same way cool-toned grays suit contemporary living rooms, warm-toned grays are just right for traditional ones. The warmed up shade plays well with hallmarks of traditional style like wood tones and natural-fiber rugs, and colors like cream and navy blue.

21. Highlight alcoves with grey paint

Grey living room designed by Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

Use grey paint to highlight alcoves in a living room: it's a neat trick for creating depth in the room, showing off artwork hung on the darker walls and exaggerating the height of the ceiling in the room. Light the alcoves with wall or table lamps so that the grey becomes a warmer tone at night. Room and furnishings designed by Neptune.

22. Mix grey with sage green

Dulux Colour of the Year 2020

(Image credit: Dulux)

There's something so soothing about the combination of sage green and grey.  For one, it's super low-contrast, which is calming. Plus, it evokes nature: the colors of the sea, moss on a rock, pebbles in the water, and feels organic. This versatile palette works equally well in modern or traditional spaces. For the former, choose cooler-toned hues, and for the latter, warmed-up ones. 

23. Pick a dramatic grey wallpaper 

dark grey grasscloth wallpaper

(Image credit: Roommates Wallpaper)

Get an instant, easy dose of grey by putting up some grey wallpaper. Most of the time you will be able to find a shade of grey that will work with your current scheme, so it can be the simplest way to update your space. We love the dramatic effect of the dark Grasscloth Grey Peel & Stick wallpaper from Roommatesbut make sure you head over to our grey wallpaper feature for loads more ideas and inspiration. 

24. Go for a moody vibe with inky greys 

Living room by DFS

(Image credit: DFS)

Blue-grey is the grey of 2020. It's mood and dramatic but styled the right way it can be really soft and welcoming too. Mix it in with some natural materials and lots of textures for a really cool contemporary look. 

25. Mix grey with nubby naturals

Extended Victorian home

The living room in this gorgeous renovated home in Shrewsbury uses grey to a calming effect

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

Grey could feel a little cold, but if you mix it with rich textures: knotty, warm-colored wood, nubby linens, lush velvet, you'll create a warm, welcoming feel. We also love how the sofa is color-matched to the walls here for a space-enhancing feel.

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