21 gorgeous grey wallpaper ideas for a sophisticated space

Wanting more stylish and sophisticated walls? Our grey wallpaper ideas are just what you need for a modern finish

A white and grey living room with white wall paneling, charcoal grey and gold palm-print wallpaper, grey velvet sofa and palm print rug
(Image credit: Dunelm)

We've rounded up our favorite grey wallpaper ideas which are both stylish and sophisticated to pay homage to gloriously on-trend hue. Grey interiors are definitely having a bit of a moment, and our obsession with this versatile color isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

After scrolling through our wallpaper ideas, you'll realize just how much diversity there is in color, tone, texture, pattern and style. From charcoal moody motifs to dove grey dinosaurs and bold biophilic designs, covering your walls never looked so creative.

Grey wallpaper ideas that'll get your attention

'It’s important to note that grey doesn’t have to be one dimensional and flat. By choosing grey wallpaper rather than paint, you can create all kinds of textures and looks to suit your tastes and your room,' says Brendan Young, co-founder and creative director, Mineheart.

'The effect can be subtle or you can create something really bold, depending on your space. On the plainer end of the scale, you could opt for a ‘linen look’ grey wallpaper which creates a warm effect through the illusion of fabric on your walls.'

'On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a grey feature wall you can bring in some color - perhaps with a floral design or a strong monochrome pattern.'

1. Create a maximalist dining room setup

A colorful maximalist dining room with grey chinoiserie wallpaper

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Whether you have a large or small dining area, a maximalist scheme using a grey wallpaper will create a cozy and intimate space.

This gorgeous Pagoda Wallpaper by John Lewis & Partners is a painterly interpretation of a Chinoiserie-style print that works well as a dining room wall idea. Full of color and texture, this room plays clashing pattern to its strength. But, remember to still be considered when going for this design trend.

2. Create a French chateau feel with a wall panel effect

A grey wall panel effect wallpaper with duck egg blue console table and elephant decorative ornament

(Image credit: Cole and Son)

Reminiscent of the classic wood wall paneling which features in many of the chateaux and period homes of Paris, this cleverly-designed grey wallpaper print recreates a wonderful French style 3D-effect presented in neutral shades of taupe, French grey, and ivory.

Say bonjour to a boujie grey hallway with this Louis design from Cole and Son. Pair with a duck egg blue console table and a statement ornament for an equally chic scheme.

3. Layer your wall decor in your living room

A grey and white living room with white wall paneling, charcoal grey and gold palm-print wallpaper, and grey velvet sofa

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Wall panels, paint and paper... When hunting for something to cover your walls – it is literally a jungle out there. So when looking at grey and white living room ideas, choosing a global-inspired Amazonia Gold and Charcoal wallpaper from Dunelm will bring the rainforest into your lounge area.

And, to enhance this wild aesthetic, invest in the best grey sofa. Whether you're tucking into a bit of TV, or hibernating for winter, you're bound to look like the cat whose got the cream when your living room wallpaper looks this good.

4. Bug down with an entomological theme

Cole and son grey wood grain effect wallpaper with feathered white pendant light, butterfly wall decor, purple geode and framed insect art

(Image credit: Cole and Son)

Ento-what you might ask? As well as our love for the plant-heavy biophilic theme, it seems the interiors world is crawling full of insect ideas. But, if you're a bit squeamish, you don't have to decorate your home with spiders and creepy critters.

Instead, pair a wood-grain effect grey wallpaper with pretty butterflies, intricate beetle decor, ladybug motifs and bumble bee-patterned homewares.

This feathered hallway lighting idea, geode decor and floral printed rug are perfectly placed in this a nature-filled scheme.

5. Create a standout reading nook with grey, teal and pink

A grey patterned wallpaper by Graham & Brown with birds and floral design with teal velvet chair, velvet curtains and metallic gold side table with glass bottle filled with water

(Image credit: Graham & Brown)

If you're wondering which colors go with grey – try this teal and pink combo. 

This stunning reading nook is the perfect place to strike a pose.... we mean read a book. this wow-factor Jardin grey wallpaper by Graham & Brown showcases birds, butterflies and blossoming florals at their finest without being overly girly if that's not your sort of style.

The turquoise velvet chair and curtains, and brass side table just add that extra layer of luxury to your lavish reading nook setup.

6. Go for a calming grey-green bedroom motif

A green-grey wallpaper with bamboo leaf print motif in bedroom with grey duvet and wooden chairs

(Image credit: Borastapeter)

The perfect backdrop for pared-back grey bedrooms, this Asian-inspired, Japandi-style, Bamboo Garden wallpaper by Borastapeter in a muted grey-green combines a naturalistic color palette with a delicate pattern of leaf prints.

With gently shimmering lines in the background, this dreamy bedroom wallpaper is sure to provide the most gentle interest as your eyes become heavier and you drift off to sleep.

'Grey is unique in that it can blend with any color to create something completely new,' says Young.

'So if you like the neutrality of grey, but are tempted to bring in a little color, you can absolutely have the best of both worlds. Blue-grey and grey-green are well established shades for home decor, but recent years have seen a big growth in grey-mauve or grey-purple as a trend.'

'These shades work because they essentially look grey but just have a little extra depth. You can bring out the underlying color with the furnishings in your space, whether that be cushions, rugs, wall art, fabrics or furniture.'

7. Fake an antique mirror look with reflective paper

Cole and Son antique mirror effect wallpaper with a brass and glass table with apothecary bottles

(Image credit: Cole and Son)

This Antique Mirror by Cole and Son incorporates a reclaimed tile design creating the appearance of a vintage foxed pane of glass. Unusual printing techniques were incorporated with the use of foil and transparent ink creating this reflective effect.

This elegant wallpaper design features boxed panels on a foil base, creating the illusion of aged mirror paneling. We'd recommend using it behind a home bar setup or in the hallway to add a dramatic, rustic atmosphere.

To make your rooms look bigger, maximize the space by pairing this wallcovering with living room mirror ideas and other light-reflecting surfaces.

8. Choose warm grey for a calming space

Floris wallpaper in Spring Rose from Romo with round table and cream lampshade light in alcove with grey geometric patterned bench

(Image credit: Romo)

As with every color, there are different tones of grey to choose from. This very pretty Floris wallpaper in Spring Rose from Romo has a warm grey background which is fitting for the Japanese style blossoming branches that appear hand-painted. It has a pearlescent finish which adds a gentle sheen to the surface which reflects the light.

If you're tempted by florals, it's worth browsing our beautiful botanical wallpaper ideas for more inspiration.

9. Get a modern look with a wall mural

A nature inspired grey wallpaper by Anthology called Obsidian Panel with hallway console table with various glass vases on display

(Image credit: Anthology)

Traditional wallpaper rolls are not the only option, you can now buy panels of three metres in length that can be bought as single panel or joined to make a large continuous mural. Murals are a brilliant alternative to wallpaper. It only takes a flick-through of our pick of the best mural design ideas to see why.

The Obsidian Panel A by Anthology is an interpretation of an original ink and salt-printed silk fabric that has glacial qualities. Prices start from £236 per three-metre panel.

10. Choose a neutral botanical print for subtle style

A Geometric II Deco Palm 105-8036 wallpaper from Cole & Son in bedroom with retro yellow and brown headboard and yellow lampshade

(Image credit: Cole & Son)

While bright, botanical print wallcoverings are still all the rage, there are plenty of subtler grey wallpaper solutions if color isn't really your thing. 

We love the grey mix design of this Deco Palm Wallpaper from the renowned Cole & Son, particularly when paired with bright accessories in a similar Art Deco-style. Find it in mustard, green and pink colorways, too.

You can always introduce bold accessories back into your scheme, just like this yellow bedroom has demonstrated.

11. Add period charm with grey florals 

Atacama 5801 Purbeck Stone No.275 and Ammonite No.274 wallpaper from Farrow & Ball in bedroom with long wired ceiling pendant light

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

If you're decorating a home with period charm, a light grey, floral repeat-pattern is a classically stylish solution that adds pattern and interest to a space subtly. By opting for a paper with a delicate pattern, you create a great base for incorporating other colors, patters and prints, too, should you wish to.

This pretty Atacama Wallpaper from Farrow & Ball shows an intricate botanical design that’s inspired by a colored swatch found nestled in an old fabric mill. There are six other colorways to choose from, including white, green, blue and another shade of grey.

12. Get a style hit with Scandi-inspired wallpaper

Slate grey floral wallpaper by John Lewis & Partners with wood and white desk, white painted wooden chair and hallway in background

(Image credit: John Lewis)

This simple yet effective floral wallpaper is inspired by Swedish folk art and is an easy means of adding interest to a space without compromising the minimalist style that so many of us associate with Scandi-inspired interiors.

The Erin Wallpaper from the Croft Collection at John Lewis is versatile and will work with most existing color schemes.

With a meadow grass and seedhead motif, it pairs beautifully with the leafy wall decor and framed dried foliage on the white and wood desk.

13. Be creative with fun prints in a children's bedroom

Cloud motif grey and white wallpaper in kids bedroom by Karlie Klum at Lime Lace

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

Who wouldn’t love clouds on their walls? Obviously this print is designed for a kid's room, but its simple style and timeless color palette makes it an option that's likely to be in-keeping with the rest of your home scheme.

Printed on high quality non-woven paper, this Cloudy Wallpaper by Karlie Klum, available from Lime Lace, comes with a luxurious matt finish and comes in pink and white colorways, too.

Twinkle grey star pattern wallpaper with a stool and vase of flowers

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Similarly, this grey Twinkle Wallpaper, available from John Lewis & Partners, offers a subtle solution that's perfect for a children's bedroom or nursery room, thanks to a simple but sweet, star-inspired repeat pattern.

14. Create the illusion of space with stripes

Pink and grey striped wallpaper with wheeled table and potted plant on grey concrete style floor with cream rug (Part of the Nordic Elegance range at Galerie Wallcoverings)

(Image credit: Galerie Wallcoverings)

If you're looking for design tricks that will make a small space look larger, it doesn't get much easier than stripes. In a space with low ceilings, consider using a vertical stripe to make the space seem taller; similarly, horizontal stripes will make a space feel wider. Perfect for grey and pink rooms.

This Grey Stripe Wallpaper is part of the Nordic Elegance range at Galerie Wallcoverings.

15. Get creative with magnetic wallpaper 

A magnetic dinosaur motif grey wallpaper with pastel yellow painted wooden chair and cacti plants

(Image credit: Sian Zeng)

The perfect canvas for a play room, this unique Dino Wallpaper from Sian Zeng is magnetic and will encourage imagination and storytelling.

To create this amazing scene you need to work through three stages: paste the magnetic liner to the wall, then the white lining paper, followed by the patterned wallpaper. Each pack contains everything you need plus three magnets.

16. Pick a textural grey wallpaper

A textured dark grey wallpaper wall covering in hallway with wooden table and white lampshade

(Image credit: Villa Nova)

It’s quite common that when you think of a grey wallpaper you imagine big and bold designs, but you can opt for a texture instead of a print, particularly if you're designing a space with a contemporary or particularly luxe feel.

An abstract design inspired by Toro Nagashi – a Japanese ceremony where people float paper lanterns down a river to guide spirits of ancestors back to the other world – the Nui Wallcovering from Villa Nova is a great example of how effective natural effect wallpapers can be in enhancing a space.

Here, tonal and textural variation works well here. Floorboards, wooden furniture and grainy hallway wallpaper all add interest.

17. Embrace the trend for geometric prints

Cadencia round retro geometric grey wallpaper in living space with small round dining set and cream fireplace

(Image credit: Harlequin)

An on-trend wallpaper design, geometric prints are often associated with the bright colors and bold patterns of the '70s – many of which are too much for the average home. So, opting for a retro geometric wallpaper design in a grey tone is a more subtle solution for incorporating this trend into your home.

Inspired by architecture and old lace, the Cadencia Silver Wallpaper from Style Library elegantly combines a mixture of matt and sheen finished to add depth to any room.

18. Go for a twist on traditional floral design 

Protea Trail in Monument design from the Tresco collection is by Paint and Paper Library

(Image credit: Paint and Paper Library)

This clever Protea Trail Wallpaper, available from The Paint and Paper Library, combines the prettiness of floral prints with the space-enhancing effects of stripes.

Flexographically printed to provide a smooth surface, each stripe is made up of proteas, birds and butterflies, set against a plain grey background, for a traditional-style finish.

In keeping with the theme, if you're wondering how to decorate your console table, a simple bouquet of flowers in your favorite vase is a safe styling tip from us.

19. Get a romantic feel with Toile-style designs 

Stag toile wallpaper in moss is by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

While toile prints are not necessarily a design readily associated with a modern bedroom scheme, they can make a stylish statement when teamed with contrasting paint in an appropriate space.

This Stag Toile Wallpaper by Little Greene is based on a classic Toile de Jouy design, but with a more simplified look printed in a single color.

20. Mix greys with accents of yellow

Grey and yellow diamond print wallpaper in a living room

(Image credit: Wallpaper Direct)

Combine a desire for grey wallpaper with the mustard yellow and geometric print interiors trends, thanks to this stylish diamond-inspired wallpaper.

Perfect for a grey and yellow living room with a modern scheme, it also works well in a traditional home when paired with neutral furnishings. The Diamond Wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct is also available in grey with teal blue or red and costs £39.50 per roll.

21. Create a cheap Scandi-inspired paneled effect

grey wood panel effect wallpaper from debenhams

(Image credit: Debenhams)

Synonymous with Nordic summer houses, white washed or grey toned, wood paneling is a stylish option for the walls of a stylish, minimalist-inspired space.

While it can be expensive and time-consuming to install the real deal, a wood effect wallpaper makes for an equally visually-effective alternative that you won't feel guilty for replacing, should you tire of the trend.

Find the Natural Sahara Wallpaper at Debenhams and hang vertically or horizontally depending on whether you want to add height or width to a grey and white living room space.

How do I choose a grey wallpaper?

'Order lots of samples of fabric, paint and wallpaper and have a look at which combinations layer the best, giving you that feeling of ‘wow’ factor.' says Wil Law, partner and home design stylist at John Lewis & Partners.

Which grey shall I choose?

'If you choose a warm shade of grey, you can create a calm, homely feel,' says Amanda Nordblad, wallpaper designer at Borastapeter.

'A warm, dark grey wallpaper feels both cozy and a little bold. If, on the other hand, you opt for a light grey wallpaper in a cooler shade, you can achieve a more sophisticated feel in the room.'

'For those who like the bright Nordic style, for example, you can choose a simple grey wallpaper with a linen effect or a powdery chalk surface. Those looking to make a bigger impact should take consider looking at our large-patterned and graphic grey wallpapers.'

While Young says: 'There are so many shades of grey that you can never get tired of them all. The very lightest shades of grey are almost white, which is perfect for a Scandi-chic look where you’re seeking to capture the light in your room.'

'Meanwhile, charcoal and anthracite shades of grey are almost - but not quite - black. There’s a growing trend for dark decor, so if you’re growing tired of your mid-grey walls but aren’t tempted to choose a colored shade, you could seek out a dark grey wallpaper.'

'Far from making your room gloomy, a dark shade of grey can really change the atmosphere of the space. Dark decor can be very cozy, sophisticated and elegant. The right shade, teamed with metallics like gold and silver together with rich fabrics like velvet and faux fur, create a real sense of luxury and opulence.'

How can I stop grey decor from looking 'flat'?

'Add a little glitter or a metallic effect to grey, and all of a sudden it becomes silver. Silver is an enduring trend both in both home style and fashion, as it’s such a classic that again goes with everything,' says Young.

'Bringing some silver into your grey decor creates a real transformation. Metallics and glitter instantly give a sense of luxury and richness to any room. Whether you choose to achieve it with silver wallpaper or with your other home furnishings, the added shimmer and shine from silver will add a whole new dimension.'

'Team a silver wall with rich teal furnishings, or a deep purple for a regal feel. Silver also goes well with bright shades like yellow if you want to add some vibrant energy to your space.'

Sophie Warren-Smith

Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 22 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor of indie magazine, 91, Sophie trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for the modern bride.