14 grey wallpaper ideas

We’ve found our favourite grey wallpapers that are super stylish and will suit modern schemes

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Grey interiors are definitely having a bit of a moment, and our obsession with this versatile colour isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So to pay homage to this gloriously on-trend colour we've rounded up our favourite grey wallpaper ideas. 

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1. Choose warm grey for a calming space

As with every colour there are different tones of grey to choose from. This very pretty Floris wallpaper in Spring Rose from Romo has a warm grey background which is fitting for the Japanese style blossoming branches that appear hand-painted. It has a pearlescent finish which adds a gentle sheen to the surface which reflects the light.  

Floris wallpaper in Spring Rose from Romo

(Image: © Romo)

2. Get a modern look with a wall mural

Traditional wallpaper rolls are not the only option, you can now buy panels of three metres in length that can be bought as single panel or joined to make a large continuous mural. The Obsidian Panel A by Anthology is an interpretation of an original ink and salt-printed silk fabric that has glacial qualities. Prices start from £236 per three-metre panel.

Obsidian Panel A Wallpaper by Anthology

(Image: © Anthology)

3. Choose a neutral botanical print for subtle style

Botanical print wallpapers are still all the range, and if you don’t fancy a bold print then opt for this subtle grey mix design instead. It’s called the Geometric II Deco Palm 105-8036 wallpaper and is from the renowned Cole & Son. As well as the grey and white wallpaper design seen here, it does come in one other colourway consisting of pretty greens.

Geometric II Deco Palm 105-8036 wallpaper and is from Cole & Son

(Image: © Cole & Son)

4. Add period charm with grey florals 

This pretty print is called Atacama 5801 Purbeck Stone No.275 and Ammonite No.274 wallpaper from Farrow & Ball. It shows an intricate botanical design that’s inspired by a coloured swatch found nestled in an old fabric mill. There are six other colour ways to choose from including including another grey and white wallpaper (5803), plus a pink and grey variant (5802). 

Atacama 5801 Purbeck Stone No.275 and Ammonite No.274 wallpaper from Farrow & Ball

(Image: © Farrow & Ball)

5. Get a style hit with Scandi inspired wallpaper

This simple but effective floral wallpaper is inspired by folk art from Sweden. It’s called Erin in slate, and is part of the Croft Collection at John Lewis. This grey and white wallpaper is very versatile and will work with most existing colour schemes. It also comes in Loch Blue.  

Erin in slate is part of the Croft Collection at John Lewi

(Image: © John Lewis)

6. Be creative with fun prints in a children's bedroom

Who wouldn’t love clouds on their walls? Obviously this print is designed for a children's bedroom, but we love it too! It’s called Cloudy Wallpaper by Karlie Klum and it’s available from Lime Lace. Printed on high quality non-woven paper, it comes with a luxurious matt finish and other colourways include pink and white.  

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Cloudy Wallpaper by Karlie Klum at Lime Lace

(Image: © Lime Lace)

7. Create the illusion of space with stripes

You can’t beat a good stripe for making a small space look bigger. If you have low ceilings then using a vertical stripe will make it seem taller. This grey stripe NA4104 design is part of the Nordic Elegance range at Galerie Wallcoverings and is priced at £32.95 per roll.

NA4104 design is part of the Nordic Elegance range at Galerie Wallcoverings

(Image: © Galerie Wallcoverings)

8. Get creative with magnetic wallpaper 

This fabulous Dino wallpaper in grey is magnetic and will whisk your children away into their own magical faraway land full of dinosaurs. To create this amazing scene you need to work through three stages: paste the magnetic liner to the wall, then the white lining paper, followed by the patterned wallpaper. Each pack contains everything you need plus three magnets.

Magnetic Dino Wallpaper in Grey from Sian Zeng

(Image: © Sian Zeng)

9. Pick a textural grey wallpaper

It’s quite common that when you think of wallpaper you imagine big and bold designs, but you can opt for a texture instead of a print. The Nui wallcovering in carbon seen here is a great example of how it can work. It’s an abstract design inspired by Toro Nagashi, a Japanese ceremony where people float paper lanterns down a river to guide spirits of ancestors back to the other world.

Nui Wallcovering in Carbon from Villa Nova

(Image: © Villa Nova)

10. Embrace the trend for geometric prints

Geometric designs are big this year and geometric wallpaper is a very effective way to add this popular trend to your home. Inspired by architecture and old lace, the Cadencia wallpaper by Harlequin has a relief effect in a mixture of matt and sheen finishes. It comes in three other colourways.  

 Cadencia wallpaper by Harlequin

(Image: © Harlequin)

11. Go for a twist on traditional floral design 

This clever Protea Trail in Monument design from the Tresco collection is by Paint and Paper Library. The grey floral design gives the impression of a stripe. Each strip has proteas, birds and butterflies on it on a plain coloured ground. It’s flexographically printed which provides a smooth surface that gives a more contemporary finish despite the traditional-style design.  

Protea Trail in Monument design from the Tresco collection is by Paint and Paper Library

(Image: © Paint and Paper Library)

12. Get a romantic feel with Toile-style designs 

Toile prints are not necessarily a design you may think of for a modern scheme, but use it as a statement wall and teamed with some contrasting paint and it is the perfect wallpaper choice for a bedroom. This Stag toile wallpaper in moss is by Little Greene (paint also from there), it’s based on a classic Toile de Jouy design, but with a more simplified look printed in a single colour.

Stag toile wallpaper in moss is by Little Greene

(Image: © Little Greene)

13. Go for an ethereal look with star prints  

Often a popular choice in kids' bedrooms, this grey wallpaper is a little bit more subtle than some designs, making it work in many schemes. Twinkle by John Lewis features a repeat hand-printed star pattern and costs £23 per roll.

Twinkle grey star pattern wallpaper

(Image: © John Lewis)

14. Mix greys with accents of yellow

Tick the boxes of a few trends with this grey and yellow wallpaper featuring an allover geometric diamond design. It would work perfectly in a more modern room, but also works well in a traditional home as seen here. Diamond in yellow and slate by Layla Faye at Wallpaper Direct also comes in grey with teal blue or red and costs £39.50 per roll.

Grey and yellow diamond print wallpaper in a living room

(Image: © Wallpaper Direct)

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