12 corner fireplace ideas – cozy looks to warm up the living room

These stylish corner fireplace ideas will add warmth to your living room, perfect for chilly days and nights.

Corner fireplace in white living room with fabric and wooden armchairs, big area rug and coffee table
(Image credit: @clairelynnhome)

When creating a cozy vibe is top of the agenda, there’s nothing like a beautiful fireplace to bring warmth – both figuratively and literally – to a room, but at what point do you consider corner fireplace ideas?

Maybe you’re a little short on wall space, or you’ve got an unused nook you’d like to make the most of. Perhaps you’ve already got one of your favorite fireplace ideas installed but feel like creating a corner one as a secondary focal point. 

Or maybe you're simply in the mood for something a little different. Whatever your reason, one thing’s for sure, you won’t be ‘considering’ for long – our shortlist of stylish designs will be sparking inspiration in no time.

Corner fireplace ideas for cozy vibes in all seasons

So you’ve decided you want a corner fireplace. Next question. Can I have one? Essentially, the answer is yes. ‘There are so many options these days, you aren’t limited by traditional requirements anymore, anyone can have a corner fireplace’, says interior designer Christina Carleton. Well that’s good news.

1. Mix it up

Corner fireplace in white living room with coffee table and area rug central to couches

(Image credit: Designed by Becca Interiors Photographer: Rikki Snyder)

Contrasting tiles are a great way to accentuate your corner fireplace. We love how these black metro tiles lining the inside of the furnace pop against the beautifully elegant white mantel for a classic yet modern fireplace look. A pair of sconces create symmetry and when switched on, cast a warm glow – handy for warmer days when you want a cozy feel but perhaps not the heat of a roaring fire! Space designed by Becca Interiors and photographed by Rikki Snyder.

2. Play with proportions

Corner fireplace in white living room with fabric and wooden armchairs, big area rug and coffee table

(Image credit: @clairelynnhome)

In larger rooms, you can afford to boost the proportions of your corner fireplace without the risk of it overwhelming the space. This impressive design has gained height in the form of sleek white panels topped with an oversized mantel made from reclaimed wood. Raising the firebox slightly is a neat idea too; it brings the flickering flames up to eye-line level for those chilling on the sofa… A much cozier visual than the television, don’t you agree?

Space created by Claire Lynn Home , @clairelynnhome.

3. Opt for understated style

Corner fireplace, taupe fabric sofa in Scandi living room with wooden coffee table

(Image credit: Grace Oak Designs)

Corner fireplaces can sometimes feel a little imposing, but there are ways of creating a more subtle effect if that’s what you’re after. ‘Try a less bold tile, stone or brick and keep wall paint light so the space appears bigger’, says Hillary Quinn, owner of Grace Oak Designs. ‘Painted white bricks offer texture and visual interest without overpowering the space. You could also try swapping the mantel for something stylish yet understated – think clean lines and natural materials’.

4. Think outside the hearth

Black fireplace against black accent wall in modern living room with leather and wooden seats

(Image credit: Arbor and co)

This clever corner fireplace design put together by Arbor & Co. features a three-sided stove positioned off-centre, which creates the illusion of a long flat wall and makes the room feel more spacious… With the added benefit of being able to see flickering flames from all angles. Leather sofas, textured textiles and happy houseplants bring warmth to the black lacquered brick wall behind, creating a perfect mix of industrial and homely vibes. We love!

5. Factor in function

Fireplace in white hearth behind warm colored sofa

(Image credit: Christina Carleton)

As well as the obvious heating benefit, a corner fireplace essentially creates a ‘fifth wall’ in a room which can be extremely useful, as demonstrated in this design by Christina Carleton; ‘The family who live in this home like to gather in the evenings, but the dramatic tall ceilings, tile floors and large windows and doors made warming their living room difficult in winter months and there was no obvious placement for a television, either. By installing a corner fireplace, we also gained an elaborate television mount’. It doesn’t need to involve intense building work either; ‘we used a vent-free natural gas insert that required no chimney or structural changes’, says Christina. Good to know!

6. Be materialistic

Corner fireplace ideas in lounge with jute rug and wooden bookcase

(Image credit: Lauren Morgan Interiors Photographer White Orchid Photography)

Think about what materials you want to incorporate into your corner fireplace – wood paneling is a great option for covering large spaces, while patterned tiles create interest, for example. Here, both have been utilised to great effect. Tall ceilings are accentuated by taking paneling all the way up to the ceiling, while eye-catching tiles draw the eye down – we love the way the fireplace tile color has been picked up across soft furnishings and walls to add a cohesive feel to an otherwise eclectic scheme.

Space created by Lauren Morgan Interiors with photography by White Orchid Photography.

7. Take it outside

Corner fireplace on blue wallpapered hearth with glass top dining table in the back

(Image credit: Laura U Design Collective)

We’re all about bringing the outside in, but apparently now it’s all about bringing the inside out… Creating a living room on your veranda is all the rage, complete with outdoor corner fireplace! Dramatic? Maybe, but they’re becoming pretty popular in the design world; ‘we love treating outdoor spaces as an extension of the home; they should be comfortable as well as functional, and there’s nothing as cozy as a fireplace’, says Designer Laura Umansky, founder and CEO at Laura U Design Collective. Top tip – make sure your fireplace is covered so you can enjoy it whatever the weather!

8. Go rogue

Modern black corner fireplace with gallery wall on white blank canvas

(Image credit: Menendez Architects | Photographer: Emily Minton-Redfield)

You don’t necessarily need to have a corner to create a ‘corner’ fireplace in your living room… You can create your own with a little architectural-inspired thinking. This stunning design has a futuristic feel with its bold triangular shape and sleek tiled finish. Living room ideas don't get more cozy and cool than this.

Space created by Menendez Architects, photography by Emily Minton-Redfield.

9. Take inspiration from nature

Brick corner fireplace in living room with blue cabinets, woven coffee table and rugs

(Image credit: Mindy Gayer Photographer: Vanessa Lentine)

There’s something inherently inviting and cozy about natural stone, and a corner fireplace is the perfect way of incorporating it into a room. We love the mix of rustic and modern in this stylish scheme – created by Mindy Gayer and photographed by Vanessa Lentine – where a minimal mantel lets the stone do the talking, while dark hues, natural textures and beautiful greenery all hint at the great outdoors.

10. Consider a corner stove 

Corner fireplace in lodge style room with slanted wooden clad ceiling and neutral furnishings

(Image credit: Regan Baker Design)

A freestanding corner stove or wood burner can be just as cozy as a traditional corner fireplace and is a great space-saving option if you’re a little short on room; they don’t need a surround so can tuck into the smallest of nooks. Designer Regan Baker shows how they can work beautifully in large, contemporary spaces too; ‘we wanted to highlight the fireplace as a central feature, so we designed a pedestal for it that lifts it up from the floor level. Now you can see the flames from the fire while you’re sitting on the sofa, which feels cozy and homey’, she says.

11. Tile all over for maximum impact

Corner fireplace with stone surround and wire cover. Green painted walls and decorative accents.

(Image credit: Samantha Blake Designs Photographer: Meg Meyer)

Don’t knock an artfully tiled corner fireplace until you try it, that’s what we say. This eye-catching design proves that it can be done in a beautifully refined way that’s not overly intense. ‘We chose an abstract wave concrete tile from Tabarka Studio that tied into the vintage feel of the room but brought a modern touch, too’, says designer Samantha Blake.

Photography by

12. Go to the other side

Corner fireplace on white brick feature hearth

(Image credit: Wanda Ely Architect Photographer: Scott Norsworthy)

Apart from being a stunning design feature, a double-sided corner fireplace is a great way to break up an open plan living room space, but they can be big. Very big. And expensive. This contemporary design offers a similar effect by sitting square on the corner and featuring glass on two sides, creating a wonderful sense of continuity between the two rooms. Positioning a mirror above gives the impression of ‘looking through’, adding to the illusion.

Space created by Wanda Ely Architect Inc with photography by Toronto-based architectural photographer: Scott Norsworthy.

How do you update a brick corner fireplace?

If you’re lucky enough to have an existing brick corner fireplace, perhaps a little update is all that’s needed to make old and new work in perfect harmony. ‘It’s totally fine to paint over the bricks; just use a quality pigmented sealer first, then cover with heat resistant paint in your favorite colour – black or white always looks great’, says Daniel Morris, Founder of Fire & Saw. It doesn’t need to be costly or hard work either; ‘painting bricks is actually simpler than a wall, they’re more forgiving. Just be sure to use a quality brush, it makes the job so much easier and more enjoyable, too’. You could try whitewashing a fireplace too for an achievable DIY that delivers impressive results.

How much space do you need for a corner fireplace?

This depends on what style of corner fireplace you’re going for. Some are positioned at a 45-degree angle across the corner of the room. ‘The downside of this type of corner fireplace is that you are going to lose quite a bit of wall on either side of the corner you choose, resulting in a much smaller space overall’, says Claire Beard, Founder of Claire Lynn Home. You’ll also need to take fire safety into account when positioning, which could also increase your space requirements; ‘The fireplace should be located at least 36 inches from any combustible wall that does not have protection. If they do have a protection layer, this can be reduced to 12 inches’, says Josh Mitch, Founder of AirConditionerLab

If your room allows, more modern, boxlike designs are a space-savvy alternative. These can sit square on the corner of a wall and often feature glass sides which creates the illusion of extra space.

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