Living room storage ideas: 12 ways to quickly tidy up your space

Check out these fabulous living room storage ideas to hide away your clutter and still be stylish

Ikea living room storage ideas
(Image credit: Ikea)

If you are after living room storage ideas that are both practical and pretty, we have you covered. We have become somewhat experts in finding storage solutions that look fab but also do the job of... storing stuff. In living rooms in particular, storage can be tricky. Often full of furniture (a sofa or two, an armchair and media bits and bobs) they are usually in need of a storage solution that allows them to feel spacious without sacrificing style. 

The key to getting your living room storage spot on is choosing pieces that offer as much storage potential as possible. Think a coffee table with a shelf and drawers, built-in shelving solutions or box cabinets that can be wall mounted. Look out for storage that fits with your living room design to keep the room feeling cohesive, too.

Here, we share some of our favourite living room storage ideas that are both perfectly practical and simply stylish and then make sure you check out our living room ideas gallery. 

1. Choose rustic living room storage 

Canterbury display cabinet used as living room storage

(Image credit: Noa & Nani)

Sometimes it’s a shame to hide our favourite pieces away, but you can display them while keeping them dust-free with this beautiful Canterbury cabinet dresser in dark pine and grey from Noa & Nani. It has two glazed doors and two drawers underneath; it also comes in white and dark pine.

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2. Use vertical space with a shelving unit

Living room storage from French Connection

(Image credit: French Connection)

The industrial trend is still going strong, and if you’re a fan of it then this timber wide shelving unit from French Connection is the living room storage for you. Crafted from light-grey mango wood that has been sand-blasted to create a weathered finish, it has a metal frame that is ideal for coping with the weight of numerous books and vases.

3. Go for retro living room storage ideas

West Elm Midcentury style dresser with hanging space

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Although this ‘chifforobe’ is essentially designed for a bedroom, it can also be used in a living room as shown here. West Elm’s Mid-Century design from John Lewis & Partners has a short hanging rail – this could be used for hanging linens or throws. There are four generously sized drawers along the side and one at the bottom that will be perfect for storage. 

4. Add extra hidden living room storage with a coffee table

(Image credit: Barker & Stonehouse)

Where would we be without coffee tables? They are such an essential living room storage solution. The Appledore living room storage table from Barker & Stonehouse is made from reclaimed wood and is a particularly handy design. Not only does it have a useful shelf, but it comes with three deep drawers and a toughened glass top. Perfect for family life.

5. Get extra surface space with nesting tables

Bamboo and iron side tables

(Image credit: Out There Interiors)

The clean lines of these beautifully crafted Franya side tables from Out There Interiors are ideal if you love Scandi style. Crafted from bamboo and iron, they are sturdy and will fit under each other when not in use. Place house plants, your latest read, and a stylish table lamp on them to complete the look.

6. Use a sideboard for pretty living room storage

Loaf living room storage

(Image credit: Loaf)

Every living room should have a sideboard – they’re great for hiding away items that you don’t want to be seen, or for storing those board games that appear every Christmas and the magazines that you can’t bear to part with. The Grand Fandangle living room storage unit from Loaf has a lovely wide top, so it’s ideal for table lamps, bowls of fruit, candles and your favourite mementos.

7. Still got clutter lying around? Buy storage baskets

White big belly storage baskets with pink pom poms

(Image credit: Brissi)

We think baskets are one of the best living room storage ideas out there. Endlessly useful baskets come in lovely squidgy shapes and have a fabulous tactile quality that adds character to a scheme. Brissi’s Ostuni belly baskets with their pink pom poms are very versatile – you can use them for storing blankets, magazines, plants and all those too-numerous-to-mention remote controls we all seem to collect.

8. Awkward shaped living room? Invest in purpose built shelving

Fitted living room storage by Neville Johnson

(Image credit: Neville Johnson)

Looking for living room storage ideas that will really make the most of your space?Tricky alcoves and sloping roofs can naturally lend themselves to built-in storage solutions, especially in living rooms. The Neville Johnson Sudbury Living Concept fitted furniture range works really well here and has been designed to accommodate the TV (and all the wires) as well as storing books, displaying photos, and showing off vases and ornaments. Prices start from £3,000.

9. Save space with wall mounted box shelves

Ikea floating box shelves in blue

(Image credit: Ikea)

If space is an issue, getting as much furniture as possible up off the floor gives the illusion of a bigger room. These Eket wall cabinets are a fabulous living room storage idea from Ikea: they are deep enough to store a whole range of items and will create a modern living room feel. They come in light or dark blue and are part of a wider range of storage solutions that can be wall mounted or used on the floor.

10. Choose an elegant console table 

Ashanti console table with three drawers from Atkin & Thyme

(Image credit: Atkin & Thyme)

Console tables are so fabulously versatile and actually work in most rooms, but also look great as living room storage. They can be used for table lamps and big vases full of pretty blooms, trinkets and your favourite books. Atkin & Thyme’s Ashanti console has three drawers which offers that extra bit of storage and it has an eye-catching textured 3D print.

11. Experiment with open shelving

open shelf storage unit from skandium

(Image credit: Skandium)

If you're a naturally tidy person and have lots of lovely bits and bobs you're happy to display, opting for an open shelving unit is an easy way to add interest and personality to a space. We love the String Storage System in Walnut from Skandium and it looks so fab as living room storage. When it comes to styling shelves, pairing items with similar hues and colours is a great start.

12. Make your living room storage pretty as well as pratical

Books stored by colour

(Image credit: John Lewis)

When you are squeezed for space it can be tricky not to just make all your living room storage super practical and not focus too much on what it actually adds to your space. But we reckon even in the smallest of spaces, storage can still be pretty and actually become a feature of your room. Need book storage in your small living room? Don't just stack them all haphazardly on shelves, use them as part of your decoration. Arrange them in colours and pick out accessories to match. See practical and stylish.

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Top tips for choosing storage furniture for your living room

  • Think about the full range of storage options for a living room: fitted and freestanding pieces, as well as those that conceal their contents from view, and those that display their contents. All of these styles are useful, and you might prefer a combination of all of them.
  • Plan your shelving around what it will be holding, so that it’s strong enough and the right depth, plus assess how a collection of favourite pieces is likely to grow. 
  • Paint the shelving the same colour as the walls for an unobtrusive finish.
  • Don’t forget to allow for skirting boards when you’re measuring up for storage.
  • Storage furniture doesn’t have to come from the same range, but keep wood colours or finishes consistent and look for harmony between different pieces.
  • Invest in a modular system if you think your storage needs are likely to expand, so that it can be increased accordingly.
  • Store heavy items low down so that they don’t tip the furniture over, or choose a piece that can be fixed to a wall.

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