The best living room rugs

From natural and neutral to bold and colourful, this is our pick of the best rugs for your living room

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A rug ideally needs to ground a living room, fit seamlessly with the room's style, reduce any echo, and (for all you flat dwellers) stop the downstairs neighbours from despising you. Now that's a lot to ask from one accessory. Lucky for you, we've rounded up our favourite living room rugs that tick all those boxes.

1. Oxon Hand-Tufted Tufted Beige Rug

A transitional style rug for livening up neutral shades

Best for: Neutral tones
Colour: Beige and cream
Size: 160cm x 230cm
Material: Wool mix
Reasons to buy
+ Range of sizes available + African influence in the design 
Reasons to avoid
- Would become lost in a heavily patterned room 

This rug is all about combining subtle design with suitable material. The quatrefoil motif of this rug will introduce transitional style patterning to your home. The block shapes and beige tones stop it from being too loud and a few reviewers have mentioned that they use it to lift neutrally decorated rooms. Cotton itself is highly durable, and combined with synthetic fibre, should provide you with a healthy lifespan. Its light colouring may not make it the best choice if it’s guaranteed to lie in the danger zone of spillages and potential staining substances.  

2. John Lewis Kabir Goby Rug

A rustic, traditional looking rug that brings classic style

Best for: Classic
Colour: Rustic red
Size: 235cm x 170cm
Material: Wool
Reasons to buy
+ Traditional rustic tone + Very durable 
Reasons to avoid
- May require a rug hold to prevent colour transfer 

This wool rug brings timeless style to the table. Its patterning and colour is classic and, matched with curtains or cushions, will lift a lounge and bring a level of vibrancy to the room. Made from 100 per cent wool, it’s very durable, and it will hold well as a hearth rug too, as the material is naturally flame resistant. If you have a household full of kids, the deep, rustic red will do a good job of hiding minor stains and wool itself is easy to clean. The only thing to note is John Lewis recommend a rug hold, as the colouring may transfer on to light flooring.

3. Debenhams - Green wool 'Geo Kelim' rug

Another geometric rug, this time for linear interior design

Best for: Modern
Colour: Grey, cream, green
Size: 160cm x 230cm
Material: Wool, jute
Reasons to buy
+ Block colours are neutral + Resistant to high footfall levels 
Reasons to avoid
- Tough stains will require professional cleaning 

If you’re designing your lounge from scratch, buying the rug first is a great way to create a colour scheme. You can then work with the colours inside it. With flashes of green and turquoise, this rug could catalyse a lovely colour scheme, while the linear design will look good in a room where straight lines are a common theme. Made mostly from wool, it should be durable and warm, however large stains will require professional cleaning.  

4. Claverton Silver Rug

A classy and elegant rug that will add a feminine touch

Best for: Class
Colour: Silver
Size: 170cm x 240cm
Material: Wool, Viscose
Reasons to buy
+ Simplistic yet elegant + Soft and substantial under foot 
Reasons to avoid
- Not to be used with harsh cleaning chemicals 

Thanks to its colour and pattern, this rug is classy and elegant. Whether you’re a fan of greyscale, silvery greens or deep purples, this rug will subtly lift your lounge decor to another level. Reviewers find that the colour is more of a stony grey than a silver grey, but that doesn’t detract from its attractiveness. Made from a wool-mix, it should be durable and fairly resistant to high footfall. The consensus is the material doesn’t react well to spillages, so homes with children may have to pass.  

5. Zephyr Woven Raw Blue Rug

Bringing a pop of colour to clean, white interiors

Best for: White interiors
Colour: Beige, blue
Size: 160cm x 230cm
Material: Polypropylene
Reasons to buy
+ Adds a gentle touch of colour + Great for linear rooms 
Reasons to avoid
- May require a rug hold 

If you’re a fan of light interiors, this rug should fit the bill. Largely beige with flecks of interwoven blue, the colour this rug brings to the room is subtle. Blend with neutral or grey shaded decor and the room should feel harmonised. Made from polypropylene, it’s resistant to wear and tear and staining, and is tough and durable, which makes it a great choice for areas of high footfall. Reviewers seem to love the style of the rug but where it’s designed to sit flush against the floor, some recommend a rug hold and the corners may take a while to flatten down.  

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