Storage is the key to adding the most value to your kitchen, say experts

Selling up? Over 70% of property experts agree that spacious and modern storage units add the most value to kitchens

Burbidge’s Gresham range in Antique grey Chamois and Putty
(Image credit: Burbidge)

If a homeowner can only afford to renovate one room, it should be the kitchen, according to the National Association of Estate Agents. So, online housing agents consulted over 30 estate agents, property experts, and designers to discover the most effective ways to add value to a property via a kitchen renovation. 

Topping the list as the most value-enhancing feature by far is kitchen storage. Incredibly, 72 per cent of those surveyed said that spacious and modern storage units were likely to add the most value to a kitchen, with fitted, energy efficient appliances not far behind at 66 per cent, and durable, well designed worktops at 60 per cent. The paint scheme of a kitchen was the least important factor, but still significant: 35 per cent of the experts questioned thought that a light-coloured paint scheme would add value to a kitchen.  

All the experts agreed on one important piece of advice: try to achieve a balance of all these different value-adding features, rather than just focusing on one. 

The good news? Your kitchen does not need to be very luxurious to be attractive to potential buyers. Robby Du Toit, managing director of, says ‘homeowners are looking for a kitchen that is stylish, modern, and highly functional’, but ‘lavish and over-the-top additions are not needed to enhance the condition and aesthetics of a kitchen.’