Best fairy lights: 5 festive finds for your home

Hunting for the best fairy lights for your home, whether for Christmas or beyond? Look no further than these sparklers...

The best fairy lights deals
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Fairy lights can transform a room instantly, Christmas tree or not. Simply string them up, turn them on and bingo! In fact, we have no objection to fairy lights galore all year round (done in the right way). The twinkling, glittering, shining loveliness of them can disguise all manner interior design mis-steps and they can make even the plainest of rented rooms feel welcoming.

When it comes to finding the best fairy lights, the team are never off duty... These are the very best we've found (so far).  

What are the best fairy lights?

We think that the best fairy lights are the gorgeous Koopower Battery Operated Waterproof Fairy Lights with Warm White LEDs. Their simple design and fact that they are waterproof means that they are super versatile and can suit any interior (or exterior, for that matter).

Here are our other fave picks, below: 

string fairy lights warm

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1. Koopower Battery Operated Waterproof Fairy Lights

Best string lights

Remote control: No **Waterproof:** Yes **Length:** 10 metres **Number of lights:** 100
Reasons to buy
+Waterproof +Flexible+Eco-friendly LEDs
Reasons to avoid
-They don't come with batteries-The battery pack needs to be placed in a plastic bag when used outdoors

String lights are perfect for creating a whimsical feel, adding to that industrial, exposed look that we adore. Plus, we are big fans of the cosy ambiance that warm lighting makes. 

However, the thing that is special about these  Koopower Waterproof Fairy Lights. is the fact that they're flexible. The clear, plastic string is super easy to bend and blend into a scene and has a subtle charm. The adjustable brightness feature adds to this effect and ensures a cosy ambiance with the warm lighting tone. 

Also, of course they're waterproof so these are well worth consideration for outdoors. Drape, hang or wrap them wherever you fancy, inside or out. 

There are 100 warm LEDs. The battery box (note: although the lights are waterproof, you will have to put the battery pack in a plastic bag if this is to sit outside to protect it from water) has three modes: steady, flash and off. 

globe fairy lights

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2. Zorela Globe String Lights

Best globe fairy lights

Remote control: Yes **Waterproof:** No **Length:** 15 metres **Number of lights:** 100
Reasons to buy
+8 lighting modes+Dual power option: USB and/or battery operated
Reasons to avoid
-Not waterproof

These Zorela Globe String Lights give a room a bit of a flair with their funky shape. However, don't be fooled by the globes, the light they emit is still soft and glowy, making for a warm atmosphere. This is why we think they'd look so fab running down the middle of a dinner party table or softly lighting a bedroom. 

This idea is made even more lovely by the fact that it comes with a remote control meaning you needn't even get out of bed to switch them off. 

Amazon star fairy lights

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3. Sunnest String Star Fairy Lights Warm White

Best Christmas fairy lights

Remote control: No **Waterproof:** No **Length:** 5 metres **Number of lights:** 50
Reasons to buy
+Easy to shape and mould +Bright LEDs +Cute star shape
Reasons to avoid
-Not waterproof

These Sunnest String Star Fairy Lights Warm White are the type of fairy lights that help you save on decorations at Christmas because they cover more than one base! 

Not only are these little shining warm white stars totally adorable, giving us serious festive feels, they've also get rave reviews from people who have tried them. Loads of parents have commended them as the best fairy lights for their kids' bedrooms, too. 

the best curtain fairy lights

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4. Ollny LED Curtain Lights Indoor Warm White Icicle String Lights

Best curtain fairy lights

Remote control: Yes **Waterproof:** Yes **Length:** 3 metres x3 metres **Number of lights:** 306
Reasons to buy
+8 lighting modes +Brightness adjustable+Waterproof+Easy to use remote
Reasons to avoid
-Fiddly to put up

These Ollny LED Curtain Warm White Icicle String Lights are just so elegant and are the best way to make your whole room sparkle from top to bottom. They're decked out with a load of functions and the brightness is adjustable so you can dim or brighten the lights depending on the kind of ambiance you're after. 

What's even better is that they come with a remote control so you don't even have to get up to change your lights from a twinkle to a slow fade. The icing on the cake is that they're waterproof... looks like your garden just got a whole lot more magical, too. 

Hanging fairy light decoration

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5. Lights4fun Heart Fairy Light Wreath

Best fairy light decoration

Remote control: No **Waterproof:** No **Size:** W30cm x H27cm **Number of lights:** 40
Reasons to buy
+lightweight +cute design
Reasons to avoid
-has to be plugged into a socket-delicate-only for indoor use

This Lights4fun Heart Fairy Light Wreath is a little different to our other choices, but who doesn't like something a little different? This heart fairy light wreath is gorgeous hung up, transforming any old wall into a beautiful feature wall. It is perfect all year round and could be the ideal Christmas or housewarming gift, too.

How to choose the best fairy lights

Battery or mains-operated? 

This is important to consider – battery-operated fairy lights allow you the flexibility of displaying them away from a socket. 

Warm or cool light?

This is all about what you prefer – cool light suits more contemporary, Scandi schemes; warm light is better for traditional, cosy spaces. 

String length?

The fairy lights you're checking out might look like a bargain, but if they're only a metre long, you might want to move on to a more generous length. 


We've included a combination of fairy lights here; for outdoor fairy lights, see our other guide.