Bedroom ceiling light ideas – 11 lighting designs that'll spark inspiration

We showcase 11 bedroom ceiling light ideas below that will illuminate and enhance your space

A rattan bedroom ceiling light idea over a bed - IKEA
(Image credit: IKEA)

Bedroom ceiling light ideas can often be somewhat of an afterthought, mainly due to us getting over excited with the color palette, furniture and bedding. We might consider the odd table lamp sure, but what about the humble ceiling light? 

We talk about layering lighting a lot, because it’s key to creating the right ambience in any room, and perhaps even more important in our bedrooms, which have to work hard as our sanctuaries too. 

The main rule with bedroom lighting ideas is to have them on a dimmer, because we don’t want to be relaxing in bed with 'the big light' on full beam do we? 

The key is to create beautiful subtle lighting with the ceiling light as the main focal point, you can go for a dramatic style design or keep it pared back and in keeping with the rest of the scheme.

Bedroom ceiling light ideas that will finish your room off perfectly

Most average sized bedrooms need a combination of lighting – a couple of table lamps each side of the bed, or wall lights, and a floor lamp in a corner for reading and the main feature – a stunning ceiling light.

We’ve sourced 11 ceiling lighting ideas for the bedroom that will cover any style space, from contemporary to trad.

1. Retro globe designs are the ‘on trend’ light to have

modern neutral bedroom with ceiling light, artwork, view to the outside, white floors

(Image credit: Joshua Smith Inc)

‘Ceiling lights can be subtly understated, or they can be focal points that enhance the drama and sophistication of a space, like the fixture here from Arteriors. Either way, they’re perfect for upping the ante of the overall look and feel of a bedroom,' says Joshua Smith, founder and principal designer at Joshua Smith Inc.

2. Choose a light that creates a pattern as it glows

pink and white bedroom with matching side tables, rug, rattan and bamboo ceiling light

(Image credit: Ikea)

Hands up if you love a light that creates a pattern. Ikea’s MISTERHULT pendant lamp is handcrafted from bamboo which makes each one unique. 

The top half is woven which allows the light to flow through it and it creates a decorative design when switched on. The other reason this pendant is so good is because it will go with any color scheme. 

3. Consider your placement – it doesn’t have to be in the middle 

rustic style bedroom with wooden wall, linen curtain, pendant light above bedside, textured bedding, rug

(Image credit: Fritz Fryer)

We’re kind of conditioned to believe that pendant lights in whichever room, need to be centrally hung. But actually they don’t. 

There’s a new trend emerging that seeing a pair of ceiling lights being hung above bedside tables instead of in the middle, we like it as it’s more directional and useful. Give it a go and see what you think. 

4. Let the ceiling light be the statement piece

farmhouse style bedroom with shiplap wall, arched ceiling, neutral scheme, velvet rust footstools, artwork

(Image credit: The Design Buzz)

This striking light takes pride of place in this white bedroom idea. Full of textures – the shiplap wall, exposed brick, wooden floorboards, velvet footstools and textured bedding are enhanced by the metal and glass pendant which adds an extra dimension. Playing with textures like this makes a room much more interesting visually.

‘Lighting in the bedroom needs to be layered as you need enough light for daily routines as well as low lighting for winding down at bedtime.'

'It is best not to position any light fixtures over the top of the bed where your pillows are as this is too harsh when you are lying down.'

'Placing an interesting, statement light in the centre of the ceiling provides a great focal point and design interest in the room, especially if you are keeping a muted palette in the space,’ advises Shalini Misra, interior designer and founder of The Design Buzz

5. Add luxury with a design that features a velvet exterior

green bedroom with artwork, grey headboard, velvet and gold ceiling light

(Image credit: där lighting)

‘The rise of the staycation has meant more of us are looking to add a sense of luxury and finesse to our bedroom schemes. Lighting plays a distinct role in setting a relaxing and indulgent atmosphere.'

'Nothing says boutique feel more than crystal designs and velvet pendants, so these will be making more of an appearance throughout 2022 as we seek to create a sanctuary from the busy every day,’ says Peter Legg, lead designer at där lighting. Need more advice on how to decorate a bedroom? Our top decorating tips have you covered. 

6. Love the boho look? Pop up an oversized rattan number

neutral boho style bedroom with large rattan pendant, textured blankets, rattan bin

(Image credit: Iconic Lights)

The boho look rumbles on and on, so get on board with this oversized rattan light that has a lovely unusual oval shape. It looks fab with a neutral rustic bedroom idea and team it with loads of other textures – pampas (of course), tufted pillows, fluffy rugs and oh-so-tactile blankets.

7. Or if your look is farmhouse then go for a classic enamel pendant 

green farmhouse style bedroom with floral bedding, artwork, wooden chair, side table, white floor boards, shiplap ceiling and rise and fall pendant

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Low ceilings, shiplap walls and white painted floorboards suggest a cozy farmhouse feel right? In this instance a classic rise and fall pendant will look great and fit the style perfectly. 

It’s low key yet does the job and the rise and fall mechanism means you can move it up and down to suit your needs.

8. Pick a shade that’s oh-so-pretty 

white bedroom with yellow rug and bedspread, upholstered bed, white walls, wooden floorboards and decorative ceiling light

(Image credit: Graham & Green)

We adore this bedroom ceiling light idea because it’s both practical and quite frankly,  gorgeous. When it’s switched on the menagerie of birds create a pattern and out of the corner of your eye, could be real – well, nearly. But it’s charming right? 

The brightly colored birds and wire frame allow any bedroom paint color idea to work, even a neutral color palette will look great with this design. 

9. Look for a design that enhances your existing scheme 

yellow and navy bedding with cloud wallpaper, loft bedroom, matching bedside tables, retro ceiling light

(Image credit: Industville/@oakappledecor)

If creating a statement isn’t for you, then how about this bedroom ceiling light idea that’s prominent, yet subtle. 

The design has a retro style and the roundness mimics the cloud puffs of the wallpaper on the feature wall idea, these small details are what makes a scheme work.

10. If you love wood, consider a bent wood design

rustic bedroom with shiplap walls and ceiling, bed hanging from ropes, coir rug, bent wood ceiling light

(Image credit: JL Design)

Bent wood designs give a fresh feel to an existing scheme, they’re modern and stylish and allow the light to glow through the slats. 

Completely flexible, they work in pretty much any style scheme and add warmth to a white or neutral palette. And can we just say how cool this bedroom is with the rope hung bed?

11. Let your bedroom light steal the show

neutral bedroom with blue upholstered bed, feature ceiling light, ornate bedside table, wooden floors, textured rug

(Image credit: Graham & Green)

If the rest of your bedroom scheme is neutral, choosing a truly eye-catching ceiling light is definitely worth doing. 

It doesn’t need to be bold either, it can be subtle and beautifully crafted and look like a sculptural piece of art. The days of dull round lamp shades have long gone.

What ceiling lights are best for bedrooms?

Ceiling, or pendant lights are the best option for a bedroom, and they work particularly well when you have a high ceiling as they 'bring' the light down so to speak. 

There are many designs available, from handcrafted rattan, to bent wood styles as well as the trad round shades. A chandelier can look great if you want a luxurious feel, or opt for a design that allows the light to shine through and projects a pattern on your walls.

How do I choose a ceiling light for a bedroom?

‘First, you must establish the mood you want to evoke in your bedroom, and how you want the room to make you feel.' 

'The ceiling light you choose should be an extension of your overall design concept. If you’re going for understated elegance, a simple flush mount fixture in a muted metal finish might do the trick.'

'If you’re going for high drama, you may want to choose something more eye-catching and sculptural,’ continues Joshua. 

How big should a ceiling light be?

‘This is determined by several factors,’ says Jessica Davis, ASID Allied, owner and principal designer of Nashville based JL Design.

Most importantly, the size of the room and the placement of the light.  If the light falls over a bed, then you can hang it a bit lower than if you had to walk under it. I recommend roughly 6’-6” from the floor to the bottom of the fixture if over a bed. If over a king size bed then the fixture can be as wide as 30-33”. If the fixture is not over the bed, it will need to hang higher, if you have a queen size bed I don't recommend going larger than 24-26” wide.’

Sophie Warren-Smith

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