Why mood rooms are a must for homes in 2022 – according to Pinterest

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Orange couch with yellow cushions an indoor tree and gilded accents
(Image credit: Argos x Pinterest)

It feels almost too obvious to say that how you decorate a room has a huge impact on how that space will make you feel. But when it comes to how powerful the impact can be, that can often be underestimated. 

Pinterest, the trends-led visual inspirational platform we all know and love, took aesthetic edits to the next level, following their 2022 trends report, to explore the concept of mood rooms in a first-time collaboration with UK retailer Argos. Ideating, designing and bringing six individually themed rooms to life, they created: 'The Mood Hotel'. 

The concept

The concept of 'The Mood Hotel', was defined by six standout emerging home decor trends and, as much inspiration of late has been, stemmed from the pandemic. Tapping into how we all became hyperaware of our environments in spending so much time at home, a 120% increase in searches for 'Self-discovery' according to Pinterest's 2022 trends report confirms a collective need for escapism and freedom, including in our interiors.

There is much to be said for considering a dedicated mood room in your home, post-pandemic. Sibylle Tretera, Head of Creative Strategy, EMEA at Pinterest comments: 'Having mood rooms in your home are a smart way to compartmentalise life and create a space you can live every moment to the very fullest in.'

This was a 7-day setup in artsy Bethnal Green, East London. Some were so fortunate as to spend the weekend there for a unique stay. So, should we be considering more dramatic and themed aesthetic edits in our homes to explore who we really are and, what we really need?

'Homes can benefit from a mood room, as it is the best way to immerse yourself in any activity or feeling.' Continues Tretera.

'For example, if you are feeling stressed or frustrated, then having an escape room is a great way to detach yourself from the pressures around you and express your emotions.'

Enter the rooms:

The Escape room

Bed with white sheets, pink throw cushions and textured green throw with calm graphic pink painted half circle above headboard and white wall sconces either side

(Image credit: Argos x Pinterest)

This space was a personal favorite. We've explored how creating a mindful home is far more personal than meets the eye and the minimal soft tones and calming textures in this space made for a balanced and serene finish.

Andrew Tanner, Design Manager at Argos comments on how to recreate this mood room design at home, 'Elevate your bedroom by incorporating tactility, try Habitat’s Marshmallow bed with its touchably soft boucle fabric and oversized squidgy headboard. The side panels are also padded and upholstered for a sumptuous look, it is bursting with contemporary style and sanctuary softness.'

The Play Room

Brightly colored room with blue, yellow and orange accents, a table football, yellow couch and graphic cushions

(Image credit: Argos x Pinterest)

Boasting an energizing color palette, bold wall paint ideas and a strong sense of 'fun', when we recommend considering a playroom as a mood room,  we don't mean this space will be solely for kids...

'Creating a playroom in your home, means that you can switch off from adult responsibilities and embrace your inner child, even if only for 20 minutes.' Continues Tretera.

The Night Room

Black four poster bed with dark sheets, white cushions and bright white neon sign above headboard

(Image credit: Argos x Pinterest)

With more people wanting night sky vibes and a cocktail of light, The Night Room delivered on all fronts. A 95% increase of searches YoY for 'Bioluminescence aesthetic' and 75% for 'Night sky wallpaper' proves how cocooning surroundings is one thing but being able to create an immersive and ethereal experience at home is a want that's grown over time, and one that merits exploring – be that with a dark bedroom, living room or bathroom scheme.

The Nature Room

Sage green room with velour couch, boucle green chairs, graphic white and black rug underneath coffee table with potted plants surrounding

(Image credit: Argos x Pinterest)

Bringing nature into the home is something we are all doing more of. Tretera commends the biophilic trend for its benefits on wellbeing also.

'My personal favourite of The Mood Hotel rooms is the Nature Room as it incorporates biophilic design so beautifully and I think turning your home office into a nature room would be the best starting point. While so many of us are cooped up inside, dictated by our digital habits, we can then still feel connected to the outside world and experience the benefits of nature on our mental wellbeing.'

The Tea Party Room

Feather and floral decor in wood paneled room with modern round dining table and pink velour upholstered chairs

(Image credit: Argos x Pinterest)

For those who find themselves craving not just tea but an eccentric and chic vibe, considering a majestic, Bridgerton-esque space for an area of the home is a must.

The Luxe Room

Orange couch with yellow cushions an indoor tree and gilded accents

(Image credit: Argos x Pinterest)

Refined, with a slight 70s vibe, The Luxe Room tapped into the want and/or need for luxury in our homes. Think plush fabrics – that velvet couch – gilded accents with pops of color like 'butterscotch orange' and not forgetting, an indoor tree, this mood room speaks bounds and makes the perfect space for entertaining guests, and yourself. 

How to create your own mood room

The most creative mood rooms will go above and beyond in cosmetic changes to really tap into all your senses. We'd recommend combining some DIY decorative additions for a bespoke touch along with more current pieces to hone in on the experience and look you want to create, whether that's in your home office or lounge.

Tanner's favorite pieces to elevate a room quickly, turning it into the ultimate mood room of your choice:

  • Create a moment of zen by using natural materials. Habitat’s Achille Japonica Floor Lamp is a real statement piece - crafted from natural bamboo with perfectly proportioned curves. The white linen inner shade emits a soft, relaxing glow around the room.
  • Our ceramics, handmade in Portugal are perfect for storytelling. For example, our ceramic white jug brings together the elegant lines pottery with the clean forms of contemporary ceramics. A modern classic.
  • Add home accessories with craftsmanship at the heart, take our ribbed stem glass vase, which is handblown and crafted from two-tone gold and rose pink glass. Refined yet retro, it will look gorgeous on its own or with a single stem.
  • Bring minimalist, organic style to your bedroom or hallway with our Habitat Full length Oak Cheval Mirror, made from 85% recycled materials. At £35 you’re getting great design and at an affordable price.

Whether you bring a sea of stars into your bedroom or recreate the Amazon jungle in your bathroom, mood rooms can offer the perfect opportunity to explore both your personality and your home's style.

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