10 rustic bedroom ideas to make you feel like you are sleeping in a cozy cabin

Because you don't need to live in a barn to recreate these rustic bedroom ideas...

rustic bedroom ideas
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Who doesn't love a rustic bedroom? They are so cozy and inviting and filled with interesting pieces, just as a bedroom should be. So to satisfy our personal need to trawl through loads of lovely rustic bedrooms, and to help you get inspired to get your bedroom a cozy makeover, we've pulled together all our favorite looks that anyone can recreate whether you live in a barn/farmhouse/cabin/chalet/shed or not....

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How can you make a bedroom look rustic?

It's actually really easy to make your bedroom look rustic, even if you haven't been blessed with the typical rustic architectural elements (exposed beams have been on our wish list for years). The simple answer is texture, layers of texture. This laid-back, lived-in look is key to the rustic aesthetic, you want everything to have a slightly worn look. We'll talk you through some more rustic bedroom ideas in detail... 

1. Shop for second hand pieces

By converting their loft in Isleworth, Polly and Oli Geal have created a Scandi-style master suite full of light,texture and subtle colour

(Image credit: David Giles)

In line with the whole rustic bedrooms having a worn look, shopping second-hand for your furniture and decor is a really easy way to create that vibe. Look out in thrift stores and online market places for, for want of a better word, shabby-chic pieces that you can upcycle and make work in your bedroom. Remember don't get too caught up on colors or wood stains, if you like the shape of something you can always strip it down and repaint it. 

2. Expose a brick wall

welsh long house bedroom with exposed beams and stone wall

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

Now for some of us, peeling away the plaster of our walls will reveal a gorgeous exposed brick wall. And it is something you can DIY if you have the skills and the kit and the patience – we have a guide to exposed brick walls so take a look at that. 

However, for most pulling off plaster will just create a massive mess and reveal not much more than some standard modern bricks that wouldn't add anything to a rustic bedroom. But fear not, you have options. Brick veneers or brick tiles will create the effect of a brick wall but you just lay them onto the outside of your wall. Again, you can DIY this if you are confident in your skills, or call in the pros if not.

And then you ofcourse have brick effect wallpaper, which is not to bed snubbed at when needs must. And there are some really realistic options out there now too – just check out Wayfair.

3. Don't be afraid to add color

Rustic bedroom with wooden beams

(Image credit: Ikea)

As you can probably tell from the majority of bedrooms in this gallery, bolder colors aren't often seen in more rustic-style spaces. However, that's not to say you shouldn't bring in some brighter colors! Just check out this fabulous lime green wall. It looks lovely with the dark wood and because the rest of the room is kept so neutral a light it doesn't overwhelm or interfere with the country style at all. In fact, we didn't even notice it on first look, it like a nice surprise that gives the room a bit of an edge.

Copy this look in your space by painting your smallest wall in a brighter color or by adding a statement brightly colored print to one wall. 

4. Layer your textiles

Kate and Mike’s schoolhouse renovation took more than their share of blood, sweat and tears – but the unique open-plan home they’ve created is worth he effort

(Image credit: Future© Fiona Murray)

Layers are key to creating a rustic bedroom, and it's a really easy way to give your space a laid-back relaxed feel. Start with the bed because that's the obvious place to get in that artful layering. Add a lovely soft linen sheet, a really textured blanket, some throw pillows with fringing or tassels work great too. Then you can take it to the floor too with a couple rugs to up that coziness.

5. Panel the walls of a rustic bedroom

Rustic bedroom with wood panelled walls

(Image credit: Ikea)

It doesn't get more rustic than wood paneling and nope, you don't have to live in a log cabin to get this look. They are loads of DIY paneling kits and tutorials you can follow to add paneling to any wall using planks you can pick up at the hardware store. Just one wall behind your bed will make all the difference and instantly give your bedroom warmth and coziness that synonymous with rustic style.

Check out more wall paneling ideas (including some easy DIY step by steps) for inspiration.

6. DIY a rustic headboard

Bedroom with wooden canopy

(Image credit: David Giles)

And for an easier, but just as effective, DIY why not create a headboard from wooden planks? We love how in this bedroom the boards have been taken up on the ceiling to create almost like a canopy, creating a really snug sleep space that works so well with all the lovely wooden textures going on in the rest of the room. 

We've got plenty more DIY headboard ideas over in our full gallery if you fancy a quick weekend project. 

7. Add a barn door

With its rustic character and cosy interior, Karen and Adam Griggs’ former worker’s cottage comes into its own at Christmas

(Image credit: David Burton)

Barn doors are everywhere right now – they are practical, sure, but they also bring a modern farmhouse vibe into whatever home you hang them in. They save on space too, as they slide rather than open outwards so perfect if you have a smaller bedroom. Here a barn door is being used to cover a bookcase, but you could use them as closet doors, an adjoining bathroom door and we have seen them used at windows too .

8. Add a chair to create a cozy nook 

Rustic reading corner with rattan chair

(Image credit: Lizzie Orme)

A bedroom chair really is a thing of beauty, not only are they the perfect place to sling (sorry carefully place) clothes you intend to wear at some point, they also create an instant cozy nook. A rattan number is always going to up the rustic vibes, cover it in a nice throw and a cushion and you have a cute spot to sit and read and relax away from your main living space. 

9. Soften up your lighting 

Victorian cottage slow living scandi bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

No matter what version of rustic you are going for, whether it's a modern farmhouse or all-out cottagecore, low, glowy soft lighting is a must. Pick warm white bulbs for all your lights and don't pick fixtures that are going to put a harsh spotlight on a certain area of the room. You want to choose shades that are doing to diffuse the light and create an all-over glow. And obviously, you can't go wrong with plenty of candles and a string of fairy lights too. 

10. Go for the classic log cabin look in a small bedroom

Cabin bedroom

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

A luxuriously soft upholstered wall, throw pillows everywhere and of course, plenty of wood – this cabin bedroom has everything you would want in a rustic space. Plus this space is hardly huge, so you can take lots of inspiration from here if you are decorating a smaller bedroom. Just enhance the coziness of the small dimensions with plenty of soft textures and try adding in some darker colors too to really up that cocooning feel. 

How do you create a modern rustic style bedroom?

Modern rustic style is all about mixing a more contemporary, minimalist aesthetic with the rugged, textured, more lived-in look that is traditionally associated with rustic. So start with your furniture, do you want to go modern with that and decorate with rustic touches? Or go the opposite, pick some really statement rustic furniture and then tone it down with simple, clean (usually white) accessories. 

Either way, you want to bring plenty of warmth into the room even if you are keeping things minimal. Wood and rattan work perfectly so add those textures where you can – lampshades for example are a really easy way to do this.  

How can you create cabin vibes in a bedroom?

Wood, wood and more wood. If you really want to commit, panel your walls so you really get that cozy cabin feel. And if that isn't an option it's just about creating a lovely warm, cozy, inviting space that feels like an escape. Opt for a warm neutral color scheme with creams, browns and even a touch of muted orange. Shop second hand too, you want your bedroom to have that worn look and the best way to get that is to buy older pieces that have some character to them.

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