9 stylish walk in closet ideas – for even the smallest of bedrooms...

Thought walk in closet ideas were for people with massive houses? Think again...

walk in closet ideas
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Do you lust over the walk in closet ideas on Pinterest? We certainly do, and while we could waffle on in Carrie Bradshaw references for a paragraph or two, let's just cut straight to it – you can have a walk in closet (of sorts), even if your bedroom is on the smaller side. You just have to be really clever with your space and invest in the right storage.

And as we looked at pictures of the gorgeous, practical, clutter-free room, we couldn't help but wonder why we had never thought to do this sooner (sorry couldn't help it)...

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1. Create a walk-in closet with a space-saving curtain

Walk-in wardrobe in small bedroom

(Image credit: Ikea/Johan Månsson)

'So how do you do it?!' we hear you shout. How do I create the walk-in closet of my dreams?! Well, first pick a wall. Look at where your wardrobe currently is in your bedroom; we bet it's shoved in the corner, maybe with a chest of drawers next to it and – if you got the room – a dressing table next to that. This set up is wasting so much space!

For the space that those three pieces of furniture take up, you could create your perfect storage set up that includes, drawers, hanging space and even an area to act as a dressing table. So, start by designating that side of the room as the space to create your new 'walk-in closet'. Then, use a curtain to divide it from the rest of your space – installing doors is costly and takes up more space.

2. Find practical walk-in closet storage systems

Walk-in wardrobe in small bedroom

(Image credit: Ikea/Johan Månsson)

Next you want to pick pieces of storage that all work together, and will work for you too. Got loads of dresses? Make hanging space the majority of your storage. Live in your loungewear? Make sure you have enough drawers to accommodate your vast collection of sweat pants. 

The Pax wardrobe set up has been used here – it's great for creating a really customised wardrobe, as you can buy all the individual section. All you need to do is buy the Pax frame (this one is really narrow so perfect for small rooms) and then add shelves and a rail. 

Next to the hanging section goes the Syvde– a glass fronted cabinet. The change in height means you have created a space above to act as a dressing area, while the glass front gives the wardrobe a really polished look. 

3. Leave wall space for small items

Walk-in wardrobe in small bedroom

(Image credit: Ikea/Johan Månsson)

Ah pegboard, of course there has to be some pegboard. It's great for creating storage for makeup, jewellery and accessories. Then, pop a mirror up and you have a dressing table as part of your wardrobe too. 

4. Use clothes bars – for hanging clothes and drying laundry

Walk-in wardrobe in small bedroom

(Image credit: Ikea/Johan Månsson)

Then, in any space you have left, wall mount a clothes bar for more hanging space and leave the space underneath for storing all those bits that you can never find a home for – shoes, suitcases, that sort of thing. 

All that's left to do that is pick some fabric, or a curtain, to cover it and to divide it from the rest of your bedroom. You could also rearrange your furniture to make it feel like even more of a separate space – in this bedroom the headboard faces away from the wardrobe area, creating a 'wall' between the two areas. 

5. Squeeze a walk in closet into an alcove

dressing room loft comversion photos by rachael smith

(Image credit: Future/Rachael Smith)

Get creative in where you could put a 'walk in closet' in your bedroom. Even if you don't have an a-joining room to turn into a wardrobe if you've got an alcove or a long run of wall, fixing clothes rails and shelving. Ideal if you're renting! Find more alcove ideas in our design gallery.

6. Keep your walk in closet organized with boxes

storage boxes in a walk in wardrobe

(Image credit: Orthex)

An organized closet saves you from jumper avalanches each time you want to get to a new item. Keeping things neatly folded in clear plastic boxes will allow you to see where everything is – you could even be extra Monica and label them.

7. Re-organize your walk in closet with the seasons

Ikea closet storage

(Image credit: Ikea)

Because you don't need a whole closet of sandals and summer dresses in the middle of winter. Switch out your wardrobe every few months to keep it clutter-free and filled with clothes you are actually going to wear. Pop whatever clothes you aren't wearing into boxes under the bed, or in the loft and, again, label them so you know what you get our as the seasons change. 

8. Use the back of a door for extra storage

Pegboard from Ikea in a closet

(Image credit: Ikea)

Pegboard again! Yes, we have sung the praises of pegboard many a time and they can add plenty of extra storage to your closet by fixing a few boards to the back of your closet or wardrobe door. They are really handy for keeping the smaller items, like, jewelry, shoes, glasses and bags organized and easily accessible. 

9. Got a large walk in closet? Add a storage ottoman 

Ikea clothes storage

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you have been blessed with a larger walk-in closet adding an ottoman to the center of the room with not only help you get more organized but make the space feel more stylish rather than just a place to store your never-ending denim collection. You can keep bulkier clothes like coats or jumpers in there so they are our of the way but still easily accessible. For more dressing room ideas head over to our gallery. 

Psstt... if you don't have a walk in closet an ottoman works just as well at the end of a bed and will give you more room to work with in your closet.

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