Lighting ideas for bedrooms

Discover different lighting styles to update your bedroom scheme

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‘The best way to create an atmospheric lighting scheme in a bedroom is to use layers of lights,’ says Diane Simpson, lighting buyer at John Lewis. ‘I tend to start with the ceiling and will choose a statement piece. Matching fittings create a more symmetrical look but think about what you use your bedside lighting for before you choose.’

Lighting in a bedroom is just as important as the darkness, so make sure you put a lot of thought into your lighting scheme.

Heron lamp from Adventino

Statement choice

For dark corners in a bedroom that aren’t lit up enough by ceiling, wall or recessed lights, opt for an indulgent and decorative floor lamp to help create the right mood, such as this heron design.

Heron lamp, made from resin and mild steel with silk shade, H99xW40xD25cm, £225, Adventino 

Headboard fittings

Perfect for bedtime reading, these smart strip lights can simply be hooked over the head of the bedstead. The LED lamps allow you to control how dim or bright you want the light to be.

Loox compatible 12V MOVE thin headboard bed light, in polished steel with white opaque cover, H21xW3.5cm, from £25; L1.8m lead and 12V connector sold separately, all Häfele

12V MOVE thin headboard bed light from Hafele
Cay wall light from Christopher Wray

Stylish reading light

Wall lights that are to be used for reading are best positioned at a low level, and close to the sides of the bed, so that the light shines directly where you need it.

Cay wall light with a satin bronze metal finish and bronzed glass shade, H58xW15xD24cm, £595, Christopher Wray

Diffused effect 

If you want more than a task light for reading, choose a double wall fitting with a large open-top shade, which will cast light both upwards and downwards.

Tresor wall light, made from a steel frame finished in metal rose gold, with silk shade, H45xW33xD35cm, £2,290, YA Interiors

Tresor wall light from YA interiors

Ceramic pendant light by Lyngard Ceramics from Mia Fleur

Versatile focal point

You don’t have to avoid a statement light fitting if you have low ceilings, as this stunning shade can be fitted as high or as low as you need. Complement it with a decorative bulb.

Ceramic pendant light in soft white, handmade by Lyngard Ceramics, with an aged brass fitting and adjustable L1.4m bronze braided cable, H9xDia.25cm, £150, Mia Fleur

Metallic pendant

Instead of wall or table lamps, a simple ceiling pendant works just as well as a task light. Just make sure you have light controls positioned by the bed as well as at the bedroom door.

Pianto glass ceiling pendant in copper, H44-170xDia.16cm, £160, John Lewis


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