10 bathroom mirror ideas – reflective styles for your washroom

These bathroom mirror ideas can give the illusion of a bigger space and will add tons of interest to your wash space.

Luxury bathroom mirror ideas in project by Ariana Ahmad including Aretha Suspension and Galliano Pendant
(Image credit: DelightFULL)

Looking into bathroom mirror ideas? Whether you have a bathroom with a window to maximize light, or facing the challenge of a windowless space – nine times out of ten, a mirror is always the answer.

It doesn't matter if you have a tiny tub or less-than-spacious shower, as far as bathroom ideas go – with proper planning and placement – a mirror can totally transform your space.

A mirror doesn't have to sit above a basin, nor do they have to be the standard rectangular or round pane. We've got bathroom mirror decor ideas that include hi-tech music-playing models, multi-functional heated mirrors, and jaw-dropping floor-to-ceiling styles to add to the mix.

Bathroom mirror decor ideas

'If your bathroom is blessed with a window or two, then you need to make the most of them. The bigger the windows, the better. If you are planning a full-scale renovation, expanding your windows is the best way to introduce some much-needed light,' says Adam Chard, content manager, Victoria Plum.

'However, you don't need to start knocking down walls to improve your lighting situation. Placing a big mirror on the wall opposite or adjacent to your window can dramatically increase the amount of light in the room. This is because the natural light will bounce from the reflective surface and fill the rest of the room. It is an incredibly easy fix with some pretty impressive results.'

1. Bathe to the beat with a bluetooth-enabled mirror

Evelyn Illuminated LED bathroom mirror idea with Bluetooth Technology

(Image credit: Bathroom Mountain)

Before waterproof phones existed, many of us relied on retro shower radios or risking dropping our devices in water – all to listen to a playlist or our favorite pop tune.

There's no risk of water damage with this Evelyn Illuminated LED bathroom mirror with Bluetooth Technology from Bathroom Mountain. So warm up those vocal cords in the shower to an absolute belter, or bathe in blissful relaxation to some chilled House. This mirror idea also features heated demister pads to prevent it from steaming up. So you can hit those high notes without condensation cramping your style.

2. Glam up a grey scheme

Luxury bathroom mirror ideas by Ariana Ahmad _ Aretha Suspension & Galliano Pendant

(Image credit: DelightFULL)

Just like the rest of this unique grey bathroom, architect and interior designer, Ariana Ahmad kept the neutral color palette through the main master bathroom with a few accent details that elevated the entire look.

The design was all based on an all-white inspired idea and instead of going to the common brass finishes, the interior designer has chosen the beautiful white and silver contrast that we can see in the unique Aretha Suspension and two Galliano pendants lamps next to the bathroom mirror ideas.

3. Go multifunctional with a mirrored radiator

A bathroom mirror idea by The Radiator Company Relax Bagno, www.theradiatorcompany.co.uk

(Image credit: The Radiator Company)

Perhaps you've already got your bathroom mirror ideas sorted above your basin and want added reflective surfaces to the rest of your bathroom to make it look bigger?

This Relax Inox radiator comes in three heights and three widths so if you in need of bathroom mirror ideas that serve the purpose of warming this room too, this is one hot trend that will last.

'Introducing smaller mirrors and other reflective surfaces throughout your bathroom can greatly enhance the light quality. This could take the form of reflective handles, cabinets or even towel racks. Get creative!' says Chard.

4. Use a floor to ceiling mirror in a minimalist scheme

A grey bathroom with concrete effect wall paint decor, floor to ceiling bathroom mirror idea and white bath

(Image credit: Nest)

What this minimalist bathroom lacks in furnishings, it certainly makes up in style. Industrial grey concrete walls, a marble side table, recessed wall for displaying decorative details – and that white freestanding tub.

But what makes this space #goals is this Norm Floor Mirror. Great for getting dressed after a soak, and for teaching children how to properly bathe themselves.

5. Keep a navy bathroom looking smart with brass

A dark blue bathroom with round bathroom mirror idea, white freestanding bath

(Image credit: Bathroom Mountain)

Dark bathrooms are the perfect place to create a moody and intimate mood for an evening soak. But as we're aiming for cozy, rather than claustrophobic – bathroom mirror ideas are essential apparatus.

While the navy decor and wall paneling offers a contemporary space to chill – the space remains youthful with cheeky signage and a round brass-framed mirror.

6. Adopt clean lines with busy walls and floors

White bathroom with black framed mirror idea and ladder

(Image credit: Soak)

When you've decked your white bathroom out with geometric hexagonal tiles and a Terazzo floor – keeping your bathroom mirror ideas simple will actually make them stand out even more!

This black framed mirror goes hand in hand with the co-ordinating ladder – which as well as looking cool, doubles up as your bathroom storage too.

7. Use mirrored tiles instead

A bathroom mirror idea using antique effect mirrored tiles

(Image credit: Original Style)

Bathroom mirror decor ideas don't have to be standalone sheets of glass in front of your basin. So think outside the box with these bathroom tiles instead!

These Damask Gold detailed, antique mirror-effect glass tiles are great for adding drama to a space and means that you can create a mirror of whatever size anywhere in your bathroom.

8. Choose a brass mirror for the fraction of the price

A bathroom mirror idea by Pooky with textured wall decor and yellow shiplap

(Image credit: Pooky)

If you're looking for bathroom ideas on a budget, you would normally stay away from premium metal finishes such as antique brass. So rather than saving up every cent to blow the budget, why not achieve the look with stainless steel?

This Grenada double-framed mirror is a great alternative to more expensive pieces and, because the bevelled mirror sits in a frame within a frame, it looks like it's floating and means you get more metal for your money.

9. Bring the outside in with placement

A green bathroom with round bathroom mirror idea

(Image credit: Glamour Mirrors)

Green bathrooms are the perfect spaces to bring in the outdoors in but you can do this without the need for this verdant paint choice too. By placing your bathroom mirror idea opposite a window, you can create the illusion that leafy, exterior spaces are in your washroom.

Of coursing, adding some greenery – real or faux – can help to really immerse you in the forest-like environment.

What are the types of bathroom mirrors?

'There are several forms of bathroom mirror, each suited to a different purpose,' says Amy Brooks, author at Bella Bathrooms.

Folded corner mirror: If you’re looking for some bathroom mirror ideas which will save on space then a folded corner mirror will work well for you. This creative solution makes the most of your wall space and gives the illusion of your bathroom being more airy and spacious than is actually the case. Pair a folded corner bathroom mirror with a corner basin and you’ll have perfectly optimised your square footage.

Mirrored vanity: Mirrors in bathrooms can serve more than one purpose; if you’re looking to increase your storage space, opt for a mirrored bathroom vanity unit. Having mirrors covering your medicine cabinet provides you with a place to store your skincare products, makeup, and any other toiletries which would otherwise clutter your bathroom.

If you would rather have a storage solution beneath your washbasin for an efficient powder room setup, you could instead choose a suite item like our Elation Sendai Stone Grey Grain Vanity Unit and complement it with a wall-mounted bathroom vanity mirror.

Concave or convex mirrors: A ‘plane mirror’ is the most common style of mirror in bathroom design; plane mirrors comprise of a flat surface which reflects images in their true-to-life proportions, reversed from left to right. Concave and convex mirrors offer something a little different; while both are spherical in shape, a concave mirror curves inwards whereas a convex mirror balloons outwards. A concave mirror for bathrooms is a practical choice as they’re capable of creating the illusion of the room’s proportions being larger. In contrast, a convex mirror will make the reflected image seem smaller and can work well as an unusual centre of attention.

If you want something a little more eccentric than the standard bathroom mirror, we would recommend a concave mirror. Placed across from a window, they will bounce natural lighting around the room to make your bathroom feel more spacious. In addition, they’ll provide an enlarged image of your face which can aid with makeup application and shaving. Although a little less practical than most mirrors in bathroom spaces, a framed concave mirror can serve to accentuate a particular piece of furniture when hung directly above it, creating an elegant focal point in your room.

Full-bleed mirrors: Another effective bathroom mirror idea is to choose a full-bleed mirror. Essentially a frameless mirror, a full-bleed style makes for the perfect contemporary bathroom mirror idea. Fitting a large mirror floor-to-ceiling will be both visually appealing and provide a clear reflected image that simultaneously serves to make your bathroom feel all the more expansive. Complement a full-bleed mirror with a modern marble sink and floor-to-ceiling tiles to give your bathroom height.

How do I make a windowless bathroom look bigger?

'Unfortunately, not all bathrooms come with large windows,' explains Chard.

'In fact, in some properties, the bathroom will have no window at all. In this instance, a mirror (no matter how large) won't affect the brightness of your room. Unless, of course, you are using it to make your room feel bigger.'

'The brightness of your bathroom isn't just about how much light you get in it. It can also relate to how space is used. A packed bathroom that feels claustrophobic will always feel darker and dingier. By strategically placing a mirror in an alcove or where a window could be, you can create the illusion of more space.'

'This tip is especially effective if you place the mirror opposite the doorway, as it will then reflect light from the hallway.'

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