We're feeling the vintage home trend — here's how to get the look

Newstalgia is in the house

A gold and black tray that says joie de vivre and a set of three colorful glass vases
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Going shopping and finding quirky pieces is one of my fave things to do, which is why I’m totally in love with the vintage vibes that my TikTok FYP is all about right now. When I say vintage decor, I’m not talking about your grandma’s house — I’m talking about a curated aesthetic that brings in styles from different eras.

But creating the look isn’t just as easy as placing any old items together and calling it a day. It’s all about showcasing personality with items you love that have and will stand the test of time. This particular vintage home decor trend has recently been dubbed "newstalgia" as it mixes new and old pieces together (which saves money and preserves your personal style).

While thrifting can turn up some gorgeous inexpensive goods, a lot of the time genuine vintage pieces can be way too pricey. I’ve put together five handy top tips for bringing the vintage vibe into your small space on a budget and curated a shopping guide so you can get the look.

 Tips for creating a vintage decor home

Vintage interior design is all about picking out and playing with the right pieces. Before you go shopping, keep these decorating tips in mind.

1. Shop your house

Assess what you already have and work out how you can use these pieces better. That dusty box taking up space in the living room could be more useful and way cuter in the bedroom. Old books on the shelf could be rearranged in rainbow order or even artfully placed on the coffee table. Your home might already be filled with vintage treasures — you’ve just gotta dig it out. 

 2. Play with bold color

Vintage doesn’t mean old and tired — in fact, done right, it can be really vibrant and fun. Bold oranges, greens, and purples (basically getting inspo from Scooby-Doo’s Daphne) are all fab to start with in terms of adding and contrasting bold shades. Be imaginative with where you use color, too. For example, colorful glass kitchenware like plates and glasses look super retro and are so aesthetic.

 3. Clash your patterns

Get the most impact out of the various items you have by putting them together for a maximalist effect. Cottagecore-style ginghams and floral prints that look perfectly pretty on their own will look brilliantly bold when styled next to one another. For an easy way to try this out, try pairing different patterned throws against different patterned cushions. 

4. Get your DIY on 

If you see something when shopping that doesn’t look so hot but has serious potential, don’t write it off. Instead, pick it up and have a go at refurbing. Worn-out tables can be sanded and re-varnished, while dusty lamps can have a quick polish and a new lampshade. You can even upcycle furniture with vintage-style finishes, giving you a beaut piece that’s totally unique.

 5. Cluster your pieces together 

Unlike modern interiors that are clutter free, vintage thrives on the opposite. One way you can do this is through the TikTok idea of "clustering." This is the art of putting together small items with personality for an aesthetic AF finishing touch (similar to putting together an Instagram flat lay). Try it yourself by putting a cute candle on a tray and building around it with flowers, ribbons, and other decorative pieces.

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